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Im_a_Teapot's Journal
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Im_a_Teapot's journal
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2007-02-26 11:10:28
Check out: - a  brand new fan site dedicated to the Goodies! 

This unofficial site is based in the UK and  welcomes all Goodies fans to help spread the Goodie love and words to other fans online. 

Let's face it; you can never have enough fan sites!  And we look forward to working online at the same time as GROK to get the word out.

Also sign the petition to get the Goodies repeats back on the BBC!


Mood - WOO HOO WOOity Hoo consider me proudly excited
Music - Silence
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2007-02-09 00:36:18
Lord of the Rings.... the musical?!
I have just heard about the most... unlikely musical ever:  Lord of the Rings: the Musical.

What?!  It took Peter Jackson (a fellow PJ) near 8 hours (approx.) of DVD to do justice to the film and I don't know many people who would sit and watch that all in one go.

Somehow this musical has been edited down from almost 4 hours down to 3!

This has got to be a pretty adventurous production.

The news report I read had the title Director visits Tolkien's grave to get approval.  I kid you not; the director (I think) knows he's probably upsetting Tolkein as he went to "to seek the author's posthumous blessing for staging the cult classic -- and he apologised in case the writer disapproved."

I would certainly be turning in my grave if my work of complex and dark genius had been given the musical makeover.

"As actors playing deadly orcs skipped, bounded and somersaulted across London's historic Theatre Royal Drury Lane" - fearsome he?  I bet they wear tights as well.

"The trouble in Toronto was that we were getting too much of the story on stage."  I somehow get the idea the finished result really isn't going to resemble much of the Lord of the Rings except for the characters. 

The idea of an all singing all dancing army of orcs is something best left alone... or give to the Goodies to make a great show out of.   

Whatever will be thought of next?  Star Trek the Musical sounds good...?  No takers on that one?  I'll go back to my work then.

Mood - snow snow snowity consider me wishing it would snow
Music - Beatles - Love Album
Edited - Never

2007-02-02 06:41:03
Two Posts in One Week Extravaganza
Delete the other person's first name and repost this with the title "what does your name mean?" in 11 minutes and something wonderful will happen

P : You are popular with all types of people.
A : You like to drink.
M : Best kisser ever.
E: awesome kisser.
L : You like to drink
A : You like to drink.

J : People Adore You
A : You like to drink.
N: You like to drink.
E: awesome kisser.

Is the rest of my description (that's not about drink) before or after i've enjoyed my drinks?!

A : You like to drink.
B : You like people.
C : You are really silly.
D : You like to drink.
E: awesome kisser.
F : You are dead sexy.
G : You never let people tell you what to do.
H : You have a very good personality and good looks.
I : You are great in bed.
J : People Adore You
K : You're wild and crazy.
L : You like to drink
M : Best kisser ever.
N: You like to drink.
O: Easy to fall in love with
P : You are popular with all types of people.
Q : You are a hypocrite.
R : Easy to fall in love with.
S : Fuckin crazy.
T : Easy to fall in love with.
U : You really like to chill.
V : You are not judgemental.
W : You are very broad minded.
X : You like to drink
Y: You're the best gf/bf anyone could ask for
Z : Always ready

So I'm a popular, boozing,  great kisser!

Mood - yawn yawn yawnity yawn consider me tired
Music - She's Got the Devil In her Heart - the Bootles er Beatles
Edited - Never

2007-01-31 00:42:10
The Year of the (Re-)Releases
Last month (being December)... actually I think it was Novermber, but I located a reasonably priced copy of Archeology, the second Rutles album.

Finally I was feeling satisfied by the Rutles again 

... so imagine my surprise when I heard that said album was going to be re-released?! 

Which is all fine and good for the Rutles and I'm glad they're being re-released but  me!  I just bought the  -ing album!


However some exciting releases coming up this year including a whole load of Goodies 

Never a bad thing.

Not a whole lot of other albums to look forward to this year (as far as I know) except Rufus Wainwright's new one in May 

Scissor Sisters and the Bonzos are apparently going to be recording again and a third album from Keane can't be too far away.  I wonder what the Zutons are up to?

Don't knock it till you rock it!

Cheery byeeeee

Mood - here, there, her-ity there consider me everywhere
Music - Silence! Silence! Silence! Terrible, terrible Silence!
Edited - Never

2007-01-24 08:23:01
Chit Chat
Today's Ramble Topics:

  • Life/ Jobs
  • Snow
  • Goodies
  • Beatles
  • Birthday Celebrations

1. Life/ Jobs

Just as life looks good, it takes a slump but I'm not slumping this time and I'm working on picking life up.  I was far too efficient for own good in my previous job and now I'm back to job hunting and wondering how people get job roles that I want to do...?  Anyone?  No one will hire me because I lack long-term experience. Durrr I've been at uni!  K's had a great idea though. 

2. Snow

It snowed one morning last week and over the last couple of days it's been snowing pathetically on and off... I want it to snow a bit more so that I can go sledging - sod the fact I'm 22, I want to sledge; it's great fun and I have a virgin sledge!  Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

3. The Goodies...

...Rule as usual and the Edinburgh Festival Theatre was passed a couple of times this weekend where a poster proudly announced that the Goodies were Coming Soon. 

I look forward to it. 

Excellent news though that Jess has told us all about the Paramount Comedy airing.  Bit mixed though because you can only watch it if you have Sky or NTL or whatever also it will be edited down to virtually unrecogniseable!  A bit of  and  but beggars can't be choosers - it's a start.  Might show the BBC what they are missing out.

Also the news of another DVD!  A whole series this time!  I wonder what else will be released as a result of this Goodies revival.  It's about time they got recognition in the country of the show's conception.  Too long have the guys been overhsadowed by Python - time the BBC recognised the gem that is the Goodies.

*steps off soapbox*

4. The Beatles

I went off the Beatles quite a few years ago although I still enjoyed the music and the films.  At school I stuck out like a sore thumb a bit because of circumstances add to that I totally loved the Beatles when I joined my school in Newcastle... well there was obviously something wrong with me so I stopped listening to the Beatles and talking about them.  You can imagine how peed off I was when a pain of a 'friend' brought in my last year at school brings in a Beatles album and totally makes out like she is the biggest Beatles fan ever... gutting.

Anyway I have rediscovered the Beatles - I totallyt forgot how good they were!  They are a class act.  And John and George... hot!   

5. Birthday Celebrations!

It was Ks birthday almost a couple of weeks ago and she came back to bonnie Scotland to celebrate it last week - was a great party!  Chinese followed by a cheesey clubnight - brilliant!  Followed by a nice recovery day and lots of chat.  Great time - thanks K 


Far too addicitive!  Join it!

Mood - sane mad sane-ity mad consider me sensibly stupid
Music - You're Gonna Lose that Girl - The Beatles
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2007-01-17 07:43:55
Just a note to say:


This year is going to be the best!

Take care and now endeth the smilie abuse.

Take care xxxxxx

Mood - Woo Woo Wooity Woo consider me Over- excited
Music - A very sad Starsky and Hutch episode
Edited - Never

2007-01-06 04:16:25

That's right, I'm back!  After almost a month offline (thanks BT) I'm back online with wireless broadband (thanks BT).

So it's a new year and I've decided that 2007 is my year!  I'm going to get a great job, life and do everything I want to do and start living life the way I want to. 

A few visits to Sheffield may occur as well thanks to a lovely guy called Martin woot!  I don't think he realises how good he's been for my confidence!  Thanks Martin 

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year and that 2007 is a big success for everyone.

Take care x

Mood - High high highity high consider me elated
Music - The Sound of Mu... Radio 4
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2006-12-14 04:02:55
Long Time No Journal!
Well it's been a long long week full of my sister returning from Canada for a week with her husband, Christmas preparations, being asked to start 2 different jobs at the same time (I knew I'd scored ages ago at one of them) and also my Sims2 addiction.  What a game that is... great for the imagination.

So not much has happened of interest except Jess has very kindly organised  Darlington for us!  My cats are using my artificial Christmas tree as a scratching post and my sister has been through some of her baggage and found me a few Goodies items.  A few interviews, videos etc.  She surprised me by saying she'd never seen the Eckythump episode which I find REALLY hard to believe.  Every Goodies fan has seen *that* episode surely?!  There's means and ways right?

It reminded me of when the Goodies drove my family crazy in the 90s - my sis downloaded a Goodies themed computer wallpaper, screensaver, quotes as prompts, icons and mouse pointer!  Anyway the non-noisy stuff was fine.  It was logging onto the computer with 'Goodies! goody goody yum yum *guitar riff*' - it was okay for the first couple of months but a couple of years later it lost the appeal.  That and 'The puddings are coming!  Errk!' whenever you did something wrong on the computer and the less annoying 'xx tonnes splat straight down on the middle' quote of that kind from the Greenies when Graeme refers to the grass seed - shall look the quote up properly.  It drove everyone crazy.

Well have to dash - off to buy Christmas tree!  Byeeee x

p.s. it's been over a year since I felt Rufus Wainwright's stubble on my face... dammit.

Mood - sing sing singity sing consider me singing
Music - I'm Only Sleeping - the Beatles
Edited - Never

2006-12-02 00:50:35
I am very very excited right now!

Life has taken a sudden u-turn from me feeling quite crap from some trouble being caused to suddenly me no longer caring and the good stuff starts happening! 

I should be more forgiving to people more often!  It makes me feel a lot better - that and playing Sims 2! 

Am looking forward to a whole range of things to do next year; Goodies, Rutles, Keane, Clue, Rufus W., Zutons, possibly Bonzos if the rumours are true.  2007 is going to be my year! 

When I compare myself now to where I was this time last year; well I am definately in a better place.


Mood - Woo Hoo Wooity Hoo consider me far too excited...
Music - for my own good! WOOO
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2006-12-01 00:12:06
I just found Goodies dates that are already booking and I only found out cause one of Jess's friends had booked

18th March - Theatre Royal, Windsor

24th March - Wycombe Swan

5th April - St George's Hall, Bradford

16th April - The Playhouse, Oxford

So there you have it- the nearest one to me so far is Bradford but hey as long as people know they can start booking - that's great!  The guys deserve to sell well for this tour!

Edited to add:

I changed the mood of this post - I had several annoyances on my mind on Thursday and it put me in a crap mood.  I'm not ungrateful; I'm glad the guys are touring.

Mood - Glad glad gladity glad consider me happy
Music - Rock With a Policeman - The Goodies
Edited - 2006-12-03 21:49:23

2006-11-29 03:14:03
A Very Good Weekend!

Friday -

I met up with K in her old Edinburgh flat; memories of spending most of August there.  Bus to Edinburgh and then breakfast in Frasers lasting from 11am - 1pm(!) because we were chatting and not realising how quickly time was going.  We then passed the Assembly Rooms on George street to get lunch at BHS.  The ARs were dead and it seemed completely wrong- K and I got a little nostalgic and stood in the queue again and even re-enacted a certain TBT wave given to us at our 5th visit to the show.... *sigh* memories.

