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Goodies Cor!! Comics Synopses
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Posted by bretta 03/07/2008


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(by Linda Kay)
(from C&G 118 – September 2005)
Issue No. 177
20th October, 1973 No. 65
Many times in the Goodies television show the boys would put on a show for some reason or another, showing off their skills (or lack thereof, at least as far as the characters were concerned) in different forms of entertainment. The Cor!! comic we'll review this month does much the same but with a slightly different result.
The Goodies are seated at the desk in their office when a park attendant hurries in. He has a litter bag around his shoulder and is brandishing a litter pick-up stick which he's used to pin the end of Graeme's tie to the top of the desk.
PARK ATTENDANT: We want you Goodies to attract more people to the town park!
BILL: Er ... how about staging a show, chaps?
TIM: Good thinking, Bill!
The Goodies ride their trandem to the office of Perce Entidge, a theatrical agent.
TIM: We'll be able to hire some acts here!
The Goodies enter the office just as a man dressed in feathers "flies" over their heads.
PERCE ENTIDGE: Sorry, *bird impersonators* are ten-a-penny just now! .. Next please!
BIRD MAN: Tweet! Tweet!
The theatrical agent, whose many phones are ringing all around him, hands Graeme a slip of paper.
PERCE ENTIDGE: I know just the people you want! They do anything! Here's their address!
GRAEME: We'll go and see them right away!
The Goodies end up back at their own office door!
TIM: Oh, no! He's sent us to our own office!
GRAEME: We're back where we started!
BILL: But remember we do *anything,* so why don't we put on a show ourselves?
The Goodies go into the office and pull some costumes out of their large wardrobe.
GRAEME: We'll grab some props and pop along to the park for a rehearsal!
At the park, The Goodies are onstage practicing a dance number. Each of them are dressed as women ... Tim in a ballerina outfit, Graeme in a milkmaid style dress and Bill in a housekeeper's dress. The park attendant watches them rehearse.
GRAEME: How's this for the opening chorus?
PARK ATTENDANT: Terrible! That hairy hoofer at the end needs a shave to start with!
Bill stops angrily as Graeme and Tim run into him.
BILL: I'll "razor" a racket is you ... aargh!
TIM: Yikes, don't stop - oops!
The Goodies end up in a tangled pile on the stage. The park attendant rubs his face in exasperation.
PARK ATTENDANT: Groan! Isn't there anything else you can do? Juggling for instance?
BILL: Okay ... we'll have a bash at that!
The Goodies next dress in juggler / acrobat outfits and stand in a small circle on the stage as they casually pass juggling clubs back and forth between them. The park attendant sits on the stage and breaks his litter pick-up stick in frustration.
GRAEME: Here you are, Tim!
TIM: Thanks - and here's one for you, Bill!
BILL: Coo - ta!
PARK ATTENDANT: Arrrgh! You don't just *pass* the clubs around, throw them up in the air!
Graeme throws two of the clubs ... one hits Bill in the face and the other lands on Tim's head with a SPLATT!
TIM: Arrrgh! This is dangerous!
PARK ATTENDANT: Well you're supposed to *catch* them!
BILL: OUCH! That one caught *me!*
The park attendant confronts the trio as Tim and Graeme eye Bill knowingly.
PARK ATTENDANT: Dare I ask, what you have planned for the top of the bill?
GRAEME: Top of the *Bill,* that's an idea!
BILL: Er ... is it?
They try an acrobatic routine ... Tim stands on his head on top of Bill's head and Graeme climbs up to stand on Tim's feet. They wobble precariously in this position.
GRAEME: How's this for "Top of the Bill?"
TIM: This should bring the house down!
BILL: Arrgh, come off it!
The stage below their feet gives way and all three plunge through the boards with a crash.
PARK ATTENDANT: Bah, well you've brought the stage down at any rate!
GRAEME: Oof! What a crashing blow!
The Goodies, all swathed in bandages, arm slings, crutches and canes, talk to the concerned park
GRAEME: D-don't worry, we'll be all right tonight!
PARK ATTENDANT: H'mm, maybe you'll do at that!
The Goodies stand in the town square dressed in old-fashioned vaudeville outfits. Bill has a guitar and Tim has a banjo and they are singing earnestly. People are reacting to them by clasping their hands over their ears and looking alarmed.
TIM AND BILL: WE ARE THE GOODIES ... wail - screech!
GRAEME: Hey, what's the idea of making us do our show in the middle of the town square? I thought you wanted to attract more people into the park!
LISTENER #1: Argh ... they look *awful* and sound even *worse!*
The people on the street go racing into the park in desperation.
LISTENER #2: Come on - into the park for some peace and quiet!
LISTENER #3: Anything to get away from that terrible show in the square!
PARK ATTENDANT: Well done, Goodies - another brilliant success!
GRAEME: Cor!! We'll raise a *song and dance* about this!
Sign-Off Line: Our TV Chuckle Champs Return Next Week!
III - Goody goody yum yum.
An interesting comic which doesn't deliver much in the way of verbal humor but is well drawn and has a nice twist for an ending. Some frames are packed with extra sight gags as well. In the opening panel, while Graeme's tie is impaled on the desk Tim's tie isn't faring much better, as it's trapped in the roller of a typewriter in front of him. Outside the theatrical agent (whose name is a bad pun in and of itself) there is a sign on the wall which reads "Non-Stick Pan Alley" (a joke on New York's famous Tin Pan Alley). There is a dog wearing a clown costume which is juggling outside the office as well.
Inside the theatrical agency there is a man in an overcoat, hat and worn-out shoes reading a copy of "Hamlet, A Great Dane." There is also another man and a performing seal sitting nearby. The theatrical agent has a tie with percentage marks on it and there is a framed picture of a monkey on the wall behind his desk. At the park, just visible in the background is a pond. A boy is standing near the pond with a toy sailboat but a hand with a small flag that reads "Help!" is sticking up out of the water.
The Goodies' underwear beneath the tutu and skirts are shown to be patched and worn when they end up falling over one another on stage. In the town square as the Goodies are performing there is a dog and a cat among the crowd holding their paws over their ears. The street lamp shatters at the sound of their voices. A woman in an apartment above is slamming shut her window to keep out the noise. Even an air raid warden goes running for cover. In the larger panel below we see a person has been trampled in the stampede to the park and is lying on the street with someone still running over them. Among the crowd of people are wailing children being pushed and pulled along and even a Frankenstein monster is trying to escape the din. A Cortown park sign (with the standard No this, no that, etc. on it) is being knocked over in the mad rush. And someone has lost their hat and glasses as they escape off frame.
This isn't one of the best of the Goodies Cor!! comics but it is entertaining and includes some funny situations which are adequately executed.

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