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Im_a_Teapot's Journal
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2006-11-29 03:14:03
A Very Good Weekend!

Friday -

I met up with K in her old Edinburgh flat; memories of spending most of August there.  Bus to Edinburgh and then breakfast in Frasers lasting from 11am - 1pm(!) because we were chatting and not realising how quickly time was going.  We then passed the Assembly Rooms on George street to get lunch at BHS.  The ARs were dead and it seemed completely wrong- K and I got a little nostalgic and stood in the queue again and even re-enacted a certain TBT wave given to us at our 5th visit to the show.... *sigh* memories.

We did a little shopping and met some of Ks friends for an afternoon coffee before heading to my house.  Out for tea with my mum and dad followed by a Mahor Discussion with Jess till 2.30am!  Cor we were knackered. 

Saturday -

Up to Edinburgh again to meet some of Ks friends for lunch which was great.  More browsing/shopping including a recovery coffee at John Lewis' to accompany the ibruprofen to help the headaches - it was like we had a hangover!

Dropped into Tescos to pick up a random chinese dinner and some popcorn!   

Got home; chatted to Jess then had tea and watched Goodies episodes - Ecky Thump will definately never be the same again "Amazing!... amazing!".


Yes The Sunday.  Finally.  We were a little late setting off and went via ASDA to buy a picnic tea for later.  Got to Newcastle and jumped on a Metro to Central station to meet Jess.  Her train was late - what a surprise.  Just as everything was going so well.  However not too late and we were able to get on a Metro to Sunderland and arrive there by 3.40pm!

Got to Travelodge ok - cheap rooms but suited for our purposes!  We set up Ks laptop and prepared to watch more Goodies with a cup of tea.  Following the tea was a Jack Daniles and coke/ Archers and Lemonade/ Lemonade depending on whether you were K/ Peej / Jess. 

General getting ready, eating tea, drinking drinks and watching Goodies ensued till about 6.45pm when we decided to go to the Empire Theatre (about 5 mins away).

ISIHAC - won't go into details because it'll spoil it for you guys!  It was being filmed for the South Bank (not Park hee hee) Show who are doing a special on Humph

Everyone was on form tonight and Tim reminded me more of a nuaghty schoolboy than ever!  Hee hee rude!

After the show we met Humph - who was lovely; he signed a piece of paper for me and Jess took photos.  Then the lads all emerged at once...

Head over to Jess's (Jesspix) journal to read all about our encounters with the guys!

Back at the hotel we carried on watching the Goodies and chatting.  However 3 or 4 times the fire alarm went off for about 10 seconds and we weren't sure whether to leave the room or not and as no one else on the floor seemed inclined to we didn't.  But it wasn't long before the alarm went off properly and after waiting a little before even sticking our heads out of the door, we finally left and it did turn out to be an official fire alarm.  About 20 mins later we returned to our room - there wasn't a fire but an adjoining night club had a smoke machine and the smoke had been somehow getting into the hotel to set the alatms off - must happen quite often - I'd find it really annoying.

Anyway so we chatted till about 2am when K realised we had ordered breakfast at 8am and went off to her room to sleep and me and Jess got ready for bed were we then chatted till about 4am before agreeing that sleep might be a good idea. 

Jess's alarm awoke us at 8am and we ignored it... twice.  It wasn't till K knocked on the door that we realised we couldn't avoid getting up.

Monday -

Sad day this; we had quite a nice breakfast; chatted till about 9.30am and then left the hotel at 10am to get the Metro to Newcastle Central Station.

We saw K onto her train and then we all stood on the platform chatting before k boarded the train and Jess and I waved her off.

Then Jess and I waited for her train and I waved her off.  All alone *sniff* no Goodies related show to look forward to *sniff* *sniff*  buggar.

Metro-d to my car; intercepted my gran who was out shopping and spent a couple of hours with her then drove home to listen to the first Clue from London.  Was completely knackered - will have to listen to the show again to realise what happened.  "Watched"  Wallace and Gromit with mum and dad but fell asleep during most of 'A Close Shave" - went to bed dead early to begin recovery.

Tuesday -

Started a Pilates class

(I know that's completely unneccesary to mention but hey I wanted to!)

Don't forget to head over to Jess's (Jesspix) journal to read all about our encounters with the guys!  That is, if you haven't done so already.

Mood - Woo Hoo but knackered
Music - Cricklewood - The Goodies
Edited -

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