We did a little shopping and met some of Ks friends for an afternoon coffee before heading to my house.  Out for tea with my mum and dad followed by a Mahor Discussion with Jess till 2.30am!  Cor we were knackered. 

Saturday -

Up to Edinburgh again to meet some of Ks friends for lunch which was great.  More browsing/shopping including a recovery coffee at John Lewis' to accompany the ibruprofen to help the headaches - it was like we had a hangover!

Dropped into Tescos to pick up a random chinese dinner and some popcorn!   

Got home; chatted to Jess then had tea and watched Goodies episodes - Ecky Thump will definately never be the same again "Amazing!... amazing!".


Yes The Sunday.  Finally.  We were a little late setting off and went via ASDA to buy a picnic tea for later.  Got to Newcastle and jumped on a Metro to Central station to meet Jess.  Her train was late - what a surprise.  Just as everything was going so well.  However not too late and we were able to get on a Metro to Sunderland and arrive there by 3.40pm!

Got to Travelodge ok - cheap rooms but suited for our purposes!  We set up Ks laptop and prepared to watch more Goodies with a cup of tea.  Following the tea was a Jack Daniles and coke/ Archers and Lemonade/ Lemonade depending on whether you were K/ Peej / Jess. 

General getting ready, eating tea, drinking drinks and watching Goodies ensued till about 6.45pm when we decided to go to the Empire Theatre (about 5 mins away).

ISIHAC - won't go into details because it'll spoil it for you guys!  It was being filmed for the South Bank (not Park hee hee) Show who are doing a special on Humph

Everyone was on form tonight and Tim reminded me more of a nuaghty schoolboy than ever!  Hee hee rude!

After the show we met Humph - who was lovely; he signed a piece of paper for me and Jess took photos.  Then the lads all emerged at once...

Head over to Jess's (Jesspix) journal to read all about our encounters with the guys!

Back at the hotel we carried on watching the Goodies and chatting.  However 3 or 4 times the fire alarm went off for about 10 seconds and we weren't sure whether to leave the room or not and as no one else on the floor seemed inclined to we didn't.  But it wasn't long before the alarm went off properly and after waiting a little before even sticking our heads out of the door, we finally left and it did turn out to be an official fire alarm.  About 20 mins later we returned to our room - there wasn't a fire but an adjoining night club had a smoke machine and the smoke had been somehow getting into the hotel to set the alatms off - must happen quite often - I'd find it really annoying.

Anyway so we chatted till about 2am when K realised we had ordered breakfast at 8am and went off to her room to sleep and me and Jess got ready for bed were we then chatted till about 4am before agreeing that sleep might be a good idea. 

Jess's alarm awoke us at 8am and we ignored it... twice.  It wasn't till K knocked on the door that we realised we couldn't avoid getting up.

Monday -

Sad day this; we had quite a nice breakfast; chatted till about 9.30am and then left the hotel at 10am to get the Metro to Newcastle Central Station.

We saw K onto her train and then we all stood on the platform chatting before k boarded the train and Jess and I waved her off.

Then Jess and I waited for her train and I waved her off.  All alone *sniff* no Goodies related show to look forward to *sniff* *sniff*  buggar.

Metro-d to my car; intercepted my gran who was out shopping and spent a couple of hours with her then drove home to listen to the first Clue from London.  Was completely knackered - will have to listen to the show again to realise what happened.  "Watched"  Wallace and Gromit with mum and dad but fell asleep during most of 'A Close Shave" - went to bed dead early to begin recovery.

Tuesday -

Started a Pilates class

(I know that's completely unneccesary to mention but hey I wanted to!)

Don't forget to head over to Jess's (Jesspix) journal to read all about our encounters with the guys!  That is, if you haven't done so already.

Mood - Woo Hoo but knackered
Music - Cricklewood - The Goodies
Edited - 2006-11-29 07:21:29

2006-11-17 00:11:14
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Usher Hall, Edinburgh
** NOTE:  The layout for this is better on my blog page: **

Time for a new journal entry methinks and what better than to write about the most amazing concert I have ever been to!

I had my ticket booked since July (I think) and my will to go long before then and finally November came round.  Jess of JessPix fame was also going to a Bonzo show at Manchester two days after me.  In the week before the concerts we were both reading the amazing reviews that were coming in.  No one had anything negative to say and these reviews weren't just 'it was good/ excellent' but people were saying 'this was f**king awesome as no other adjective was strong enough to explain their joy of the concert!

So a proper review is to follow when my brain has settled a bit but here are some notes I made the morning after that you can have a read of...


Got to Usher Hall around 7pm - was completely exhausted from "Christmas shopping" (I was actually walking the length of Princes Street and George Street several times holding parents shopping!) and I went straight to the merchandise stall (what a surprise).

Dad bought a 3 DVD set on the Bonzos and I splashed out on a £10 special - containing the best tourbook I have ever read, a 2007 calendar (guess who Mr September is!), a really expensive looking keyring, a mug and a poster.  I was chuffed - bargain hunting is a hobby of mine.  Yvonne Innes (Neil's wife) served me and noticed my egowarriors badge and we had a brief chat about Alnwick.

So then we went into the Usher Hall and it was packed!  I would say they were about 300 -400 seats short of a sell out!  There was a silly couple about two rows ahead who never showed up but that was fine by me as I had a better view!  We were 7 rows from the front on Neil's side.

They were about 15 mins late in starting and I really wish I had a setlist.  Jess asked me earlier if I could pick a favourite song and I really can't!  They were all amazing.  Cool Britannia was a great opening and the energy just rolled from there - and there was a hottie in the house band called David Catlin - Birch (Paul from the Bootleg Beatles) who was excellent; he wasn't quite a special guest but he was more than a house band member.  He sang songs like By A Waterfall, Sport (The Odd Boy) and others - my mind is flying.  He was very hot as well... 

Adrian Edmunson came into the crowd as Mr Slater's Parrot and picked on some poor girl in the front row *phew* I wasn't sitting there! He was chased off by Phil Jupitus who was brandishing a digerie doo (sp?) like a pea shooter.  The intro to Trouser Press was great with Phil heckling Legs from the grand circle balcony and everyone boo-ing him!  Phil also climbed over seats during Canyons of Your Mind and got about 8 rows in to where this poor girl was desperately trying to escape him!  I love that they not only encouraged the audience to join in songs but actually brought the show into the audience!

They did Equestrian Statue (mum and I had been singing it alllllll day) with Sam Spoons on his 'horse' galloping over the stage and then being encouraged by David who first fed the horse a lump of sugar and then Sam Spoons a lump.  Urban Spaceman was fantastic and Mr Apollo simply rocked!  It was amazing; it really was.

Roger and his (I presume) sons Tim and Justin were having a great night - Roger is like Tim B-T; you could be forgiven for thinking he's a schoolboy!  Roger was desperate to do his trumpet solo all night and the 'Trumpet Wardens' came on and escorted him off several times.  The Deux Calapsos appeared on stage as well.... I think Legs was actually wearing some thick looking tights - they were definately skin tight!

Rodney forgot his chicken clarinet solo during Pink Half of the Drainpipe - oops!  Neil had to repeat 'Rodney will now do his...'  Was funny though Rodney was like 'woops sorry everyone!' and then did it.  Rodney was great rocking along and he is so talented; he must have played at least 6 different instruments!

Vernon on his musical saw singing 'Fallink in Luff again' classic - everyone was cheering so much he held up a sign saying 'control yourselves' - he held it up again at the very end of the concert when everyone was standing and cheering.

Bob Kerr was great as well - Little Sir Echo - he brought out a sign with 'hello' written on it saying "Please join in and say the word on the sign when I hold it up"  So we did and then he forgot to hold it up and we all sang hello at the right spot anyway and he said 'you've been here before!' hee hee.

Legs was great throughout the show - he had been asked to sing Jollity Farm but didn't seem to know the words well and Neil took the piss when he said 'that's a funny sounding bird' after Legs fluffed.  Woops!  He also had some good tap dancing moves during Hello Mabel.

Sam Spoons on the electric spoons... enough said.  He is a cutlery weilding hero!  He was fantastic during the Moster Mash - you can see him in action on a DVD but you don't know the power till you see it in real life!  He's amazing.  He was hilarious as well knitting during one of the songs, drawing something on the bass drum skin (I couldn't see what) and changing animal masks during Jollity Farm and a hundred other things I will probably remember later.

I'm sure there's someone I haven't mentioned yet...

Ahh yes Neil!  He was ace as usual!  He was in top form and kept starting songs, stopping and re-setting the microphones or stage for various people!  Hee hee.  He also helped out Roger with his broken leg - when he plays the vibro- thingy shaped (have completely forgotten the name) as The Leg; it had broken in Liverpool and he and Neil needed to get it to settle!  Gosh.  Neil broke a guitar string during Mr Apollo and affected a guitar change as soon as - when he started playing on the new guitar he had one of the levels set too high which gave the audience and Phil Jupitus a shock (Phil hadn't noticed the guitar change!).  Neil just rocked completely!

They did a version of Intro & Outro to end the show and Neil introduced everyone to the whole band and at the end of it someone yelled something about Vivian Stanshall and Neil replied 'it's all for Viv' with his arm raised in a Bill Eckythump salute - it was lovely.  The minute's cacophany as well was something - I will never hear anything like that again!  A fitting tribute.

At the end, the guys left the stage and the audience was mostly (inc. me and mum and dad) on our feet clapping and cheering and they came back to do the Head Ballet which was a hoot!  They seemed to get it wrong at one point and I'm never sure if it's deliberate or not but Bob Kerr definately forgot to something because he laughed and mouthed 'I forgot' to Rodney next to him. It was excellent and then they performed a song I hadn't heard before that I now know to be 'Busted'.

A vast majority of people were on their feet at the end of the song and Tim and Justin [Spear] came on dressed as Policemen to escort the band off; they all stood in a huddled group on stage right looking sorry for themselves before Vernon started 'Silent Night' (I think it was) on the Musical Saw and everyone joined in singing.  Excellent.

If only the night could have gone on and if only I could have afforded to go to Manchester or the London gigs... it was amazing!

After the gig we met Roger in the foyer - he was waiting for a cab to take him to the train station.  He very kindly signed my poster for me and then we hung around the foyer a bit as everyone else seemed to be before the Theatre Manager sent us (about 10 people) to the stage door round the left of the building and about 10 mins later a (quite fit) guy sent us to the band exit on the other side of the building!

We waited till about 11pm but it was freezing and no one else appeared.  The fit guy appeared again and apologised because there was a party on that he hadn't known about and it wouldn't finish till gone midnight.  So we went home.  It rocked.

