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pruneonthemoon's Journal
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pruneonthemoon's journal
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2006-11-26 15:46:04
It's been a very quiet weekend here at GROK.

As usual, I don't have much to say in here except that school finishes in three days. I'm done with school for another two months, at least.
On Thursday we celebrated the end of exams by going to see 'Borat'. 'Boring' more like. Well, it was funny, but I didn't really like it.
Yesterday I saw 'Dhoom 2' with my friend Cat. We went into the cinema and everyone else was Indian/ Sri Lankan/ what have you and we thought "Oh, shit, this is probably Bollywood" because we had no idea what we were seeing. Well, we were right, and it wasn't too bad but I don't like long films. I get really tired and bored. Actually, I'm like that with other movies, too. By the end of the ads I want to go home.

Mood - Sore and grumpy
Music - ??????
Edited - Never

2006-10-25 15:52:03
Has it really been four days?!!
It feels like much longer. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up.

Four days is long enough. I've had enough time to come to terms with what happened, and I'm fine. It was none of our business anyway. 
So now that I'm back, I hear about the 4000 members and poor TJ's bowel cancer!  Ah, well. They say no news is good news, but alas...

Our presentation is tonight. This Is It. I'm fairly confident, but I choked in our class rehearsal today and I took ages to recover...never again!

Mood - Reflective
Music - no music
Edited - Never

2006-10-21 14:04:37
Don't give up
I don't know what the hell has been going on, but I don't like it. I really don't. I 've been feeling great as of late, but whenever I come in here I feel worse. So I'm gonna go away for a while until things get better. I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, I'm just saying that we shouldn't forget what we're here for.

Mood - Crappy
Music - sad music, as I float away from my burning ship
Edited - Never

2006-10-19 18:59:52
Phew! That felt good.
I now have someone to go with on Friday night.  So happy. I'm going with a friend I haven't seen for a while, so it should be good.

I just had a HUGE cyber-bitch over at my blog, so please don't go there if you start easily.  I thought maybe I'd unleash the wild thing in me for a while before locking it in my dungeon.

And now...


"An English gentleman never begs!"

Thank you, PhotoBucket. I can now share the still I have captured! Hoo-ha!  I is so proud of meself, me is. How's that for good English? 

Mood - Quite good.
Music - I have 'Cocktails for Two' in my head.
Edited - 2006-10-19 19:06:14

2006-10-06 16:08:15
Hurrah for me
Hey hey! Yesterday was wonderful. I stayed at home all day, and I'm glad I did because I managed to work out those horrible torrent things. Took me months, but anyway...
Yes, you are now looking at the proud owner of Series One of the Goodies! (minus 'The Playgirl Club' - not sure why it wasn't there, probably 'cause the quality's not good.) I love it when I can work out how to use something. 

I was about to set off for a walk ten minutes ago, but my iPod went gefunkt. It said'Low Battery' and the battery symbol thingummy wasn't even empty. There is something corrupt occuring in my iPod... It's funny, you know, because a few months ago I noticed something small and white working its way across the screen. I scratched at it, only to discover that it was behind the glass! I tilted the iPod this way and that, and found two more little white things. And because of my excellent vision (which is really strange because I'm short-sighted) I could see their little legs! I was stunned. Were there really lice inside? And, if so, how could it be?
Fortunately, there is no sign of them now. They all appear to be fried and dead, or perhaps they've worked their way up the earphones and into my brain. Cheeky little buggers... 

I'm feeling a little sick from that big choc-chip muffin I ate. I really can't take chocolate in hot weather. *reaches for Mylanta* Yeuch.

Mood - Happyful
Music - I would tell you, but the bugs have eaten my iPod!
Edited - Never

2006-10-04 16:25:23
Okay, it's time to liven things up in this GROK journal! 
My days back to school have been quite pleasant (knock on wood) and I am, in fact, enjoying it. Well, the weather is getting warmer and I'm almost done with Year 10, so whoop-de-do for me.
Classes are not very interesting (were they ever?), but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I got an A for my Romeo & Juliet response essay. I reckon the first paragraph was shit-house, but never mind...
I think the new VELS grading system is coming into place next year. What a pity I'll be in VCE. I like the sound of the new system.

