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nezangel's Journal
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nezangel's journal
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2007-04-22 02:03:35
Giddies Confusion

It's been a mighty long time since I've written a journal on here.  I've been rather busy over the past few months.

I've noticed just lately that there seems to be a bit of confusion on the forums as to who or what 'The Giddies' actually are.  Well, I ama Giddy so can explain all.
The Giddies are a small group of Goodies fans, 4 based in the UK and 2 in Australia.  We met on the forums of GROK and became good friends as a result. 
We came to realise that despite the fact that The Goodies were starting to get noticed by the British public again, there wasn't really any UK based sites to cater for this and plug them and their work as much as possible, so we set one up! (  We've been fortunate enough to have the support of (& occasional forum visit from) Graeme & Tim (& the backing of Bill through a nice letter) and of course we have kept President Lisa of GROK informed right from the start and in her own words "there can’t be too much Goody-ness on the net, can there?" 
Well said! 

Anyway, hope that clarifies it for anyone who was curious about The Giddies!

Take care
Carrie x

Mood - Not bad
Music - Nothing
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2007-02-01 08:00:41
Hamish & Dougal Burns Night Write-Up
OK, the write up from Hamish & Dougal’s Burns Night show follows.  Please bear with my rambling, rants and various other words, which may or may not begin with 'R'! 
Please also allow for the fact that my memory is terrible at the best of times and this all happened a while ago now!

I had hoped to go along with my friend Rosemarie but she couldn't make it so I had to travel to the big city on my lonesome, I've done it before but it's always a bit daunting, however I knew it would be well worth it so I hopped aboard the train and sat back in anticipation!  I made sure I got an earlier train than needed as I didn't want to end up missing out on getting into the theatre, (what with the BBC giving out more tickets than there were seats!)
I got there too early (16.50) and was told to come back and queue at 18.15 so I went across the road to Pizza Express where I could see the entrance from my window table.  Just after I got served I noticed people starting to queue and due to my fretful nature I panicked a bit - aaargh!  I also noticed a nice chap also dining alone who seemed to be looking at the theatre now and then too so I assumed he was going to the show.  Anyway, I hurriedly ate up and rushed across to join the large queue, a few minutes later a man handing out leaflets (about another comedy show, which was on the next night) suddenly said, "It's you!  From Pizza Express!", I realised it was the bloke I'd seen in there, he chatted a bit then got on with his lovely task of handing out leaflets on a freezing evening. Brrr!
Once inside I saw Helen (Sosia), Clair and Kate (pervytimbofancier) very near the entrance to the seating (yay!) so I sneakily went and stood with them (there wasn’t exactly a queue as people were at the bar and milling about, so I wasn’t being naughty...well not much anyway!  )  We had to wait around in the crowded foyer for ages but eventually they let us in and handed us a piece of paper which turned out to be a page of script with a song on for us to join in with at the end of the show!  The bloke who checked my ticket was Mr Friendly from Pizza Express and he said he hoped I would enjoy the show. 
Once inside we headed towards some seats on the far side, Clair and Kate preferred to sit on the second row so Helen and me nabbed a couple of front row seats and settled down.  After a while the musicians, (the ones who play the intro and interludes), entertained us from the stage – they were right in front of us and it was most enjoyable to listen to them as we waited for the show to start, they were really good and professional.  Then after a while the Producer, Jon Naismith  appeared in the wings and tried signalling to the musicians to stop playing, without success which amused Helen and myself greatly.  Thankfully they finished their piece shortly after and Mr Naismith took to the stage to introduce the show and the cast, mentioning to us that 50 people had turned up with tickets but too late to get into the theatre as the seats were already taken – just goes to show how popular Hamish & Dougal are! 
I would imagine most, if not all H&D fans have now heard the show, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I was aching with laughing by the end of it and went quite red at the mention of “boning up” – I can’t think why! 
As Helen mentioned, Graeme did see us laughing away on the front row and gave us a smile a couple of times, which kept me grinning for the entire show!
After the show had finished we loitered in the foyer, getting our camera’s and pens at the ready.  Kate noticed that somehow Graeme and Barry had already sneaked to the other end of the bar so we started to head towards them, very slowly as none of us wanted to go first, I was in the lead and kept hesitating nervously (you wouldn’t think I’d met Graeme 9 times now would you?!  ), I asked the others “why do I have to go first?” and various excuses were said back to me, the one that convinced me was “you love him the most!”  Helen had noticed that he’d already spotted us heading his way anyway so I took the plunge and went up and asked if he’d sign my bit of script, without prompting he signed it to ‘The Minx’ which amused me, then I asked if he would mind my having a picture taken with him and as we posed for Helen to take it he grinningly said something like “how many photo’s have we had together now?”, I went all shy and giggled back at him, “A few”, or something equally stupid.  
I then took a picture of Helen with him (when I finally found the strength in my shaking hands to press the button!) and we left the poor man alone…for the moment anyway! 
Next I asked Jeremy Hardy for his autograph on the script and he pointed at what Graeme had signed and said “that can’t be your name!”, I tried to explain that its what Graeme knows me as but I don’t think he knew what I was babbling about so he said “who should I sign it to?” so I said “Carrie”.  I did the same with Barry who didn’t hear me at first so I had to spell it, then he asked, “like the film?” and I said “yes, but I’m not quite that scary!” and when I thanked him for signing he thanked me for asking – so lovely.  I also managed to get Alison Steadman’s autograph which I’d failed to do at the first Hamish & Dougal recording I’d been to (earlier last year) so that was great too! 
We then lingered awhile, unsure as to whether to stop for a drink at the bar or catch our trains home but then Graeme looked like he was about to leave which decided it for us and we left too, just as he was walking out of the door – we hadn’t intentionally timed it like that so I felt I should say something to re-assure him so quite why I said “It’s ok, we’re not stalking you!” to him I’ll never know.  Poor bloke!  Anyway, to make amends I told him his scarf looked lovely and he told us we all looked lovely too. 
We went one way and Graeme went the other (with Jon Naismith catching him up to chat before he left) and once at my tube station I parted with the others and smiling and day-dreaming about a certain Goodie along the way, I went home.

I'll stop now - sorry about the rambling.

Carrie x

Mood - Not very well & annoyed about it!
Music - How Many Times? - erasure
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2007-01-16 10:00:13
I aten't dead!
Yes, yes, I know its been simply ages daarlings but I'm back for the moment.  I have had to cut down my internet surfing time as I use dial-up and its damn expensive, however I am in the process of getting broadband set up so all should be well soon, as long as it all goes to plan (yeah cos that'll happen!  )
Anyhoo, I think I told you I'd got a new car, well I've finally named him, drum roll please..... Murdock the MinxMobile!  I've always been a bit of an A-Team fan and as I got Dwight Shultz's autograph (he played Murdock in the show) when I was in Manchester in November it seemed fitting to name it after him.  Ahh Manchester - I had such a great time there meeting Graeme & Tim and hanging out with Jess - happy memories! 

Well I'm still enjoying my job and I've been there 2 months - must be a record.  It's great, nice people, fab hours - I can't fault it!  Actually I can as I really wish I had more holiday but that goes up the longer I work there so they're even nice in that way too!

I'm really happy at the moment as in just a few days I'll be going to the Hamish & Dougal Burns Night recording - yay!  I can hardly wait!

I'm also going to 3 of the Goodies shows when they tour too so plenty to look forward to in the next few months.  Must try to get to a Clue recording later on this year too.  Obsessed?  Moi? 

Anyway, I'm a bit tired so off to bed in a mo but before I go I'd like to say how glad I am to see GROK coming back to life - it got a bit quiet for a while but there's just too many loyal fans to let that happen for too long. 

Bye for now,

Mood - Mixed or should that be Minxed?!
Music - The Inbetweenies
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2006-11-27 09:46:49
Long time, no journal...
Hellooo, me again!
Well, I meant to do a journal about my trip to Manchester last weekend but I've not been online much this week and I can't say much more than JessPix already has in her journal - take a look if you haven't already, its a great read! 
All I can say is that I had a fabby time, it was great to meet up with Jess and meeting Graeme & Tim is always wonderful.  Tim was very teasing and cheeky to me, he kept saying he was scared of me (making me a little paranoid in the process but I'm fairly sure he was only joking!) and that he wakes up in the night screaming "The Minx, The Minx!!" - depends what context you put that into as to whether that's a good thing or not!!    He was very jovial and chatty with us, as was Graeme.  Graeme was looking utterly sexy as per usual and I did get Jess to take a picture (btw I reckon my pic of Jess & Tim is fab - they look great together!  ) of me with him and then another one as the first one was blurred - unfortunately so was the 2nd and I didn't like to pester him for another one.....or a photo (hee hee!) 
I'll put links to them both so you can all have a good laugh at the general blurriness and my silly expressions:

I'm writing this journal in hope it might distract me from the fact that my fellow Giddies Jess, Peej & Kirstyn are at this very moment up in Sunderland meeting the guys after the Clue recording and I am intensely jealous and wish I was there with them.  Who knows when I'll next get a chance to meet the guys again - I still have my fingers crossed for a Goodies show tour next year though!

Over that weekend I also got my photo taken next to the A-Team van (oh how I loved that show as a kid!):
I managed to get Dwight Schultz's autograph (he played Murdoch, my favourite character in The A-Team) so that was fab too! 

Well thats about all I can think of to add to Jess' account that's of any vague interest, I could tell you all about how the hotel had double booked me and messed me around big-style so I had to stay somewhere else but it would only annoy me to write it down anyway and I'm sure you couldn't care less!    I do need to get a letter of complaint to them though - I should sign it "disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" - hee hee! 

Ah, I almost forgot to mention - I've put a deposit down on a car.  I'm going to be part exchanging my beloved Micky (after owning him for more than 8 years) as he's too unreliable now.  I'll be getting a green (how appropriate for me!) fiesta who is nameless at the moment although I'm calling him the MinxMobile until he has a proper name! 

Anyway, don't forget to listen to Clue tomorrow evening on Radio 4 - I was in the audience so I know it was a cracking show (Gromit!)

bye for now
Carrie x

Mood - Jealous of Giddies, wishing it was last weekend!
Music - Pet Shop Boys - The Sodom & Gomorrah Show
Edited - 2006-11-27 10:28:10

2006-11-17 03:49:49
My Journal entries are like buses...
nezangel don't get one for ages then 2 come along at once!

For the London Clue review see the journal entry below this silly quiz one - blame im_a_teapot and JessPix for this (see their journals for their answers):

(first pet and current street name) ...

Smartie Furzefield or....

Errr I’ll take this as first pet bought and my mother’s maiden name (it usually is and I don’t have a street name)

....Smartie Horne - far more appropriate don't you think?! 

(grandfather/grandmother on your Mum's side,your favourite candy)

Nancy Thorntons Dessert Gallery....hmm perhaps not, how about Nancy Ripple

(first Initial of first name, first three letters of your middle name/surname)

C-Yar (wouldn't wanna Be Ya!  hee hee  )

(favorite color, favorite animal)

Green Hedgehog!

(middle name /surname, city where you were born)

Anne Darlington

6. Your Star wars name: ...
(the first 3 letters of your last name,
first 2 letters of your first name,
first 2 letters of mom's maiden name and
first 3 letters of the town you grew up in.)


(first name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled

Enilorac Enroh

("The", your favorite color, favorite drink)

The Green Vodka!

Hee hee, I'm a sucker for silly quizzes! 

Carrie x

Mood - Silly and happy (& tired)
Music - none
Edited - Never

2006-11-16 07:51:01
London Clue Flirt Report!
Righty ho, it's been a fair while since I've been on GROK, never mind done a journal but as I was at the Clue recording in London on Sunday I thought I'd do a little write-up of what I remember in case anyone is interested, so here goes!
OK, you know I’m a rambling sort so apologies in advance!

Well the day started with a bit of a lie in as I’d been out for 14 hours the day before – some of which was spent stood in the cold watching a football match (Lewes 1 - 4 Darlington – woohoo, my team won!) so I was a little tired come Sunday morning! 
I didn’t go out til around half 3 picking Rosemarie up on the way to the station.  We chatted and giggled on the train into London (which takes about 45 minutes) we were both really looking forward to the evening’s entertainment.  We went straight to the theatre, although a couple of hours early as I had to pick up the tickets from the box office, then as we had time to kill we went into Garfunkels (or Farfunkels as us Giddies would have it!  ) next door and had some chips (we weren’t that hungry) and a chat.  After that we wandered down the road to Buckingham Palace and Rojo took a picture of me in front of the gates and we laughed about what the Queen would say if she saw us outside, especially if she heard my northern accent: “Phillip! One of the servants has escaped!”
Anyway, after wandering about a bit we went back to the theatre and after making us stand out in the cold for a while they let the gathered crowd in.  Hundreds of people and only 3 toilets for the women – go figure!  Then I queued for a drink, and finally got served by the bloke behind the bar who’s name must have been Dick Turpin – a double vodka and orange (very small glass too – mind you that made it lovely and strong!) cost me…get this…£6.75, I actually got him to repeat it as I thought I must have misheard.  I got back through the thronging crowd to Rojo and ranted at her, (scaring a poor couple nearby) about the price of my drink but once I’d had a few sips I was chilled again (I call double vodka & OJ my “Happy Juice”!).  Then finally they let us go to our seats. 