I'm so lucky to have had a chance to see them live!

On the way home we listened to the Bonzo Outro Cornology CD which I'd picked up for £5 at HMV earlier so I was a very happy Peej!

I can't stop singing Hunting Tigers now (even though they didn't perform it) and I love 'By A Waterfall' - lovely!


More notes are being made as I remember them and I want to write a proper review at some point soon which I'll post on my blog.

A FANTASTIC night - I can't recommend it enough - it really is the best show I have ever been to.


* Neil asked for people to turn off mobile phones and suddenly we heard a traditional phone bell ring- lo and behold Roger's "mobile phone" had gone off and his next gadget the "Rowmonium" arrived.
* Classic quote - on stage in Edinburgh Bob Kerr says "I'm now going to do something none of you can do" and promptly lights a cigarette on stage.
*'Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold' - excellent; I never knew Ade Edmunson could play the trumpet (apparently neither did he)... Ade said he's been practising the trumpet and learnt to play both valves now, Roger pointed out to him there were three valves... Ade was excellent though.
* Classic quote 2- Neil Innes: "This next song is so old it's from a time when 'gay' meant 'cheerful'"
* Ade Edmunson holding the end note of 'My Pink Half of the Drainpipe' for long after the band had finished playing - Neil: "A new record there Ade!"
* They did 'Rockaliser Baby'
* David C-B lead the singing for 'The Odd Boy (Sport)' with some good supporting actions during the chorus (I find myself doing them now); Ade read the letter and Phil suggested the nice cold shower.
* Plenty of explosions, fireworks and exciting lighting.
* The entire band went still in the middle of a song for about 5 - 10 seconds and then carried on as though nothing had happened - excellent control but no idea which song.
* Legs sang Monster Mash
* Sam Spoons was knitting during a song (possibly Sport) and at the end help up a scarf and chanted "Enger-land!" and promptly got booed by the largely Scottish audience; me, mum and dad kept quiet.
* Legs tap danced during 'Hello Mabel'
* 'Big Shot' - Phil Jupitus sat stage left at a table pouring drinks while the 'Big Shot' intro was repeated with Neil going 'pssst' to Phil before taking him the microphone and restarting the song - staged.
* A selection of Ruskin-Spear inventions: The Rownmonium for 'My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies' and his Robots 1. - male and did Edward Heath impressions and blew bubbles; 2. female - alternately lit up its face and boobs to stripper music; 3. Had foam bursting out of its head! Originals from 60s.
* Neil possibly did the Twist (the dance) during 'Cool Brittania' - he did at Manchester but I was so busy trying to take everything in I can't remember.
* Sam Spoons juggled his boxes and one stuck to the front of his dungarees during one song. During another song he was building a tower with them and couldn't reach to get the third brick on top so climbed on a chair (provided) to put the third brick on - you had to be there sorry. His spoon wielding was amazing!
*turns hand scribbled page over and realises there are MORE notes - it was the most visual and musical fulfilling show I have ever been to*
* Legs - as Mr Wonderful told us a story about flying in from Vegas and was being chauffeured when the driver stopped the limo and told him to wind down the window. Legs did and looked and saw a dead fox on the pavement (road for non- Americans ). He knows the fox is dead because half it's head is smashed in, there's a condom tied round it's tail and there was an empty pizza box and a pen in it's paw. On the pizza box the fox had written it's last words: "God Bless America"
* Legs (again) after tap dancing on 'Hello Mabel' is heckled from the grand circle (Phil Jupitus) and Legs leaves the stage to "sort him out". Legs arrives at the Grand Circle and "punches" the heckler to the ground before finishing him off by throwing him over the balcony from a rope (don't worry Phil is ok; it was a dummy).
* Roger; ended with a bum note on his Theremin Leg i.e. he stood on a chair and waved his bum over the leg to produce the note. My dad missed his calling - he should have been a Bonzo.
* Ade had a truncheon which he would hit Roger with if he tried to do a trumpet solo
* At the end of Mr Slater's Parrot; Phil Jupitus "hit" Ade Edmuson (dressed as parrot) with a blow dart (or similar) and Ade shouted "Ouch! Is there a vet in the house?" Before quitting the stage quickly... apparently there was one towards the back of the stalls.
* The bass player in the house band returned on stage during the encore (I think) dressed as a Gorilla - alluding to the Bonzo album entitled 'Gorilla'?
* Phil Jupitus made a joke of catching Sam Spoons sniffing a line of Horlicks.
* Edinburgh gave the Bonzos three standing ovations of which me and my folks participated in all. My dad doesn't usually do things like that so he must have REALLY enjoyed the night - excellent!

A pat on the back to you if you have gotten this far! One last thing is the set list:

1st half:
Cool Britannia
By a waterfall
My brother makes the noises for the talkies
I'm bored
Look at me I'm wonderful/I left my heart in San Francisco
Monster mash
Falling in love again
Jazz, delicious hot, disgusting cold
Noises for the leg
Mr Slater's parrot
Big shot
Hello Mabel
The sound of music
Rockaliser baby

2nd half:
We are normal / robots
What do you do?
The strain
Equestrian statue
Jollity Farm
Trouser press
Little Sir Echo
Rhinocratic Oaths
Mr Apollo
My pink half of the drainpipe
Monster mash
Urban spaceman
Canyons of your mind
The intro and the outro

Music for the head ballet

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2006-11-10 05:11:47
8 Silly Quick Questions I had to Answer
(first pet and current street name) ...

Errr I’ll take this as first pet bought and my mother’s maiden name (it usually is and I don’t have a street name)

Pip Lowther… crap the two cats we had when I was born were called Maike and Biggles – they don’t work either!

(grandfather/grandmother on your Mum's side,your favourite candy)

I'm either Winnie Twirl or Winnie Mint Crisp Dairy Milk – I’ll stick with Winnie Twirl.

(first Initial of first name, first three letters of your middle name/surname)


(favorite color, favorite animal)

Blue Tiger

(middle name /surname, city where you were born)

Harding Solihull

6. Your Star wars name: ...
(the first 3 letters of your last name,
first 2 letters of your first name,
first 2 letters of mom's maiden name and
first 3 letters of the town you grew up in.)


(first name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled

Amelap Rehewol

("The", your favorite color, favorite drink)

The Blue Blue Lagoon

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2006-11-03 03:57:54
ISIHAC Southport
Here we go then...

I got up ridiculously early on Sunday morning... I knew there was somewhere I was supposed to go to.... oh yes!  Preston.  I was off to see Spev. 

When I got to Spevs', she took me on a tour of some of her local supermarkets - we visited 3!  And then we headed into Preston City (or Town to be more precise) to pick up someone from the station... ah yes it was Jess!

We returned to Spev’s for a quick picnic lunch and then introduced Jess to 'Man From UNCLE' (Thrush!)  After this we collected Spev's nephew (Tom) and headed to his place in Southport so he could get ready for a night out... where were we going to go though?

We settled for the theatre and what better than a convenient recording of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue'?  Excellent.  So we picked up Tom's ticket and went to the pub.


After this we decided that going to the theatre would be a good plan and joined the hordes of people getting to their seats.  We were lucky to be 2nd row (well Spev was technically first row - Southport has unusual seating plans) opposite Tim and in front of Barry and Graeme. 

Tom's "restricted viewing" seat happened to be at the front of a new level of seats that had a nice view of the whole stage.  We think the restricted viewing is from it being so far back.

And so the lights dimmed and Jon Naismith took centre stage to warm up the audience in his own way and to introduce Colin, Humph and the teams (‘on my right Graeme Garden and Barry Cryer and on my left… Tim Brooke - Taylor and Jeremy Hardy’).  Jeremy was the special guest (I had actually half suspected it as he is very popular on the show and also going to be on tour when the next recordings take place… I think).  I was very pleased – I think Jeremy is a brilliant comedian and definitely earns a place in amongst the greats!

The two shows were excellent!  The second better (and slightly more political – especially Jeremy who was very clever!) than the first I think.  There were a lot of new rounds tried out (‘Pin the Tail on Colin’- hilarious) and the second Cheddar Gorge letter… well if it’s cut out of the final edit, I shall not be amused!

Tim and Jeremy were very cheeky during the ‘pick up song’ and on ‘song to the tune of another’ rounds – especially during Graeme’s ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’… that was sick Brooke – Taylor!  Sick but funny.

Tim was looking very striking in his blue jacket he wore in Edinburgh and a white shirt with blue vertical stripes; he did a very nice peeling of the jacket off twice – the first time suggestively in time to a stripper theme (think ‘Broaden Your Mind’ and the sketch ‘Do you know why Policemen are called peelers?’) and the second time was actually taking the coat off owing to the extreme heat coming from the second row on Graeme’s side and not so much heat from the rest of the audience.  Graeme was looking very suave in a blue shirt – he suits blue and purple.  I should maybe pay a bit more attention lol. 

Poor Humph was suffering from a cold and had a bad cough but he carried the show so well (as usual) and he was in great form.  He’s the only chairman for the show! 

So after a lot of laughter – I was in so much pain (as was the vast majority of the audience there I suspect)!  The show ended and we three headed to the stage door (it had been a while since I last embarrassed myself (unintentionally mind) there).  Barry was already there, lighting up, and we didn’t disturb him.  However a group of lads were nearer him and Barry seemed more than happy to sign autographs for them and then make his way over to us.  Barry asked me my name and I said ‘PJ’ so he wrote ‘To PJ from BC’ – funny!

Graeme emerged next (I think) and was coming down the stairs at the stage door say us and did a ‘hello’ of complete recognition and I did a silly wave and a hello back.  He was intercepted by the cunning lads who had placed themselves well.  But he soon came over to us and said hello and I had the briefest of chats because there were other people wanting autographs and like I said to Graeme after he said ‘surely you have mine [autograph] already?’ I do have it several times – imagine that.

Humph had already been stopped by the group of lads when Tim came out of the stage door, saw me and Jess and said ‘now those are two girls I recognise’.  I can’t think what he means.  Tim managed to bypass the lads and come over to us and say ‘hi’ properly before he was pulled into another group of fans - Jess and I sneaked behind him! 

Humph then came over to us and I asked him for his autograph which he very kindly did and as he was asking me my name, Tim started talking to me – highly distracting!  Jess managed to get Tim away to the wall and he whispered things in her ear while I (feeling like I was being a bit rude towards Humph – sorry, he is a true gent) got my autograph from him and he moved to the next ‘pack’.

Tim came back and the hugs started with Spev, then Jess and finally me.  Well I wasn’t going to miss out on it – I’d needed one of these for a long time.  God knows what I said to Tim after ‘could I have a hug as well please?’ but, like my last exploit at Southport Theatre, it was probably very suggestive!  When we pulled out of the hug we did share a bit of eye contact – he does have nice eyes. 

