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nezangel's Journal
Back to nezangel's Journal
2006-08-21 19:25:17
My Edinburgh Trip
Well, I'm back at work now so what better time to do no work at all and write down my journal entry for my trip to Edinburgh - it could be a long one (oo-er!) 

I was there for 5 nights (saw the boys for the last 3) and really enjoyed the whole experience.  Edinburgh is a beautiful city and the atmosphere there is just fabby!  I wish I was still there.

Monday evening I went to see 'West Side Tory - Ben Elton The Musical', it was a one man show and the man in question was a manic loony!  It was a rather strange show but very funny although I'll never be able to hear Kate Bush's Babooshka again without thinking GeorgeBushka instead!    Unfortunately I was front row centre and the stage was about a foot away from me and was at the same level as the audience so I got a lot of the manic looks directed at me - very embarrassing!

Tuesday I went shopping on Princes Street which was nice and the show I saw in the evening was 'Paul Merton's Impro Chums' - it was bloody brilliant!    I've always wanted to see the Comedy Store Players and this, basically was them!  His 'chums' were the deliciously wonderful, talented & funny Richard Vranch (drool drool!), Lee Simpson (damn funny bloke, cute too!), Jim Sweeney ( ), Suki Webster (Paul's bird I think!) and special guest Mike McShane (the fat American one who isn't fat anymore but is still funny!)  I laughed myself silly...well ok sillier!   
After the show I got myself a San Miguel outside the venue and hung around taking in the atmosphere and they all (except Lee for some reason - probably busy with the play he's directing) sat down nearby and had drinks - it was very cool and they were lovely to the people who went up to them to say they enjoyed the show.  I wanted to do the same but I know what I'm like for embarrassing myself in front of people I admire (see Thursday evening's entry below!) and I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd end up blurting out to Richard Vranch that I've fancied him for 15 years so I didn't dare say anything at all to them!

Wednesday evening was just brilliant.  During the afternoon I had a really lazy time of it by sitting at the cafe next to the Assembly Rooms where Graeme & Tim's show is on.  The cafe itself was very cool as it was called urban angel which is like a cross between my GROK name and Kirstyn's GROK name (urban_spacegirl) so that's where Kirstyn and Peej arranged to meet me.  I was sat outside the cafe from about 1pm til 4pm which is when we met up and started queueing!  While I was there Ashley Jensen from Extras (not sure if the Aussies will know that show) and Dominic Holland (comedian) were sat on the table behind me for a while and as I was on my own a lot of various people shared my table that afternoon so i got chatting to a few of them.  It was a most pleasant way to spend an afternoon - watching the world go by, chatting to strangers and reading the fringe guide to see what was on. Oh another comedian, Stewart Lee (of Lee & Herring) queued up behind me for a coffee at one point too!  Anyway, as I said we queued for the show from 4pm and were first in the queue so we got front row seats - right in the middle.  The show was brilliant.  I don't want to describe it as it may spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet (after all there are rumours of a tour - they're already doing 2 nights in Brighton in October!) but I was very much entertained and even got a couple of looks from both Graeme and Tim! 
After the show we met them and got their autographs (I'd bought the programme so got that signed) and they were just lovely.  I was wearing a strappy black top with silver writing saying Naughty Little Minx! Tim looked at it and laughed and Graeme said "Are you the Minx from Halifax?" to which I answered that it was Birmingham but yes I was indeed that Minx and Tim seemed to remember the occasion too - how wonderful that they remembered me - I was grinning like a loony I can tell you! 
I got my first Timbo Cuddle and believe me it really IS worth the capital letters!  I also got a hug and a peck on the cheek from Graeme and, as he was walking away a little wink too!  *sigh*

After that Peej, Kirstyn and myself were in rather giddy mood and we went out for a meal and drinks and discussed the boys in great detail (a very entertaining and lewd conversation I can tell you - and yes, I was probably the worst!!).  As we were sat at the table discussing various things we'd like to do to G&T we realised that now and then the people at the table behind might be able to hear us but we figured that they'd never know who it was we were talking about...then they stood up to go and one of them turned to face us and he had a Goodies badge on, I saw the badge, looked at Peej to see that she'd seen it too and the look of horror on our faces must have been a picture!  Kirstyn hadn't seen but she was just as horrified once we told her!  Highly embarrassing but highly amusing too! 

