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nezangel's Journal
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2006-05-31 19:25:25
The Grin Monster!!
Well, lets try again shall we.  My little road trip to Birmingham was great, we (that's me & my friend Rosemarie or RoJo for short) set off at noon from Tunbridge Wells (I will add here that although I live darn sarf, I am in fact a northerner & proud - well someone's got to be!!) and got to Birmingham around half 4 - I was quite proud of myself as I didn't go wrong once & I'm not a confident driver in places I've never been before & I never drive in city centres - and Birmingham was a busy city centre!!  (The things I do just to see Graeme!!)  Well, the area around the Hippodrome was crowded with people as the Pride march had not been long finished by the looks of things so we scooted away to the Bullring area and had a coffee in a nice little cafe (where the waiter chatted me up!!).  After that we wandered around a bit & got bothered by a group of drunken gits - I was a little worried as I'm paranoid about people carrying knives at the moment but I made sure I couldn't see any weapons then politely asked them to leave us alone, this didn't work so I strode up to the ringleader & told him in no uncertain terms where to go - to my absolute amazement they went away!!  Go Caroline!!!!!
Anyway, we got back to near the hippodrome around 6 and met Clair, Edna and the rest of the gang - i bought a couple of drinks & was served by Dick Turpin!!  Then as I'd lost my original tickets a few weeks ago I had to go to the Box Office to pick up replacements (yes, I really am this stupid!!), after tarting ourselves up in the ladies, we met Clair again in the foyer and then finally we were allowed to our seats.  I was sat next to a nice friendly chap from Nottingham but behind a stupid man who was leaning over the whole time so I couldn't see the stage very well, RoJo very kindly swapped with me at the interval & for the 2nd show my view was perfect (well, I was looking at Graeme most of the time! )

Right, the bit you've been wanting to hear about but had to read through that dross above to get to it. 

The Show:
The guest was Andy Hamilton and I was pleased because he always makes me laugh.  He made a few topical references to open prisons and was generally highly entertaining.  Tim was his usual wonderful self although both Tim & Andy were rather silly at one point where they didn't think Graeme & Barry's (or should I say Hamish & Dougal's) sound charade was accurate - I disagreed with them though (well, ok i am biased but it sounded right to me - you'll have to listen to the show although I don't know if they'll cut the disagreements out or not!!)
Barry was great as usual, lowering the tone and then acting shocked if anyone else did the same!!    Graeme, well he was just marvellous - he's so quick witted and funny, it's a delight to see him in action (as it were!!) 

After the recording they mentioned that it had been Humph's 85th birthday the other day & they brought out a big cake.  It was also Andy's birthday that day (52 I think - I'm hopeless at remembering things) and someone in the audience was also celebrating a birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to all 3 of them (& a small cake was brought out for Andy too) - it was all really rather lovely 
Once it was over we dashed round to the stage door just in time to see Colin Sell walking away - that's twice he's eluded me - I will get his autograph one day, you'll see!!  Anyway, the others hung around, they were waiting for a taxi I think & I managed to get their autographs.  Humph was ever so nice as usual and signed one for my dad, Keith who is 70 on Friday - he put Happy 70th!! and signed it then said "I like to encourage the young ones", he's great & my dad will be really chuffed as he's been a fan of Humph's music since the 50's.  Andy was pleasant but didn't seem to want to chat much, Barry was pre-occupied with his cigarette but still was kind enough to sign for me & smile.  Tim, oh Tim - he is so cuddly & loveable, he put a kiss after his signature which I thanked him for - unfortunately he got talking to other people so I didn't get to say much to him.  I asked Graeme to sign & while he was I mentioned that I'd seen him at the H&D recording last week, he then remembered me & mentioned my having a photo taken with him (glad he hadn't remembered my embarrassing comment at the time!!) - which made my grin so wide my cheekbones nearly broke with the strain!! 
RoJo and I hung around for a while as I had a request to make of Graeme but I wasn't sure I could actually dare to say it.  After a couple of minutes I suddenly went for it and asked him to call me a naughty little minx as I love the way he says it (I seem to have a fixation with embarrassing myself in front of him!!) - he seemed to find it funny and he noticed Tim had overheard (& was amused!!) so he said to Tim "excuse us for a moment", shielded me from Tim's view and whispered in my ear in his most wonderfully sexy dulcet tones, "You're a naughty little minx!" - I'm amazed I didn't faint!!  I don't remember much after that, according to RoJo I thanked both Gra & Tim and we walked back to my car.  RoJo drove as I was not actually a resident of the planet Earth at that moment in time.  I haven't stopped smiling since then & every time I remember it I laugh to myself which draws some odd looks but I'm used to that!!

Anyway, this has been an awfully long essay & I hope I haven't bored anyone into a coma but that is an account of my wonderful day in sunny Birmingham 

Caroline xx

Mood - Still extremely happy!!
Music - None - I'm happy with the thoughts in my head!!
Edited -

That was absolutely brillant - and you most definitely are a naughty little minx - how cool was that I am laughing out loud myself.  You will never get that smile off your face.  Congratulations on getting Grae to whisper sweet nothings in your ear - your experience has given me some ideas about Tim ,if i ever get the opportunity to meet him again
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 03/06/2006 15:02 GMT
Glad you liked it - I seriously think people asume I'm demented now (well, ok they'd be right!) as I genuinely haven't stopped smiling (& on occasion grinning) ever since!!  I am sure, being the naughty person he is, Tim would love to have a similar request!!
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 04/06/2006 01:41 GMT
Good GOD!!!!!  I am so impressed.  you're totally not my minister of Pervy Nez for nothing!!!!  Gosh dear girl.  I am really impressed.  I do think however that if Graeme ever called ME a naughty little minx in a whispery voice I would HAVE to whimper, bark and meow very loudly.  Crikey.  Gosh I may die of being impressed!!!
Posted by:Not_A_Megalomaniac

Not_A_Megalomaniac WWW 

date: 04/06/2006 03:17 GMT
Why thank you Not_A_Meg.  My Pervy Nez knows no bounds now!!  I'm not sure if I did whimper or not - I probably sighed - I can't actually remember - I was close to passing out with trembling lust!!  My friend had to guide me back to the car, occasionally turning me to move in the right direction!!
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 04/06/2006 06:41 GMT
Fantastic, Nez - well done! I know what you mean about not stopping smiling since. It must have been so wonderful to hear those sexy tones in your ear.
Posted by:Dobbin


date: 05/06/2006 07:43 GMT
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