It was sadly time for them to go (they were off to a meal – one of the many things I overheard Jon Naismith saying) and the taxis were waiting.  We said goodbye and Graeme thanked us again for the scrapbooks saying ‘Kirstyn made mine’ I added that Kirstyn sent her love and was really sorry she couldn’t make it that night which he smiled at.

They then left and headed on to their meal with Tim (who had been discussing us with someone and pointing at us) waving as they left and me and Jess waving back.

We then headed for the pub – much cuddled and very happy with sore sides from laughing.


The rest of the weekend will follow later

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2006-10-26 02:21:20
About time too!
This came up on the Keane website today...

"Don't forget you can email **** with questions or comments (thanks to the bundles of you who already have!). Peej has emailed to ask how big tonight's venue is - it's 4,500 people."

Yes that is me!    Bout time they answered one of my questions.  The website peeps are spending 31 hours on tour with Keane!

*sigh* Richard is looking really hot right now.

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2006-10-21 03:00:00
I am officially going to die soon...
...from sexy men on DVD abuse!

It's been rather a good week, after buying the ultra-fast 2nd Series of Hamish MacBeth last week, this weeks' purchases include 'Broken News' (a satirical look at the way news is presented - very intersting and funny).  Oh yeah and Duncan Duff is featured in it... ok ok I really mean WALLOP WALLOP

Last night I finally downloaded the codec that allows me to be able to watch a few more Goodies episodes on my computer.  No prises for guessing the nice young men in that

Then today (along with Broken News) the complete 2nd Series of the Monkees arrived in what turned out to be an actually watchable DVD set!  (I was worried it might end up in NTSC format and unwatchable).  It's an excellent DVD set though!  Comes with a little booklet (that is a bit confusing towards the end), a series of postcards (wallop).  There are  5 DVDs that contain 26 episodes and the TV special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee. 

The DVDs feature episode trivia, some commentaries, interviews, a photo gallery and a play songs only option.

It's great to have a chance to see all the episodes of this amazing show on a well thought out and nicely put together DVD set.  Which is nice to see for a change.

Now to buy series 1!

It's worth it to see Mike Nesmith crack up over Liberace destroying a piano with a hammer.

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2006-10-15 00:55:20
Gooodies! Goodie Goodie Yum Yum
Have been watching Goodies episodes today and am on a bit of high!

I'm trying to fire up enthusiam and energy to help me write a job application letter- I really want this job but I can't seem to write it well

But I'm trying to get myself back to how I used to be where I had a lot of energy, was really enthusaistic and did anything and everything... it'll come!!

Back to Cunning Stunts (becareful how you type that!)

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2006-10-11 21:55:53
I'm in shock today!

I purchased a DVD from Ebay yesterday... and it arrived today!!

There isn't a shocked smilie to really illustrate this!

I mean today... wow!

It just added to my Duncan Duff high at the moment (had a great dream last night!) 

Anyway just needed to say how ungelievagly shocked I was - wow!

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2006-10-10 22:37:47
I've found a Direction!
... bout bloody time too!

It comes as no great surprise (to me) that I want to go into theatre not as an actor (god no!  I can't act to save my life) but in a more organisational/ managerial role.  But where on earth would I start to aspire to a job like that?

Well first of all I looked in my local papers and after missing out on two perfect jobs (one I couldn't apply for because of uni and the other they knocked me back for someone with... well experience). 

I suddenly found a bar person is needed at a local theatre (well it's a foot in the door), then the Edinburgh Fringe needs people!  Well I don't thinkI'll get the jobs but I may as well try and now I have found a job aimed at someone like me!!!  Yesssss and it's perfect! 

So I'm busy tailoring my CV and writing a cover letter and trying to update my website - hah have been trying to do that for a few days but it will probably happen this afternoon as I watch some Goodies.

So on that nore (and because I've run out of steam) I shall leave you to it.

Och aye the noo and cheery bye

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2006-10-06 02:07:23
OK so be prepared I'm about to rant about something very petty!

The Topic (pun!): Cadbury's Chocolate bars - the mint edition.

Why y y y y y y?  Does my keyboard always stick on the letter 'y' - sorry Humph.

Why did they make the most perfect chocolate bar flavour in the world and then not sell it ANYWHERE?!! 

When they first released that flavour there was only the small bar edition and it was bloody expensive so I didn't buy it often.  Then they released the big bar edition and I was so over the moon that I bought some.  And so it was that Peej was finally completely satissfied in the world of chocolate - malteasers and mint dairy milk. 

And then Bargain Booze stopped selling it and Peej noticed other shops weren't selling the minty goodness.  Suddenly Peej's world started to fall apart*.

She moved back to Scotland and found one supplier selling the chocolate.  One day (when she was ill) a shop person very meanly offered her the chance of buying bars of it for 50p!  She was not amused.

And now after months and months and months of searchin' she still hasn't found any anywhere. She looks high and low but it always help to look in a shop.

Nobody sells it and Peej doesn't understand why.  :'(

Poor Peej bcause she certainly wants it right now!

* N.B. it didn't really but it adds drama to an otherwise boring story

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2006-10-02 00:17:58
Good Day!
I am having such a great day!!

Which is always a good thing!  I changed my room round yesterday; it looks bigger (the room that is) and watched Lord of the Rings Part 1 DVD2 after viewing a few Monkees videos I hadn't seen for a while- all I'm waiting for is the 40th Anniversary DVD release along with the Complete Goodies DVD release... so I'll give it a while till someone else buys all the rights and releases it themselves.... now there's an idea!

I could start my only company... it'd be ace!

Back to real life...

I'm having a good day and this morning I watched the Stolen Musicians and The Baddies.  I haven't watched them for ages - they always make me feel good do those episodes. 

I logged on and found Jess on MSN who'd been watching other Goodies episodes and we've had a lively... sorry lovely  conversation discussing various aspects and situations of the Goodies.  We've swapped some brilliant pics as well.  Carrie joined in for a little while hopefully she'll be back later!

Hope all your days are good.

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2006-09-30 22:54:39
I've had a cold this week which has sucked!  Especially Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday my mind was dead active but slowed down by the fact my body felt crap and then Friday night I didn't sleep well so spent the rest of the day either asleep or feeling crap.

Enough moaning however, I am beating the cold!  I slept loads last night and then went out in the garden today to get soem fresh air.  Feeling a lot better but wish my nose wasn't so sore!

Anyway I am now catching up with what I have missed- mostly work which sucks cause I need money- shall have to have a marathon day tomorrow.  More bloody risk assessments to finish.

I had so many plans for this week like I was going to re arrange my room (again; a girl has to do that at least once every two months if not sooner), sort out my junk upstairs and redo my website, take some DVD stills and then littles odds and sods that have been anooying me for a while.  And what have I done?  Zip all - booo   

But never mind there's always next week and I'm thinking that come the 5th October I'll be in a bit of an annoyed mood that I don't live nearer Brighton- but hey, you can't do anything and I'll be off to Clue soon 

Good Graeme interview though - nice to get some more Goodies Press going again.  I hope that they are better advertised for their tour than they are for the Paramount Festival.  LOL I even drunkenly started advertising it last Saturday!  Oops I bet the guy I told to go doesn't remember *prays*.

Cheery bye

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2006-09-21 06:42:23
I need a job
and I lack direction- it sucks.

Half of me wants to take a year out to save money and review life and do a little training and the other half wants to get on with life with a job.

Oh what to do, what to do?  Anyone got any suggestions?

Think I'm going to move away from the Borders when I can afford it- there's not really much to do and I'm a bit cut off from everything.

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2006-09-20 03:02:57
Ho-hooo today hasn't been that much fun yet.

Had an early night last night (which I needed) and then got up a bit earlier than planned this morning.  Mum immediately had a go at me about cleaning the house!  At least she conceeded the point that sometimes there isn't time to do everything- there's loads of stuff I want to do for myself that I just haven't had time to do.  I said I'd do some housework so spent the morning putting washing loads through, hoovering, setting the cat after rabbits (I don't usually do that but he was annoying me by demanding lunch 2 hours early), more hoovering, dusting, general cleaning, hanging out washing and making dad's lunch!  I was knackered.

Then this afternoon I have sat down and typed 200 odd Risk Assessments (and handwritten a few as well  ) )  I now feel like doing this...

to see if it will help my head.

I phoned up Alnwick Playhouse and booked 3 tickets (1 student yay) for Neil Innes, she said do you want front, middle or back and I naturally said 'front' I won't find out where till next week when we pick up the tickets (to save on postage I'm so cheap).

Right, back to these risk assessments- want themfinished tonight and I only have 2 sections left!!

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2006-09-19 04:57:49
I'm fairly sure there will be tickets tomorrow, but....



Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) with my parents which saves on petrol but means no waiting around afterwards to try and meet him (might loiter a little) but hopefully I'll be able to buy his CDs- got a bit of birthday money heading my way!

In other news, there was a frigging photo competition on the Keane website that I didn't know about and would have entered otherwise.  Wouldn't have won but I still could have done it.

I have toothache resulting from a filling that came out last week and a wisdom tooth that is killing my mouth.

I'm not doing the rugby this week (aww) but going out for my birthday dinner (yaay).

I turn 22 this week and up until the weekend I had virtually forgotten about it- which is unusual for me.  I'm not even bothered by the number (cause it's only a number) and I've seen living proof that you're only as young as you feel.

I bought the third Hamish Macbeth (yes Robert Carlyle) DVD which arrived yesterday and have been viewing the beautiful Duncan Duff quite happily and possibly a bit loudly but the man has THE most beautiful Scottish accent I have ever heard.  His mum lives in the Borders I'll probably meet her at some point cause everyone knows everyone else round here!  In fact that would be scary if I ever met him because yes he's an actor but he's hardly mainstream so I reckon he must think he hasn't got any fans... if only he knew!  I'll stop there on that subject.

I'm being forced (well not forced but not really given a choice) by various people to enter for a certain council job coming up only because I apparently interviewed oh so well at my last interview!  There would go my year out option but at least I'd have a better income! 

Grandad's brithday went REALLY well- no one let out the surprise and he was really shocked (especially when he saw me waiting in a skirt and nice top and I was hanging round a bunch of golfers!... I felt really stupid; ask Spev).  But it was really nice to meet people I'd only ever heard of and have them ask if I was my mum (she's 50 and I'm very offended by that comment).

Met up with my Grandad's 3rd wife's children.  I noticed the cunning placing on the table so that I was next to her son- my mum is so unsubtle about trying to set me up with people.  He works with a film company and he specialises in TV adverts- he was part of the team that brought you the Bacardi Breezer cat (awww- he was so cute) and now I know what the Christmas Marks and Spencer advert is going to be like (the clothes ones with Twiggy etc. in) but I won't spoil it for you.

He also correctly described the M&S food adverts as "food porn" - it's true!  I could so see the Goodies ripping it off though...

