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nezangel's Journal
Back to nezangel's Journal
2006-10-11 09:48:34
Brighton & other ramblings...
Well, it’s been ages since we've had a chat 

Adam Hills was absolutely hilarious btw so if any of you get chance to see him - DO IT!!  I can't recommend him highly enough.  I managed to get his autograph afterwards (although it meant me & my friend running down Tunbridge Wells High Street with a half bottle of wine each in our hands and giggling manically to catch up with him - long story!!) and I chatted to him a little bit too about Edinburgh and how he let on in the Return of the Goodies that he fancies Tim in drag (who doesn't?!?  ) - he told me about meeting Tim and Graeme in Edinburgh and how they'd been so friendly to him and saw his show etc - he was so nice and approachable (& very dishy too!!  )

I’m off to see Jeremy Hardy tomorrow evening which I’m very much looking forward to – I’ve met him once, after a recording of Hamish & Dougal earlier this year but I didn’t manage to chat to him much, still he seemed really nice - I bet he'll be great! 

OK, Brighton!  Now bear with my extended ramblings as much as you can please - I have a very bad memory and I also get very nervous in the presence of comic gods such as our Graeme and Tim so there's bits I've forgotten and quotes may not be ‘dead on’ exact but you'll get the general idea I hope.  I do tend to go on about really uninteresting things too so I apologise in advance – I’ll try to edit out those bits if I remember!

Well the day started on a bit of a downer with me getting to work and being summoned into the boss's office - I've been made redundant (it was half expected as the company has been struggling and they paid my wages late a couple of times recently) - still nothing could dampen my spirits that day – I was going to see Graeme and Tim on stage again – woohoo!
Anyway I drove to Brighton – never been there before so I was a little scared but I found the way ok and got parked in one of those extortionate NCP car parks.  Then all I had to do was find the venue – can’t be that difficult I thought – ha! 
Well, after wandering aimlessly in the rain for a while I asked directions and finally found the place at about ten to 7 (doors opened at 7.15).  There were 3 doors to get into the place and all were locked with posters saying This Building Is Closed – didn’t bode well but I could see people wandering about inside. 
A bloke walked up to where I was stood and chatted to me about whether or not it was the right door (I soon discovered from the accent that he was an Aussie) then he said he was going to the box office to get tickets.  I then looked at him properly for the first time (I’d been texting Jess at the time you see – I’m not normally that rude but it was an entertaining text!) and realised he looked incredibly like Jason Donovan – so much so that I am 95% sure it was him!  How cool!   
Anyway, after a while other people drifted to the door and they finally let us in.  I went straight to the bar (as you do!  ) then to the stand selling Goodies merchandise – I already had the programme and cap from Edinburgh but the fetching yellow t-shirt was yelling “buy me” so I had to obey!
I went to my seat on the front row quite early and spent a bit of time texting my fellow Giddies with nervous excitement!  Then the show began.
I don’t want to say too much about the contents as it would spoil the show for those who haven’t yet seen it (I’m still desperately hoping the rumours of a tour next year are correct so that all UK GROKers get the chance to see what a fantastic show it is!) but it was just as good, if not better than when I saw it in Edinburgh.  I dutifully giggled (several seconds before everyone else) at the “meaty parts” line, I cheered for Tim’s Lady Constance, my sides ached with laughing at Graeme’s Footlights Audition: ‘Pets Corner’ – I never tire of that, and I actually cried with laughing at the censored Julie Andrews bit (you wouldn’t think I’d seen the show 3 times already!) – it was a great show and when Tim apologetically explained we had to have an interval as it had “been advertised…well at least something was!” I couldn’t help but applaud. 

*Rant alert*
Can I just add here too (& sorry if this mini rant offends anyone) that despite some people banging on about low attendance I feel the audience were strong enough and certainly responded well to the show.  It makes it sound like it's the fault of the guys or the show content when this lack of audience (jeez you'd think there were only 10 people in attendance the way some are going on about it!!) is repeatedly mentioned when it is plainly obvious that the problem lay with the PR people f^*£ing up the job of advertising the show in the first place! 
*Rant over*