We were in Row H, which wasn’t bad at all and on the same side as Graeme and Barry but I had a great view of all those on stage.  The guest was Rob Brydon and he was hilarious throughout – I do believe he’s now my favourite Clue guest!    I felt sorry for Graeme as he seemed to have a bit of a cough and his voice was weaker than usual so I hope he’s feeling ok now. 
I won’t go into detail of the contents of the show as I don’t want to spoil it for those who will listen to the broadcast, (plus I’ve forgotten a lot of it!  ).  There was one bit where Tim had been eliminated from a game and he got up and wandered about on stage pouting and generally milking the audience for all the sympathy he could get - which was a lot!  It made me chuckle! 
After the show we went to the stage door and stood waiting in the drizzle.  There were a few others about including Sosia (Helen), Clair and Kate. 
It took them quite a while to come out – much longer than usual but Colin, Barry and Graeme emerged first and around the same time and I finally managed to stop Colin escaping before he could sign as he usually does so I am now the proud owner of a Colin Sell autograph!    While he was signing he mentioned what a great audience it had been and I told him in return what a great piano player he is which made him chuckle!  Barry went away quite quickly so I didn’t get to speak to him.
My friend asked Graeme to sign some paper for her dad & brother – she wanted to buy the Uxbridge English Dictionaries at the show and get them signed as Christmas presents but it’s a good job she took the paper along as there was no merchandise for sale – a real shame, I wonder why the BBC don’t sell more merchandise at these things? – ah yes, because they’re stupid!   
Anyway as Graeme was signing he glanced at me a couple of times, obviously remembering me and finally he said “Hello” to me in a cheery voice so I bashfully replied with the same, then as he’d finished signing I said “I’ve already got your autograph many times so I wondered if I could just have a hug please”.  I got my hug from a smiling Graeme and very warm and lovely it was too *sigh*,  I also got my picture taken with him: (yes I’m grinning inanely in it again!) – so Dobbin, as you asked on the forums you can see what he was wearing in the picture    The scarf he was wearing was lovely and I think its so cool he wears a brown cord jacket!    He was then signing for the other fans and it was at this point that I was chatting to Colin.  Graeme then came back over to Colin to bid him goodbye and he said bye to us too with a lovely smile *sigh again* and walked off. 
After that Rob came out of the stage door and walked straight up to me and Rosemarie!  He said he wasn’t sure if we wanted his autograph or if we were there for the main stars but we assured him we wanted his autograph too (bless his modesty!).  I told him I love his show, Supernova and he grinned and seemed really pleased then said something along the lines of me being in a minority and that “we should have you stuffed!” which amused me greatly as I’ve only ever known me and my dad use that expression in that context before!  We then cheekily asked if we could have a photo with him and as we were taking our places at each side of him & as he put his arms around us *sigh* I said something like “lucky you, a girl on each arm!” and he grinned and squeezed my waist tightly (wallop!!) and he quite possibly said something too but the waist squeezing distracted me from knowing what planet I was on for a moment!  A kind gentleman fan took the picture for us – I hope I remembered to thank him in my daze, I think I did, anyway I checked the pic and Rob looked a bit shocked in it (here it is: ) so I showed it to him (the picture, I meant the picture you rude people!! ) and said “what was I doing to you?!” which amused him – I can’t remember what he said in reply (damn my crap memory!) but he was probably a bit scared – my flirting knows no bounds!    Then Rob was distracted by other fans and we were distracted by Tim who signed the bits of paper for Rosemarie (her dad is called Ted and her brother Ed so every time she asked anyone to sign they each remarked on it!).  He put “Goody Wishes” then said that he thought it was a bit silly that he still put that after all these years but I said “but The Goodies is the best TV show ever!”, he agreed but said “I think we may be a little biased”.  Rojo then daringly told him she’d heard so much about how good his hugs were that she wondered if she could have one!  Of course he willingly obliged her and Rob overheard and said to her “you didn’t ask me for a hug!” (we wanted to ask but felt it would be too cheeky!), so she gratefully hugged Rob as Tim hugged me!  As we hugged he pulled back a bit and said with a grin, “ooh this is nice isn’t it?” to which I grinningly replied something like “it is indeed!” and we went back in for a closer hug and a small amount of back rubbing! (phwoar!)    Then I turned to see Rob waiting to hug me – I mean bloody hell, how exciting a sight is that?!  So I moved into his open arms and was amazed at how good a hug he is too – almost as good as Tim (but not quite) – damn these men for being so wonderfully sexy!  As we finished hugging he started to move away but said “we should meet more often!” and I replied with “I could give you my number if you like” but he either didn’t hear or he heard but as he was now walking away with his blonde companion (wife/girlfriend?) he probably thought it best not to respond!! (hee hee, I’m such a flirty minx!  )  As he was walking off though he did stop for a moment and say to Tim “you know where you’re going do you?” and there was a pause where I was so tempted to say “yes he’s coming back to my place!” but I restrained myself thankfully and Tim assured Rob that he knew – I’m assuming they were meeting up somewhere after the show. 
Anyway, we had a train to catch so we couldn’t wait for Humph which was a shame but we headed off to nearby Victoria tube station, accompanied by Sosia but as we were heading in different directions we had to part there without getting to chat much which was a shame.  It was nice to meet another fellow GROKer. 

Anyway, I hope my rambling didn’t bore you too much.  The evening was a great success and the humour of high standard so I can’t wait to hear the shows when they’re on the radio.

Carrie xxx

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2006-11-04 01:35:07
Carrie Power!!
Well its a shame to move on from the 69th entry (yes I have got an immature sense of humour & I'm proud!) but I have news:
I've got a job!  Woohoo!  I start on Monday, I get much more pay and work less hours - I am seriously chuffed! 
It's a shame my ex-boss doesn't read this because despite him promising to give me a good reference he didn't (he lied about me too!), which nearly stopped me getting this job.  He's a Grade A arsehole and I'm just glad that despite his petty attempts to stop me, I got the job on my own merits - up yours Mick! (wish there was a really nasty emoticon to put here!  )

Anyway, I plan on celebrating sometime soon by having Italian cuisine (, cocktails galore and a couple of games at ten pin bowling (once I'm drunk enough to blame my crap score on alcohol of course! )

Carrie The Minx

Mood - Happy but nervous for Monday
Music - None
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2006-10-27 07:55:19
Cor I'm knackered!!
OK time to move on from my rant methinks.

I don't have a lot to say.  Had a few interviews for jobs - one yesterday seemed to go well but there's job I really have my eye on but the interview isn't til Monday afternoon.  Hope my brain is awake that day - I need to dazzle them with Carrie Power! 

I'm knackered today - partly due to lack of sleep over the last week or so, I think this jobless thing is praying too much on my mind really, its a bugger and its turning me into an insomniac!  Also a bit knackered as I went to London today and had a good but exhausting wander around, had a bit of a window shop on Oxford Street but despite the temptation to buy a million and one things I didn't give in!

I've been talked into going to a theme park with some friends tomorrow - I'm not one for these places, never been on a proper rollercoaster or anything like that - I'm a bit of a wuss at that sort of thing really but it'll be nice to see my friends and if I get too tired I can always get a coffee and laugh at them screaming on the rides! 

Well I'm going to go sleepy bo bo's in a minute but before I do I have to say: only 17 days to go until Clue!! not that I'm counting or anything! 

Carrie x

Mood - "Tired but Happy!"
Music - Land of a Thousand Words - Scissor Sisters
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2006-10-19 03:00:23
Fizzzzzzzz.....glug glug glug aaaah!
Oooh there's nothing quite like diet coke being drunk ice cold when its so fizzy the bubbles make your nose wet!  Sorry, I just had to share that with you 

Now then I'm sorry but I feel a rant coming on (you have been warned!)  Despite the below ranting and the fact that I am still looking for a job after being made redundant the other day, I am actually in a good mood (although this fact may surprise you if you carry on and read the rant!) 
The comments below are general, not specific to one person and are obviously only my opinion and as such there will be some who disagree - this can't be helped, its a fact of life that everyone is different, deal with it or just stop reading my journal if it offends you, sorry but I've grown tired of pussy-footing around everywhere else on this site - this is my personal journal and as such I feel I have every right to express my opinion here, those who read it must know what I'm like by now and I'm sure the ones who don't like me/my opinions are usually sensible enough not to bother reading this anymore.

It seems GROK is slowly dying - the life has gone from the place because everyone is too scared to put even the slightest saucy comment or remark in case someone else gets upset or offended.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for not being too rude on a site which has teenagers on it (although to be honest I was ruder as a teenager than I am now!!), that's fair enough and using foul language isn't necessary either but when it gets to the point where you daren't post a simple amusing innuendo or lusty remark or a slightly risque joke (& I know of many people who have got to that stage) then I think that's being ridiculously over the top.  Speaking of the initials OT, what is with these off topic conversations and threads?  If you want to chat about things which have sod all to do with the Goodies go to an internet chatroom somewhere and bore the arse off the poor bastards on there instead - I mean the odd topic which is off the point but has slim links to the boys is fine I suppose but some of the stuff on the forums is ridiculous and is taking over from the proper threads about our boys and their works, which themselves keep stalling due to OT conversations or plain stupid comments which end an interesting debate or conversation like a slap to the face with a dead fish!
I would like to quote a friend who mentioned something to me recently which kind of makes my earlier point:

"How come a 1960s BBC radio comedy can get away with calling a character Fetish, and yet we can't say it on an internet forum discussing the Goodies which, as any bona-fide Goodies fan would tell you, is NOT a kids show."?

Answers on a postcard....

Mood - Ranty yet strangely happy too
Music - The tinkle of coke bubbles against the glass...
Edited - 2006-10-19 03:07:25

2006-10-11 09:48:34
Brighton & other ramblings...
Well, it’s been ages since we've had a chat 

Adam Hills was absolutely hilarious btw so if any of you get chance to see him - DO IT!!  I can't recommend him highly enough.  I managed to get his autograph afterwards (although it meant me & my friend running down Tunbridge Wells High Street with a half bottle of wine each in our hands and giggling manically to catch up with him - long story!!) and I chatted to him a little bit too about Edinburgh and how he let on in the Return of the Goodies that he fancies Tim in drag (who doesn't?!?  ) - he told me about meeting Tim and Graeme in Edinburgh and how they'd been so friendly to him and saw his show etc - he was so nice and approachable (& very dishy too!!  )

I’m off to see Jeremy Hardy tomorrow evening which I’m very much looking forward to – I’ve met him once, after a recording of Hamish & Dougal earlier this year but I didn’t manage to chat to him much, still he seemed really nice - I bet he'll be great! 

OK, Brighton!  Now bear with my extended ramblings as much as you can please - I have a very bad memory and I also get very nervous in the presence of comic gods such as our Graeme and Tim so there's bits I've forgotten and quotes may not be ‘dead on’ exact but you'll get the general idea I hope.  I do tend to go on about really uninteresting things too so I apologise in advance – I’ll try to edit out those bits if I remember!

Well the day started on a bit of a downer with me getting to work and being summoned into the boss's office - I've been made redundant (it was half expected as the company has been struggling and they paid my wages late a couple of times recently) - still nothing could dampen my spirits that day – I was going to see Graeme and Tim on stage again – woohoo!
Anyway I drove to Brighton – never been there before so I was a little scared but I found the way ok and got parked in one of those extortionate NCP car parks.  Then all I had to do was find the venue – can’t be that difficult I thought – ha! 
Well, after wandering aimlessly in the rain for a while I asked directions and finally found the place at about ten to 7 (doors opened at 7.15).  There were 3 doors to get into the place and all were locked with posters saying This Building Is Closed – didn’t bode well but I could see people wandering about inside. 
A bloke walked up to where I was stood and chatted to me about whether or not it was the right door (I soon discovered from the accent that he was an Aussie) then he said he was going to the box office to get tickets.  I then looked at him properly for the first time (I’d been texting Jess at the time you see – I’m not normally that rude but it was an entertaining text!) and realised he looked incredibly like Jason Donovan – so much so that I am 95% sure it was him!  How cool!   
Anyway, after a while other people drifted to the door and they finally let us in.  I went straight to the bar (as you do!  ) then to the stand selling Goodies merchandise – I already had the programme and cap from Edinburgh but the fetching yellow t-shirt was yelling “buy me” so I had to obey!
I went to my seat on the front row quite early and spent a bit of time texting my fellow Giddies with nervous excitement!  Then the show began.
I don’t want to say too much about the contents as it would spoil the show for those who haven’t yet seen it (I’m still desperately hoping the rumours of a tour next year are correct so that all UK GROKers get the chance to see what a fantastic show it is!) but it was just as good, if not better than when I saw it in Edinburgh.  I dutifully giggled (several seconds before everyone else) at the “meaty parts” line, I cheered for Tim’s Lady Constance, my sides ached with laughing at Graeme’s Footlights Audition: ‘Pets Corner’ – I never tire of that, and I actually cried with laughing at the censored Julie Andrews bit (you wouldn’t think I’d seen the show 3 times already!) – it was a great show and when Tim apologetically explained we had to have an interval as it had “been advertised…well at least something was!” I couldn’t help but applaud. 

*Rant alert*
Can I just add here too (& sorry if this mini rant offends anyone) that despite some people banging on about low attendance I feel the audience were strong enough and certainly responded well to the show.  It makes it sound like it's the fault of the guys or the show content when this lack of audience (jeez you'd think there were only 10 people in attendance the way some are going on about it!!) is repeatedly mentioned when it is plainly obvious that the problem lay with the PR people f^*£ing up the job of advertising the show in the first place! 
*Rant over*

I did see something for the first time in the show though – I had heard that for the first night in Edinburgh they performed Wild Thing and they then had to drop it from the show as it had over-run on the first night (I think that’s what they told the other Giddies anyway), well they put it back in the show for Brighton, all I can say is you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Tim Brooke-Taylor straddling a microphone stand singing “I’m moved…completely moved!” Phwoar! And as for Graeme’s mini guitar/ukelele playing – well I can now die a happy woman – WALLOP!    *Ahem*, sorry about that but really, it was a remarkable and unique experience! *fans self*
After the show I rushed to the stage door and stood outside in the rain and what felt like gale force winds…after a while I started to wonder why no-one else was there so I wandered back around to the front of the building again and noticed that Graeme & Tim were inside sat behind a table signing things – I’m such a muppet – why didn’t I check first?!?    Anyway, after desperately trying to sort out my hair and make-up (yes I am a shameless hussy!), I got in line and waited along with the lovely people I’d been sat next to in the show – I want to say a big hello to them here, they really made me feel a lot better about being on my own at the show, I was made to feel as one of their party (they even invited me for a drink after the show but I had a long rainy drive ahead of me so had to decline unfortunately)
Anyway, after queuing for a short while I got to speak to Tim and told him that “the Giddies from Edinburgh say hello”, he grinned and said “I thought I recognised you” or something similar (unfortunately by this time I was a complete nervous wreck!), I asked him to sign my t-shirt (at least I think I asked, I may have been dumb-struck but he got the message and started to sign it anyway, bless him  ) then my new friends looked like they were about to leave so I quickly asked if one of them would mind taking a picture of me with the boys, I got into position with my arms around their shoulders and Graeme’s arm was around me *swoon* – now you know why I’m grinning so much!    As we were posing for the picture, Tim said something to Graeme like “What is it you got to call her that time….Minx was it?" – I was so chuffed & amazed that he’d remembered that - I mean blimey!!   
It took a while for the camera to take the picture, (its such a slow thing) so the nice gent who was taking the pic (I’m sorry I didn’t catch names – I really do have a terrible memory too so it wouldn’t have made a difference if I had – apologies!) mentioned that it was taking a while to take and Tim said something rather flirty about being in no rush as he was rather enjoying himself – hee hee, damn my rubbish memory as I remember it being a damn good flirty line – bad Tim, how I love him! 
Well, by this time, Graeme had signed my t-shirt and as I collected it from him I noticed he’d signed it “To The Minx” – I actually squeaked in delight which seemed to amuse him greatly – it is now a tradition to embarrass myself in front of him so at least I didn’t fail! 

Well, sorry I rambled so much but that’s my account of my wonderful evening last Thursday – I’m bound to have forgotten a lot and put in a lot that didn’t need to be there - you know what I'm like by now! 

Oh, here's the link to the picture of me with my arms around the two handsomest men on the planet *sigh*:

Hope you’re all still awake out there – I shouldn’t be, its after 1am here! 

Bye for now,
nezangel…or rather The Minx! 

Mood - Tired but Happy!
Music - Might Tell You Tonight - Scissor Sisters
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2006-09-29 19:28:06
I don't know him from Adam
Hi folks
Off to see Adam Hills tonight, looking forward to it a lot even though I've never seen him before!  He got such good reviews at Edinburgh but I never got around to actually seeing him so when I heard he would be coming to Tunbridge Wells I snapped up tickets straight away.  Front row centre so lets hope he's not one of those comedians who picks on the audience! 

Got my hair done last night - its not too different, just a few layers put in to make it look fashionably messy rather than the naturally messy look I usually have!  Also decided to be girly as Jon is away, I painted my nails a lovely khaki colour!  It's ages since I painted my nails but I must have over a hundred bottles of nail polish - I can't resist the stuff!  Anyway, must make sure it comes off before Monday's job interview....and the nail polish! (heehee!) 