"This isn't just black pudding... this is Goodies Black Pudding featuring little radio transmitters to get your pudding moving"


So enough randomness; there have been too many random and slightly weird journals coming from me recently (so what's new?)

Was goin to finish watching my Dvd but the cat is being cute and just sat on me!

Oh well I shall close this random drivel off..


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2006-09-16 08:29:18
What a day!
My god sometimes I wish I never woke up this morning.

I was quite tired so I slept in- woke up in the middle of the night with my annoying habbit of pulling one of the muscles in my leg- absolute agony!  I did it at Kirtyn's last time I was there and I was limping around for ages.  Anyway it wasn't so bad this time- don't ask me why it happens cause I have no clue.  Anyway whatever early hour my mum got up at, she then decided it was time for me to get up too and was banging around for HOURS till I got up.

When I did get up, I had half an hour to get dressed so I go to Galashiels (joint nearest town) I then had to trail round with mum just so I could buy 1 item!  She then went off to get her hairc cut and I went to the library to do some work.

Then mum finished and we had to leg it home so I could drop her off and then turn round for my doctors appointment which was a waste of time and I headed home.  I then had an hour to work out what I would be wearing tomorrow at Grandad's 80th.

After the hour was over it was off for a haircut (which was also a waste of time and money) and then I had to go home and log onto the computer, do some stuff for an hour before heading out to shop (again!).

Luckily I got out of the final shop visit but was left a list as long as your arm of things to do!  You'd think we were off on holiday!

Anyway it's my Grandad's birthday party... shh it's a secret but if he logged on here I would be dead on hte floor from shock!

Am most excited, Ardian Edmonson has confirmed for the Bonzo tour- can't wait!

Am also trying not to talk my self into the Brighton Show- can't really afford it... well i can but even so... ... ... er...

Anyway I must have been in an odd mood yesterday- apologies for the ramble.  I blame the lightning; it freaked me out.

Need a tim hug today though.

I've just got to a point where I don't know what to do and it worries me cause I've got parents hassling me and I don't really want to do anything at the moment re job-wise but I know I should and I'm a bit lost.  Never mind will find something to do eventually.

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2006-09-15 05:05:09
Let It Alll Slide
"It's time to draw the line,
To draw it fine
Why do you never know
Time to let it go
Time to move aside
And let it slide"

~'Let It Slide' Tim Rice-Oxley, Keane (

I know there's been a bit of a thing on GROK recently and this is aimed at NO-ONE!  Sorry just want to make that clear so I don't accidently offend anyone- this has absolutely no reference to anyone on this site. 

This chorus has struck a bell with me recently with a few things in my life and the entire song is so good for me; been getting a few things sorted in the last month or so and I have dealt with them in a completely different manner to how I used to. 

I'm a feircely loyal person- it's not always a good thing.  At school it was a case of you betray me (even over petty things) and that's it. 

An example of one thing I've let slide- recently I have been used and abused by some right prats who almost f*cked up my degree and as a result of their ineptitude caused me a lot of stress, embarrassment and gave me a degree result that I disappointed with.  They still don't know what they almost cost me and they had the indecency to be very patronising and rude about me (they've never met me) and my work  and I had to draw the line. 

I was doing well, trying to do the work for free out of the goodness of my heart and I could cope for a while but finally the rudest email I have ever read (that I wasn't supposed to see either) was it for me.  Instead of going in all guns blazing (like I normally would) and telling them the whole truth and also giving them a bit of a wake up call (the main person is a COMPLETE idiot), I handed in my resignation and stepped away.  I can get paid to be used and abused and I'd much rather do that.  So finally I knew when to move on and I let it slide.

I feel so much better for it.

The Goodies in Edinburgh also made me feel a lot better- the eye of this storm was the book signing in Edinburgh and although all I wanted was a Tim hug all weekend, I was able to just go to the show and meet the guys again and that made me feel so good.  Especially when my dad got all excited over the fact that Tim recognised me... (he thought I'd only been to the show 3 times at that point... In fact mum and dad still think I've only been to 4 shows when actually I've been to 10 - a fact I'm embarrassed about and that Graeme seemed quite chuffed about)  In fact. bless my dad, he recognised John Pinder before I even pointed him out- I must have mentioned the legendary glasses a couple of times.

I also want to say (even though he won't read this but I'm writing now and I want to write this somewhere) *hugs* and good luck to Tom from Keane who is sorting out some major problems in life and I hope he does well.  I wish him all the best- we all make mistakes.  That's why we're human.

In fact I don't know if there are many Keane fans on here but if you're into poetry you should look into Keane because their sound might not be for you but their lyrics are amazing.  They are mostly written by Tim Rice-Oxley (who is a beautiful man; seriously he has the most amazing eyes ever!  He also has an amazing character and if I could find a bloke half way like him then I would be so happy).

Keane consists of Tim R-O (who is the most energetic pianist I have ever seen), Tom (singer with only one set of clothes and resembles a taller and chubbier version of Frodo Baggins) and the hottie Richard (yes I fancy him) who is the drummer.  And that's it- no guitar although Tim plays bass on album tracks.  The music is keyboard driven and is so different to anything else I've heard.  It's filled a gap in my love and life of music that I never knew I had.

It's my Grandad's 80th Birthday today and we're arranging a surpirse birthday for him on Saturday.  My mum and two aunts have been flapping around about invites and are now stressing about who stays where!  Sod it all; it's too much hassle- there's no need to stress about it.  Talk about being used and abused for free; they're all picking on me as well as though it's all my fault somehow!  Doh!

Had the scariest drive home tonight- 40 mins through a thunderstorm that followed me home!  Some lighting flashed right in front of the car- I never knew it ended in globes.  I don't know why I'm so calm about it, I almost wet myself from the shock!  Gillian (boss) and me both jumped in shock when some lighting struck one of her barns and then the thunder cracked immediately!  Not nice.  Cricklewood cheered me up though.

Wow, this is a bit long- congratulations if you've made it this far.

I'm going to sign off this random post and say cheery bye

ooh but I listened to the Curse of the Wombat series last night- talk about talented Timbo!

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2006-09-12 09:57:22
Sorry I was miles away- literally!

Right I will no longer take the mick out of Tim for wobbly cycling.

Having just done a week long cycling holiday (yes holiday) I feel like I know what it was like riding the trandem.

Ok so there was just me pedalling but I felt like I was carrying the weight of two men behind me- and that was only on the flat bits!

I think it's universal that all bikes carry congealed blood on them cause mine certainly had a go at me!

So apologies to Tim.


GROK has gone mad- am trying to catch up with everything!

Scrapbook pictures of the handing over (well the bit before that) well there's proof I was actually there but I have no recollection of any of that except of Tim saying 'look at us' but no hand gestures and you'd think you would remember something like that!

Am slooooooooowly catching up.


I've been reminded just why I love fans so much- it doesn't matter what forum I'm on or what I'm going to see but I love to meet and see fans of acts or shows or bands (you get my gist).

GROK is actually my favourite forum out of the acts I love- it's so friendly and fun!  Like the Keane forum; I joined that and tried to keep in touch with what was happening but there are too many members and you'd have to be logged in every 5 seconds to keep up to date- I still lurk there though.

Anyway I'm now trying to catch up with my fellow GROKers and see just what has been going on in my absence and it looks like a lot! 

BTW if I'm classed as silly then right now I don't care cause I'm just being me and no one really seems to care.


Steve Irwin.

I was actually very sad when I heard he had died.  That might sound a bit crass but bear with me....

I have a MASSIVE phobia of snakes (my sister doesn't seem to understand this and is having a go at me right now).  But we are talking huge phobia it's fairly common, some of you reading this possibly have it as well.  In fact it affects me so much that when I was doing my ASP programming module at uni I was unable to take a book out on the subject because it had a picture of a snake on it (ASP... asp... oh yeah snake! - clever!)

Anyway I remember there was this show- Steve Irwin finding the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world which I think happened to all be in Australia.  I think my mum made me watch it because it would help the phobia.  Which it didn't.  It made it worse and for the life of me, I couldn't understand why anyone would voluntarily go up to something that dangerous and actually geta high off it going doing his t-shirt... still not getting it.

Anyway so one thing lead to another; I vowed not to watch another snake programme with him and was shocked when Steve held his son over a crocodile (or soemthing like that) - I'm not keen on crocs either!

Anyway I was shocked to learn on Tuesday (the worst day of the holiday anyway) that Steve had died.  As I looked at the *wonderful* way the tabloids announced it to you, I was surprised at how affected I was because to me, this guy has always been insane but that's because of the snake phobia.

I guess now that I was probably in awe of him- that he was able to love something I am absolutely pertrified of-deep down I respected him and I'm sad he has gone even if I don't understand him!

Sorry needed to write this somewhere!

Anyway must head off for bed have bags under my eyes the size of Kirstyn's suitace to France (the biggest I've ever seen- she's obviously planning to take Dr. with her)

Ciao for now!

Mood - Nite nite Nightity nite consider myself off to bed
Music - nada
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2006-09-02 08:18:29
What a night...!
Wallop wallop

phwoar phwoar

I just got paid to spend a night watching rugby players!!  Could life get any better?

A Dave the Shave look alike tried to chat me up, I nearly fell over a step and this fittie rugby player grabbed me (!!) to stop me falling- sweeet (my boss thinks I did it on purpose) and I impressed this other fittie rugby player with my limited knowledge of rugby.


Wasn't as good as meeting the Goodies though - my life is over!  Kirstyn we could expose the Goodies as well as Neil Innes (haha only joking).

Anyway, I'm going to be quiet for a while cause I'm off on a cycling holiday of the Scottish Islands.... no I am being serious!

Me and my mate have never done anything like this before and have spent so much money (this was supposed to be cheap) so far that we're repeating it next year only in Europe.

Don't know how i'm going to cope without my regular Goodies fix or my Ipod... in fact I'm completely gutted about leaving the Ipod it's got all my Goodies tunes on it and I can't get enough of them right now...


Am watching my new Bill Bailey dvd he is doing a hilarious routine about Starsky and Hutch (my all time favourite cop show)  mmmn Starsky.  They are having a box fetish now!  Love it.

Anyway must head on my way, need some sleep so I can get up early for an early morning test cycle ride!  I'm using my dad's bike and I'm a bit wobbly and my friend hasn't ridden a bike for AGES!

Why a cycling holiday do you ask?  Well so do I!  But it'll be good fun.

Cheery bye

Peej x

Mood - Yawn yawn yawnity yawn consider me tired
Music - Bill Bailey- Starsky and Hutch routine
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2006-09-01 06:03:59
Now what do I do?
Am having emotional problems; sometimes I down and appear pensive as I think about Edinburgh and how I want to be there...

.. although being in Edinburgh now would be pointless but you know what I mean right?

