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Goodies Cor!! Comics Synopses
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Posted by bretta 03/07/2008


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(by Linda Kay)
(from C&G 104 – July 2004)
Issue 166
4th August, 1973 No. 54
As we've seen in past reviews of the Cor!! comics there were many times the stories in the comics were similar to ideas used in the television series. Some came after the Goodies' interpretations and others, like the comic we'll be reviewing this month, pre-dated the Goodies take on the same subject. This time it's the Abominable Snowman the Goodies are searching for ... in several years time the Goodies would be searching for Bigfoot, the American equivalent of the mythical beast. A search for Arthur C. Clarke did not figure in this particular comic adventure, however.
Cover banner: "Goody-Goody! TV Stars "The Goodies" Appear Inside!"
The Goodies are seen suffering from the heat in their office (the sun beating through the window, the wilting plant on the sill, Tim wiping away perspiration with flies hovering around his head and a ceiling fan going above them are all evidence of this ... also they're all wearing Goodies t-shirts!). A scientific explorer enters quickly and is in distress.
SCIENTIST: I say, Goodies ... our captive *Abominable Snowman* has escaped ... we're afraid he might *melt* in this blazing heat!
The scientist produces a cement casting of a giant foot, which Graeme examines.
SCIENTIST: Here's how you can track it down! That's the kind of footprint it leaves! Get to it. There's good chaps!
GRAEME: Leave it to us!
Graeme works feverishly using the footprint mold to make Plaster of Paris copies of the feet. Bill gets splashed in the face with some of the mixture as Tim examines one of the finished feet.
BILL: Aha! What's *AFOOT*?
GRAEME: Well ... if you cast your eye over what I'm doing, you'll see I've a *hand* in something brewing!
TIM: Can it be another famous Goodies plan?
Graeme takes the finished feet and attaches them to the back tire rim on the trandem as Tim and Bill watch.
GRAEME: Now we can ride all around and make the Yeti think we're another snowman ... he'll follow our tracks and we'll capture him!
BILL: 'pon my "sole"! It just might work!
The Goodies ride around on the trandem leaving a trail of Yeti prints behind them.
BILL: Wow! Look at those tracks!
TIM: We'll capture that Yeti yet!
The Goodies, exhausted and overheated, come across an ice cream van with a seemingly very large ice cream salesman inside.
GRAEME: Phew! This is hot work! Let's stop for an ice cream!
BILL: Can we have cornets? With strawberry sauce and a choccy flake?
Tim approaches the ice cream truck to be confronted by the sight of a huge, hairy ice cream vendor.
TIM (Thought balloon): Gosh! What an ugly customer! (Speaking) Er ... three choc-flake cornets, please!
The hairy vendor (who is of course the Yeti in disguise) shoves a large amount of ice cream in Tim's face as Bill and Graeme watch calmly.
The ice cream truck races away, leaving Tim covered in ice cream. The truck pulling away also reveals the real ice cream salesman tied to a post and gagged, his clothes missing. Graeme points accusingly at the fleeing truck as Bill jumps up and down in aggravation.
BILL: You forgot the choccy flakes, you twit!
GRAEME: Here's the real driver! It's the *Abominable Snowman* in the van! After him!
The ice cream van speeds through town (its music playing all the way) as the Goodies race after it on the trandem.
TIM: Stop, Yeti, stop!
BILL: Yeah ... I want a choc ice!
The Goodies speed through an intersection, ripping the pants of a policeman who is directing traffic. The scientific explorer eyes the faux Yeti prints the Goodies trandem have left with his magnifying glass as Big Ben is about the chime three o'clock in the background.
SCIENTIST: Goodness ... Yeti tracks right here in London! I'll get after the boundah!
Big Ben starts to chime, which makes the Yeti think a gigantic ice cream truck is coming and causes him to slam on the brakes. The Goodies speed toward the back of the van without much chance to stop in time.
YETI: Ugh! Lotta chimes! Must be *giant ice cream van*! Better stop!
TIM: Eek! On with the brakes!
The van has come to a complete stop and the Goodies barrel into the back of it, knocking the sign off the van and flinging ice cream supplies everywhere.
BILL: Augh! Too late!
A policeman happens along and confronts the ice cream van driver, oblivious to the fact it's the Yeti in disguise.
OFFICER: I'm afraid you'll have to come along with me, sir! I'm arrestin' you for dangerous drivin'!
YETI: *Gulp!*
As the officer begins to take the Yeti away the scientist arrives on the scene and stops him.
SCIENTIST: I say, constable . . I claim that creature in the name of science and British justice! By the way, have you seen The Goodies?
The Goodies walk out of the back of the ice cream van, each of them frozen solid. The scientist falls over backwards at the sight of them as the Yeti hugs the policeman's head and laughs out loud.
SCIENTIST: Oh, no! I started after one abominable snowman ... now I've got four!
Sign-Off Line: Will The Goodies Get In An Abominable Mess Again Next Week?
III - Goody goody yum yum.
While this isn't the strongest story in the world there's enough fun stuff going on, especially in the backgrounds, to keep this an entertaining bit of comedy. Graeme's animated way of pouring Plaster of Paris (especially splashing it in Bill's face) is pretty funny. When the Goodies are racing around on the trandem leaving the Yeti prints, they run over a field (startling a horse), onto a road where they run over the top of an automobile and then zoom back up the hill. A sign on the side of the "O-So-Frosty" *free range* ice cream truck offers such flavors as "Arctic Cor!!net," "Arctic Wafer," "Zerochoc" and "Fruty-Toot." Even more clever, the license plate on the back of the ice cream van reads "YET 1."
When Tim opens his coin purse to pay for the cornets, several moths fly out! The Yeti wears an ice cream vendor's hat which reads "Stay Cool." As the ice cream van races away and then zooms through London it leaves a trail of ice cream cones flying out the window. The van barely misses a businessman who has his nose buried in a newspaper as he walks on a zebra crossing (as a dog tied to a pole barks at him). Big Ben is shown with birds flying away from it as a shot of steam comes from one corner and the sound effects say "WHIRRRR - click:   (wait for it ......
) and then goes "DING-DONG" in the next panel (compared to the ice cream truck's constant "ding-dong" type sound effects). It also appears there is a For Sale sign on the landmark! The policeman directing traffic is left standing in polka-dot boxers after the Goodies accidentally rip his pants off, much to the surprise of an Indian gentleman standing nearby. On the double decker bus in the background an advertisement reads "Schmoo Washes White." The bus driver is signaling right (and his hand goes right through the glass window on that side!) and his passengers on the upper deck are made up of an interesting assortment of characters ... one appears to be a superhero of some kind, another a skeleton, and yet another a German soldier.
As the ice cream van screeches to a halt, it barely misses a mouse in the roadway who stands with his arms out as it braces for the worst. Finally in the last panel a fully-suited astronaut waits casually for a bus while reading a newspaper. Overall this is a very animated and fun comic, well suited for the hot summer month during which it was published.

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