The last Hamish & Dougal was on radio 4 last night -I'd been at the recording of it (& the one on last week) but it was so long ago I'd forgotten the jokes and was laughing my head off listening to it.  Was very pleased to hear the announcer say it would be back in the new year - woohoo! 

I'm in surprisingly good mood today, I suppose it being Friday helps plus the prospect of an evening of laughter.  Also getting a haircut always helps me feel better for some reason.  Anyhoo, I'm rambling on about bugger all now so I shall leave you all in peace.

bye for now
nezangel x

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2006-09-26 22:02:06
222 hours (& a few minutes) to go...
...til I see The Goodies again!    Funny that as 22 is my lucky number too (yes I am a strange one - I am aware of this fact! )

I'm going to see Adam Hills on Friday too and I have the house to myself (apart from the cats) on Thur, Fri & Sat - Jon's visiting his family - that means I can burn my scented candles and sing as loud as I like without anyone complaining!    Trouble is his family are coming to stop with us next week for 4 or 5 nights!  His mum, dad, sister & 6 month old baby - the place is already a mad house with one silly cat & two mental kittens, not to mention me & Jon!!  Thankfully I'll be out at the Goodies show for one of the nights they're stopping so I'll get some well-earned relief! 

Applied for 3 jobs now (well i'm posting one of them off today) - need to find more - I'm determined to get out of this hell-hole I work in.  They've decided to pay me -sort of.  They've given me a cheque (with tomorrow's date on it!) as the funds "should be in by the time the cheque clears" - all fine and dandy I'm sure but it means hassle for me getting to the bank as since they moved the business out into the sticks last year it means that by the time I get to town after work, the banks (& shops) are closed!  Well stuff em, either tomorrow or Thursday I am leaving early to put my cheque into the bank and if they don't like it they can sack me - I'll get em on unfair dismissal!  Grrrrr!

Blimey its dragging today, not even half one & I am desperate for the working day to be over.  Not much happening on GROK lately either to keep me entertained - come on people, entertain me - I demand it!   
Speaking of which, I'm having real trouble getting onto the forums if I'm signed in - it just won't load up.  I have to lurk and sign in if I want to post - sometimes it lets me and other times just freezes on me - very odd!

Following on from my last post, Richard Hammond seems to be recovering quickly, it looks hopeful that he'll make a good recovery which is a relief to say the least.

Oh well, I'd better get on with this damn typing...

bye for now

Mood - Not bad - could do with some sleep though!
Music - Diamonds on the soles of her shoes - Paul Simon
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2006-09-22 21:50:17
Thinking of Hamster!
Well its been a little while since I last put my random thoughts down in this here journal so here goes with some more...

Some of you, especially the Aussies may not know what the hell my journal title is on about so allow me to elucidate ("you do & you clear it up yourself!").  Practically everyone in the UK will know about this already due to media coverage but for those who don't live over here I'll explain.  I am a big fan of Richard Hammond (known as hamster as he's cute, short and his name is a bit hamsterish!) who presents a few TV programmes but is best known for Top Gear, the motoring show on the BBC.  Well on Wednesday he was filming in a rocket powered car and travelling at (depending on which news report you believe) between 280 - 300mph when something went wrong (speculation is rife on this too!) and he crashed - he's been in intensive care ever since although I've just heard they've moved him out of IC into a High Dependency Unit.  He's suffered significant brain injury but doctors are hopeful of a good recovery, anyway, I'm thinking of him a lot and although he'll never see this I feel the need to put it down somewhere that I hope he makes a speedy recovery (pun intended!)

Another bad week workwise - I was due to be paid on Wednesday and haven't been - this happened a couple of months ago too and its become a piss-take - they can't even say when I'll get the money they owe me - handy when I have Direct Debits set up on my account and less than £2 (I'm not good at saving & Edinburgh was pricy!)  On Wednesday evening I updated my CV and I've now applied for 2 jobs!  I'm getting outta this place as soon as possible - its not even like the boss is friendly anymore, he seems to be taking out his anger & frustration at the failing company on me which is not on!

OK, although this seems to be a downer journal entry I'm not actually in too bad a mood (& its Friday which I always enjoy!).  After all I'm going to see Adam Hills a week today, The Goodies on the 5th October (13 days to go!) and Jeremy Hardy on the 11th October.  Plus I have tickets to see Clue in London in November (woohoo!) so how can I be down when I think about all that excitement to come?!? 

Right, better do some work, although I don't see why I should!

bye for now,
nezangel x

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2006-09-17 19:48:17
Even Nelson was dancing!
Well, I went to the Scissor Sisters concert last night - WOW!  It was absolutely fantastic, they were excellent.  I apologise here if I go on and on about it but I fell in love with the whole band - I used to like them a lot, now I adore them completely!  Oh and before I forget to mention it, they were introduced to the stage by Kylie! 
They are such a fabulous live act, Jake is the perfect front man and great singer, Ana is his beautiful sidekick with a great voice, Babydaddy is the cuddliest guitarist in the world, Paddy is ultra sexy & a damn good drummer, Del - oh wow Del, he impressed me so much with his guitar playing, several times when he was playing solo riffs (or whatever you call em!), I just closed my eyes and let the music take me - it was heavenly!  And of course I can't miss out my favourite, JJ (Graeme's son) - that man is so talented, he plays keyboard to perfection & his bass guitar playing rocks!  He's looks so much like his dad did as a younger man too, (i.e. absolutely gorgeous & sexy!!) its quite unnerving! And he was dressed all in black except for the most fabby red boots i've ever seen - I want them! 

Anyway, I'm in the process of uploading the vids & pics I took on my camera - taking a while as I'm on dial-up - but I'll keep editing this journal and adding the links as and when they're available, for anyone who cares to see them.  Most of the pics didn't come out that well really but 1 or 2 are ok and the sound on the vids is very distorted as it was so loud but hopefully it'll give you an idea of what it was like to actually be there.  I was on such a high that I didn't go to bed til half 3 in the morning (I chatted to Jess on msn all night - poor girl must be sick of the words Scissor Sisters!!) 

Anyway, here's the first batch of links, I'll update as and when I get more online:

A picture which captures the whole band including JJ:

One of Jake Shears when he's singing 'Mary':

A video clip of 'I Don't Feel Like Dancin':¤t=ScissorSistersConcert021.flv

A vid clip of 'Kiss You Off':¤t=ScissorSistersConcert016.flv

A bit of a daft pic here, Nelson's column lit up in red:

Hee hee - don't laugh but here's one of me & my bloke Jon:

I'll be back to add more soon, in the meantime I'm off to get myself a much needed coffee!

Right, I'm back to add another video and there may be more - I may as well keep them in this one journal but just add them as and when my dial up manages to get them uploaded.
This one is a bit of Comfortably Numb I believe:¤t=ScissorSistersConcert019.flv

And the end to 'Mary' with beautiful guitar playing by Del Marquis:¤t=ScissorSistersConcert017.flv

Brief clip of I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (someone in front of me kept getting their arm in the way...grrrr!):¤t=ScissorSistersConcert022.flv

Yes I'm sure you're all sick of seeing these pics/vids now but I'm still excited about it so here's a couple more pics for you. 

Kylie on the big screen:

The stage a few hours before the concert:

I've got a really long vid clip from the last song of the evening (Filthy Gorgeous) but it'll take me hours to upload it (I think its worth it though as the extra dancers on stage are hilarious!) so I'll upload it when I know I'm going to be online for ages.

bye for now,
nezangel x

Mood - Still on a high & in love with the Scissor Sisters
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2006-09-16 23:53:13
Oooh I'm Excited!!
In half an hour I'll be leaving for London to go and see Scissor Sisters in concert! They requested everyone wears red so I am wearing a vest style red top and have a red cardy to go over the top if its a bit chilly.  Wearing a massive red pendant, big red ring and big red earrings too - look a bit over the top but if you can't be OTT for a Scissor Sisters concert - when can you?!? 

Hopefully I'll get some nice pics although I seriously doubt I'll be anywhere near the stage but if I take anything decent I'll upload them to photobucket and put the links in my journal!

Anyway I'd better go, got a train to catch - I'm so excited its unreal!! 

Bye for now
nezangel x

Mood - Excited & Happy
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2006-09-13 23:12:52
Candyfloss for brains
Well I'm going to try not to moan too much but I'm not enjoying this week.  I had an ear infection a couple of months ago and it came back with a vengeance on Sunday - one side of my head feels like it's the size of a balloon although it looks normal (well, as normal as my head usually looks anyway  ) and it's damn painful too.  My brain just doesn't seem to want to work today - in fact my whole body is saying "oh come on let's just sleep!" - wish I could but my boss may not approve!  I actually went to bed about an hour after getting home last night and slept right through until the alarm went off this morning (apart from the odd rumble of thunder waking me!) and yet I'm still tired!! 

Anyway, the weather is very humid today, just wish I was sat by a pool sipping cocktails in the sunshine. 
We had a storm in the night but it doesn't seem to have cleared the air so I reckon another one is on its way soon.  Still, we're lacking water in the reservoirs around here so a few downpours won't go amiss.

Its 3 weeks and 1 day until I see The Goodies in Brighton - not that I'm so looking forward to it that I'm counting the days or anything 
I wish I knew if any other GROKers were going - I may be the only representative from the site which is scary.  If anyone else is going, please let me know - it's OK I won't latch onto you or anything but it'll be nice to know if a fellow GROKer is around 

bye for now
nezangel x

Oh, btw you're probably not interested but I keep meaning to put a link for sharing my Yahoo Launchcast station in case anyone likes listening to the same sort of stuff I do.  Here's the link: 

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2006-09-12 04:22:13
Well I know my mood has been up and down a lot of late - not like me really, I'm usually quite level but many various things have been bothering/affecting me in my work and home life.  However, I feel like a change is in the air and I'm optimistic about things getting better from now on.  I also think that things will be fine on GROK again, I think understandings have been reached or at least mutual feelings of wanting things to return to how they were have been accepted.  If that makes sense - I seem to be rambling even more than usual.

The rambling may be because I'm quite excited -  I've not 5 minutes ago found out I've won tickets to go and see Scissor Sisters in their free live concert in Trafalgar Square this Saturday!  Tickets went like hot cakes but their website (which I get emails from) ran a competition which I entered and I'm a lucky winner - woohoo!!    I don't win things much which makes it all the better but also I'd wanted to get tickets to see one of their shows but my finances just couldn't stretch to it what with my car troubles - I need to save for a new one - so I sadly accepted that I wouldn't be going to see them but now I am!! 

I'll be seeing Graeme's son live on stage - how cool is that?!? 

Now, what to wear....

Mood - Excited, Happy & Optimistic
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2006-09-11 19:15:36
Does anyone else feel that the community spirit of GROK has been worn down & ruined by one user with a grudge, a one-sided viewpoint and a false identity? 

Mood - Weary of unnecessary over-reactions
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2006-09-10 20:19:55
Well, that last entry was a bit of a moan on so I decided to write a fresh entry to try and rid my journal of negative vibes.

It's a lovely sunny Sunday here and my cats are out playing and having a great time of it.  I'm supposed to be studying but keep putting it off as I suspect I'm too stupid to pass this course I'm on - and its pretty basic stuff too!  Just not used to studying I suppose, it'll all come back to me eventually I'm sure.

I've noticed we seem to have had a fair few newbie's register on GROK which is always good to see.  The more people who can appreciate the humour of the Goodies, the better!

Anyway, I suppose I don't have a lot to say, just wanted to put something a little more cheery down in this here journal to move on from the last one!

bye for now
nezangel x

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2006-09-08 22:17:29
Posting My Teapot!
Been a stressy old week.  Work, family & friend wise. 

Work is always a pretty stressed out place these days.  Company struggling, people I work with treating me like $hit & far too much work to get done when I'd far rather be on GROK! 
I really must get around to updating my CV - I keep putting it off for some reason - maybe as I find searching for a new job a stressy business too and I lack confidence so I despise interviews with a passion!  Still, it's got to be done soon and I think Spev has inspired me to get a new job sooner rather than later (see her journal for details!  It's a very good read btw - I recommend you go there!).

I'll just briefly mention the family problem: one of my brothers is having a pretty crap time of things right now and I feel helpless as there's nothing I can say or do to help him.  As I live a long long way from him too it makes it even more difficult to be there for him but I'm just hoping things turn out for the best.

Friend wise.  I had to step in to defend a couple of friends this week from a petty intefering ineff....hang on this sounds like a quote from Radio Goodies! 
Well, anyway I'm still quite angry about the behaviour of said person but as that person is incapable of seeing anything from anyone else's point of view and believes herself to be in the right even though no-one else thinks she is, then it's not really worth my while saying any more than I already have.  However Jodie summed up my feelings pretty well on the subject in a comment on someone else's journal (a journal which is a very good read!) - take a look around the site, you'll find it eventually I'm sure. 
I know I should move on from it and even try to forgive her lack of common sense, courtesy, intelligence and respect for others feelings & opinions but I can blame my bad feelings and mood on anything other than being a bitch too! (see the initial letters in my journal heading for a subtle clue!) 

Sorry, I'm talking in code (although thinly disguised I know!), I have the right to express whatever I think in my own journal though - if you disagree then I apologise but you won't take my freedom of speech from me without a fight and if you don't like freedom of speech then don't read people's journals!  Simple really! 

I'll try to chill out a bit now.  At least it's Friday - always a good thing! 

Well, I'll finish this little moany journal (apologies for being a bit down in it - I'll try to do a cheerier one next time) and go and post something on the forums.  I'll make sure it's not depressing and is actually on the topic of the Goodies (seeing as how this is a website devoted to them and their fabby work!) 

bye for now
nezangel x

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2006-09-06 05:11:30
Not sure why that particular title except it was the first word to pop into my head. 

Been an odd day today & I'm in rambling mood again so apologies in advance. 
Got to work this morning and was happily typing away (happily as it was non-work related!  ) when bang on 9am the whole building lost power - computers, lights, even the phones work on electric so they were down too.  I was a little baffled at first until my boss and the accounts woman came into my office and confessed that they'd been told about the power being off today but had forgotten about it (now if I'd done that I'd have been sacked!) and that it would be off all day!  Now for someone who answers the phone and works almost entirely on the computer, this was a bit of a problem to say the least!  I managed to get all the filing done that had been building up since the stone age but by half 11 I'd done all I could so my boss sent me home with a load of letters and quotes to type on my home computer.  On my way home I stopped by the supermarket, (may as well get the groceries done when its quieter!) then when I got home had a spot of lunch, and then did the typing which I got done fairly quickly considering how much of it there was.  Anyway, by half 2 I'd finished work for the day - how cool is that! 
I've spent most of the rest of the day on the net although I did manage to get a small amount of housework done but couldn't be arsed after that! 

Anyway, not really much to say today although I've managed to stretch out a story about bugger all for long enough - I think I just needed to talk!   

Oh, before I forget, I must say I like bondgirl - she's great!  Fancy starting a new thread (what being a GROKer means) because she'd been inspired by my journal - I was very flattered when I read that. 
Another person to mention is Andrew Pixley who commented on my enthusiastic journals and posts - heehe, I always thought everyone must think of me as some daft woman with a Graeme fixation (and I am!) but its very nice to be complimented by fellow GROKers, especially such wonderfully talented ones as they both are!   
Now before I get too sickening I'd better go. 

bye for now
nezangel x

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2006-09-02 00:48:57
When I say "Somebody Shoot Me!"...
...I don't mean it!