Anyway I come online, chat to Jess for ages and get really hyper (especially today) and then I get down, then I get hyper and so on- it sucks!

Chatting to people helps and looking at this website.  *sigh* wish I had something better to do than having these problems.

Anyway I'll get over it soon enough.  Like October when I have some Clue to go to!

Cricklewood is STILL my theme  tune at the moment; how annoying!

Mood - Up down upitydown consider me emotionaly turmoiled
Music - Cricklewood
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2006-08-31 08:26:27
... so this is my third attempt to write something here today and this time I am actually going to do so- regardless of how many myspace comments my ex b.friend decides to leave.

So I'm still having problems remembering what exactly happened on Sunday or throughout August now I come to think of it- why oh why couldn't someone have been making a documentry on my life for me?

Jess has written an excellent write up in her journal so check that out- it's long but worth it.  Go on... do it!

The main question I'm asking right now (apart from 'can I have a hug please?') is...

Did I grope Graeme in the group picture?

The photographic evidence shows that I may indeed be doing that but knowing myself like I do, I wouldn't do such a thing normally, however it wasn't normal circumstances and my brain was working intermittently and I'm am liable to do something unusual at any point when I'm like that!

I don't know why I'm worrying cause Graeme doesn't seem to mind (if I am) and he did still give me a hug and kiss- and he wouldn't have given me the kiss if he didn't want to!

.... oh the dilemas!

Anyway am not coping well with the comedown at the moment; it's all sinking in slowly and life seems to be moving along to the tune of Cricklewood.  *sigh*

Roll on Clue!!!  I NEED a hug.

Mood - Down down Downity down consider me sad
Music - Funky Gibbon complete with t'dodgy heavy breathing
Edited - Never

2006-08-29 08:02:19
Tim said...

"Your ALWAYS a good hug!" to me and then hugged me for AGEEEEEES.


I even kissed Graeme back (on the cheek) when I got a hug and kiss from him.

Why am I so excited by this?



Also woke up in the Funky Gibbon pose this morning- weird!

Mood - Smile Smile Smilety Smile consider me elated!
Music - Cricklewood is still playing in my head!
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2006-08-23 07:04:13
Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly
So I was going to write about my adventures last week today but no not today because I've been so busy recently and I think what will happen is next week when I'm desperately trying to keep myself happy after the Goodies have finished I will sit down and write out ALL my adventures (with reference to everyone elses).

So what have I been doing to keep me so busy?  Well apart from these random trips to Edinburgh, I have...

1. Quit being over worked and abused at the Sheep Dog Trials- if the event actaully takes place then it'll be a miracle!

2. I finished my design work for my Grandad's birthday.

3. I'm putting together this scrapbook- hmm why did I volunteer???  Don't get me wrong it's great fun buit a LOT of work and I should have done most of the work last week judging how my week is panning out!

4. Working at Gillians- Risk Assessments from a certain college are coming through in their piles; keeps me busy and in pocket but fitting all this work in is mad!

5. I'm planning a cycling holiday round the Scottish Isles- I go on the 2nd!

6. I'm trying to find a career direction.  Anything that I will enjoy would be great.

7. I'm reading the new Goodies book- it is so good!  I can't put it down and work is definately suffering because of it! 

8. I took part in a Watercolour Challenge and I have no artistic skills and instead of a bridge I painted a good set of teeth!

9. I keep getting distracted by Neil Innes, the Goodies and these other handsome young men.

So there you have it!


Mood - Stressed- slightly
Music - Random I-tunes - lots of BSBs tonight
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2006-08-18 07:21:00
Goodies Still Rule Ok- Round 2
Whoops I only meant to stay for two nights and ended up being talked into 3 nights (not that that was tooo difficult). 

I love the show and it's great that I'm still laughing genuinely- I'd stop going if I wasn't.

Highlight:  Tuesday Show

Just me and Kirstyn this time and we were both a bit nervous that the guys would think us mad or not possibly remember us. 

All that was put to rest when Tim and Graeme arrived in a taxi at the same time.  Kirstyn and I attempted to be inconspicious...

PJ/ Kirstyn: It's them!!
PJ: [raises bottle of water and panics slightly] It's Strathmore!  It's Strathmore!  It's Strathmore
Kirstyn: I used to live in Strathclyde!

Yes, we were that good.

We could, at this point, still see Graeme chatting to someone and thinking Tim had gone into the theatre we relaxed a little and looked in Graeme's direction a little...

... suddenly from behind a pillar this head appears at an angle; a big grin on the face.  It's Tim.  He gets our attention and waves, we wave back and Graeme rolls his eyes at Tim and waves as well.

The second these guys are in the theatre, we burst into laughter which lasts for 15 mins- we are in pain and can't breathe and the family behind us (i.e. the rest of the queue at that point) are completely oblivious!

Certainly put me and Kirstyn at rest a bit.

We also Ronnie Corbertt as he went to the show that night and we almost stood on him when he stood in the way!

Also saw the hottie that is Max from Neighbours.

More on the visit later- sorry!

Mood - Woo HOOOOO
Music - I'm A Teapot
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2006-08-09 06:54:56
"... very tasty girls"
oh my god!!!

Like Tim Brooke Taylor just called me and my fellow Giddies part of a group of 'very tasty girls' on a Times podacst.

That's made my day (and several other peoples)- just as we were suffering from Goodies withdrawal symptons, Tim brightens up our day like that.

Hehehe been telling my mum selected highlights from the weekend along the lines of...

We were just staying with Kirstyn for a chill out weekend and as it happened to be the Goodies opening night on the Friday, we decided to go and it was so great that we went back on Sunday to cheer them through the critics (11!) and then we thought it would be a hoot to go one the Monday dressed up as them.

And for some reason she bought it and is now sounding a bit jealous (of all things) that there's the possibility that I might get recognised at the book signing.

She's a secret Tim fan I know it!  She doesn't like my dad's sideburns (he's started growing them a little bit) and actually admitted she isn't a Graeme fan (lookswise) and somehow (although she may surprise) I don't think she is a Bill fan (again lookswise).  She think they're amazingly talented.

She's also jealous that I've found someone to go and see Neil Innes with at some point.


Life is looking ok and my desire to work in theatre has been re-awoken thansk to the Goodies so who knows what will happen.

Music - Tim call me a very tasty girl
Edited - Never

2006-08-09 00:49:16
I love Timbo and Graebags
It is official- they ROCK!

Anyone who saw us leaving the Theatre on any of the nights but especially Sunday and Monday would not have been in any doubt of how we were feeling as we wooped down the streets, did group hugs and danced and sang and couldn't breathe and went 'woo woo woo'

I think they really enjoyed themselves on Monday night thought after we went dressed as them!  We ALL looked really good!  The guys couldn't keep their eyes of us!

Anyway must calm down will write more!

Wit Woo!

Peej xxxx

meaty parts!

Mood - Woo HOo HOO!
Music - When I feel afraid, I hold my BEEP erect...
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2006-07-10 21:07:56
been real busy recently
And the work is set to continue!

Been working at Gillians, doing this, doing that, helping my folks cut my grans hedge (hate that job), playing tennis, writing job applications, not sleeping well, having bizarre Starsky & Hytch and Hamish MacBeth dreams (mmn Starsky and Doc Brown on the plus sides).  Weird!

Anyway, I've popped on really quickly to check what's up with the board and to keep in touch with ANYONE who might be reading this!

I graduate this week which is scary and then mum and dad go on holiday (yay!) A house to myself (with friends whenever they come) and this year not only do I have the Rutles but I have DNAYS and 1948 show (YAY!!!!) and also the Marty Feldman DVD which I watching last night so there's plenty of comedy to keep me going now that Wimbledon is over.

YAY FEDERER!  Nadal was good but I think Federer is ace- which is surprising because usually I don't like the top dog!  Credit where credit is due!

Congrats to Italy as well for winning the World Cup.

Mood - Tired
Music - The crow attacking the windows (seriously)
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2006-06-23 19:42:08
Was watching the Marty Feldman DVD (that I talked my parents into buying without saying much) and it was (I think) the same as a video of Marty that my sister had a few years ago but it was still excellent.

All I can say is...

TBT in Lederhosen

Spev; you know what that means to me!

If my laptop decides to work, I shall have to try and take a still... *sigh*

Also watched the Bonzos 40th Anniversary DVD as well.


I think it's part of a cunning plot from my dad to persuade my mum she wants to go to the Endinburgh gig.

I've even offered to pay for my ticket!  Mind you I'm going to go anyway.

Neil Innes Rocks! 

Oh I'm also a graduate now: 2:2.  Bit disappointed but at least that ordeal is over.

Mood - A split between disappointed and happy
Music - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
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2006-06-22 20:58:59
When I think of one, I'll put one in
Yesterday was odd. 

First off its been REALLY windy here and to hear winter type winds in June was just WRONG!  The weather's gone to pot these days.

Then I was really unsettled and couldn't keep to one job so I was either sorting out my room or doing work every other hour.

When I stepped out the back door, I found that the swallow nest that had been built right above the door (the eejits) had been blown down in the night.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the birds but building your nest above the dorr that has a cat door in it was stupid, plus every time we went in or out of the door; we were dive bombed by angry swallows.  So I guess it's kind of good that the nest blew down but I'm missing being dive bombed- I keep ducking for no reason.

Anyway today has been better; still no sign of my recent ebay extravagnaces in the post so I went to Aldi and bought some cheap tennis clothes that were this weeks specials (aaace).  I have never felt more tennis.. fied in all my life!  I want to go and play now but everyone's at work.

Apparently (as I was informed yesterday), the lecturers pay problem was resolved at the start of June so I may actually graduate on time!!  Thanks for letting me know so soon UCLan.

I'm currently trying to find the will to go and do some Sheep Dog Trials work.  I can't be bothered personally because all I get is inconsistency and grief and I've stressed out about it too much already.  No motivation to do anything at all.

Might take this work downstairs and have company from the Goodies to help me do this work.

Still fancy the idea of the Goodies doing a TV version of Sheep Dog Trials.  hehehe

I love it that Bondgirl loves my avatar; I think I look really silly but there again who actaully likes their own photographs??  I know no-one who'll admit to liking a photo with themself in it so I just take it from other people's opinions.  Thanks Bondgirl!!!

Best enjoy Mr June while he's still here!

Mood - Want to play tennis
Music - Mum's listenin to Radio 4- luckily NOT the Archers
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2006-06-21 22:03:32
Phew.... what a scorcher
The title has nothing to with this post its just one of my favourite headlines from ISIHAC.

Speaking of ISIHAC, I've been listening to some of the early shows (what a hoot... HOOTS!) and laughing my head off.  This quote particularly made me laugh:

Tim: You always get a headache after being whipped
Barry: Can you vouch for that Tim?
Tim: No, but Bill assures me he can.


Just thought I'd share that with you all!

