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nezangel's Journal
Back to nezangel's Journal
2006-09-08 22:17:29
Posting My Teapot!
Been a stressy old week.  Work, family & friend wise. 

Work is always a pretty stressed out place these days.  Company struggling, people I work with treating me like $hit & far too much work to get done when I'd far rather be on GROK! 
I really must get around to updating my CV - I keep putting it off for some reason - maybe as I find searching for a new job a stressy business too and I lack confidence so I despise interviews with a passion!  Still, it's got to be done soon and I think Spev has inspired me to get a new job sooner rather than later (see her journal for details!  It's a very good read btw - I recommend you go there!).

I'll just briefly mention the family problem: one of my brothers is having a pretty crap time of things right now and I feel helpless as there's nothing I can say or do to help him.  As I live a long long way from him too it makes it even more difficult to be there for him but I'm just hoping things turn out for the best.

Friend wise.  I had to step in to defend a couple of friends this week from a petty intefering ineff....hang on this sounds like a quote from Radio Goodies! 
Well, anyway I'm still quite angry about the behaviour of said person but as that person is incapable of seeing anything from anyone else's point of view and believes herself to be in the right even though no-one else thinks she is, then it's not really worth my while saying any more than I already have.  However Jodie summed up my feelings pretty well on the subject in a comment on someone else's journal (a journal which is a very good read!) - take a look around the site, you'll find it eventually I'm sure. 
I know I should move on from it and even try to forgive her lack of common sense, courtesy, intelligence and respect for others feelings & opinions but I can blame my bad feelings and mood on anything other than being a bitch too! (see the initial letters in my journal heading for a subtle clue!) 

Sorry, I'm talking in code (although thinly disguised I know!), I have the right to express whatever I think in my own journal though - if you disagree then I apologise but you won't take my freedom of speech from me without a fight and if you don't like freedom of speech then don't read people's journals!  Simple really! 

I'll try to chill out a bit now.  At least it's Friday - always a good thing! 

Well, I'll finish this little moany journal (apologies for being a bit down in it - I'll try to do a cheerier one next time) and go and post something on the forums.  I'll make sure it's not depressing and is actually on the topic of the Goodies (seeing as how this is a website devoted to them and their fabby work!) 

bye for now
nezangel x

Mood - Cross & Bitchy it would seem
Music - Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode
Edited -

*hugs* and a belly button wamer for the Posting My Teapot.  I luve ya gals journals and feel strangely protective of you.  Finding it hard to be calm but your calmness is like a good union jack waistcoat.  Odd yet comforting.
Posted by:bindy


date: 09/09/2006 01:08 GMT
I love that bindy person, she's quite fab.  Mad as a fish, but fab.

*HUG* consider yourself cuddled by Tim's cuddling teacher.  Quit your job, find somewhere nicer to work, stop brooding about people who don't matter - and just think about Pirate Nazi Outfits And Knee Length Boots........ and walking in the Black Forest..........

We love you, Caz luv.  Don't forget it!!  x
Posted by:Not_A_Megalomaniac

Not_A_Megalomaniac WWW 

date: 09/09/2006 01:41 GMT
Good on *you* Miss Nez, for actually saying something over on the forums.  And being much more diplomatic about it than I was... erk.  I quite like this system we have here, moderate the forums but let us blow off all the steam, swear and cuss each other out and generally misbehave here on the journals.

Gad.  Hope things improve, m'dear.  Best of luck XXXXXXXXXXX
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 09/09/2006 12:05 GMT
I think said person has got the message - loud and clear and good on you  two for coming to the rescue....You're just like Tim on a white horse. (my knight in shining armour)...except I don't have indecent thoughts about you two   hehehe Methinks I have said too much
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 09/09/2006 17:02 GMT
HUH I dont get the heading of the topic!!!! Only kidding very witty!
Posted by:RatDog


date: 09/09/2006 20:59 GMT
FFS Ratdog take a hint.
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 10/09/2006 07:52 GMT
What I found it funny.
Posted by:RatDog


date: 10/09/2006 11:45 GMT
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