Was driving home from work yesterday when I suddenly heard a very loud CRACK - so loud my ears were ringing and my head tingling with shock - thought I'd been shot or something!  A window in my car was shattered and I'm guessing it was because I'd been driving past a woman mowing her lawn and the blades must have thrown a stone out of something - talk about bad luck (I should be used to having crap luck by now but I'm not!)  Anyway, my poor car Micky will be getting fixed on Sunday, I have to pay £60 excess on my insurance though, just when I'm trying to save up for a new car too as Micky has an oil problem which would cost more than he's worth to fix.  Innit marvellous! 

Anyway, for some reason I've been thinking a lot today about when I first got into the Goodies, not that anyone's interested but I don't force you to read this drivel!  I'm in a rambling mood so beware!

I am slightly too young to remember them when they were originally on (& of course the Beeb never repeat them so I grew up knowing nothing about them except I once saw a clip of Michael Aspel getting attacked by Twinkle when I was young and laughed my socks off at it and one of my brothers had 'Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me' which I loved!  My brothers are a fair bit older than me and have always gone on about how much I'd have loved the Goodies - teasing gits!  My bloke Jon (who's also a fair bit older than me) often mentioned that it's my kind of humour too so for my birthday in July 2004 he got me the first dvd - this was (apart from my cat the year after) the best present in the world! 
The reason being, the day before my birthday, out of the blue I got made redundant - no warning, nothing!  I had already booked my birthday off work so spent that day moping about being thoroughly depressed and looking in the Jobcentre for work.  That night I watched the Goodies DVD and from the instant the menu screen came up I was smiling, I forgot my depression, my problems - all my cares just went away and I laughed so much I was aching!  Over the next month or so until I found & started a new job (the one I am stuck in now!) whenever I got down I just put the DVD on and it was instant happiness.  That's why I love the Goodies so much, not only do they make me laugh and appeal to my silly nature but they also helped me through a horrible time and to this day the DVD's can always be relied on to cheer me up if I'm feeling blue. 

Well, sorry about the essay but I wanted to put down just why the Goodies are special to me.

nezangel xxx

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2006-08-29 23:34:18
Garden Implements
Hello all.  Well my poor cat Smokey is at the vets today - being spayed (hence the lame joke as a title to this journal - I just wanted the word Garden in it somewhere...obsessed moi?!?) 
Anyhoo, she's had the op and everything's gone fine so I'll pick her up after work and make a fuss of her.  She's such a pampered little princess that she won't know quite what's hit her today, bless her. 

OK, I keep telling myself I should stop obsessing about the Goodies, I mean it's good that I have an interest and I know I don't obsess in a scary stalker-esque way or anything but I really need to stop wishing I'd gone to more showings in Edinburgh and stop willing it to be October so I can see them in Brighton!  Snap out of it woman *slap slap slap*....ok, that's better.  I'm calm now...
Wish it was Thursday so I could listen to the next instalment of Hamish & Dougal....oh bloody hell woman you're doing it again! 

Right, let's see...what can I talk about that's not linked to the goodies in any way whatsoever?  Kittens!  That's it, my beloved kittens!  We're keeping the 2 females (we sold the boy a while back) and one of the girls was called Minx from an early age (can't think where I got the inspiration for that name!) & my goodness does she live up to the name! We haven't named the other girl yet though as for a while we weren't sure if we were keeping her too - I don't think we could part with her now though, she's just adorable.  Anyway, I might try to post a picture of her in my journal sometime soon and see if she inspires any names from the good folks on GROK.

Edited bit:

OK here's a couple of links to the un-named beauty.  Now she looks a bit cross-eyed in both pics which is a bit strange as she doesn't appear to be other than on photo's! - anyway, she's the nicest kitty cat ever, she even licks her sister Minx clean while she's asleep then hugs her - such a cutie!

Any ideas on names would be appreciated & considered (as long as they're not horrible!) 

Oh and while I'm on I may as well post a picture of Minx:

and Smokey, their mother and my precious baby:

Now does she know how to relax or what?!? 

Sorry, I am rather proud of my beautiful cats! 

End of edited bit!

Righty ho, I suppose I should really try and get on with this work (could do with being sat on a beach with a cocktail in my hand right now!) 

bye for now
nezangel x

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2006-08-27 08:59:50
The Final Countdown
Well, its the last show tomorrow and I am so gutted I can't be there.  I did contemplate getting a train even though it would take me the best part of a day to get there as I'm at the other end of the country but my bloke Jon banned me from going - boo hoo!!! 
I hope the GROKers who will be there have a marvellous time and get lots of pictures and write up loads of journal entries for those of us who can't make it.  I wonder what Graeme & Tim (& Bill for that matter) will think of the scrapbooks.  My contributions weren't much, a limerick and comment for each of them and the limericks weren't even funny, at least I managed to get them to rhyme.  I'm no good at that sort of thing but couldn't think what else to do. 

I got my materials for my Open University course (Introducing Astronomy) delivered today and will be starting work on it on Monday when they allow access to the course website.  I can't wait!  I've been reading through the beginning of the textbook and it all looks fascinating stuff.  I never thought I could ever get that excited about learning something!! 

Anyway, I suppose I should get some sleep, it's half midnight here.  I'm not that tired though as I slept in today.
Still, I'll sign off for now...wish I was in Edinburgh *sigh*

bye for now
nezangel x

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2006-08-23 23:02:46
Must move on...
I must move on and try to forget Edinburgh - I'm craving to be back there so much right now its bordering on the obsessive!  At least I have October to look forward to - I've got myself a ticket on the front row for one of their Brighton shows and its a possibility I may go to the other one too - it depends on whether my friend can make it or not. 
I've also just booked tickets to see 2 shows in Tunbridge Wells (where I live) which has given me something to look forward to.  I'm off to see Adam Hills (Aussie comedian who fancies Tim in drag in the Goodies so he can't be a bad bloke!) in September - I wanted to see him in Ed as he gets rave reviews but never got around to actually going.  I'm also going to see Jeremy Hardy in October - woohoo!  I've met him once after the Hamish & Dougal recording I went to earlier this year - nice bloke and very funny.  Plus my friend who i'm going with rather fancies him (I used to a few years back - he's still v cute!) so it should be entertaining watching her ask for his autograph - maybe I can embarass her as she did with me when she told Graeme that I loved him!! 

Anyway, I suppose this work isn't going to get done on its own - I wish I had a magic wand sometimes! 

bye for now
nezangel x

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2006-08-21 19:25:17
My Edinburgh Trip
Well, I'm back at work now so what better time to do no work at all and write down my journal entry for my trip to Edinburgh - it could be a long one (oo-er!) 

I was there for 5 nights (saw the boys for the last 3) and really enjoyed the whole experience.  Edinburgh is a beautiful city and the atmosphere there is just fabby!  I wish I was still there.

Monday evening I went to see 'West Side Tory - Ben Elton The Musical', it was a one man show and the man in question was a manic loony!  It was a rather strange show but very funny although I'll never be able to hear Kate Bush's Babooshka again without thinking GeorgeBushka instead!    Unfortunately I was front row centre and the stage was about a foot away from me and was at the same level as the audience so I got a lot of the manic looks directed at me - very embarrassing!

Tuesday I went shopping on Princes Street which was nice and the show I saw in the evening was 'Paul Merton's Impro Chums' - it was bloody brilliant!    I've always wanted to see the Comedy Store Players and this, basically was them!  His 'chums' were the deliciously wonderful, talented & funny Richard Vranch (drool drool!), Lee Simpson (damn funny bloke, cute too!), Jim Sweeney ( ), Suki Webster (Paul's bird I think!) and special guest Mike McShane (the fat American one who isn't fat anymore but is still funny!)  I laughed myself silly...well ok sillier!   
After the show I got myself a San Miguel outside the venue and hung around taking in the atmosphere and they all (except Lee for some reason - probably busy with the play he's directing) sat down nearby and had drinks - it was very cool and they were lovely to the people who went up to them to say they enjoyed the show.  I wanted to do the same but I know what I'm like for embarrassing myself in front of people I admire (see Thursday evening's entry below!) and I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd end up blurting out to Richard Vranch that I've fancied him for 15 years so I didn't dare say anything at all to them!

Wednesday evening was just brilliant.  During the afternoon I had a really lazy time of it by sitting at the cafe next to the Assembly Rooms where Graeme & Tim's show is on.  The cafe itself was very cool as it was called urban angel which is like a cross between my GROK name and Kirstyn's GROK name (urban_spacegirl) so that's where Kirstyn and Peej arranged to meet me.  I was sat outside the cafe from about 1pm til 4pm which is when we met up and started queueing!  While I was there Ashley Jensen from Extras (not sure if the Aussies will know that show) and Dominic Holland (comedian) were sat on the table behind me for a while and as I was on my own a lot of various people shared my table that afternoon so i got chatting to a few of them.  It was a most pleasant way to spend an afternoon - watching the world go by, chatting to strangers and reading the fringe guide to see what was on. Oh another comedian, Stewart Lee (of Lee & Herring) queued up behind me for a coffee at one point too!  Anyway, as I said we queued for the show from 4pm and were first in the queue so we got front row seats - right in the middle.  The show was brilliant.  I don't want to describe it as it may spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet (after all there are rumours of a tour - they're already doing 2 nights in Brighton in October!) but I was very much entertained and even got a couple of looks from both Graeme and Tim! 
After the show we met them and got their autographs (I'd bought the programme so got that signed) and they were just lovely.  I was wearing a strappy black top with silver writing saying Naughty Little Minx! Tim looked at it and laughed and Graeme said "Are you the Minx from Halifax?" to which I answered that it was Birmingham but yes I was indeed that Minx and Tim seemed to remember the occasion too - how wonderful that they remembered me - I was grinning like a loony I can tell you! 
I got my first Timbo Cuddle and believe me it really IS worth the capital letters!  I also got a hug and a peck on the cheek from Graeme and, as he was walking away a little wink too!  *sigh*

After that Peej, Kirstyn and myself were in rather giddy mood and we went out for a meal and drinks and discussed the boys in great detail (a very entertaining and lewd conversation I can tell you - and yes, I was probably the worst!!).  As we were sat at the table discussing various things we'd like to do to G&T we realised that now and then the people at the table behind might be able to hear us but we figured that they'd never know who it was we were talking about...then they stood up to go and one of them turned to face us and he had a Goodies badge on, I saw the badge, looked at Peej to see that she'd seen it too and the look of horror on our faces must have been a picture!  Kirstyn hadn't seen but she was just as horrified once we told her!  Highly embarrassing but highly amusing too! 

Thursday evening was great too.  I'd spent the day wandering around Edinburgh, along the Royal Mile and taking in the atmosphere again.  I hadn't booked tickets for any show that night so was umming and aahing about whether I should go see The Goodies again.  I texted Peej and she was unsure too but I talked her into it (it didn't take much!), unfortunately Kirstyn couldn't make it that night.  Anyway, me & Peej met up and were first in the queue again when who should walk past us but Graeme who smiled at us and said "Back again?" which made me go all silly and I giggled back a 'yes' at him - what is it about that man that turns me into a complete gibbering idiot?!?  Anyway, I enjoyed the show even more that evening and afterwards when they came over to see us Tim was looking at my rather skimpy and non-Goodies related top (you can see it in the massive picture I've posted in the Timbo thread - apologies again for the fact that I am a dunce when it comes to posting pictures!) and he said something along the lines of "it's not a Goodies slogan t-shirt but I approve" - I can't remember his exact wording but he certainly seemed taken with it and Graeme agreed!    I got photo's with both of them - my new avatar is the one of me with Graeme, cheek to cheek...oooh it was lovely!    Oh yes, the embarrassing bit - it's traditional for me to embarrass myself in front of Graeme and I didn't fail!  When I was getting the photo with him Tim jokingly said to him "you can't put your hand there!" to which I replied "He can put his hands wherever he likes......oh did I say that out loud?!"    How embarrassing - but they seemed to find it amusing anyway! 

Friday - my last day there.  :'(
Again, didn't do much except mooch about Ed I got to the theatre a little later than the usual 4pm and there was a lovely older Scottish couple already at the front of the queue.  We got chatting and because of the rain they let me stand in front of them as it was slightly under cover - I said I didn't want them to think I was pushing in but they were happy to let me be first as I was such a big Goodies fan.  Bless em!    Graeme strolled past us at one point which was lovely!  Anyway, the rain was horrible so I bought myself a Goodies cap to keep the rain off and that cheered me up.  Another couple started to chat to us and when I went in and sat down (front row middle as per usual!) the two couples decided to sit at each side of me!  I had arranged to meet Jess and her friend but their bus was delayed.  However I saw them arrive and they luckily managed to get seats on the front row too.  The bloke behind me had the loudest laugh in the world and kept telling the people he was with things he knew about ISIRTA etc while the show was on - how rude (his laugh was so bad that even G&T made an ad-lib comment about it to him from the stage!), I still enjoyed the show of course and after the show we got hugs again.  They really are lovely blokes. 

Anyway, I think this essay has gone on long enough.  There's probably a few things I've forgotten to mention but that's the general gist of my little trip to Edinburgh.  Hope it wasn't too boring for you.

bye for now
nezangel x

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2006-08-20 02:41:23
Hi folks!
Well, I am no longer in bonny Scotland.  The show is on right this minute and I am very upset as I'm not there to see it.  I went 3 times (wed, thur & fri!).  I'll tell you all about it properly in another journal entry but I'm not home yet so I'll wait til I'm back at my own PC.  Still, I wanted to say I have added my voice to the calls for Goodies repeats.  I'm not good at writing letters/emails but here's what I sent to the BBC...

Following the success of their recent tours of Australia and the current run at the Edinburgh Fringe (which I have been very fortunate to see) plus the 'Return of The Goodies' programme you have now aired a few times since December last year - which indicates a good viewing response.  I am writing to request that after all these years isn't it about time that The Goodies was repeated?  Many programmes seem to be put on ad nauseum and yet this comedy classic which still has many many fans, is constantly overlooked. 
As their theme song says "Take a little good advice" and bring back The Goodies!

Carrie Yarrow

Well, fingers crossed that they'll give in and give us what we've been asking for all these years!

ta taa for now
nezangel x

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2006-08-11 19:51:18
I DO Feel Like Dancing!
Well I'm off on my travels tomorrow.  Up to Darlington for 2 nights with my family then on Monday I get the train to Edinburgh - woohoo! 
I'm now nearly all packed - I had to take everything out and discard half my clothes and re-pack again last night as the suitcase was just too full!  I need to know I have a range of outfits to impress don't I!  I'm so shallow 

Just seen the new Scissor Sisters video - love it!  Very odd but so stylish and the song is fab too - its called 'I don't feel like dancing' but that's exactly what it makes you want to do - I'm so glad they're back!

Anyway, I don't have a lot to say really - just wanted to check in before I go away as I'm not sure how often I'll be getting access to the net so you'll have to wait until I'm home again on the 20th for a complete report on just how wonderful Graeme and Tim are - I wonder if I'll manage to have something similar to the Minx moment! 

Bye z bye for now
nezangel xxx

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2006-08-10 20:22:32
I'm so excited...
...I could crush a grape! 