It's quite intersting because Barry Cryer is actually hosting this one and Bill and Tim are one panel and Graebags and Jo Kendal the other!

I've also been going through the clutter in my room and what should I find?  Only a Union Jack Tray!

My mum bought it for me.

The plot thickens....

Anyway the whole reason I came to post on here today was the fact that Spev (my un-megalomanic friend) phoned me last night to confirm (thanks to JessPix) that seating was unreserved!!!!

(Unreserved Seating!!  Wow that sounds rude like... unreserved... seating.)

This was further confirmed when my tickets arrived in the post this morning *phew* because I was starting to worry they were lost.


I also "forgot" to tell my mum and dad that I was off to see the Goodies with Spev and Kirstyn and so I'll be off for a fifth viewing on the 19th August!  Hopefully as a bit of a graduation celebration.

That's if I'm still speaking to my mum; she had a go at me last night for first of all not paying them money to buy the car off them (what money? I have none!).  Then she said that I wasn't pulling my weight round the house which REALLY annoyed me because I've been working loads recently to earn money to buy the car off them.  On Monday I also (very graciously) cleaned the house and my bathroom and made tea for them because I knew mum would be back late.

My mum replied that I hadn't cleaned the bathroom to her standards (-what?!) and that she's already had something planned for Monday's tea.  Well thanks for telling me!!

I'm gonna move out in October.  I'll find a nice cheap farm cottage and rent that while I work out what to do next.

Anyway rant over.

Something to look forward to for me is a possible tennis competition in Kent representing the Scottish Borders.  9 sets a day for a week!  Sounds good to me!  Could do with getting fit!


Mood - Bored
Music - Nowt at the moment
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2006-06-20 23:59:32
I have a little trick up my sleeve that sometimes works....
Who are you?!

Right now I have no idea except someone who can't seem to be able to spell which is rubbish when you're trying to write out a job application form/ project proposal.

It's all part of my master plan to bring decent big bands to the Scottish Borders!  I'm sick and tired of travelling to see them; it's about time they came to me!

For example; Take Keane (why thank you very much).  Their UK tour, although small, consists of 1 night at the Edinburgh Fringe (I'm so there!) and a night in Aberdeen.  Scotland deserves more!

That's why I'm glad the Goodies (and Bill Bailey; I must get there) are selling so well because you never know; they might come back again

(will ye no come back again...?)

Yes.  I am mad - it's been a long day and it's not over yet as I have to play a tennis match later and I have a sore knee  ruuuuuuubish.

Never mind the Goodies are keeping me company at the moment to keep my morale up!

Anyway enough rambling.

Had a dream I played celebrity tennis with Richard (drummer) from Keane and we played my mate Doug and one of the Sugababes (we kicked their asses) and Tim was in the audience and did a massive patriotic speech when it looked like me and Richard were going to lose.  Roger Federer (my no.1 male tennis player) also appeared to offer us support.  Richard and I won though purely because of the better talent.  I told Doug I was sorry but it was his own fault cause he'd chosen the Sugababe!

Enough rambling.  I'm sure you're not interested.

Mood - 1/2 here 1/2 there
Music - Stolen Musicians
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2006-06-20 01:18:09
Thank God for this site!

I've spent loads of time on it recently (well it looks like I have); I tend to keep a window open and check every now and then to see what's new on it but honestly you wouldn't blame me.

This site is such a great releif from the Health and Safety aspects of electricians, riggers and welders and that's just three of the little books I'm typing out- there are at least 4 more to go!

The things I do for money!!  Apparently I shall be painting stobs at some point... whatever they are!  Painting my bedroom is challenging enough!

Oh well only 11 more pges of tiny writing to go and I shall have finished this book.  So that'll be Thursday's work I imagine (I'm actually doing other work tomorrow and Wednesday luckily!)  Hopefully I'll have some site work next week!  *Fingers crossed*

Mood - I'm seeing little letters EVERYWHERE!
Music - Cat snoring, me and dad typing!
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2006-06-19 21:52:47
Todays Thesis...
Ebay: Good or Bad? - discuss.

Oh dear I went onto ebay today and the damage had to stop only when I went to make lunch! 

I bought:

1. A Goodies door poster (Funky Gibbons!  Couldn't resist).

I bid for:

2. DNAYS DVD (should win that in an hour *fingers crossed*)  -WON YAY

3. 1948 Show (should also win that in an hour *fingers crossed*) -WON YAY

4. Goodies series 1-9 and specials! (am hoping to win that in less than 24 hours but knowing my luck, someone with more money will come and outbid me) - IT'S JUST BEEN REMOVED FROM EBAY LISTING BOOOOOOOO!

I think that was all I bid/ bought- I hope it was, I don't have much money!

Was speaking to my sister (who lives in Canada) last night.  I made her very jealous I met Tim and I innocently asked her if I had sent her the photo which I hadn't. 

Need to see if she still has her Marty Feldman vids in a box in my Grans shed or not.  Haven't seen them for YEARS and since everyone is talking about Marty, it would be great to see them again.


Right now I hate ebay boooooo

Mood - Chirpy
Music - The cat snoring (now she's talking to me again)
Edited - 2006-06-20 00:19:05

2006-06-19 17:52:18
Uh oh!
I have to take the cats to the vet this morning!!!  In fact I have only 20 minutes before I venture downstairs to find two angry cats who have spotted their baskets and the fat that they are having (in effect) a lock in.  (obviously no booze at this one).

They've already sussed something is up..

Kind of wish that it was a Goodie Vet I was going to cause then at least I'd have Tim to comfort me when ginger Joey decides he's had enough of the vet and the only escape route is onto my back!  Seriously; claws out and he's up my arm- it HURTS!

And I've been blackmailed into this!  Because I live at home for free I have to do some things for my mum and dad.  My mum just doesn't want Joey's claws in her.

Poppy isn't so bad she just sulks all day.

*Starts to cry like Tim* I don't want to go to the vet!!!


The update:

It was fine!  Despite the cat eyeing my shoulder up on several occasions, I was able to prevent him from climbing my arm!

Poppy is still not talking to me as I had her scent glands cleared and it wasn't pleasant!!!

But that horror is over for a year now and I made friends (well bought their friendship) by giving them some tasty cat food when we got back!!

Mood - Scared
Music - the sound of cats scratching at the cat door!
Edited - 2006-06-19 19:36:17

2006-06-17 08:21:59
Saturday Night Grease
So there I was; winding down from a  long day of working after coming home and being nagged by mum, watching Saturday Night Grease and who disturbs me during the crucial carrot moment... my mum.

She then continued to sit and watch the show with me which I was obviously not in the mood for.

She left and I watched Earthanasia instead- the jeans made up for everything.

Not that I'm one track at all. 

I'm actually feeling a bit naturised at the moment!  Yesterday I picked up a stone where a ladybird was laying eggs!!  I have never seen anything like it before and I never will. 

Then apart from all the rabbits, rats, hares, buzzards and mad dogs that I've seen today I managed to herd four sheep up a hill and at the top of the hill was a doe with two baby deer and they were so cute!  The babies jumped into the tall grass and all you could see were these two tiny deer bobbing up and down in the grass.  CUUUTE!  Tim would love it.


Mood - Happy and tired
Music - Gender Education
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2006-06-14 20:02:31

Got my avatar to work finally!  Yes this is me and Tim after Halifax and I'm laughing after he called me his daughter! 

Not that I'm laughing at the idea, I think it was just one of these unexpected statements that throw me completely.  Like Bobby Elliott (Hollies drummer) saying:

"I'm eating my dinner.  It's raw broccolli" - what's that all about????

I'm going to copy Spev's account of meeting Tim in here when she writes it cause she writes these things better than I do but basically....

The guys came out of the stage door and the people flocked to them except for me, Spev and Kirstyn - I think we were a little shell- shocked.  Anyway then Graeme was suddenly standing alone and he looked in our direction so I plucked up the courage and went over to ask him for an autograph- I was shaking!  Actually nervous!

He asked me who he was signing to and I said PJ which he didn't hear so I repeted it and he was like 'dare I ask what it stands for?' and I replied 'yeah- it's Pamela-Jane'.  Not sure what he was expecting though.

Then Kirstyn asked him for an autograph and some dude asked me for some paper from my autograph book.

I noticed Rob Brydon looking lonely so I went over to him, took a photo of him and another guy and asked for Rob's autograph after complementing himon his absoulety excellent singing.  I then lent my pen to someone and when I got it back, Spev and Kirstyn had already had their hugs with Tim and I was too scared to ask but Tim did sign my autograph book and I got a picture with him (see avatar). 

Spev will probably write a better account of this.

The guys left and all we could do was stand around completely overwhelmed.  Unbelievable!

Wow Mr June!

Mood - HeeHee
Music - Under the Iron Sea - Keane
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2006-06-13 03:09:45
ISIHAC Halifax...

It was hilarious, I really enjoyed myself!  It was great to meet up with Kirstyn (Urbanspacegirl) and my megalomaniac friend Spev!

After the show we even met Graeme Garden and Tim! 

I'm so tired now I can barely write but I hope to continue tomorrow!

Mood - WOO!
Music - I'm A Teapot
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2006-05-02 04:15:14
The dissertation is finished!!!

I'm handing it in tomorrow!


Haha like I'm old enough to write a dissertation! ACE!

Mood - Excitable
Music - The sweet sound of the printer on my dissertation
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2006-04-25 23:01:30
I'M OFF TO OSLO!!!!!!!!!
For less than 24 hours but its a trip worth doing!

I'm off to celebrate uni finishing by seeing Keane on a tour at a "very initimate venue" - trust me that's what it says on the website!


Reet back to dissertation.

Music - Keane
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2006-04-20 18:34:13
G'day anyone reading this!

lol haven't written for a while been doing a mixture of partying, gardening and writing my dissertation (which is proving to take longer than I initially thought!)

Am just finishing my friends birthday invites and then I'm off to finish dissertation but thought I'd pop in, say 'hi' and hope you're all well.

Ciao for now!

Mood - Ok
Music - Keane
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2006-04-13 19:41:10
God of all the things to be doing at the moment, I'm making invitations to a friends 40th birthday and it's a Grease party.  All I can think of is well, Tim!  And then how Mary Whitehouse complained abut the carrot on Tims pants!  hahahaha

Hee hee, love it!

Mood - Happy
Music - Ah Ah Ah Ah Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive
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2006-04-12 18:59:35
Comedy Connections
I watched the Comedy Connections episode of the Goodies last night.

I quite enjoyed it, more inidividual interviews which is nice although I don't get Bill's quote about Jane Asher being a 'posh actress' but never mind.

Luaghed out loud (again) at the urgent terrapin joke!  I'd write it here but I can't remember exactly how it went, something along the lines of "'I saw our old school teacher the other day' - 'Oh yes, she tort-us(ouise)'" HAHAHA.  Boy am I easily amused!

