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i_luv_tbt_he_roks's Journal
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i_luv_tbt_he_roks's journal
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2006-06-27 18:13:32
Whoa, i havent been on here in what..? 3 MONTHS??? So sorry i havent been on in ages, I've missed you all. I've been so busy with school and friends and family.. So what has been happening since I've been away..? How is everyone? Did i mention i am obsessed with Lano and Woodley as well as The Goodies, apparently Woodley was inspired by The Goodies..? Well, that's what i heard Woodley say on the "Lano and Woodley" DVD.. Hmmm, i don't know what else to say.. OH! I went to Broome in WA a few weeks ago for a week! Mmmm, 1 week off school to go to nice WARMTH, aww, i wish i was there now.. It's so cold in Adelaide!!! In Broome I went on a "pearl" cruise and there were hammocks on board and everything! I got a picture of myself wearing my sister's funny hat, my big black sunglasses that make me look like a fly, and i was sitting on the hammock with the sea in the background! It's actually quite a nice pic.. Which is a first for me.. hehe.. Yes, OH! and i went on a camel ride through the dunes at night/while the sun set! It was so beautiful! And after i got back, one of my best friends went to Broome 1 week later! It was pretty funny actually! Well, i think i might go now, hope to hear from everyone, I'd love a comment ! Ciao!


Mood -
Music -
Edited - 2006-06-27 18:16:02

2006-03-25 09:59:09
I've Been a LITLLE busy...
Hey everyone! I haven't been on here in ages! School has been very fun, but tiring and VERY busy at the same time... I've also been doing a lot of stuff with friends aswell, it's also hard because I've got about 3 or 4 different groups of friends!!! Well, I have been to about 3 parties in 4 weeks/weekends, and now that I get closer to my holidays, I CAN'T WAIT!! I AM SO TIRED, I NEED TO CATCH UP ON MY REST!! Hehe. Although, I have got another party to go to in the holidays aswell... What's with all the people and their birthdays in March/April!?! Anyway, how is everyone else? You all enjoying school/work??
Oh! And my puppy is going fine! She is getting bigger and stronger. (She used to jump off this little wall that we have at my house, and she would hurt herself, but now she can land on her feet and NOT get hurt, by the way, when she would jump off the wall, it would be too late to go and save her.. Hehe, and also it's on grass, so it cushions her fall a little bit.) Anyway, so she is happy and well, but I think she has a little bit of a cold at the moment.. She seems to be sneezing quite a lot..
Well, I better be off, I also better start writing a few more journals now! I have to catch up to the other people!! Bye bye !!!


Mood - Happy, happy, happy!
Music -
Edited - 2006-03-29 21:27:45

2006-02-14 21:44:10
Happiest Weekend EVER!
OK, well obviously by the journal's title, I am EXTREMELY happy! On the weekend I slept over at my friends place, and we had loads of fun, we walked around all of the shops that are near her house and we met my boyfriend up there and we just hung around for a while. Being silly ofcourse, we were trying on these really weird hats that were at this cheap shop, and I was taking pictures of us being silly aswell. It was really funny! Also, my friend and I stayed up all night watching movies, and talking on MSN for hours! When I got back on Sunday from my friend's place I rang my boyfriend and he came over to my place and we watched a movie called "Wedding Crashers" (which is pretty funny by the way). While we were watching the movie, my mum and dad went down to Glenelg and guess what they brought home ?? Well, when they got home, my dad said to me "Your mum has a surprise" and then i guess "Is it a puppy!?". So I run outside, and there right infront of me is a CUTE LITTLE PUPPY! OMG! I WAS SO EXCITED! She is so cute, but we haven't got a name for her yet. Anyone got any good ideas? Haha! The puppy is a Jack Russel crossed with something else that I don't know/forgotten.. (Whoops..!) Well, that's why my weekend was very good!
Oh, and it was Valentines Day today! My boyfriend got me a very nice rose, a card that has A LOT of writing in it about how much he loves me ( hehe), and a balloon that's in the shape of a heart! (My school had a fundraiser type thing and sold those balloons for valentines day!) I also got my boyfriend a balloon, a chocolate love heart and a panda toy (it's a long story, but we call eachother panda bears! ). How was everyone else's Valentines Day?

