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i_luv_tbt_he_roks's Journal
Back to i_luv_tbt_he_roks's Journal
2006-02-14 21:44:10
Happiest Weekend EVER!
OK, well obviously by the journal's title, I am EXTREMELY happy! On the weekend I slept over at my friends place, and we had loads of fun, we walked around all of the shops that are near her house and we met my boyfriend up there and we just hung around for a while. Being silly ofcourse, we were trying on these really weird hats that were at this cheap shop, and I was taking pictures of us being silly aswell. It was really funny! Also, my friend and I stayed up all night watching movies, and talking on MSN for hours! When I got back on Sunday from my friend's place I rang my boyfriend and he came over to my place and we watched a movie called "Wedding Crashers" (which is pretty funny by the way). While we were watching the movie, my mum and dad went down to Glenelg and guess what they brought home ?? Well, when they got home, my dad said to me "Your mum has a surprise" and then i guess "Is it a puppy!?". So I run outside, and there right infront of me is a CUTE LITTLE PUPPY! OMG! I WAS SO EXCITED! She is so cute, but we haven't got a name for her yet. Anyone got any good ideas? Haha! The puppy is a Jack Russel crossed with something else that I don't know/forgotten.. (Whoops..!) Well, that's why my weekend was very good!
Oh, and it was Valentines Day today! My boyfriend got me a very nice rose, a card that has A LOT of writing in it about how much he loves me ( hehe), and a balloon that's in the shape of a heart! (My school had a fundraiser type thing and sold those balloons for valentines day!) I also got my boyfriend a balloon, a chocolate love heart and a panda toy (it's a long story, but we call eachother panda bears! ). How was everyone else's Valentines Day?

Also, here's a picture that I took with my phone of my very cute puppy!! :


Mood - Extremely Happy!
Music -
Edited -

Aw what a cutie. Did you get her from a pet shop and how old is she?  You will need to get her vaccinated a puppys first shot should be at 6 weeks then 12 weeks and I think still at 16 weeks not sure if you still need 3. Please get her vaccinated for her sake as well as yours. Pet shops dont always tell the truth in what you are getting.

Parvo is not a nice illness at all and the treatment needed is costly if a dog isnt vaccinated against it. I dont want to upset you but paro is the most painful and intense gastro like conditions the dogs insides bleed because of the consitant vomiting and they have a small chance of surviving it if they are not vaccinated.
Posted by:RatDog


date: 15/02/2006 20:37 GMT
Yea, she is a cute puppy. We got her from a pet shop, and she was 8 weeks when we got her, she should almost be nine weeks by now.. The pet shop said she was vaccinated, but as you said, not all pet shop owners tell the truth.. The other day though, my dad took her to the vet, to just get a check up on her, and she seems fine! By the way, we STILL haven't gotten a name fore her..

I've heard of Parvo before, I couldn't remember the name though, but now I know it! And I've also heard it is an awful thing that puppies can catch.. Hopefully my puppy doesn't catch it! We always take excellent care of our pets, my mum is an animal lover, and so am I and the rest of my family!
Posted by:i_luv_tbt_he_roks


date: 16/02/2006 16:11 GMT
Okay you will need to get her vaccinated again in 3 weeks. If you are not sure dont take out in the open environment the virus can live for months in concerate dirt etc. If you are not sure if she is vaccinated I think a vet can tell if they have.  My mum breeds and shows cocker spaniels and we have two pups at the moment we had them vaccinated at 6 weeks and again at 12 weeks.  Even a vaccinated dog can get the parvo virus but it is less likely to kill the dog than one that hasnt.
Posted by:RatDog


date: 16/02/2006 17:51 GMT
If you like if you ever get stuck or having any behaviour problems with her E-mail me at  I can probably ask my mum on advice on how to look after a dog and how to have a friendly dog.
Posted by:RatDog


date: 16/02/2006 19:01 GMT
AWW! Isn't she adorable!
Posted by:ek


date: 17/02/2006 16:57 GMT
he is very cute. You lucky duck

Posted by:cscamp


date: 17/02/2006 22:36 GMT
How about cuddlescamps as a name.  We recently got another dog (is now about 5mths old) and man is she stupid (i think thats why we love her) For example the kids were playing with her in the back yard and she was running along with them and ran straight into a tree.  Go figure - I've seen people do this but never a dog.
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 18/02/2006 19:36 GMT
Hehe, cuddlescamps is a cool name, but my mum has called it Leelu... By the way, Bondgirl, your puppy sounds very funny and cute, but I hope the poor thing didn't get hurt by running into that tree!
Posted by:i_luv_tbt_he_roks


date: 19/02/2006 13:42 GMT
i saw wedding crashers thaught it was crap personally, garfeild was much more entertaining
Posted by:joe_the_kitten_kong


date: 23/03/2006 08:02 GMT
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