Not long to go now until I'm in Edinburgh.  I can hardly contain my growing excitement! Must get around to packing (which I meant to do last weekend!) and finishing looking through the Fringe listings magazine to decide what I'm going to see.  I quite like the sound of Bouncy Castle Hamlet - sounds daft enough to be my kind of thing! 

I've been feeling very popular over the last couple of days (not something I'm used to!) as Jess (JessPix), Kirstyn (urban_spacegirl) and Spev (Not_A_Megalomaniac) have all been in touch with me to tell me about their antics in Edinburgh.  I'm soooo jealous as it sounds like they had a blinding time of it and the guys obviously really took to them.  Fancy Tim mentioning the thrown knickers and calling them "tasty girls" in that podcast!  He's a devilishly flirty man - just my type in fact!  Hee hee!    No - everyone knows I'm a Graeme girl through and through 

Oh I can't wait to experience a Timbo Cuddle and if I'm lucky a Graeme Kiss...*sigh*

Well, I should really do some work (ha!)
bye for now
nezangel xxx

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2006-08-05 07:11:36
Excitable Angel
Hello, it's me again.  Looking forward to getting a lie-in this weekend - I bloody well need it.  It's been a tough week at work and at the beginning of the week I couldn't sleep for my sunburn!  Still, its peeling in a leperous (if that's a word!) kind of way which is just lovely! 

I'm really rather excited today as it was the first Goodies show in Edinburgh - I'm not sure why I'm quite so excited as I'm not actually there for a while yet but I've been thinking of our boys all day and all the GROKers who went to see them and wishing I was amongst them.  I wonder how it went - I hope some fans took their laptops or go to a cyber cafe or something - I need to know all the details as soon as possible!!

Well, it's a little quiet on the forums tonight and I'm a little bored.  I should get the early night I've been promising myself but its only just after half 10 - the night is still young.  Maybe I'll make myself a little cocktail - i've become partial to one called a Jolly Roger - mind you the one I had the other night was a double strength version (although I didn't find this out until yesterday - my bloke made it you see and he confessed!) anyway, all I know is that after one sip of the stuff I was giggling and calling it a Jonny Lodger! 

Anyhoo, I suppose I'll leave you all in peace, its dullsville on the net this evening so I'm offski!
nezangel xxx

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2006-07-31 21:05:58
Rudolf eat your heart out!
Well its been a while since I did a journal entry so I thought I'd do another just to get that other boring one off the top.  I like getting comments on my journals so this might inspire someone to write something in return.  Probably to tell me I'm talking crap but there you go!

Anyway, the weekend just gone we had my brother, sister-in law and their 2 kids, Harry and Olivia down to stay with us.  A houseful to say the least and trying to control 2 kids and 3 kittens isn't easy - trust me!  We all went to the seaside (Hastings) on Saturday and I was happily wading in the sea when I saw a big wave headed towards me so I moved quickly for the shore, struck a rock with my big toe (lacerations, blood and pain galore!), fell over onto another rock (cuts and bruises and a lot more blood!) and got drenched by the big wave (I'd only been in up to my waist).  Well, I was too busy cleaning my wounds to remember to put more suntan lotion on as it had been washed off me - I am now a lovely shade of glowing ember
RED! Still, apart from that it was a great day even if the pier was closed - we went on the bumper cars which I haven't done in years - I only wish they'd allow adults on the bouncy castle... 
Yesterday they all went to London for the day - I should have gone with them only my legs were too sore to walk on, you know these things always happen to me - I am like the real-life version of Frank Spencer!  Anyway, it was nice to get a day of peace and quiet really (except for squabbling kittens of course!)

Back at work now - I hate Mondays, especially when I'm still burnt all over and aching but at least half the day has gone already.

Getting quite excited as its only 2 weeks until I go to Edinburgh - I'd got it in my head last week that it was only 2 weeks to go so I was a little vexed to see I'd worked it out wrong on the calendar (I'm easily confused) but still, it's getting closer each day - woohoo! 
I've been wracking my brain trying to think of something I can do for the scrap books that are being organised to give to our boys.  I'm not a creative type really but maybe just a limerick/poem and a saucy greeting each will do 

Well, I'm offski to get some work done..

ta taa
nezangel xxx

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2006-07-15 08:53:49
New Avatar
I did enjoy having my picture with Graeme as my avatar but I'm not overly keen on how I look in that picture - for a start off my hair is different now anyway so, as JessPix very kindly provided me with a picture I asked her for (see the 'isn't Graeme cute' or whatever its called thread) I decided to have a change as I love this picture of him soooo much.  It never fails to make me smile 

As its 20 past midnight I suppose I should really be going to bed now so it's only a short message really, just wanted to explain my reasonings behind the change.

nezangel xxx

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2006-07-08 22:18:27
My Birthday
Well, it was my birthday yesterday (I feel honoured to share it with a Goodie!) and I took the day off work and went to London for the day.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly and basically had a ball.  I did get caught in a shower but I was so hot I rather liked it!
Anyway, I won't bore you all by going into detail but I just wanted to mention that I had a great time. 

Present wise I got a flat screen monitor, a computer game I'd been after, a mounted poster of Humphrey Bogart (my favourite actor), a good book and £25 off my parents as they didn't know what to get me!  I haven't had the full haul of pressies yet as my bro is coming down to see me at the end of the month and bringing his present then (& possibly one from my other brother if he remembers to get me anything), plus i've not seen a few of my friends yet & they'll have presents for me to look forward to.

All in all a fabulous day & I didn't even have a drop of alcohol!  That rose bubbly will have to be consumed tonight along with the squidgy creamy chocolate brownie cake Jon got me, Yum!

nezangel xxx

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2006-07-06 00:15:51
Too Hot!
I'm not mentioning football as I will only rant and swear and rant a bit more so I shall spare you all that - sighs of relief all round! 

Blimey, I don't know how you Aussies cope with the temperatures you get in your summers.  It's been pretty unbearable here over the last few days.  We finally got a bit of rain this morning which cleared the air a bit but now it's back to humid and sunny.  I know I shouldn't complain as it's so rare for us Brits to see the sun but can't the temperature control be turned down a tad?  It's bad enough that every time I spot that calendar picture my temperature goes up by a couple of degrees at least! 
Stop looking at it nez.........stop it!

Anyway, erm....ahem. 
A couple of days til my burfday.  Hoping the weather will stay nice (but cool down a little) so I can wear a nice dress or something, I'm not bothering with a party or anything - I may have a bottle of sparkling rose on the evening though and at least I've got the day off bloomin work! 
A week after that is my friend's (Rosemarie) 30th party (although it's not her birthday til the 26th) - she's having a masquerade ball and we're also having salsa lessons - sounds like an unusual but fun mix.  I've ordered a black halter-neck dress with a kind of ragged edge thing going on at the bottom and my mask arrived today - it's called Bandit and is very piratey all black and red with a skull & crossbones motif on the ribbons and black feathers - very fancy.  No doubt by then I'll have been to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film so I'll be in swashbuckling mode!

Anyway, just realised I'm rambling so I'll go.

nezangel x

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2006-06-30 22:34:34
Phew what a scorcher!
Crikey - what a lovely hot day.

In deference to the beautiful weather and the fact that Wimbledon is on (although i've not watched any of it), I forced myself to buy a strawberry tart thingumy and it is now sitting on my desk in front of me shouting "EAT ME!".  Who am I to argue with a fruity confectionery delight? 

Been a funny old day.  It's really dragging and my mind keeps wandering off into thoughtful day-dreams.
I've done a bit of online retail therapy to try and help but to no avail.  The trouble with online shopping is you have to wait to get the good(ie)s and I'm not a patient bird!

Maybe I should treat myself to some more Goodies dvd's for my birthday (only a week away now) to go with the dress I've just ordered and the spa visit I'm thinking of booking....

Well, it's getting more and more tricky to type with all this sticky strawberry sauce on my fingers so I'd better go so I can finish my dessert and maybe actually do some work this afternoon...well, stranger things have happened! 

nezangel xxx

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2006-06-27 21:31:12
Second time lucky?
Hmmm, well I did write a journal entry last night but as I was writing an email at the time too, it took ages & the site logged me out so when I sent the journal entry it said I wasn't logged in and I lost it all!!  Aaaaargh!  That's the second time thats happened to me and yet sometimes I linger for ages on a forum, not doing a thing as I'll be working or whatever and it never logs me out then - grrrr!

Anyway, England scraped through despite my pessimism.  They're gonna have to pull their socks up to beat Portugal though.  How farcical was the ref in their match against Holland btw?  Madman - he likes putting his hand in his pocket & no mistake!!

I'm having one of those 'can't be arsed' days - I know I suffer from them a lot but I really can't concentrate on anything for more than a minute at a time today.  Maybe if I got paid it would help.  They reckon my salary which I should have received last Wednesday will be in my account on Thursday - gee thanks for that delay guys!
Speaking of work, just had to take a call from an ...oh, I'd better not swear but he wasn't a pleasant man & he was having an un-necessary go at me (its a complicated story) for something which was not my fault - I was polite and he kept on and on, I stayed polite & he ranted some more - then I told him the facts of the matter and the faults in his argument, without swearing or shouting but in a no-nonsense tone and he simmered down & even had the cheek to call me "sweetheart" at the end of the call - sexist bastard!  I'd rather drink sulphuric acid than be his sweetheart!  Ooh, he made me cross! 

Taking deep breaths now, calm...calm...
I think I need a coffee (a double vodka & orange would go down better!)

Still, just another 4 damn hours to go  :'(

Well, as long as I don't have any more calls like that I should cope without committing murder!

better get on....
ta taa
nezangel x

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2006-06-25 21:05:19
Avatar...ave 2 tars
Woohoo!  I've finally got my picture of me with Graeme onto computer which means a heavily cropped version of it is my new avatar!
I know I look silly but I think its a lovely picture of him and seeing it brings back memories of me telling him I love him (about 5 seconds before the picture was taken!) hence my red grinning face! 

Not much else to report.  It was a beautiful hot sunny day yesterday and I went to the village fete and got a few bits of jewellery & various other bits and pieces.  There was a crepe van there so I had a delicious cheese & sweetcorn one for my lunch - very very tasty - ooh thats made me hungry now!
All in all it was a pleasant day.

Well of course its the big game today - England v Ecuador.  Its also going to be the hottest day in Germany so far - doesn't exactly suit us but will suit them.  I'm worried!  After all the crap decisions Sven has made squad & tactics wise I think today will be the last day of our competition.  I shouldn't be pessimistic but I look at it as being more realistic.  At least I'm prepared for the worst so if we dowin, it will be so much the better!

It's not as hot today - overcast in fact but I reckon we'll still have a barbeque later on and we've got a crop of homegrown strawberries just dying to be picked, covered in cream and guzzled down!  Yes, I am rather hungry aren't I - perhaps I should go & have a spot of lunch.

Tatty bye for now (& COME ON ENGLAND!!)

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2006-06-24 04:34:07
Thank frogs & princesses its Friday
Well a bit of a mixed day really.  This morning wasn't too bad but this afternoon was a real pig at work.  Retarded engineers who work for us don't help - honestly some of them are so stupid you wonder if they have to have someone wipe their backsides for them!  How they've got through life up to now with absolutely zilch common sense I have no idea!  Sorry, this has quickly turned into a rant hasn't it! 

Well, I ended up working half an hour late to try and sort out the pile of crap on my desk and then my bloke emailed me to ask if I could pick up a few bits on my way home from work (apparently his arms are withered or maybe he bursts into flames if he tries to enter a supermarket - I don't know!) as he's invited his brother, partner, her 2 kids and their own kid over for tomorrow.  Great - just what I wanted.  More of his bloody family round to make snide remarks and piss me off!    They really aren't a nice family at all! 
Anyway, I'm sure I'll cope.  At least for some of the time we'll be out at our village fete (how very English  ) so I can avoid them then!

OK, that turned into a rant again.  I apologise.

I'm sure I did have something to say but I can't think what it can be now so I'll leave you all in blissful peace...

nezangel xxx

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2006-06-23 06:03:00
Tiring Thursday
Hello all,

It's been a long old day but not bad overall. 

Got my pack through the post from The Woodland Trust - I sent off to join them a few weeks back.  I'm not exactly a tree-hugger but I do love trees and the amount that get destroyed each year is disgusting so I've pledged my support to try and help.  I've had a tree dedicated to me in a forest near to where I live - its my 2nd tree as I have a mango tree in India too!  I got that a couple of years ago to try and help neutralise the carbon I put into the atmosphere just by doing everyday things.  I'm no good at explaining so here's the website: - & very good it is too!
My mango tree is in the same large group of trees that Dominic Monaghan (LOTR, Lost) bought - he's very into trees too! 

Went late night shopping after work - that knackered me - so many people around.  The summer sales have started, that's the trouble.  Still I got a nice black & white babydoll type top in the sale so I can't complain too much! 

Well I'm off - I haven't eaten yet and its half 9 at night!

nezangel xxx

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2006-06-21 22:22:05
Wicked Wednesday!
OK chaps & chapesses!
I'm back to being happy again - woohoo! 

England played well in the first half last night (OK they were crap in the second but at least they've improved their game a bit & won their group!)

I have sent off to register for a course on the Open University (Introducing Astronomy) and I'm really rather excited about it!  I'm finally fulfilling some of my aspirations!

Got an application for a new job - its not my ideal job (that would be being Graeme's PA/Bodyguard  ) but its slightly better pay and a couple of extra days holiday so not to be sniffed at really!

Just figured out its 2 weeks and 2 days til my birthday - woohoo!!  Not having a party or anything - my friend (RoJo) has her 30th birthday not long after my 28th so she's having a do - a Masquerade Ball of all things (she is a bit mad about Phantom of the Opera!) so I must get myself a nice gown & mask soon!

Anyhoo, don't have much else to say so I'll leave you in peace

nezangel xxx

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2006-06-21 03:27:46
Tuesday Tuesdae (inspiration for titles has run out!)
Well am I glad this day is nearly over!  Advanced warning - I know I complained about people dragging other people's moods down the other day & now I'm going to be guilty of hypocrisy because this is going to be one long rant.  I wouldn't bother reading it if I were you - I just need to let off steam & this is one of the few ways I can vent it!

This morning, running 20 minutes late for work due to being absolutely knackered & pressing the snooze button too often, I tried to get out of my drive.  The gas board had dug a hole on our grass at the side of the (very narrow) drive yesterday - without permission or informing us of the work I might add - and around the hole they have placed a ridiculously huge plastic fence thing, now at the other side of the drive is a wooden fence which curves round to next to the garage where I park.  I had to drive round this curve, avoid my boyfriends car parked nearby, avoid the fence & avoid the hole & plastic fence too, I had to keep reversing then going forward again as it was a tight squeeze and I was paying so much attention on not hitting the plastic fence that the rear side of my car hit the curved bit of the wooden fence instead - my precious beautiful car Micky who I've owned for nearly 8 years with not a dent in him now has an almighty dent with a load of scratches - you'd think I'd been hit by a bus! - bloody fence and bloody idiot gas board - I realise I was driving him but if it wasn't for their bloody stupid contraption, I wouldn't have hit the fence - I've never had an accident up to now in the 10 years (& 1 week exactly) I've been driving so I am bloody annoyed - as you may be able to tell! 

