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Goodies Cor!! Comics Synopses
#24 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 03/07/2008


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(by Linda Kay)
(from C&G 96 – December 2003)
Issue 159
16 June, 1973 No. 47
The Goodies at the seaside isn't an uncommon theme in both the series and the Cor!! comics, but one can only imagine how they might have handled the rescue of a stolen pier in live action! At least we can find out how they managed in cartoon form as seen in this issue's Cor!! comic review.
The Goodies, decked out in swim gear, are cycling on their trandem toward the seaside (a sign pointing the way reads "Welcome to Cheapskate on Sea"). A fisherman (with a fish in his pocket and a parrot on his shoulder) watches as they pass. Bill is caught by his vest on the hook of Tim's fishing line, which is holding him suspended above the bike, although he is managing to hold onto his handlebars.
TIM: I'm glad we decided to close the office for a week and come to the seaside!
GRAEME: Let's go straight to the pier and do some fishing!
The Goodies pedal onto the pier while a guard chases after them.
GUARD: Hey! You can't go on the pier ...
BILL: We're the Goodies, we can do *ANYTHING*!
Much to their surprise the Goodies find themselves in midair, falling toward the sea. A nearby seagull appears to be as surprised as they are.
GUARD: ... *Someone stole it in the night!*
TIM: Now he tells us! *Help!*
The Goodies soggily make their way back to shore. Tim approaches the Mayor, who is awaiting them, while Graeme, wearing water wings, flails vainly in the water.
GRAEME: Splutter ... puff ... I'm getting nowhere!
BILL: We're not surprised. The tide's out!
The Mayor addresses Graeme, who give the man a wet salute in return.
MAYOR: Glad you dropped in, Goodies - our pier's disappeared! Find it for us, please!
GRAEME: Leave it to us, Mr. Mayor!
Bill goes to a nearby 3p spyglass, training it quite conspicuously on a bikini clad woman on the beach. In the meantime, Tim takes Graeme's water wings.
BILL: I'll see if I can see it!
GRAEME: That's no good, we'll need a helicopter to spot it from the air!
TIM: No need, Graeme! Just lend me your water wings - I've got an idea!
Tim lets the air out of the water wings and uses them to propel himself up into the air.
BILL: Coo - Tim's going up in the world!
Tim lands with a belly flop across a woman's inflatable raft, sending her flying in the air and also sending the occupant of a nearby motor boat flying as well. Somehow he still manages to point out a direction to Bill and Graeme.
TIM: I saw the Cheapskate Pier! It's at a town along the coast!
BILL: Of course! A rival seaside town must have pinched it - we'll go and fetch it back tonight!
Graeme and Tim are seen in two rowboats, towing the large pier back to Cheapskate (a sign in the water indicates it is 2 knots away). Bill stands on the back of the pier waving to them.
TIM: I still think Bill should have got a boat and helped!
BILL: Someone's got to guard the pier!
And sure enough several men in rowboats are chasing after them. Bill spots them worriedly.
MAN IN BOAT: Oy! Bring back that pier!
BILL: Yikes! They're after us!
Bill unties some life savers from the pier.
BILL: These lifebelts will help me stop them!
Bill tosses the rings at the men in the boats.
BILL: I've got to act fast! Lucky I was a hoopla champ in my youth!
The life savers land over the men, pinning their arms down to their sides.
BILL: Ha, ha! Right on target!
MAN IN BOAT: Aargh, we can't *row*!
The Goodies return the pier to Cheapskate's beach and come ashore to a cheering crowd.
BYSTANDER: They've brought our pier back, hurray!
SMALL BOY: Good old Goodies!
GRAEME: Now we've brought it back, perhaps we can get on with our fishing!
But when they go to the pier in their fishing outfits the guard stops them, pointing to a sign which reads "Admission 20p per person, 10p half a person."
GUARD: You're not coming on the pier for years!
TIM: Cheek!
BILL: After all we've done?
The Goodies turn angrily on the Mayor.
TIM: Give us one good reason why we shouldn't fish out our supper!
MAYOR: One? I'll give you *three*!
The Goodies find themselves in a high class restaurant dining on a sumptuous fish dinner (a waiter is even bringing them spare chips).
MAYOR: The town is treating each of you to a slap-up feast!
BILL: Goody-goody-goody!
GRAEME: Drool! They aren't as mean as they a-PIER-ed to be!
TIM: Tee hee!
Sign-Off Line: Will The Goodies Have Their Chips Next Week?
III - Goody goody yum yum.
This is a somewhat uneven comic as the artwork is very rich and detailed, but the dialogue most certainly is not. There's an unusual lack of puns in this outing, and broken down there are really only four situations ... the Goodies driving off the pier, Tim flying up with the water wings, the rescue of the pier and the final reward. Fortunately there's an abundance of detail and background gags going on to keep this from being too bland. A crab, anchor and overturned rowboat stand by the sign when the Goodies first cycle into Cheapskate on Sea, as well as the fisherman. A mine floats ominously just off shore when the Goodies cycle off the pier and a seagull in the water also tries to swim out of their way. Tim's splash land in the ocean after flying up on the water wings is particularly animated and dramatic. A shark swims around the rowboats as the Goodies haul the pier back to Cheapskate. One of the men in the cheering crowd is wearing a sailor style hat which reads "Sockit to Me." Another man sleeps lazily on the beach amidst the din of the crowd (also the same blonde Bill was looking at earlier is there). The window glass of the restaurant reads "Esplanade Chipperama - Prop. Guiseppe Higgins" and his menu on the wall reads "Horses Doovers - 5p, Soup 10p, Fish 20p, Steak 14.5 pounds (terms arranged). Inc. VAT & Chips, Coffee." Without such detail tucked inside the panels this comic would have rated much lower.

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