Also, here's a picture that I took with my phone of my very cute puppy!! :


Mood - Extremely Happy!
Music -
Edited - 2006-02-14 21:54:41

2006-02-05 12:26:17
Hewwo! (Hello)
I haven't written a journal in a while, like in a week! I've been so busy with school and homework and all that, that I haven't found the time to just relax, and look on this site! The start of my first school week was pretty bad, but it gradually got better by the end of the week. I found out that I got two P.E.'s this semester, and none for the next one! I was supposed to have one for each semester, ah well, it'll be fun this semester! I love P.E., but my teacher is new, and he's a bit 'meh' at the moment, but I guess it has only been one week, so I'll give him another chance! I'm playing tennis for a club, and I'm in division 9. (I only started last year, and I was in div. 11 last year, so I'm doing pretty well! ) I didn't get to play this weekend though (yesterday) because I was a reserve, my team/division has too many people in it... In the holidays I went to this BBQ thing, and I played doubles against some 40+ year olds, and my partner and I only lost 4-6, so we did pretty well! I did some pretty good shots too, which the opposition couldn't get to! I also play soccer in the winter. I'm alright at it, I play for the school. It's called 'Zone Sport' because we play after school, and we sometimes play at home, or go travel on the bus to play at other schools (and miss out on a few minutes of lesson time too! ) Another sport I play is basketball for that 'Zone Sport' thingy that I talked about. I play so many sports, that I am so busy and can't find time to do much! Haha
Yesterday I went to my bf's house, we went in his spa, and just talked, it was pretty nice, the temperature of the spa was about 32 degrees, but it was pretty cold outside. We also just walked around, looked at his alpacas, HE HAS 13 OF 'EM! They also got sheared last weekend, so they all look very skinny, and they also have very long necks, it looks like they're giraffes! (I thought they looked like that, but I was only joking when I said that!) They're very cute though!
Well, I also got some weird black 'balarina' type shoes (that's what people call them, they aren't really like ballarina shoes..) I got them for school, to wear with my skirt and dress. Today though, I'm going to go shopping for some surfie type shoes, that are black (ofcourse, for school..) and they have a LITTLE bit of pink on them, hopefully the teachers won't mind that! Okay, well I think I've said enough, bu-bye!


Mood - Calm
Music -
Edited - 2006-02-05 12:29:30

2006-01-30 16:27:28
First Day of School..
Well, my first day of school was pretty cr@p, I didn't mind seeing all my friends though, but to sum the day up, I had a pretty sh@t day.. (Sorry about all the swearing, but that's just the kinda' mood I'm in... There might be a little bit more of it later on, so just please excuse my language!) Well, there is this class called 'Care Group' where you just have a teacher that organises everything and reads out the news for the day. (It's basically your 'main' class). And guess who I have in my 'Care Group' ?? My ex ex boyfriend, and my ex boyfriend... I'm actually supposed to be 'best' friends with my ex boyfriend, but something happened today which I'll tell you in a second. My ex ex boyfriend like NEVER talks to me and can't even LOOK at me! I try to be nice to him, but he's just an a$$h@le.. Well, I'll tell you what happened with my 'best friend' (ex boyfriend). He always says to me how much he still loves me since we broke up, and yesterday (Sunday) and also last Friday, he came over to my place, and he was SO nice to me! Anyway, yesterday we also went to the movies, saw a pretty bad movie, and he couldn't stop hugging me and kissing me on the cheek.. I still really like him, I only broke up with him because I thought that I needed a break from him, he was getting a bit 'annoying' (I know, I feel bad for saying that, but it's the truth..) Ok, I'll get to the point now, today, he was nice to me in the morning, then suddenly at recess he gets 'pretend' married to this girl, who I think is a really good friend to him, and they both have a ring now. And after that, when we're walking together I ask him if he loves her, and he says only 'friendly' love (I mean, what the H@#$ does 'friendly' love MEAN??) After that, he doesn't talk to me, then at lunch I see him hugging her from behind, and the last I see of him, he is talking 'privately' to this girl at the end of the day. I just swiftly walked passed, trying to ignore him. I feel so cr@p now, and whenever I try and talk about it to my friends, they just basically ignore me and talk to me about their problems. I told my mum, but whenever I do, I just burst out crying, and you know how you do those little hic up things once you've cried heaps? Well, I start to do that, and then I can hardly talk to my mum, hehe, it's actually quite embarrassing in a way.. I better stop talking about my day at school now, because I'm probably BORING you all to death with my whining, and I think I probably am making a too bigger deal out of this, but I went out with my ex bf for 17 weeks, and I still like him!.. Anyway, bye bye!