Got to work, eventually and was informed they couldn't pay me at the moment (money should have been in my account tomorrow) as they've gone over their over-draft - they haven't said when they'll get around to paying me either.  I've got an application form for another job already - I'm sick of being a bloody doormat to that company - they repay my loyalty by not paying me - well they can stick their crappy job where the sun don't shine!

That's a little better - i've vented a lot of frustration there so if you stuck with me, thank you! 

I'll do another entry either later on or tomorrow telling of any nice or interesting things which may have happened but for now I will close by saying:


nezangel x

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2006-06-20 00:20:18
Monday Mondae (!)
I must avoid ranting about Brazil in this journal entry!
OK, I can't stop myself!  Australia played really well but they were playing against 12 men!  The ref even shook hands with one of the Brazil team when he gave him a yellow card as if he was saying "Sorry about this mate but it'll give the game away that you've bribed me if I don't make at least 1 booking!"

And then after the first goal (which even I could have saved Schwarzer!!) the Aussies take off their best player (Cahill) and replace him with their worst (Kewell) who then goes and misses the sitter of the century!!  I actually couldn't watch after that - I turned the TV off in disgust & came to the GROK site to cheer myself up!

Anyway, rant over - sorry about that.

It's been a dull old day here - overcast skies etc but its still quite warm & stuffy.  I hope it's nicer tomorrow as I'm thinking of having a barby to eat while watching the England game.  Fingers crossed for sunshine!

Anyway, I don't have anything else to say - basically I needed to rant and you all have to put up with me doing it! 

Better do some work

nezangel x

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2006-06-18 23:34:40
Sunday Sundae
G'day all!
I'm an Aussie supporter today - I'm sure they'll cause an upset & beat Brazil - ooh I'd be sooo happy if they did! 

Just booked some tickets for a few shows in Edinburgh (Yes I finally got around to it!).  I've booked for 2 nights to see Graeme & Tim (& I have another night free so I may end up going that night too if I can!), also booked to see Paul Merton & his Improv Stars - really looking forward to that as I'm a great admirer of improv comedy (& I'm hoping Richard Vranch will be one of the 'stars' - he's my favourite!), I've also booked an odd sounding show called Ben Elton The Musical (not endorsed by the man himself I might add) - it sounds a little different to the norm & has loads of 80s songs in it (I Love 80's music!) so I look forward to that.  I wanted to see Bernie Clifton (I saw him in panto as a kid & he was great!) but he's only on for 1 night & it happened to be the only night I could get tickets for the improv show so I chose to abandon poor Bernie!  Sorry mate!

Finally got rid of the guests yesterday - Woohoo!  I can't believe they stopped for almost an entire week - it's not like they mentioned how long they'd be here - they just invited themselves.  Anyway, I'm not wasting a perfectly good rant on them - they've gone & all's well again!

Have decided I am going to do an Open University course - I've been thinking about this for ages.  They're a bit pricy but I feel I want to prove to myself that I'm capable of doing that sort of thing.  I'm not going to do one to further my career or anything, I wouldn't last 5 minutes - I'd be bored to death!  I'm going to do one about Space & physics (if I'd had half a brain I'd have loved to become an astro-physicist!) and if I like the first few courses I might even study over a few years and turn it into a degree - of course I need to see how well my brain copes with the earlier stuff first! ( )

Oh, just seen the time, I've missed the first half of the Japan v Croatia game - think I'll grab a bite for lunch & watch the rest of the second half. 

Ta taaa
nezangel xxx

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2006-06-16 21:13:31
Phew its Friday!
Hello all

Well, I'm in a bit better mood today - see I told you I would be!  Its Friday for a start and the 'guests' should be leaving tomorrow (with any luck) so I can have my house back!
Actually, it was great last night as I had the place to myself (apart from my cat & kittens!).  Jon's brother lives nearby so his parents were over there for the England match (2-0, 2-0 - Woohoo! - who cares if we played crap - we still won!!) and they didn't get back til about half 9.  Jon had gone out for a drink with some friends after the game and he got back at the same time as his parents so I had a few hours to myself and it was blissful!! 

I got to go early from work yesterday too which was nice - the boss is footie mad so let me go at 4 (it takes me 45 minutes to drive home!)

Anyway, today is nice, the sun is shining, England are through to the next stage and the weekend approacheth!  I just have to get through the afternoon without getting any annoying calls and I'll be free for a couple of days. 

I really love those pics of Graeme on the 'cute graeme' thread - the ones from Cunning Stunts (I always have to concentrate when saying or typing those 2 words!!) so thank you JessPix for being so good at posting such lovely images!
Oh, and QueenofKnerds new avatar with Graeme saying "You're a naughty little minx" is particularly pleasing too! 

I've nowt to say now so tatty bye
nezangel xxx

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2006-06-15 19:01:09
Daily Grind
Well, I'm back at work today.  I had originally taken the full week off but as I am now going to Edinburgh for 5 nights (woohoo!) I have had to work today and tomorrow to cover that!  I now have 1 day left to take to last me til the end of the year.  Mind you, I'm sick of this job anyway so maybe I'll keep looking for another with better holiday & pay (wish me luck - i've been looking for an ideal job for months now with no success)

I had booked my hotel last Friday but it wasn't confirmed and I got an email last night (5 days later!) to say they couldn't get me booked in (grrr) so I looked around and got the same place but slightly more expensive (& this time it doesn't include breakfast either - gits!) through a different company but at least this lot confirmed straight away that I'm booked in which has given me piece of mind to say the least!  I really am so excited about going - I can hardly wait!  I must get my tickets for the show booked soon.

I'm sort of half glad I'm at work anyway because the in-laws from hell are still stopping with us (well, they aren't in-laws as such as I'm not even engaged after 6 bloody years but you know what I mean!) and they don't look like they're going to bugger off and leave me in peace until Saturday so getting out of the house this morning was a bit of a relief to tell you the truth!  I'm sorry, I'm not normally such a whinging pom but my few days off (apart from the few days up North) haven't felt like a break with them around.

Speaking of whinging, (and I know I shouldn't say this but I'm going to anyway) there is a person on this site who is really annoying me with the way they keep trying to drag everyone's mood down to their Marvin-esque level - obviously I'm not going to say who it is but I really wish that the person in question would either try to contribute something uplifting/positive for once or just shut it! 
I am really sorry, I think I must have PMT or something - I'll try to be cheerier tomorrow, I promise!

nez x

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2006-06-14 02:42:52
I'm Baaaack!!
I'm back from my brief visit up t'North to see my parents.  What fabulous weather it was - I burnt my arm whilst driving (both going up there & coming back - I'm not too quick on the uptake!!) as it was so hot I couldn't stand the window being up - I need climate control in my next car!  The temperature on my way home got to 34.5 degrees C which is bloody hot by anyone's reckoning - especially stuck in a hot metal car with no air con - my water was practically boiling in it's bottle!
Anyway, I got back to discover my bloke's parents are stopping with us and I hate not having the house to myself.  His dad & I barely speak as we know whenever we do talk it nearly always ends in an argument.  I've never met anyone before him who has fallen out with practically every person he's ever met - his family know what he's like but "you can't change him now" - well why should I bloody well change to adapt to his ignorant way of thinking - grrrr it drives me barking mad! 
His mum is alright but tends to take over everything so I feel like I'm the guest in my own home - I think I'll be hitting the vodka tonight & I'm not normally a big drinker.
Sorry about the rant but I needed to let off some steam. 

I'm really jealous about all those lucky enough to get to the ISIHAC recording in Halifax - it sounds like they had a fantastic time & I'm pleased to hear the guest was Rob Brydon.  He's a brilliantly funny bloke & I look forward to hearing how well he's done on his first Clue.

I've booked a hotel in Edinburgh - I'm waiting (impatiently) for them to confirm the booking before I go ahead & get tickets for any shows but I'll be there for 5 nights (from the 14th) if all goes to plan.  I can't wait!

Well, I suppose I'd better go - thankfully his parents have gone out for the day but no doubt they'll be back soon wanting feeding when I've not had chance to shop for them - sorry, I'll try to curtail my ranting.  I'd better go and see what I can rustle up for them for dinner.

bye z bye
nezangel xxx

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2006-06-10 05:09:16
Going Away
Hello all, well I'm going a way for a few days to return to my home town of Darlington.  I've not been there in 18 months so it should be good to see the changes and visit family etc.  There's no guarantee I will get access to the net much and I will be missing GROK while I'm absent.

I'm still perplexed by my avatar problem - why can't I see the changed picture as others can?  Very odd 

Well I had better be going as I still haven't packed and I'm setting off around 6 - 6.30 in the morning (it's a 5 1/2 to 6 hour journey even without stops and I must get there before the England match at 2pm so I'm making doubly sure by going early.  Plus there should be less traffic on the roads at that time with any luck.

I was going to pack wasn't I?  Better do that now.....

Au revoir
nezangel xxx

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2006-06-09 18:23:19
The weekend cometh
I'm much happier this morning!  I've got the office to myself today which means, although I will do some work, I'm not going to get constantly bothered by my boss every 5 minutes and I can wander onto GROK a bit more often (if that's possible!).
The sun is out again and another beautiful day is on the cards.

Now, I changed my avatar recently & from a comment Jodie made on the 'cute Graeme' thread, it seems she can see the new picture and I can see it when I look down the list of journals, however I can't see it in my posts!  How weird is that?  I am still seeing my old picture of JJ Garden.  I can't fathom these technical things so if anyone has advice as to what I've done wrong, please let me know!

Now despite being on my own I can't really doss around much this morning as I've a load of stuff to do as I'm off next week (or for most of it) so I should really try and get all work out of the way so I can have a relaxing afternoon - well that's the plan anyway.

ta taa
nezangel xxx

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2006-06-09 08:12:48
Hello, I am tired.  I should be in bed asleep but I'm a bit down so I thought I'd come to GROK to cheer up a bit.  Trouble is, it's been really quiet today on the forums and i've read everything and can't think of any witty comments to make to anything.  Sorry, I tend to ramble on when I'm knackered! 
Changed my avatar recently but I can't see any sign of it working - mind you maybe I have to post something first before it kicks in with the new picture.  Anyway, if it has worked you'll see it's another delicious picture of Graeme in that uniform - you know, the black one I love so much!!  That should cheer me up if I go & look at that picture....think I'll do that now 

I think really I'd better go sleepy bo-bo's now before I bore anyone else to sleep!!

nez xxx

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2006-06-06 21:22:35
Kitten Kong!!
My beautiful cat, Smokey gave birth to 3 adorable kittens last night.  2 of them are black with some white patches and one is all black like his/her mother.  We haven't determined sexes yet.  Needless to say, I didn't get to bed til late (or early rather) as Smokey was demanding my attention so I'm quite shattered today but looking forward to getting home from work and seeing those lovely bundles of fur!!

It's a lovely day outside - shame our offices don't ever get any sunshine in the windows (whoever designed this place was a moron!) so although I'm dressed in a summery fashion (shortish skirt, short sleeved top and sandals) I'm bloomin' freezing, especially my feet. 
I'm going to try and sneak out early today so I can get home to the kittens and maybe catch a few rays of sun too.

Well, I've nothing else to say really so
ta taa
nez x

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2006-06-06 00:14:28
I don't like Mondays
I seem to have become a minor celebrity on the forums thanks to my request of Graeme last week.  I must say I'm chuffed!  My journal views are over 500 now - it makes me look popular!! 

Nothing much to report since my last except I am feeling a whole lot better than I was at the weekend.  I'm aiming to get that last journal badge but I'm still a little way off so lets hope something exciting happens soon!!

I will be going up to my home town of Darlington at the weekend - first time in 18 months!!  Trouble is with my cat being pregnant (& very close to having kittens) I was going to put it off but thought up a better plan - Jon can stay at home with Smokey (the cat) while I see my relatives for a few days - I have all of next week off so I can travel back at my leisure and relax for a few days - except I've decided I need a clear out of my stuff (I'm a hoarder by nature) so maybe it won't be that relaxing after all.

Anyhoo, I had better get on with the rest of that never-ending pile of work....ho hum!!

nez x

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2006-06-04 03:08:10
Lovely Day!
I've been looking back over previous journal entries and I seem to be obsessed with starting them off with the word "well" - must stop doing that, it's irritating!!

Well, (there I go again!!) it's been a lovely warm sunny day & I have not been in a position to go out and enjoy it as I woke up feeling grotty - forgot to inject my 24 hour insulin last night - stupid cow!!  Also, I felt sickly but thought I'd be ok once I woke up properly.  I started to reply to an email from a friend and had a look on the GROK site when all of a sudden I realised I really was going to be ill - & I was right!  What a bastard thing to happen on such a lovely day.  Anyway, I managed to finish the email then went to bed but dragged myself up a bit later as England were playing (I do love my footie!) and the match took my attention off feeling crap and i've been getting slowly better ever since - very odd!

Anyway, I'm sure none of you could give a damn but I was bored so decided to do my journal & as that's almost the only thing that's happened today, that's all I could talk about! 

Really wish I'd got tickets for the show for Linda tomorrow in London. 
I really need to sort out what I'm doing for Edinburgh - i've been so busy at work i've not had chance to figure anything out hotel/B&B wise.  Plus I'm not sure if my friend is coming along or not - must ask her when she gets back from Scotland - she went to a Bon Jovi concert up there.

Anyway, I'm rambling on so just one more thing before I go:

England 6 - 0 Jamaica (ok, ok not the greatest opposition but even so - damn fine result!!)

Tatty bye,
nez x

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2006-06-02 18:59:57
Still smiling...
Well, it's 5 days since Birmingham and I'm still smiling 
ISIHAC (& especially Graeme) should be available on the National Health for making people feel much better in themselves. 

It's my dad's 70th birthday today - how old does that make ME feel!!  Trouble is I live a long long way from him so I won't get to see him.  Still I sent him a card & put the Happy Birthday message from Humphrey Lyttleton in there so that should please him.  I haven't got him a present cos the silly old sod hasn't decided what he wants as yet!

I'm very glad it's Friday as i've been really tired this week & could do with a break.  Trouble is I know there is so much housework to be done as I've been neglecting it of late (well I have been busy the last 2 Sundays  )

Well, I don't have a lot more to say, only that all's right with the world (well in my own little world anyway) and I'm looking forward to August already...

nezangel x

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2006-05-31 19:25:25
The Grin Monster!!
Well, lets try again shall we.  My little road trip to Birmingham was great, we (that's me & my friend Rosemarie or RoJo for short) set off at noon from Tunbridge Wells (I will add here that although I live darn sarf, I am in fact a northerner & proud - well someone's got to be!!) and got to Birmingham around half 4 - I was quite proud of myself as I didn't go wrong once & I'm not a confident driver in places I've never been before & I never drive in city centres - and Birmingham was a busy city centre!!  (The things I do just to see Graeme!!)  Well, the area around the Hippodrome was crowded with people as the Pride march had not been long finished by the looks of things so we scooted away to the Bullring area and had a coffee in a nice little cafe (where the waiter chatted me up!!).  After that we wandered around a bit & got bothered by a group of drunken gits - I was a little worried as I'm paranoid about people carrying knives at the moment but I made sure I couldn't see any weapons then politely asked them to leave us alone, this didn't work so I strode up to the ringleader & told him in no uncertain terms where to go - to my absolute amazement they went away!!  Go Caroline!!!!!
Anyway, we got back to near the hippodrome around 6 and met Clair, Edna and the rest of the gang - i bought a couple of drinks & was served by Dick Turpin!!  Then as I'd lost my original tickets a few weeks ago I had to go to the Box Office to pick up replacements (yes, I really am this stupid!!), after tarting ourselves up in the ladies, we met Clair again in the foyer and then finally we were allowed to our seats.  I was sat next to a nice friendly chap from Nottingham but behind a stupid man who was leaning over the whole time so I couldn't see the stage very well, RoJo very kindly swapped with me at the interval & for the 2nd show my view was perfect (well, I was looking at Graeme most of the time! )

Right, the bit you've been wanting to hear about but had to read through that dross above to get to it. 

