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nezangel's Journal
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2007-02-01 08:00:41
Hamish & Dougal Burns Night Write-Up
OK, the write up from Hamish & Dougal’s Burns Night show follows.  Please bear with my rambling, rants and various other words, which may or may not begin with 'R'! 
Please also allow for the fact that my memory is terrible at the best of times and this all happened a while ago now!

I had hoped to go along with my friend Rosemarie but she couldn't make it so I had to travel to the big city on my lonesome, I've done it before but it's always a bit daunting, however I knew it would be well worth it so I hopped aboard the train and sat back in anticipation!  I made sure I got an earlier train than needed as I didn't want to end up missing out on getting into the theatre, (what with the BBC giving out more tickets than there were seats!)
I got there too early (16.50) and was told to come back and queue at 18.15 so I went across the road to Pizza Express where I could see the entrance from my window table.  Just after I got served I noticed people starting to queue and due to my fretful nature I panicked a bit - aaargh!  I also noticed a nice chap also dining alone who seemed to be looking at the theatre now and then too so I assumed he was going to the show.  Anyway, I hurriedly ate up and rushed across to join the large queue, a few minutes later a man handing out leaflets (about another comedy show, which was on the next night) suddenly said, "It's you!  From Pizza Express!", I realised it was the bloke I'd seen in there, he chatted a bit then got on with his lovely task of handing out leaflets on a freezing evening. Brrr!
Once inside I saw Helen (Sosia), Clair and Kate (pervytimbofancier) very near the entrance to the seating (yay!) so I sneakily went and stood with them (there wasn’t exactly a queue as people were at the bar and milling about, so I wasn’t being naughty...well not much anyway!  )  We had to wait around in the crowded foyer for ages but eventually they let us in and handed us a piece of paper which turned out to be a page of script with a song on for us to join in with at the end of the show!  The bloke who checked my ticket was Mr Friendly from Pizza Express and he said he hoped I would enjoy the show. 
Once inside we headed towards some seats on the far side, Clair and Kate preferred to sit on the second row so Helen and me nabbed a couple of front row seats and settled down.  After a while the musicians, (the ones who play the intro and interludes), entertained us from the stage – they were right in front of us and it was most enjoyable to listen to them as we waited for the show to start, they were really good and professional.  Then after a while the Producer, Jon Naismith  appeared in the wings and tried signalling to the musicians to stop playing, without success which amused Helen and myself greatly.  Thankfully they finished their piece shortly after and Mr Naismith took to the stage to introduce the show and the cast, mentioning to us that 50 people had turned up with tickets but too late to get into the theatre as the seats were already taken – just goes to show how popular Hamish & Dougal are! 
I would imagine most, if not all H&D fans have now heard the show, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I was aching with laughing by the end of it and went quite red at the mention of “boning up” – I can’t think why! 
As Helen mentioned, Graeme did see us laughing away on the front row and gave us a smile a couple of times, which kept me grinning for the entire show!
After the show had finished we loitered in the foyer, getting our camera’s and pens at the ready.  Kate noticed that somehow Graeme and Barry had already sneaked to the other end of the bar so we started to head towards them, very slowly as none of us wanted to go first, I was in the lead and kept hesitating nervously (you wouldn’t think I’d met Graeme 9 times now would you?!  ), I asked the others “why do I have to go first?” and various excuses were said back to me, the one that convinced me was “you love him the most!”  Helen had noticed that he’d already spotted us heading his way anyway so I took the plunge and went up and asked if he’d sign my bit of script, without prompting he signed it to ‘The Minx’ which amused me, then I asked if he would mind my having a picture taken with him and as we posed for Helen to take it he grinningly said something like “how many photo’s have we had together now?”, I went all shy and giggled back at him, “A few”, or something equally stupid.  
I then took a picture of Helen with him (when I finally found the strength in my shaking hands to press the button!) and we left the poor man alone…for the moment anyway! 
Next I asked Jeremy Hardy for his autograph on the script and he pointed at what Graeme had signed and said “that can’t be your name!”, I tried to explain that its what Graeme knows me as but I don’t think he knew what I was babbling about so he said “who should I sign it to?” so I said “Carrie”.  I did the same with Barry who didn’t hear me at first so I had to spell it, then he asked, “like the film?” and I said “yes, but I’m not quite that scary!” and when I thanked him for signing he thanked me for asking – so lovely.  I also managed to get Alison Steadman’s autograph which I’d failed to do at the first Hamish & Dougal recording I’d been to (earlier last year) so that was great too! 
We then lingered awhile, unsure as to whether to stop for a drink at the bar or catch our trains home but then Graeme looked like he was about to leave which decided it for us and we left too, just as he was walking out of the door – we hadn’t intentionally timed it like that so I felt I should say something to re-assure him so quite why I said “It’s ok, we’re not stalking you!” to him I’ll never know.  Poor bloke!  Anyway, to make amends I told him his scarf looked lovely and he told us we all looked lovely too. 
We went one way and Graeme went the other (with Jon Naismith catching him up to chat before he left) and once at my tube station I parted with the others and smiling and day-dreaming about a certain Goodie along the way, I went home.

I'll stop now - sorry about the rambling.

Carrie x

Mood - Not very well & annoyed about it!
Music - How Many Times? - erasure
Edited - Never

Great write-up - thanks for doing that!
Posted by:Dobbin


date: 01/02/2007 22:38 GMT
About time too!!

Only joking - it's good to read. I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat (again) at the memories!

I'm jealous of your autograph from Jeremy Hardy. All I got was "& from ..." underneath what Graeme had written!
Posted by:Sosia


date: 02/02/2007 13:43 GMT
Yeah but at least you got two kisses from Jeremy I noticed!  I only got the one.  Bit bleedin lazy of him to do that to you though!
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 02/02/2007 21:39 GMT
I'll settle for two kisses from Jeremy anyday!
Posted by:Sosia


date: 02/02/2007 23:07 GMT
Hee hee - great write up Carrie; I love reading it!  Sounds like you had an ace time
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 03/02/2007 15:17 GMT
Fantastic!  I'm jealous!
Posted by:joey


date: 13/02/2007 09:36 GMT
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