Mood - Crying non-stop (maybe just crying a LITTLE bit..)
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-30 17:08:37

2006-01-26 14:05:10
Well, today is Australia Day, and school is closing in. (Happy Austrlia Day to everyone by the way! ) You'd think that you would do something speacial for Australia day, but so far, I've slept in, and done absolutely nothing, besides go on the computer..! How very boring.. I'm young, and I need to be entertained! Is anyone else having the time of their lives today?? Anyway, yesterday I went to see a movie called "Fun with Dick and Jane" ... (The one with Jim Carrey in it). It was alright, not the best Jim Carrey film I've seen before though, but I still laughed a few times.. I also got a new phone yesterday, one of those new fangled ones with a camera and all that on it, I've seemed to work out how to use it, I think.. Hehe, but I have to say, I'm not very good with all this new technology stuff!!
Well, i better be off before I start talking about something REALLY boring, Seeya Everyone!!


Mood - Anxious/excited (about school) but I'm also bored.
Music - Hey Jude by The Beatles (I like this song :D)
Edited - 2006-01-26 14:08:10

2006-01-24 23:04:34
Just a few days away...
In a few days I'm going back to school! *Doh! Not School again! I've got another four bloody years of it left too! Well, I had to go to my school today, to collect my text books, and buy some more new uniform, and guess what?! WE HAVE TO WEAR GOOFY BLACK SHOES THIS YEAR! Can you picture someone wearing a dress with big black goofy shoes?! It will look so bad.. I'm probably making a bit too bigger deal out of this, but I don't want to look silly at school. That's just what I think anyway.. Well, I also got my student ID card, for borrowing books and all that type of stuff, and I look soooooo bad in that photo! Haha, why do those photos for drivers' licenses, student cards, etc. have to look so bad?! I think it's just Murphey's Law (isn't that what some people say? )
I love the holidays, you'd think there is so much to do, which there is, but most of the time your parents don't let you do something i.e. go to the movies with your friends. So by the time the holidays end, you get kindof bored, and you actually slightly WANT to go back to school, because at least you've got something to do. Although, when you're at school, you can't wait 'till the weekend, or the holidays again. Am I right? I'm really confusing myself here, so I think I'll stop myself from rambling on about school... So I better be off, seeya everyone!


Mood - Excited in some way
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-24 23:30:33

2006-01-21 11:20:11
I'm Knackered!!
Hello! Well, here's what's been happening over the past few days for me... (Not that much I might add.. Hehe)
  • A few days ago I went in my swimming pool and did sixty laps, non-stop!! I was so tired/knackered after that..
  • I also went to this street party in Adelaide for this bike riding competition thing that's going on down here at the moment, and it was so crowded, I could hardly move! Although I did get this really nice guava slushy thing, so I was happy!
  • My burn is getting worse.. Not that you really need to know that.. I don't think I have had any more bad luck, which is good, because I thought bad luck came in threes?!?
  • Nothing much else has been happening, although I did have a pool party yesterday with a lot of people, which was quite fun.. 
  • I've only got one more week of holidays left and then I have to go back to school, for year nine!!! I wonder what it's going to be like.. I'm also going to get a really big project that goes from year nine to year ten! But this year I'll try and be a good student because last year I would sometimes not pay that much attention to the teacher...



Mood - Anxious
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-21 11:32:58

2006-01-17 17:06:02
Bad Luck...
Last night my dad was serving dinner, and he accidently burnt me on my arm with the side of the oven tray, twice! I've now got these two straight burns, parallel to eachother on my arm, it looks like something has scratched me! It really hurt too, I had to keep an ice pack on it for about an hour, well I had to change the ice packs so the peas and beans wouldn't defrost! Anyway, today I went for a bike ride in the 30+ degree heat, and I had to wear pants because all my shorts were either drying, or in the wash! I wanted to get some exercise in, because it's hard to find the right temperature to go walking.. I think I'm having bad luck, and some people say that bad luck comes in threes! What's going to happen next??