The Show:
The guest was Andy Hamilton and I was pleased because he always makes me laugh.  He made a few topical references to open prisons and was generally highly entertaining.  Tim was his usual wonderful self although both Tim & Andy were rather silly at one point where they didn't think Graeme & Barry's (or should I say Hamish & Dougal's) sound charade was accurate - I disagreed with them though (well, ok i am biased but it sounded right to me - you'll have to listen to the show although I don't know if they'll cut the disagreements out or not!!)
Barry was great as usual, lowering the tone and then acting shocked if anyone else did the same!!    Graeme, well he was just marvellous - he's so quick witted and funny, it's a delight to see him in action (as it were!!) 

After the recording they mentioned that it had been Humph's 85th birthday the other day & they brought out a big cake.  It was also Andy's birthday that day (52 I think - I'm hopeless at remembering things) and someone in the audience was also celebrating a birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to all 3 of them (& a small cake was brought out for Andy too) - it was all really rather lovely 
Once it was over we dashed round to the stage door just in time to see Colin Sell walking away - that's twice he's eluded me - I will get his autograph one day, you'll see!!  Anyway, the others hung around, they were waiting for a taxi I think & I managed to get their autographs.  Humph was ever so nice as usual and signed one for my dad, Keith who is 70 on Friday - he put Happy 70th!! and signed it then said "I like to encourage the young ones", he's great & my dad will be really chuffed as he's been a fan of Humph's music since the 50's.  Andy was pleasant but didn't seem to want to chat much, Barry was pre-occupied with his cigarette but still was kind enough to sign for me & smile.  Tim, oh Tim - he is so cuddly & loveable, he put a kiss after his signature which I thanked him for - unfortunately he got talking to other people so I didn't get to say much to him.  I asked Graeme to sign & while he was I mentioned that I'd seen him at the H&D recording last week, he then remembered me & mentioned my having a photo taken with him (glad he hadn't remembered my embarrassing comment at the time!!) - which made my grin so wide my cheekbones nearly broke with the strain!! 
RoJo and I hung around for a while as I had a request to make of Graeme but I wasn't sure I could actually dare to say it.  After a couple of minutes I suddenly went for it and asked him to call me a naughty little minx as I love the way he says it (I seem to have a fixation with embarrassing myself in front of him!!) - he seemed to find it funny and he noticed Tim had overheard (& was amused!!) so he said to Tim "excuse us for a moment", shielded me from Tim's view and whispered in my ear in his most wonderfully sexy dulcet tones, "You're a naughty little minx!" - I'm amazed I didn't faint!!  I don't remember much after that, according to RoJo I thanked both Gra & Tim and we walked back to my car.  RoJo drove as I was not actually a resident of the planet Earth at that moment in time.  I haven't stopped smiling since then & every time I remember it I laugh to myself which draws some odd looks but I'm used to that!!

Anyway, this has been an awfully long essay & I hope I haven't bored anyone into a coma but that is an account of my wonderful day in sunny Birmingham 

Caroline xx

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2006-05-31 05:17:52
I'm a little annoyed as I've just written a really long essay about the trip to Birmingham on Sunday but because it was so long & I took ages to write it, the site logged me out so when I sent it, it didn't register it & when I tried to go back to copy it - it wasn't there!!  Aaaaarrrghhh, I missed the first half of the England match to write it too - grrrrrr!!  Good job i'm in such a deliciously good mood & have been since Sunday.  I'll try to get around to typing it all out again at some point but for now I'm going to log off, put the pizza in the oven & watch the 2nd half of the footie (I may even sneakily have a bottle of beer too - ooh naughty me!!)

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2006-05-26 22:04:55
Good Grief Penfold!!
Well I couldn't think of a title so i decided to put the first thing that came into my head - kinda scary what lurks in there really!!

I am getting rather uncontrollably excited about Sunday's Clue recording - I was a bit miffed though when I tried to book a table at a restaurant near the hippodrome (where it's on) as I was told, due to it being Birmingham Pride weekend they can't take bookings as they'll be so busy they can't hold tables - well that's a fine how d'you do isn't it!!!!!  Plus I had an email from the hippodrome telling me there'll be loads of roads closed off around the area too - just great when i'll be driving around in a big city that i've never been to in my life!!  Anyway, sorry about the rant but the situation cheesed me off a tad!!

I'm a bit sad today as one of my colleagues is leaving us & he's a good laugh so it'll be a lot duller around here from now on.  We're going for leaving drinks after work although I can only stay for one as I have to get home to see off my bloke who's going to see his friends & family up in Lincoln - normally I would have gone with him obviously, but I wasn't about to give up my trip to Birmingham!!

I must try & see if there's any meetings up in pubs going on with anyone else from the site on Sunday & invite myself along!!

Anyway, got a ton of work as per usual so I suppose I should find something else to distract me from doing it!! 

nezangel xxx

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2006-05-23 23:48:00
Happy Days!!
Well as it's been nearly a month since my last entry I suppose I should put some ramblings down.
My trip to New York was awesome (which is not a word I bandy about much which means I really mean it!!).  I'd never been to America before so everything was new & different & I loved every minute of it.  I've got so many things with "I love NY" on them it's quite scary!! 

Went to see the recording of Hamish & Dougal on Sunday - it was hilarious as expected and I'm really looking forward to August/September when the series airs.
I was a bit silly (as i have mentioned in the forums) as I happened to blurt out "I love you" to Graeme and embarrass myself even more than I usually manage to do. 
I had my picture taken with GG & if I ever find the damn cable for connecting my camera & PC I will try to use it as my avatar.  It's a lovely picture of him, (me less so as i'm bright red from telling him I love him & i'm also grinning like a maniac!!)
I got the autographs of all except Alison Steadman as she was deep in conversation & I didn't want to be rude & interrupt. 
I didn't see John Garden there & I half expected to as he is usually something to do with the sound on the H&D shows - that was the only disappointment of the evening though.
When I mentioned to Graeme that I would be going to the Birmingham Clue recording next Sunday he said "You're a glutton for punishment!" 
Jeremy was lovely & put 2 kisses after his autograph - I used to have a major thing for him about 10 years ago so that was most gratifying   
Barry Cryer was adorable too & asked me to hold his beer (Stella Artois in case you were wondering) while he signed his autograph, he offered me a sip of it too but I declined as I was wearing a lot of lippy (being the flirty little minx that I am!!), also when I thanked him (most profusely) for the autograph he said "not at all, thank you for asking me" - how lovely is he?!? 

Mood - Happy & Still Grinning
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2006-04-24 22:41:20
Watch out NY here I come...
Well I'm off to New York tomorrow & I'm VERY excited & nervous at the same time.  If anyone reading this has been & fancies telling me about their experience I'd be happy to read it.  I'm trying to glean as much info as possible before we go.

I'm sure it'll take me ages to catch up with all the posts on GROK when I get back but it'll be worth it!!

Heard on Graeme's interview on Loose Ends that his son John (the person in my avatar) is currently in New York working with the Scissor Sisters - I know it's a big place & i won't see them but it's quite cool that I'm there at the same time as him - I'm rather a big fan, although finding information about him is next to impossible so I don't know as much about him as i'd like.

Anyway, I need to do sooooo much stuff at work before I leave so I should stop coming onto this site every 5 minutes checking the forums and actually get on with something!!

nezangel xxx

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2006-04-20 22:34:23
5 days to go...
...til I go to New York!!  I'm getting thoroughly excited about it all now - mainly as i'm bloody sick of work at the moment.  I've had so many meetings lately I'm in danger of falling into a coma through boredom!!  We've got another one this afternoon at 4pm which I know will over-run so I won't be able to leave at 5pm which is when I normally finish - trouble is I need to do some late night shopping tonight (stuff for my break) & nothing gets between me & shopping so even if it's not finished I WILL leave at 5pm no matter what!!

I've been thinking of doing some sort of Open University course just lately - trouble is, do i do a course which may help with getting a better job but which will bore me to death or do I do a course which interests me.  I really only want to do it to prove to myself that I can so I think i'll go for the latter option - study something to do with astronomy/physics - if i'd been born with brains & some motivation (something I seriously seem to lack in life) I would have loved to have been an astrophysicist so the next best thing is studying the subject (in a basic form) as a hobby.  I don't know though as it's expensive & i'm hardly Miss Flush when it comes to money (unfortunately I am a shopoholic).  I'll have a further think about it all.

Anyway, the boss has come out of his meeting (yep another bloody meeting!!) so I'd better get on....

Mood - Impatient for my hols
Music - Boys Don't Cry - The Cure
Edited - Never

2006-04-13 21:28:08
Happy Easter!!
Well blimey, it's been a while since I did a journal entry so I thought i'd put pen to paper (as it were).  I went to the Depeche Mode concert last week & it was indescribably fantastic - i honestly can't begin to say just how wonderful DM are.  I went a bit mad & bounced around like a bloody kangaroo for most of the time (well not quite like a kangaroo but close) & then bought 3 t-shirts, a mug, a programme & a feathery keyring (tres cool!!) - cost a fortune but they're worth it!!

Went up to Lincoln at the weekend -that's where my bloke Jon comes from so we saw his family - his sister had a baby a couple of days before so we saw the new addition to the family & very cute he is too.  We also went to Jon's friends 40th birthday bash which was rather entertaining.  Speaking of 40th birthday's - it's Jon's today so there's a load of us going on a pub crawl/curry eating night out tonight & we've got 4 days to recover from it so it should be a good un!!

Just had my brother & nephew stopping with us for a couple of nights - we waved them off this morning - they went to London yesterday with Jon (I couldn't get the time off work - bugger!!) & they had a great time by all accounts - boat trips on the Thames, Science Museum, seeing a blue whale in the Natural History Museum (Harry, my 6 year old nephew loves blue whales) - I was really quite jealous when they were telling me.

Anyway, for the first time in ages I've got a few days where there's nothing happening at all so I can relax over the Easter break.  In fact I don't think i've got anything planned until 25th when I go to New York - woohoo!!  After that there's nothing til May 28th when I'm going to Birmingham to see ISIHAC being recorded - i'm looking forward to it immensly - i'm already trying to plan what i'm going to wear!!

It's been rather nice at work lately, what with the boss being on holiday - he's back next week though so I should really be doing some work to pretend i've done something while he's been away...

Mood - Happy
Music - Depeche Mode - Sister of Night
Edited - 2006-04-14 00:22:00

2006-04-03 20:38:05
Well the play is over & done with & it was a big success - pheww!!  I was so pleased that i didn't get anything wrong or need the prompt - the audiences seemed to love it too.  Anyway, you'll be relieved it's over yourselves I should think, the amount i've been going on about it!!

Well, I have the day off today as in about an hour or so I'm off into London with my friend Rosemarie & we're going to have a laugh, shop & maybe catch a sightseeing bus then this evening I'm going to fulfill another ambition - I'm seeing Depeche Mode LIVE!!!!!  Woohoooooo!!  I can't wait I'm soooooo excited.  I have loved them for YEARS but never got the chance to see them until now. 

Well, better go as I'm not totally ready for going out yet...

nezangel xxx

Mood - Excited & Happy!!
Music - Jolly Rock Lighthouse song (in my head!!)
Edited - Never

2006-03-29 23:52:45
What lays on the bottom of the ocean & shakes...
...a nervous wreck - or in other words, ME!!
The play starts tomorrow evening - we've not practiced on the actual stage (which is MUCH larger than the hall we've been rehearsing in) except yesterday when we had a technical rehearsal - which basically means setting up lighting & cues so it wasn't a rehearsal for actors at all, we just stood around & went where they placed us - the technical lot treat you like cattle & we were there for 5 hours - 5 bloody hours!!  I didn't get home til ten to midnight for crying out loud!!  They didn't warn us they'd be pissing about for that long either so I was extremely vexed by the time I walked out of there.  We have a dress rehearsal tonight & then that's it - tomorrow it begins!!  AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!
At least i'm still eating but I have this humongous knot in my stomach.  I only hope we do ok tonight otherwise I'll be physically shaking tomorrow night.  Anyway, enough about the play already oi vay ( )

I'm going to try and get tickets for either the Birmingham or Bristol ISIHAC recordings - I know Bristol went on sale today but I'm waiting for my friend to get back to me on which recording she can make.  I can't go to the Halifax one as i'm away.  They're not exactly well placed for me either as although I'm a northerner, I live down in Tunbridge Wells so it's a bugger getting to any of them.  Well I'll have to go to one - I loved it when they came to Tunbridge Wells in December 2004 - that was the first time I met Graeme & Tim (I met them & Bill again a few months later when the second DVD was launched) - I was ever so silly & giggly but they were adorable (as were Humph & Jack Dee as well) & the show was damn funny too (as per usual of course), anyway, if I get any tickets I'm sure I'll be mentioning the fact to everyone including my journal.
Anyway, I should get on with some work,

nezangel xxx

Mood - Nervous as Hell!!!!!
Music - Erasure - Blue Savannah
Edited - Never

2006-03-24 22:41:45
Well butter my bottom and call me a biscuit!!
Woohoo - FRIDAY!!
Can you tell I'm fed up with work?  Anyway, it's quite cool today as i'm the only one in the office so (as a change from usual of course) i've been surfing and playing games on msn messenger with my friend RoJo - this is what Friday's are supposed to be like!! 

I've been laughing my socks off at some of the comments in the cute graeme thread & i'm proud to be part of Not_A_Megalomaniac's plans for world dom......I mean a pirate radio station.  Very exciting times for the world!!

Anyway, I don't have a lot to say today (or any other day I hear you cry!) so I'll bugger off, at least this will count towards another badge 

nezangel xxx

Mood - Naughty Minxish
Music - ELO - Telephone Line
Edited - Never

2006-03-23 21:33:07
While the boss is away...
Well i'm a little cheerier today, firstly my cold is getting better & i can actually breathe now and secondly the boss is on a course for 2 days - partay!!  I think the fact that the sun is shining & there's hardly a cloud in the sky has cheered me up too (although it's still bloody freezing!!)
I'm a bit knackered today though as I went to my friends house last night after rehearsal & she has a playstation 2 (or the Temptress as we call it) so I ended up playing Buzz for hours & not getting home til late still it's nearly the weekend, I can have a lie in then 

I've been thinking (I know - unheard of!) and I'm sure I remember reading early last year something about the next DVD coming out around this time & yet there's not a dickie bird - I wonder what's going on - maybe I should ask in the forums - zaphod or lisa are bound to know.  I'm just worried it's been asked & discussed before & i've missed it.

I was pleased a Red Dwarf topic came up in the forums although it seems to have been taken over by talking about the Office & american shows, still it's nice to know there's some other dwarfers on the site.  I love the show, especially Rimmer.