Anyways just thought I'd write that.


Mood - Cheerful
Music - My dad talking on the phone
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2006-04-10 22:20:52
It's sunny outside and I'm stuck inside writing my dissertation!  Well it's my own fault for not finishing it by now but I've been really busy and dead tired, never mind.

Top it off am feeling sick and happy at the same time - not too sure why!

Got VERY drunk at my mate's 21st on Saturday but it wasn't a hangover the next morning - honest!  You know how you can tell the difference, well I hadn't been feeling well for a couple of days beforehand anyway.  Hope it goes away though, can't be illl now!

Anyway, holiday time now.  Ooh and the Keane poster actually fits the frame! Scoooooore!

Mood - ill and happy
Music - mixture
Edited - 2006-04-10 22:21:45

2006-04-06 09:16:27
I don't get this...
Never having been to Sheep Dog Trials before I don't know what goes on at them but can someone explain to me what the following have to do with sheep dogs?

1. Batman
2. Judge Dredd
3. Robocop
4. Terminator

I am really baffled and very amused!

Mood - Annoyed and happy ( - figure that one out!)
Music - Goooooodies, Goody, Goody Yum Yum
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2006-04-05 19:05:35
WOW what am I doing?
Spev will confirm this but let's face it, I'm not good on a telephone.  In fact I avoid using them if possible, but recently...

Well today I finally had enough sitting in and waiting for nothing to turn up from the printers so I phoned them up (they were actually supposed to phone me last night).

And boy did I make them feel bad, instead of yelling I was saying, '*sigh* well we really need these posters today *big sigh* but I suuupose we'll have to make do with tomorrow'.

Thinking on that I should have followed TIms example and cried -  nothing worse than making a girl cry and the way I'm feeling about the project involving the posters I'm often not far from tears!

Never  mind I'm the cheerful one now!  1 day of it left!!!!

Mood - Chipper (what an ace word)
Music - Breakmakers again but the Monkees woke me up
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2006-04-05 08:06:31
oh this is embarrassing...

I have to *cough* apologise about the gripe I had at Royal Mail earlier today. 

Turns out they aren't the problem (I can hear you muttering 'for once').

Erm soz

On the plus side - thanks to Spev, I've now finally found a 30 x 45 cm poster frame to hold my Keane European poster.  I have looked EVERYWHERE for an affordable frame of this size, it's taken me over a year!  Why people make posters in such an odd size I will never know!

Anyway, THANKS DUDE!!!!!!!! 

Have had a great day watching new Goodies episodes.  They are fitting in with my new ace mood at the moment.

Mood - ACE!!!!!
Music - Breakmakers
Edited - 2006-04-05 08:06:50

2006-04-04 20:18:57
GPO *pffffft*
How many times is the Royal Mail van going drive past my window?  I've counted it 6 times now!

Just when exactly is he actually going to pull in at my house and deliver my 500 A3 posters?

a) 3 months late
b) Never because it's too heavy
c) Never
d) He will ring the doorbell then knock very softly so as I can't hear and then run away very quickly so that I don't get my stuff. (He'll probably leave the van engine running and the handbrake off for a quicker getaway!)

Answers on a postcard please

p.s. to add insult to injury another royal mail van has driven past my window twice AND delivered something to the house opposite! 

Mood - Happy till I think of Royal Mail
Music - Breakmakers, Keane and Rufus Wainwright
Edited - 2006-04-04 21:59:20

2006-04-02 06:46:47
2 messages in 1 day extravaganza!!
You know (well you don't but you do now!) but I watching Cecily today and it was worrying... very worrying...

I found myself wondering why on earth I seemed to find Tim more attractive in drag???  Or maybe I was just jealous of Cecily- who knows?  It might even have been both!

Mood - WOOO!
Music - Breakmakers
Edited - Never

2006-04-01 18:38:56
So if I have this right, with this journal I'll get a badge?  Better write something interesting...


er... nothing interesting happened yesterday except catching the Guillemots playing a song on TV.

Doubt anything interesting will happen today. 

Something that is annoying me today is the 'I sent you a letter' song from Radio Goodies (dunno if that's what it's actually called)- I keep singing and singing it and I want a copy of it now and then there's this months' poll and just when I thought I'd stopped singing it, I start singing it again!!  ARGH!

I'm going now!

p.s. yep got my first journalling badge and I noticed I am also an opinionated person!  They have made my morning (oh dear!)

Mood - hyper and happy
Music - I sent you a letter, I hope it got through.
Edited - 2006-04-01 18:41:40

2006-03-31 20:37:01
Normal service has been resumed
gosh I didn't know what to do today!  I woke up at 9am(!!!) and then as I had no CNA online shop/ Border Events to do I wasn't sure what to do. 

So I sat in bed for an hour and then messed around my room and now 2 hours later I'm actually going to do a little work- not much though, don't think I should push myself too much!

Spring is in the air today and for some reason I want to listen to 'A Walk in the Blackforest'...

*turns on DVD player* time for some megalomainiac viewing (- does that make sense???  I guess you'll know I'm off to watch radio Goodies hee hee)

Music - Keane at moment soon to be Radio Goodies bummmm
Edited - Never

2006-03-30 20:02:58
I can't believe I even managed to get up today- it was touch and go as whether I'd fall asleep again after my alram went off.  But after the strongest cup of coffee and a few rounds of suduko (I'm addicted at moment) I was up and moving slowly but at least I was moving around!

I'm about to hand my shop in that doesn't work as it should do but I can't take anymore of it!  Cookies don't work properly, shopping basket doesn't work and I don't understand why and how to fix it!  Rubbish!

On a better note at least this afternoon I can rest and recuperate.

Left uni at midnight last night and walked  with my mate Dave to his flats then set off home alone in the rain- was a little worried cause it was late but I met this guy called Dave (or it may have been Ben) who was walking my way so we chatted away.  Nice bloke.  Slightly drunk but I wasn't with it much myself.  He was studying either Motorbike engineering or Motor engineering and I think it was the former!  Seen how with it I was???

Anyway off to face the lecturers

p.s. Spev!  Dave the Shave is sitting opposite me and has been for last hour and half!!!!!  Haven't said owt to him but may say hi as he leaves!

Mood - Suprisingly bright but tired
Music - typing
Edited - Never

2006-03-30 06:31:06
Whatever the tell you- don't listen
Especially if it's your lecturer trying to explain things that make sense to him and don't make sense to me.

ASP programming sucks and I can't do it.  Am going to finish work as much as possible and then skive lecturers next two weeks because I know the lecturer is just going to show up and break my poor little shop.

Poor little me- have been in uni 13 hours now and it looks set to continue for at least 2 more!  Will be knackered tomorrow.

Mood - knackered
Music - 7 members of my class anxiously typing away
Edited - Never

2006-03-29 00:42:53
I really am a teapot!
Well i'm not but I'm feeling kinda crazay!

Too much work; not enough sleep.  But that'll change on Thursday when I get a big deadline done!  Been making the CISDT website last night and today and had this weird dream about the Monkees herding the Goodies into a pen (Davy Jones was the sheep dog don't ask me why) and then the Goodies herded the Monkees (DJ was still sheep dog) and they had a competition to see who was the best!

Was really funny but odd.  Never mind can't complain about a Micky Dolenz and Tim Brooke- Taylor dream!

Hee hee ISIHAC in Halifx and Brum!  My 3rd and 4th shows!!!  YES!  SCORE!  Love it! 


Mood - Hyper and a bit zoned out
Music - various bands
Edited - Never

2006-03-21 23:50:09
Oh dear!
If I thought I was tired yesterday, it's nothing to how I feel today! 

It was 3.20am before I realised the time and stopped working.  I was up early and in University by 10.15- that sounds liek a student with deadlines looming right???

Never mind, have got a lot done- am going to do cheer myself up a bit and put money in the bank!!!  Makes a change.


Mood - Tired and still hyper!
Music - Rufus Wainwright
Edited - Never

2006-03-21 09:35:46
Actually its 11:01 as I write this but never mind!

Am busy building a website for my clients, actually this is the 3 remake I've made cause I thought it was boring considering it's a celebratory website for... the Centenary International Sheep Dog Trials.  Now that would make a good Goodies show- them entering... I can actually see it now!  Must be the coffee!

Anyway that's all I wanted to say apart from thanking my not-a-megalomaniac friend for lending me some new (to me) Goodies shows!

Cheers dude!
PeeJ x

Mood - Hyper and yet strangely tired
Music - Rufus Wainwright- Everything!
Edited - Never

2006-03-19 07:17:05
Black Pudding!
I am watching some of the dodgiest black pudding ever!  It's quite scary really!

Graeme's got some good kung fu moves- shame theu don't seem to be working and bless Tim in his bandages!  But I think the black pudding may be the star of Kung Fu Kapers! 

Anyway enough of my Goodies rambling and back to the dissertation work   

Had a good day today actually after a few hours sleep I started work and then carried on doing a mixture of work and Suduko training (lol am a bit addicted haha could become a Suduko Grand Master!)


Spev popped round and we headed off to the high street that is Preston and did a bit of present shopping for her family and a few cards for my mates and family.  Came back had breakfast for tea, Spev wrapped her presents then had to go and I'm working while watching the Goodies!  Aaaaaace!

I'm just doing a little light house keeping! 


Mood - A bit hyper today!!
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-03-18 05:39:10
Hee Hee I'm so rubbish at this!
I'm so good at starting Blogs and Journals and I'm all enthusiastic at the start and then I stop writing! 

Not that I've had much to write about!  In my final year at uni so I'm kind of stressed out especially with all the deadlines looming.

Never mind after I graduate *touch wood* I'm gonna get a part time job and have a summer of a lifetime and then either get a full time job or go and work in New Zealand for a year!  Who knows?

  Haha having a hangover day today- went out last night and discovered that 6 pints and first night in heels for MONTHS was not a good combination- promptly after leaving the club, I feel over and scraped my knee!!!  hee hee funny and slightly embarrassing at the time, the knee is now swollen and very sore!  Reminds me of when I was a kid! 

Friday night of boredom tonight- too much work and too little money!

Spev popped over with a Sherbert Fountain earlier!  WAY!  I ate it and then remembered I'd given up things like that for lent!  Oops.   Never mind.

Anyway, take care ya'll!

Mood - Tired and somewhat crazy
Music - Terry Sylvester- the best of
Edited - Never

2006-02-23 01:17:06
You know it's amazing how long I can be a fan of things before I actually go searching for other fans sometimes!

I've been a fan of Goodies for ages- so glad I've finally had Spev (not a megalomaniac) point me in this direction!

Goodie rule- just got 'at last a second helping' yesterday am almost dying from laughter watching it.

Mood - Happy!
Music - Goodies Goody Goody Yum Yum!
Edited - Never

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