Now, I am a confessed compulsive doodler. I must have drawn about seven full-pages today and that's a record! Yes, it makes Science much more interesting. I'll put some parts of my doodles (ahem!) here 'cause I think people might be interested:

Let me know what you think.

Mood - Pretty Good
Music - none
Edited - 2006-10-04 16:29:29

2006-10-01 14:13:22
...does not mean 'mmm' good. It means 'mmm' bad. Me not feeling so good.  :'( A little help would be much appreciated...I might change my avatar in honour of the new month.

Fuck. I can't do it. Everytime I try it goes back to the one I have now. I tried using one from the site and then using a different one but it didn't fucking I just rambling? Someone give me a hug, please! 

Mood - Sad
Music - sad music
Edited - 2006-10-01 14:16:54

2006-09-25 13:51:35
Good so far
Here we go! I'm trying not to get too worked up about going back to school. I was doing just fine until I mentioned it just then. Phew! What would I do for a good memory eraser... 
And now...the week's specials at GROK, courtesy of Jodes.

Random highlights of GROK last week:

"How can a man put his hands on his hips and still look hot?"

"I wonder are those leaves deciduous?"

"Snakes on a Spacehopper & Deep Spacehopper Nine"

"I don't know what Bill's on, but I'd like some.  Maybe a half-dose."

"It's not *the* Spike Jones, but it's *a* Spike Jones".

(copyright jodievdw, except in the use of GROK  )

So true.  But I have to admit, I'm seeing (reading, rather!) less and less of the GROKers these days. Must be that time of year.  (I know that you know that I know that just isn't so, but I won't go into details.)
My blog over at blogspot is looking pretty darn good at the mo. I've been able to compromise (?); I can't have pictures on the sides, so I'll put them in my entries.
My mother took me out to lunch - very nice of her. I haven't had hot chips for a very long time. And they had a funny seasoning on them. Hmm...
I know it isn't just me when I say the forums have a layer of thin ice over them. Bah, I mustn't obsess over that.

Peace, Timbo Hugs and Grayboots Kisses to you all.   

Mood - Content
Music - Directory 999...666 (oooh!)
Edited - 2006-09-25 13:52:10

2006-09-24 10:15:45
Things I've been pondering...
Yay! I have seven badges. 
And I thought I might change the scene a little with a bit of...colour.
'Comedy Classics' was on last night. I wish they'd take requests or something. Speaking of which, 'Doctor in the House' was also on, and I was just wondering: who is Dick Stuart-Clarke? I know he's just a character, but I can't remember which one. And I was thinking it was some reference to Chris Stuart-Clarke, you know, who was in Cambridge Circus. Yes, anyway...

It's 10:40 am in Melbourne and I'm wishing I was on the other side of the world. What's new? Oh, God. There are so many things I want to do, but I have to be patient. Patience is not one of my traits. Damn it, I will travel the world one day. In the meantime, I just have to wait until I have finished school and have enough money.
People are always saying "Oh isn't so-and-so well travelled?" Yeah, well if you look at their bank accounts of course they're gonna have the opportunity to go everywhere by the time they're 17. But do they want it as much as I do?

Yesterday I downloaded the first ever episode if ISIRTA! I've got the first two in the Prep Series now. While I was waiting, I made a zillion avatars. Not sure when I'll use them but I haven't had Spike for even a week yet, I think. 

I want to extend a big, warm hug to everyone today.  I can be such a stress head, but this is the place I come when I want a good laugh.  Y'all are life savers.

Mood - Okay
Music - A song from 'Phantom of the Opera' (?)
Edited - 2006-09-24 15:12:56

2006-09-21 19:46:32
Awesome day!
Melbourne Show today!!!  I wore my Goodies T-shirt and only attracted a few stares...not as many as I was hoping, but it was good enough. 

We got on the wrong train first - the one coming from the show. We went all the way to Sandringham and it took about two and a half hours to get to the Showgrounds.

I didn't go on any rides (motion sickness  ), but I bought some stuff and patted the animals. All the female goats had udders hanging to the ground and their babies kept trying to get a drink, but the mummies wouldn't let them.  And there were ginger pigs, too! They were soooo cute and they were all asleep.