Thursday evening was great too.  I'd spent the day wandering around Edinburgh, along the Royal Mile and taking in the atmosphere again.  I hadn't booked tickets for any show that night so was umming and aahing about whether I should go see The Goodies again.  I texted Peej and she was unsure too but I talked her into it (it didn't take much!), unfortunately Kirstyn couldn't make it that night.  Anyway, me & Peej met up and were first in the queue again when who should walk past us but Graeme who smiled at us and said "Back again?" which made me go all silly and I giggled back a 'yes' at him - what is it about that man that turns me into a complete gibbering idiot?!?  Anyway, I enjoyed the show even more that evening and afterwards when they came over to see us Tim was looking at my rather skimpy and non-Goodies related top (you can see it in the massive picture I've posted in the Timbo thread - apologies again for the fact that I am a dunce when it comes to posting pictures!) and he said something along the lines of "it's not a Goodies slogan t-shirt but I approve" - I can't remember his exact wording but he certainly seemed taken with it and Graeme agreed!    I got photo's with both of them - my new avatar is the one of me with Graeme, cheek to cheek...oooh it was lovely!    Oh yes, the embarrassing bit - it's traditional for me to embarrass myself in front of Graeme and I didn't fail!  When I was getting the photo with him Tim jokingly said to him "you can't put your hand there!" to which I replied "He can put his hands wherever he likes......oh did I say that out loud?!"    How embarrassing - but they seemed to find it amusing anyway! 

Friday - my last day there.  :'(
Again, didn't do much except mooch about Ed I got to the theatre a little later than the usual 4pm and there was a lovely older Scottish couple already at the front of the queue.  We got chatting and because of the rain they let me stand in front of them as it was slightly under cover - I said I didn't want them to think I was pushing in but they were happy to let me be first as I was such a big Goodies fan.  Bless em!    Graeme strolled past us at one point which was lovely!  Anyway, the rain was horrible so I bought myself a Goodies cap to keep the rain off and that cheered me up.  Another couple started to chat to us and when I went in and sat down (front row middle as per usual!) the two couples decided to sit at each side of me!  I had arranged to meet Jess and her friend but their bus was delayed.  However I saw them arrive and they luckily managed to get seats on the front row too.  The bloke behind me had the loudest laugh in the world and kept telling the people he was with things he knew about ISIRTA etc while the show was on - how rude (his laugh was so bad that even G&T made an ad-lib comment about it to him from the stage!), I still enjoyed the show of course and after the show we got hugs again.  They really are lovely blokes. 

Anyway, I think this essay has gone on long enough.  There's probably a few things I've forgotten to mention but that's the general gist of my little trip to Edinburgh.  Hope it wasn't too boring for you.

bye for now
nezangel x

Mood - Wishing I was in Edinburgh still!
Music - Goodies theme going through my head!
Edited - Never

AAAHHH!! Far out brussel sprout!!!That is absolutely fantastic!!  It sounds like your trip to Edinburgh was certainly eventful.  Your interludes with Graeme are to die for darling!!!  Who do I have to kill to get some Timbo moments !! F**K me I am so jealous - words just cannot describe my feeling right at this moment.  I am so pleased for you and absolutley stoked that you had such a memorable time with T & G , FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 21/08/2006 20:05 GMT
hee hee - you do make me laugh bondy!

I must say I reckon I'll be grinning for quite a while after having such lovely meetings with the boys!  Just have to wait til October and I'll be seeing them again - woohoo!!
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 21/08/2006 21:26 GMT
You watch your f**king language Bondy. Nez cover your ears. You lovely, little innocent you (aham).
I'm still pissed off that I couldn't go. If they go on tour, I'll be there!
God you're lucky. Wish I wuz u.
Posted by:Edna


date: 22/08/2006 04:00 GMT
Sh!t !! Sorry Edna I'll go and wash my God Damn dirty Mouth out right this minute  
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 22/08/2006 13:26 GMT
Well done Nezangel!!  I am REALLY jealous, but happy that you had a good time! I wish I could be there.....
Posted by:joey


date: 22/08/2006 13:59 GMT
Nez, you lucky little minx! Aargh! I wish I was there, too, but right now I really need to take a cold shower!
Posted by:pruneonthemoon


date: 23/08/2006 15:15 GMT
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