I did see something for the first time in the show though – I had heard that for the first night in Edinburgh they performed Wild Thing and they then had to drop it from the show as it had over-run on the first night (I think that’s what they told the other Giddies anyway), well they put it back in the show for Brighton, all I can say is you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Tim Brooke-Taylor straddling a microphone stand singing “I’m moved…completely moved!” Phwoar! And as for Graeme’s mini guitar/ukelele playing – well I can now die a happy woman – WALLOP!    *Ahem*, sorry about that but really, it was a remarkable and unique experience! *fans self*
After the show I rushed to the stage door and stood outside in the rain and what felt like gale force winds…after a while I started to wonder why no-one else was there so I wandered back around to the front of the building again and noticed that Graeme & Tim were inside sat behind a table signing things – I’m such a muppet – why didn’t I check first?!?    Anyway, after desperately trying to sort out my hair and make-up (yes I am a shameless hussy!), I got in line and waited along with the lovely people I’d been sat next to in the show – I want to say a big hello to them here, they really made me feel a lot better about being on my own at the show, I was made to feel as one of their party (they even invited me for a drink after the show but I had a long rainy drive ahead of me so had to decline unfortunately)
Anyway, after queuing for a short while I got to speak to Tim and told him that “the Giddies from Edinburgh say hello”, he grinned and said “I thought I recognised you” or something similar (unfortunately by this time I was a complete nervous wreck!), I asked him to sign my t-shirt (at least I think I asked, I may have been dumb-struck but he got the message and started to sign it anyway, bless him  ) then my new friends looked like they were about to leave so I quickly asked if one of them would mind taking a picture of me with the boys, I got into position with my arms around their shoulders and Graeme’s arm was around me *swoon* – now you know why I’m grinning so much!    As we were posing for the picture, Tim said something to Graeme like “What is it you got to call her that time….Minx was it?" – I was so chuffed & amazed that he’d remembered that - I mean blimey!!   
It took a while for the camera to take the picture, (its such a slow thing) so the nice gent who was taking the pic (I’m sorry I didn’t catch names – I really do have a terrible memory too so it wouldn’t have made a difference if I had – apologies!) mentioned that it was taking a while to take and Tim said something rather flirty about being in no rush as he was rather enjoying himself – hee hee, damn my rubbish memory as I remember it being a damn good flirty line – bad Tim, how I love him! 
Well, by this time, Graeme had signed my t-shirt and as I collected it from him I noticed he’d signed it “To The Minx” – I actually squeaked in delight which seemed to amuse him greatly – it is now a tradition to embarrass myself in front of him so at least I didn’t fail! 

Well, sorry I rambled so much but that’s my account of my wonderful evening last Thursday – I’m bound to have forgotten a lot and put in a lot that didn’t need to be there - you know what I'm like by now! 

Oh, here's the link to the picture of me with my arms around the two handsomest men on the planet *sigh*:

Hope you’re all still awake out there – I shouldn’t be, its after 1am here! 

Bye for now,
nezangel…or rather The Minx! 

Mood - Tired but Happy!
Music - Might Tell You Tonight - Scissor Sisters
Edited -

Oh Carrie I am impressed but not surprised that they remembered you - I absolutely love that photo, get a load of Graeme's face (well eyes actually) how happy does he look.  Are you sure his arm was only around your waist
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 11/10/2006 16:47 GMT
Wow Carrie - it's great to read your Brighton adventures!  What a fab time! 

Hee hee that picture is fab you guys look great together.

Tim apologetically explained we had to have an interval as it had “been advertised…well at least something was!”

Tim being a bitch again!  Excellent!

Thanks for the write up; glad you had a good time - you Minx you!
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 11/10/2006 21:51 GMT
Sounds like you had a great time up there. Sounds like it was well worth the trip.
Posted by:Puddin

Puddin WWW 

date: 12/10/2006 08:36 GMT
Ta muchly Carrie for writing up your epic Brighton adventures, it was a great read.

It sounds like you had a lovely time and the boys were really lovely to you (well, how could they not be?) especially that Tim chap, it sounds like he was being especially nice - he better mind how he goes.

I'm chuffed you got to see Wild Thing, you haven't lived until you see Tim straddling a microphone stand like there's no tomorrow. Phwoar. 66 year old men should not be allowed to do that in front of excitable 20-something, pervy, no-nonsense northern lasses! As for Graeme and his deft ukelele playing, well, I think that speaks for itself!

Love the pic, you all look very lovely and happy. You lucky minx getting to meet Tim wearing a lovely blue jumper, and way hey-hey, wallop! etc. for Graeme putting his arm around you. You're not the only naughty little minx in that pic!

I'll stop rambling now.

Toodles, no doubt catch you on MSN!
Posted by:JessPix

JessPix WWW 

date: 12/10/2006 09:48 GMT
Lucky devil! I really want to see them too, but I don't know if they'll be coming to Oz...
Posted by:pruneonthemoon


date: 12/10/2006 19:08 GMT
I've seen Tim do Wild Thing, he held the mic stand (which had a motor-horn thing on it, for sound effects in the ISIRTA sequence) a bit too close and the horn went off!
Posted by:William_Grimbling


date: 16/10/2006 08:57 GMT
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