Well I won't go on about it too much as I have done in the past but it's a week til the first night of the play & our rehersal last night was the worst we've done - true some people weren't feeling well but it does not bode well - i'm scared!!

Anyway, I suppose I should do some work, even though the boss isn't here he's left me plenty of crap to deal with!!

Cheery bye,
nezangel x

Mood - Not bad
Music - Martin L Gore - Counterfeit album
Edited - Never

2006-03-23 02:18:26
Head Cold Blues
It's official - i'm bloody well annoyed, I mean how long can a bloody cold bloody last?  I've had this since Friday & I'm ready to commit murder - I can't breathe & that makes me highly irritable & tetchy (yes, even more than usual!!)
My nose is so red I look like Peter Schmeichel, my eyes are streaming - I mean it's really attactive - NOT, even my boss took one look at me this morning and said "ooh, you're not well are you?" - of course my reply should have been "no, i'm bloody well not so why don't you send me home" but no, I've got no sympathy from that quarter - and it's his fault I've got it as he had it a week or so ago - he even took half a day with it (& he never takes time off normally).  Anyway, i'm soldiering on but counting the minutes til I can escape the office.
Anyway, rant over (for now), I'm getting more and more worried about the play next week - we have a rehearsal of a couple of the plays within Canterbury Tales tonight (we rehearsed the 1st act last night) but we've only got a week and a day left & i know there's only one full costume rehearsal planned - that's scary as a lot of people have only a few minutes to change costumes so practice would be handy.  Just realised I've moved from one rant to another, I am trying my hardest to be cheerful but I seem to be failing abysmally
I think i need to watch some Goodies episodes - it's a while since i have, must be 2 weeks or more - that's the problem - i'm suffering from Goodie withdrawal syndrome - i'll be cheered up no end if i just watch a couple of episodes, I quite fancy Lighthouse Keeping Loonies after people have been mentioning it in the forums lately, i haven't seen that in ages - I love the bit where Bill goes mental with everything being round & the Jolly Rock song is fabulous!!
Anyway, I suppose I should type up the radiator schedule that's been dumped on my desk - it's so fascinating working for plumbers!! 

nezangel xxx

Mood - Ooh I'm cross
Music - Savage Garden - Affirmation
Edited - Never

2006-03-17 20:51:44
Funky Friday!!
Well it's been over a week since my last instalment so I thought I'd try for my 2nd level journal badge!!
I'm quite excited at the moment as me & my bloke Jon have just booked a trip to New York - we're going at the end of April in celebration of his 40th birthday.  I've never been to America before & I'm quite scared as well as excited - it's an intimidating place.  Anyway, we're staying in a gorgeous Art Deco style hotel & I'm looking forward to all that shopping & sightseeing!!  I may try to catch Spamalot on Broadway too

Also I'm excited because it's less than 2 weeks 'til I take to the stage in the Canterbury Tales - aaaargh!!  I am soooo scared - I've never acted before (apart from nativity plays as a kid & they don't count!!) & I'm not a natural exhibitionist (unless i've had a few vodka's!!) but i'm really looking forward to it too.

Plus I'm looking forward to the 3rd April (2 days after our final night of the play) as I'm going to fulfil a long held ambition - I'm seeing Depeche Mode live at Wembley Arena - woohoo!!!!!  I have been looking forward to that since I first heard about it & booked the tickets which was about a year ago!!

Anyway this is turning into an essay so I'd better get on with some work....

Mood - Excited
Music - Grease - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Edited - 2006-03-18 00:15:53

2006-03-09 02:30:59
Half way to the weekend - woohoo!!
Well, it's halfway through the week and I'm very glad about that!!  I look forward to the weekends because I usually do bugger all & that's how I like my life!! 
Tried on costumes for the play last night - one of my costumes stilldoesn't fit properly so it's getting sorted.  We're rehearsing Act 1 tonight & I only have 9 lines altogether in that Act so it's not going to be too taxing - famous last words - i'll forget all 9 lines now!!
Just saw last night on the telly that the Commonwealth Games are going to be held in Australia next week - I hadn't a clue they were coming up or where they were being held - no-one has mentioned it on the TV, you'd think they would.  Anyway, I doubt we'll do anything much (that's Great Britain I mean) but I may watch a few events.

Anyway, as this is my 10th journal entry, I'm hoping i'll finally get a badge after I post this - we shall see.

Mood - Chilled
Music - erasure - Breathe
Edited - Never

2006-03-08 01:12:09
Well, I'm still trying to get that badge & in the meantime probably boring anyone who reads this to tears.  The trouble is is that I work in my own office & sometimes I have the need to talk but there's no-one in here I can rabbit on to - I'd have to go into someone else's office & I'm sure they'd be more interested in actually working than listening to me blathering on. 
Anyhoo I am quite pleased this afternoon as the boss is out so I've spent a LOT of time on this here website reading some old forums discussions which I never had time to read before - it's been highly entertaining.  I know I should be working - & I seem to give the impression that I never work (which isn't strictly true) but I have been doing bits and bobs of work inbetween laughing & reading the posts.

I am looking forward to this evening as we're trying on our costumes for the Canterbury Tales play I'm in - i've not mentioned this before but although I have zilch experience at acting, there's an amateur dramatics group started up near me & I joined - our first production (Canterbury Tales) is on at the end of this month & I'm partly dreading it (I am of a nervous disposition & not normally the exhibitionist type) and partly jumping up and down in excited anticipation - anyway, although i've tried the costumes on before, this time everyone will be there & hopefully the adjustments needed to my outfits will have been done so I'm rather looking forward to it all.

Anyway, I suppose I should do SOME work today so tatty bye,

Mood - Good(ie) despite the rainy weather!!
Music - The Power of Love - Huey Lewis & The News
Edited - Never

2006-03-06 23:19:39
Monday Migraine
Hello again my dearest journal.
I am not keen on Monday's & today is no exception - I have a migraine - how absolutely spiffing!!  I'm trying to remain positive & cheery but I think I'm fighting a losing battle.  Still at least the day seems to be going fairly quickly which is most unusual for a Monday.
Plus the boss has gone home sick so at least I won't be getting a load of crap to type dumped on my desk   That may sound cruel & heartless - and it is!! 
As you can see I managed to change the avatar (see last journal post for problems) - I'm not quite sure how I got it to work but it has so that's all that matters. 

I've decided I need a bit of cheering up so I'm going to listen to my ipod - I have a load of Goodies songs on there & am definitely in need of them!!

I suppose I'd better get some work done....ho hum

tatty bye

Mood - A tad peeved
Music - The Goodies - The Inbetweenies
Edited - Never

2006-03-03 22:31:59
Thank Goodie it's Friday!!
Well, it's me again!!
I'm bored at work as per usual.  I've been trying to create another avatar picture - this time of JJ Garden (& trust me, pictures of him are VERY rare) - however i've had to crop the picture a LOT so it's a bit of a close up shot! & I've finally managed to get it sized at 100 x 100 pixels but although it says avatar created it doesn't change my picture - very odd.  These things are always beyond my comprehension, most people seem to just be able to get things right straight away but I always come across a problem - bugger!!

Ho hum, it's ok I suppose, the piccy I already have is very nice & from my favourite scene in any Goodies episode (of the ones I've seen anyway, which is a fair few!!)

Speaking of pictures of JJ Garden, I was on the website which sells wristbands designed by celebs for charities - I already have some (including one by JJ) but I noticed they had a picture of Paddy Boom (also of Scissor Sisters) beside his name which vexed me a tad so I emailed them to let them know & told them that they already had a picture of JJ in a group shot in the photo's section of the site (I had to tell them which person it was as they didn't know him - huh typical!!) & now they've changed it & thanked me for pointing it out - woohoo!!  Much as I like Paddy Boom it's nice to have an accurate (& extremely cute) picture of JJ where it should be.

Anyway, less of my obsession with Graeme's lovely son, I do tend to get carried away (or I should be carried away, one or the other!!)

Woah, just noticed that this is turning into an essay & I have a lot of work to do which I'd better make a start on - oh dear, it's lunchtime, looks like the work will have to wait 

Tatty bye,

Mood - That Friday Feeling!!
Music - The Grease Mega-Mix (stop laughing!!)
Edited - Never

2006-03-03 01:08:02
Well, it's been a while since I last made a journal entry but I'm determined to get another badge eventually!!  I'm amazed I haven't got the Opinionated one yet.
I'm at work but my hands are soooooo cold & i'm bored out of my mind.  I am just too excited about the fact that my boys will be on BBC2 in 2 days - Woohoo!!
I'm a bit vexed as I can't make it to the Hamish & Dougal recordings - the prospect of possibly seeing the musical director (Graeme's gorgeous son John) as well as Dr G himself (again - i've met him twice now  ) was very appealing but alas it is not to be - this time anyway.

Well, I suppose I should be getting on with some work (ha! - that'll be the day) so cheery bye til the next entry - hopefully I won't wait several months before I give you the next enthralling edition!! 

Mood - Surprisingly Cheery & Optimistic
Music - The Reflex - Duran Duran
Edited - Never

2005-05-05 08:42:51
Hitchhikers Guide to The Goodies
Well, I decided I couldn't keep having a go at the new Hitchhikers film without actually watching it so that's what I got up to tonight.  I have to say I was mainly impressed.  Obviously it was never going to be perfect but I think they've done a pretty good job.  I was determined to pick faults so to come out of the cinema wanting to go & see it again syas a lot really.  I even like Mos Def's portrayal of Ford - I didn't think there was a chance in hell that would happen as Ford is my fave character but again I was impressed.  Downsides were the lack of beard on Slartibartfast (it doesn't sound much but it's important to me!!), the fact that Trillian was even more irritating than the TV version (yes, it ispossible!!) and Marvin looked very different to how I imagined he should - however I warmed to him immediately (I have a lot in common with Marvin!!) and Alan Rickman can't be faulted (ever!!).  Zaphod wasn't how I wanted him but he did an OK job, I didn't like him at first & couldn't understand him half the time but I warmed to him eventually.  There were some genuine laugh out loud moments though & I recommend you try it.  I thought the intro of the dolphins was very Douglas Adams & I reckon he'd have like it.  The only bit of the film that got a tear in my eye was at the end when it simply said "For Douglas" 
Anyway, I won't keep going on about the film. 
I moved house last week & today is the first chance I've had to get on this site & look at the forums etc, it's taken a while to go through all the messages but it's always worth it.  I should go get some sleep now though, my bloke has gone away for a couple of days & got picked up at 3.30am so I didn't sleep as well as I would like - still, it means I can sit here and sing at the top of my voice without him complaining (& we've moved into a detached bungalow so the neighbours won't complain either!!)  Listening to my usual Launchcast station, a nice random mix i've had tonight.
Anyway, i'm off to bed, nighty night.

Mood - Tired but Happy
Music - Human League - Tell Me When
Edited - Never

2005-04-04 02:42:01
Sunny Sunday
In another good mood again today - this is getting wierd!!
Listening to Launchcast again today - sometimes it seems determined to make me listen to things it thinks I'll like but I don't, but today it's behaving itself, been playing Muse, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys all my fave's.  It's not played a Depeche Mode one yet but it's only a matter of time, i've rated everything they've ever done with a lot of stars, they're my favourite band of all time without doubt (I'm as obsessed with them as I am with the Goodies themselves - yep that bad!! 
My boyfriend's sister couldn't come round in the end today so I got out of running around like a fly with a blue bottom doing the housework!! Suits me fine!! 
I'm getting a bit addicted to the "Six Degrees of Tim Brooke-Taylor" game in the forums, what a great idea & it's amazing the diverse people that can be linked to the great man!!  I recommend having a look (and using if you get stuck!!)  I've just set a gauntlet to link with Dominic Monaghan - he played Merry in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (my fave films).  Merry was always my favourite character in the books before I'd seen the film & I'd been a fan of Dom's for a few years before so I was dead pleased when he got the part - he's a very good actor & really mad in real life, I like people to be different to the norm & he definitely is!!
OK, just realised I'm writing a pretty dull essay so I'll stop now, byeeeee!! 

Mood - Cheery
Music - The Monkees - The Kind Of Girl I Could Love
Edited - Never

2005-04-02 22:20:05
Thank Goody it's Saturday!!
Well it's been a while since I last made a journal entry so I thought I'd better say something - still want that badge!! 
Speaking of badges, it's a bit odd but I have the topic starter badge & i've only ever started 1 topic - and that was today, & i've had the badge a while now!!  Anyway, I'm not complaining, it's one more badge on the way to World Domination, although I suspect Zaphod won't be handing any of those out.  Mind you, considering I am your leader (see bottom of my posts) I reckon I should be entitled   
I'm also after the opinionated one, I reckon I'm pretty close on that!! 
Nice sunny Saturday today, shame I live in a tiny flat with no garden but we're looking at a place to rent on Monday with a garden so fingers crossed it'll be a nice place.
Currently surfing & doing sod all else but boyfriends sister is coming round tomorrow so I must start trying to tidy the bombsite which is my home!! Trouble is it would take a week to get it half way decent, I hate housework!! 
Whilst surfing I'm listening to My Station on LaunchCast Yahoo, it's a great idea.  For those unfamiliar you create a station & rate songs/albums/artists & it plays your favourites & ones which you might like too, it's great, once I've finished & get to the mood/music bit at the bottom I'll let you know which song it's playing for me at that time.
It's my brother's birthday today - I only ever see him at Christmas, he's in the RAF & I live miles away from him & the rest of my family so don't see them much.  Bit of a bummer but that's life for you!!
Oh well I can't think of anything else to say so I'll leave you all in peace.

Mood - Sunny & Chilled!!
Music - Franz Ferdinand - Come On Home
Edited - Never

2005-03-03 09:38:39
Spoke too soon!!
Well I spoke too soon yesterday - the snow is back with a vengance!! 
Worst driving conditions I've ever experienced, had a bit of a slide on ice with my car today, thankfully managed to control it eventually but it was a scary experience (expletives aplenty!!) 
I'm not envious of Australia's hot, not me!!

I am definitely envious of the fact that Aussies are getting to see The Goodies on tour, I wish they'd do something like that over here - I hope it all goes well for them  - which it's bound to as everyone (with any sense) loves The Goodies 

Oh well, I haven't really got a lot to say (as usual I hear you cry!!) I just want to get another badge!! 

Mood - Jealous of Australians!!
Music - Duran Duran-Astronaut (again!)
Edited - Never

2005-03-02 07:58:48
Right - Journal badges here I come!!

Pretty dull day today, work & weather wise, at least the snow seems to have gone & it's above freezing now!!  (Any reading this may have gathered I'm not in Australia!!)

Really need to get an early night tonight, have had a full nights sleep over 3 nights in total so starting to get even weirder in the head than usual (& thats saying something!!).

Need to watch the new DVD again soon, it's been a fair few days now & I'm getting withdrawal symptoms - maybe tomorrow - too tired tonight.
I keep meaning to come off the computer but I'm addicted to my new CD and can't stop listening to it.  I didn't realise I was a Duran Duran fan but just got their latest album Astronaut and it's nearly worn out already, I really recommend it, every track is really cool!!

Oh well, suppose I'd better try & forcibly tear my headphones off my head & get an early night, I'm gonna go "sleepy bo bo's" 

Mood - Tired
Music - Duran Duran - Astronaut
Edited - Never

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