Mood - Worried
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-17 17:08:57

2006-01-13 22:13:16
I'm so HAPPY!
I don't know why, but I have been so happy lately! I guess it's because I just caught up with one of my old friends from year 5 or 6, and we are still great friends after all this time, we had no trouble talking to eachother! Also I'm gradually getting happier from when i broke up with my bf.. (I WAS but now I'm !!) It's been a few days since I've written a journal! But I guess I've been writing a lot in those forums. I might be getting a new phone soon, with a camera and all that new fangled stuff.. I'm sure I'll put a few Goodies tunes on it when I get it aswell! Anyone know how you can put songs on your phone from the computer? Or is the only way you can put songs on your phone is by downloading it from your phone? I don't know, I'm not good at all this technology stuff! Haha! I hope my letter to Tim actually gets to him, and that he has enough time to reply! I'd be the happiest person then Has anyone ever sent a letter to one of the Goodies before? Or thought about it??



P.S. Also, in one of the forums (I think it's called "You might be a Goodies fan if.." and it's in the Main Forum), I put a picture in from "The Goodies File" book, but you couldn't really see some of the baby pics of Tim in it that well. So I tried to cut a few of them out and enlarge them, hope it works!

Here is the first one of Tim and his dog :

This last one is of Tim, I think he might be in his bathers..? :

Sorry, they're a bit fuzzy, but at least you can see 'em a bit better! How cute are the pics of Tim?!

Mood - Fan-bloody-tastic (am I allowed to say that here?)
Music - Needed, by The Goodies
Edited - 2006-01-16 10:12:25

2006-01-11 23:35:18
A Weird Day..
I got up this morning, earlier than I would usually (I got up at about 9:30 this morning, and I usually sleep in untill about 10:30-11:00..), and I had a shower. But when I was getting out, I slipped and landed on my bottom. It really hurt! I've got a huge bruise now!! Ah well, After that I went to the post office and I finally sent the letter I wrote to Tim. For the rest of the day I just went shopping and when I got home I spoke to my (now ex) bf. And I couldn't help bursting out crying! It was quite embarrassing actually... But, I was happy and laughing again because I watched "At Last The 1948 Show" for the rest of the night (I love the bit where Tim is that robot and he goes to visit Bill as the lonely patient!!! Very clever!). I have to go now though, I'm really tired, and I need to go to bed. G'night, it's time for "beddy byes" or "sleepy bo bo's" as some people say it!


Mood -
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-11 23:40:23

2006-01-09 20:45:17
A sad phone call..
A few minutes ago I just spoke to my bf, and it turns out that we had to break up after 16 weeks! (about 4 months I think). Well, it's kindof just a break from eachother... I was balling my eyes out! :'( I seriously could not stop crying! All I need now is just someone to talk to and cheer me up... Well, hope everyone else is having a good time, bye bye!


Mood - Very, very, VERY sad!!
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-01-09 18:47:16
Last night I set my alarm to wake up at 9:00, but this morning, I slept through my alarm clock, after that, my mum woke me up at about 10:00 and I fell asleep again, and finally when my dad got back from his morning shift which was at about 12:30 he woke me up, finally!!! (My dad is a doctor and only works in the morning on Mondays and Fridays.. Not that you really need to know that, but anyway...) I got up and out of bed at 12:30!! How bad is that?! Haha Well, once I got out of bed, I went on the computer and I started typing out a letter to Tim! (I think I finally found his agent's address!! I'm so excited! I hope it is correct!) Yea, so I've started a letter to him, and I've written all this stuff about how I'm a big fan of his, and how I missed out on meeting him at that signing in Adelaide, and so on! (Blah, blah, blah! ) I would show you but it's a bit too long to put in my journal I think.. It's about two pages, so yea, waaay too long! After I wrote most of the letter to Tim, I went into town and looked at yet another few second-hand bookshops and comic stores, but none of them had anything. Well, that's about all that happened today! Hope you could be bothered reading all that! (Probably not.. Hehe ) Well, I gotta go and finish writing my letter, and maybe get my dad to check if it's alright for me!


P.S. Has anyone got any ideas of making my journal a bit more interesting? Because I think it's a bit boring.. Is it?

Mood - Tired (again) but still kind of happy.
Music - Wild Thing by The Goodies
Edited - 2006-01-09 18:52:10

2006-01-08 19:11:45
Another slow day..
I had another slowish day today, I mostly relaxed. I went to my grandma's place to do some work in the morning, and earned about $20, for just sweeping the backyard, and doing some of the shopping for her. It isn't much work for such a high pay, but, I still try and do as much work as I can.. (Also, I do feel a bit guilty taking the $20... So next time I work at her place, I'm going to do a lot more for my $20!!! So maybe I'll sweep the whole yard, and rake the leaves out of the garden, aswell as doing the shopping..) Anyway, who wants to hear about that?? I'm boring myself just writing it! Well, today I also went to my bf's place, and found out he actually had a Goodies episode that I haven't ever seen before! So I borrowed the tape from him. The episode is called "Superstar" Has anyone ever seen it before? (I think it's a 'speacial' episode) I'm going to watch it tonight, I can't wait! Also, my brother got that "Return of the Goodies" ep. which was played on the 30th of December. (Which most of you would know..) And I watched it just then and it was great! I absolutely loved it, it also had most of the bits from the shows that they did in Australia, but much more! My advice, is if you haven't seen "The Return of the Goodies" yet, you have to get it somehow and watch it! Okay, I better be off, I'm going to go watch "Superstar" now. Bye bye!


