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nezangel's Journal
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2006-10-19 03:00:23
Fizzzzzzzz.....glug glug glug aaaah!
Oooh there's nothing quite like diet coke being drunk ice cold when its so fizzy the bubbles make your nose wet!  Sorry, I just had to share that with you 

Now then I'm sorry but I feel a rant coming on (you have been warned!)  Despite the below ranting and the fact that I am still looking for a job after being made redundant the other day, I am actually in a good mood (although this fact may surprise you if you carry on and read the rant!) 
The comments below are general, not specific to one person and are obviously only my opinion and as such there will be some who disagree - this can't be helped, its a fact of life that everyone is different, deal with it or just stop reading my journal if it offends you, sorry but I've grown tired of pussy-footing around everywhere else on this site - this is my personal journal and as such I feel I have every right to express my opinion here, those who read it must know what I'm like by now and I'm sure the ones who don't like me/my opinions are usually sensible enough not to bother reading this anymore.

It seems GROK is slowly dying - the life has gone from the place because everyone is too scared to put even the slightest saucy comment or remark in case someone else gets upset or offended.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for not being too rude on a site which has teenagers on it (although to be honest I was ruder as a teenager than I am now!!), that's fair enough and using foul language isn't necessary either but when it gets to the point where you daren't post a simple amusing innuendo or lusty remark or a slightly risque joke (& I know of many people who have got to that stage) then I think that's being ridiculously over the top.  Speaking of the initials OT, what is with these off topic conversations and threads?  If you want to chat about things which have sod all to do with the Goodies go to an internet chatroom somewhere and bore the arse off the poor bastards on there instead - I mean the odd topic which is off the point but has slim links to the boys is fine I suppose but some of the stuff on the forums is ridiculous and is taking over from the proper threads about our boys and their works, which themselves keep stalling due to OT conversations or plain stupid comments which end an interesting debate or conversation like a slap to the face with a dead fish!
I would like to quote a friend who mentioned something to me recently which kind of makes my earlier point:

"How come a 1960s BBC radio comedy can get away with calling a character Fetish, and yet we can't say it on an internet forum discussing the Goodies which, as any bona-fide Goodies fan would tell you, is NOT a kids show."?

Answers on a postcard....

Mood - Ranty yet strangely happy too
Music - The tinkle of coke bubbles against the glass...
Edited -

Could not have said it better myself.  I've been wanting to have a rant about this for ages, but, ironically enough, I've felt that I can't mention it - not even in my own journal.  Just goes to show how true what you're saying actually is.  And I'm sure as hell that it never used to be like this. 
Well said, and I completely agree with it all. 
And good luck with the job hunting, I really hope you get something soon x
Posted by:urban_spacegirl


date: 19/10/2006 03:33 GMT
Hurrah for Carrie!

Like K says, you've summed up exactly how I feel too. I hope it's just a temporary lapse, but I've been thinking that for over a month now. Not good. Perhaps in good time things will get better, but we're definitely going through quite a drought in the ol' GROK world at the mo. Ever the mindless optimist I am.

Good luck wishes with job hunting from me too!


P.S. Love that quote at the end, whoever came up with that is clearly a genius.

Posted by:JessPix

JessPix WWW 

date: 19/10/2006 05:26 GMT
Onya, Minx.  We actually had a nice bit of silly banter round here this morning, it was like the good old days... I hope it lasts.

Hmm... I can smell another ranty journal of my own coming on...
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 19/10/2006 08:55 GMT
Thanks for the support guys & I'm glad you agree!  I don't want to start arguments or anything but if I feel something needs saying I say it - must be the Yorkshire in me!

Jess, that quote is clearly the work of a genius....I can't quite remember who said it now

Jodes, you're right!  Things have been picking up on GROK, I think those pics of Graeme in *that* uniform have helped!
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 19/10/2006 20:00 GMT
A sad but true observation Carrie - I think it may well be up to a few choice goodies loyalist to breath some life back into the forums and get things back to 'the good old days'   and hang the consquences .  Anything Anytime
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 22/10/2006 13:54 GMT
Sorry people but I think Nezangel has crossed the line here - Diet Coke? Ice cold? This time of year? I think it's step too far and, quite frankly, I'm appalled!
Posted by:iaimtomisbehave


date: 24/10/2006 23:11 GMT
I agree with iamtomisbehave.  Diet coke.  Crazy.  It is the real thing or nothing.  I chose COKE.
Posted by:bindy


date: 25/10/2006 21:11 GMT
DBL POSt - if you are feeling sad about the site.  Look at octobers calander and....cold shower for you!!!
Posted by:bindy


date: 25/10/2006 21:13 GMT
Thanks Bindy - Mr October certainly helps keep me smiling!   I would choose Coke as I used to do but it would kill me now (or come close to it) as I'm diabetic - I choose the next best thing to the real thing!
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 25/10/2006 22:46 GMT
I'm terrible for going off topic and I apologise for every time I've done it. Sorry!
Posted by:Sosia


date: 26/10/2006 07:59 GMT
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