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Goodies Cor!! Comics Synopses
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Posted by bretta 03/07/2008


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(by Linda Kay)
(from C&G 122 – January 2006)
Issue 181
17th November, 1973 No. 69
Cover banner: "Goody-Goody! TV Stars "The Goodies" Appear Inside!"
The Goodies spoofed the medical world many times on their television program, even playing doctors and running a hospital in one episode. In this month's Cor!! comic we'll be reviewing their take on another kind of patient as the Goodies tend to some sad little trees and hopefully they won't end up looking like saps!   (Just putting you in the mood for what's to come!)
We find the Goodies in a man's garden as he's pointing to three very sorry-looking small trees and explaining his problem.
MAN: There are the young trees I told you about, Goodies! I planted them last year, but they don't look very well.
GRAEME: We'll examine them for you!
The Goodies don stethoscopes and each one listens to one of the pathetic, thin trees.
The Goodies confer with one another about the situation.
GRAEME: It's my opinion that there's nothing wrong with the patients generally! They just need cheering up!
TIM: I agree! We'll tell them some jokes!
They put on straw hats and Graeme holds a cane as they break into some old vaudeville schtick.
BILL: Heard about the tree who was an actor - and took a *bough! Tee hee!*
GRAEME: Then there was the crooked tree who turned over a new *leaf! Ho, ho!*
TIM: And the musical tree . . . Johann Sebastin *Bark! Ha, ha!*
One of the trees responds with a wheezing RASP! The Goodies stand looking at it in surprise.
BILL: Are they giving us the bird?
TIM: No, it's just the wind whistling through their branches!
Graeme runs to fetch a shovel.
TIM: What they need is a holiday!
BILL: B-but trees can't go on holiday!
GRAEME: Oh, yes they can!
After uprooting the trees and replanting them into pots the Goodies take them on their trandem away from the city. Bill's tree, as well as Graeme, is hitting Bill full in the face as they ride.
GRAEME: We'll take them for a spin in the country ... get them away from all the city grime!
After riding for some time the Goodies need a break and lean the bike with the trees sitting on it against a tall hedge.
GRAEME: *Phew!* Time for a breather!
The Goodies are resting on the curb nearby when Tim spots someone trimming the hedge fron the opposite side with a power hedge cutter, the blade of which is heading right for the helpless trees!
TIM: *Eek!* Watch out for that hedge cutter!
The Goodies rush over and pluck the trees from their trandem just in the nick of time.
TIM: *Wow!* That was a close shave!
The trees are looking more wilted than ever.
BILL: *Ooer,* that fright seems to have made the trees even more seedy!
They carry the pathetic saplings into what looks like an empty field. They don't seem to hear the soft *RUMBLE* coming from behind a fence.
GRAEME: We'll let them stand in this field and get lots of fresh air!
Suddenly a bulldozer appears out of nowhere ... the Goodies have missed a rather large sign which reads "This valuable marsh acquired for the erection of 14,500 plastic bijou bungalows - From 175,000.50 pounds + V.A.T. - Gazump & Grabacre, Ltd."
CONSTRUCTION WORKER: Strange! I thought I'd cleared this area!
The Goodies grab the trees and take off running as the bulldozer bears down on them.
TIM: Help! We've boobed - this must be building land!
GRAEME: *Gulp!* Don't let that bulldozer catch us napping!
The bulldozer manages to scoop the Goodies up and over a stone wall. A sign in front of the wall clearly reads "Private - Keep Out."
The Goodies lay on the ground, looking defeated and afraid to see how the trees have fared through such rough treatment.
GRAEME: I can't bear to look!
However they're surprised to see the potted trees have landed next to a large tree ... all three are now looking very straight and healthy.
BILL: Hey! Look at that!
The Goodies return the trees to their yard and proudly show the perky saplings to their owner.
GRAEME: Yes, all the young trees wanted was a short visit to their *MUM* to see how she was!
BILL: They'll be all right now!
Sign-Off Line: Our TV Chuckle Champs Return For More Fun Next Week!
II - Fair-y punkmother.
Unfortunately this comic doesn't do much better than the last one we reviewed. While the idea is cute and the artwork is more than adequate it just falls short of being completely satisfying. Basically it comes out as a reason to crack a lot of tree puns. While the temptation to do this is terrible (see my own introduction to this review!) the comic could have used a little more.
Sorely missing are extra background jokes in the artwork. A sticker on the back of one car reads "Another ... " (whatever that means) and there is the construction company's sign (the phone number for Gazump & Grabacre is 006 7/8-402 9-2460788) plus a few ducks are crossing the field as the bulldozer comes through but that's about it.
The bottom line is that trees don't do much, so the interaction is all on the part of the Goodies, but it isn't enough. Basing a whole comic around trying to cheer up trees is a bit flimsy, although one has the admit that for kids the ending is pretty cute. All in all it would have been nice to see the artist and writer come up with just a little more to fill this strip out and make it work a little better.

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