P.S. I just got my 5th badge after writing this journal!!
P.P.S. In my journal from last night, I said I would go to bed early, but it turned out that I watched a movie with my family at about 10:00 and it went until about 12:00, and then it took me about half an hour to get ready for bed!! So much for that! But, tonight I WILL go to bed earlier!

Mood - Excited
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-08 20:55:51

2006-01-07 19:50:21
It has been a slow and boring day, but, I'm still extremely tired.. I guess it's all the late nights I've been having. In the holidays, I go to bed at about 11:00-1:00 which is really bad, seeing as though I'm only a young-un (well, kinda young..) I went shopping at Marion today (an Adelaide shopping centre), but I couldn't find anything good, i.e. clothes, or maybe goodies related stuff. Although, in the morning I went to yet ANOTHER secondhand bookstore, and I found "The Making of the Goodies Disaster Movie" and "Bill Oddie's Toilet Book". I couldn't beleive that I would have so much luck in finding two out of the three books that I want to get by the Goodies. Has anyone ever read any Goodies books? ("The Goodies File", "The Making of the Goodies Disaster Movie" or "The Goodies Book of Criminal Records" ??) Also, does anyone know if you can put music or sound files in your Journal? (Like how you can put pictures in your Journal..) Because I want to show you some of the music from my new Goodies album, eg. "The Funky Gibbon" !!! But I doubt you can, ah well! Hmm, I guess I better get an earlier night tonight, even though it's the hols! (Hols means holidays for those who don't know! ) Ok, bye everyone, and g'night! (Oh, and I'll just put in one cute pic of the Goodies in their Funky Gibbon outfits before I go!)


It's the FuNkY GiBbOn! :

Mood - Tired... Yet, I'm still cheery.
Music - Black Eyed Peas
Edited - 2006-01-07 19:55:10

2006-01-06 21:02:52
Hey everybody! GUESS WHAT! Over one hundred people have viewed my journal!! I never thought that that many people would want to read it! I'm so happy

*Sigh , I've been so busy over the past few days, going to birthday parties, going shopping for presents for birthdays/also shopping for "Goodies" goodies (get it! "Goodies" because I got some "Goodies" related goodies!) Hmmm.. That confused me a bit! Haha!! But hopefully you understood what I just said. Some of the things that I got was a black Goodies t-shirt, a magnet, a pin and keyring. Today though, I searched seven secondhand bookshops, for some Goodies books. I came to this one store, which I thought would be the least likely to have what I wanted, because it was a sci-fi secondhand bookshop. And, I found "The Goodies File" !!! I was so releived in the end, because my legs started to hurt!! But I was also very happy because I found one of the Goodies books that I wanted. I was so tired after looking at all of those bookstores, but I still had one more thing to look for, that latest Goodies CD album that came out (in 2000) which is called "The Best of the Goodies". And so I got to the first shop that I looked at, and there it was! Anyway, I'm probably boring you with my truly 'fascinating' story... (It's boring for you, but it's fascinating for me!

Ok, I got to go now, thanks for listening (that's if you could be bothered reading this! ). Bye bye!


P.S. Yesterday I made this picture on "Paint". It's just lots of Goodies pics that I've collected, but I put them all into a collage thing! It took me quite a while aswell. Oh, and I guess I don't really need to say this, but I will anyway, the pic is usually bigger than it is in my journal, but I resized it so it could fit..
Here it is, Enjoy! :

Mood - GOOD!
Music - The Funky Gibbon (from my newest album!)
Edited - 2006-01-07 00:51:51

2006-01-04 22:17:18
Yay! I got the Pictures Working!
Ok, I have finally learnt how to put pictures on my journal now! (By the way, these are just some Goodies pictures that I have gotten from some episodes on my computer, and some from the internet.. I just wanted to put some pictures in my journal because I wanted to make it look better )
Here are the pics!!

This first one is of Tim in the "Fairy Puff Man" Ad. Which is in the episode "Beefeaters" :

This pic is of Tim, Graeme and Bill in the "Dodo Revolution" Ad. ( I think that's what they called it in the ep...)  Which is in the episode "Pollution" (Sorry about the picture, it's a bit blurry..) :

Now, I'll just put one last picture up. This is a picture of Tim, Graeme and Bill in their costumes of one of the songs they did in "The Goodies Almost Live" :

I hope you liked my pictures, and that all the info I put down about the pics is correct! If anything is wrong, please tell me. And don't forget to reply!!  

Bye bye!


P.S. I might post some more pics later.

Mood - Happy/Excited because I got the images working!
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-06 23:13:37

2006-01-04 12:42:39
Hey All!
Hello, I've been so busy this New Year! And it's only the fourth day of January! I can't seem to stop shopping!! There is just too much to buy.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you some of the pictures I got from some Goodies episodes. (Well, my real reason is I just wanted to put some pictures in my Journal, to make it look better )

Hmmm, There is just one problem with putting pictures in my journal.. I don't know how to do it.. I know I'm anoying and I always ask for people to help me, and I'm really sorry, but this will be the last time. So could someone please explain to me how to put a picture in my journal??

Mood - Happy
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-04 18:59:45

2006-01-03 15:15:22
Today when I logged on, I saw that TBT had the same picture/avatar as me (You know the one of Tim). And so I decided to change my picture so that we wouldn't have the same.

Once I changed the picture, I noticed that TBT's was the same as mine again! (And TBT wasn't even online!) It might just be my computer stuffing up or something. But I am seriously really freaked out at the moment! So I decided to change my picture for a third time, and ofcourse, I saw that TBT's was the same as my avatar again! Can someone please explain this to me? Has TBT somehow made it so his picture is the same as mine even if I change it? Or is my computer/internet stuffed?

Please Help Me!


Mood -
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-03 23:03:47

2006-01-02 11:55:09
        Today I'm going to the cinemas to watch 'Narnia' (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) ... I'm not sure if it'll be (boring) or (good). Has anyone else seen it before and has enjoyed it?? Please tell me!!

The other day I saw King Kong, in some bits I was actually quite scared a little. Hehe... (I know.. It's pretty bad getting scared in King Kong..)

One other thing, I want people to tell me : Who is their favourite Goody, or guest in the Goodies??

I have to go now, please reply!


Mood -
Music -
Edited - 2006-01-02 12:38:41

2006-01-01 12:38:50
Hey again. Sorry, i keep on thinking up more things to talk about and it's really bad because this is my third journal in the last 10 hours or so!!

Anyway, does anyone know how i could maybe send an email, or maybe even a letter to any of the Goodies? Ok, I got to go, I might go watch some Goodies episodes..

Mood - Happy
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-01-01 01:28:04
Hello Again!
Hey, I was just wandering, does Tim, Graeme or Bill actually go on this site and read our journal entries?? If anyone knows the answer, please tell me!! If they do read my journal entries, i wonder if they'd reply to me..? Well, it's the new year, and it's really late. So I better be going to bed. I hope The Goodies put on another show in Australia very soon Well, i am really tired, it's time to go to sleepy bo bo's! G'night!

Mood - Sleepy
Music -
Edited - Never

2005-12-31 21:29:13
A little about me...
Hey, my name is Alex (or Alexandra) and I'm not a very good writer and punctuater so bare with me with my writing...
I have been to one of the Goodies "Still Alive on Stage" shows and I loved it! It was great how I got to see the Goodies again after so long! Well, actually I am only 14 and the first time I ever saw the Goodies was in 2000, when UKTV showed their episodes just before christmas I think.
I wish i could meet the Goodies one day, especially Tim, he is my favourite (as u can see in my name...). I had a chance of meeting him in Dymocks at Glenelg not so long ago for this signing that they did, but my mum and dad were in a rush, and didn't have time to pick me up out of school to go see them. I am so sad about that... I still tease my mum because I've been wanting to go and meet The Goodies for ages but the one chance i have, i miss out ofcourse.. Ah well, maybe another time!
Oh, and can someone please reply! I'd be very happy if you did!!
HaPpY NeW YeAr!

Mood - Happy
Music - Just listening to some Goodies tunes on this site!
Edited - 2006-01-01 14:21:57

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