I used up all the memory on my phone just taking pictures. I need one of them cable thingos or a digital camera. I've been hinting like mad about that to my parents. 

Currently downloading Bill's TIYL.  Props to Bean for that. 

Mood - Happy (yay)
Music - no music today, just a buzzing in the ear
Edited - Never

2006-09-20 08:57:56
Thank God they're here!  I still have so much crap to do, but I can't stress about that just yet. I must enjoy myself for once...

Yikes! The Melbourne Show starts tomorrow! I'll be there with my friends, proudly displaying my GROK Tshirt for all to see. Y'know, I saw a lady at my friend's choir concert wearing one. I was gonna wear mine, but I was so scared of getting it dirty. At least this is one shirt that, if you see someone else wearing it, you don't run away and get embarrassed. No! You wear it proudly. It is your country's emblem and it should not be hidden.  That beer looks really yellow and damn good. Having said that, I love it how this website is so...yellow. It's my absolute favourite colour and whenever I see it I feel happy (except on our school uniform  ).

I'm counting down the days to my big birthday present...the Billy Joel Concert! Woo-hoo! Whenever I tell people "I'm going to a concert" and they go "Which one?" and I say "Billy Joel" they stare at me blankly. Believe it or not, folks, but I have never been to a music concert before. Except for the Monash University Orchestra and small-time bands from school. Never in my fifteen and a half years have I been to something like this. I want to see Elton John next year. He is so awesome. And props to him for marrying his boyfriend. 

Thank God You're Here is on tonight. That is probably the best show I've seen this year, apart from 'Spicks and Specks' and 'Kath and Kim'. Waayyy too many 'ands' in that sentence.

I must find that story with no 'e's in it...

Mood - Amazing...stunning...unbelieveable...
Music - oh, bugger, I've gotta charge the 'Pod!
Edited - 2006-09-20 09:01:46

2006-09-15 17:44:32
Freaking out right now
I am absolutely terrified. Our film didn't work in the email and I'm sure there's a way to fix it, but I'm just really worried and I know I'm babbling. Oh, well.

But today was the last day of term.  I went back to my friend's house and we watched the dishy David Tennant in Doctor Who.  There were some other things I was going to mention, but they've all gone now. Whew! My memory is like a goldfish's.

Mood - Ecstatic
Music - no music
Edited - Never

2006-09-11 17:14:05
Week of crap nearly over
Okay, on my to-do list, I have crossed off the following:

  • Detention
  • Getting angry at Maths teacher (not for the first time in the last five days)
  • Bossed everyone around

I'm such a bad-ass.  *cough* Not. I'll be really busy on the holidays...for my birthday I should ask for DNAYS. It looks good.

I frickin' hate this week. I want it to be over so the holidays can be here and I can do all my stuff. Rarrr! So bored... 

Mood - I think we've already established that I'm BORED
Music - 'Put A Little Love In Your Heart' - Dave Clark 5
Edited - Never

2006-09-03 17:18:07
I don't want to go to school.
No, I'm too sick. I hate it when I get sick. It has something to do with the weather changing so suddenly. It wouldn't surprise me at all if I was cold-blooded. 
Well now, well now. I've been hearing the very interesting Edinburgh stories. I can only imagine what it was really like.  :'( 
My friend's concert and party were on last night. I was very lucky I didn't decide to stay home and watch Comedy Classics... 
It's pouring down outside. I knew the sunny weather wouldn't last. And vice versa. How very symbolic.
Ah, well. I'll go now 'cause I'm just confusing myself.

Mood - Okay
Music - 'The Longest Time' - Billy Joel
Edited - Never

2006-09-01 19:19:16
Hey, it's the beginning of my favourite month: Spring!  Just about everyone I know has their birthday in spring, and it's so exciting 'cause the Melbourne Show is coming up, and... and...and...yeah. I just like Spring.
I've been looking up 'Goodies' on YouTube and found a really interesting documentary. I closed it 'cause I thought we were leaving, but we weren't, so I opened the Internet again and YouTube (surprise, surprise) has gine gefunkt again. Well, it's comforting to know that a 'specialised team of highly trained monkeys' are working on the problem. It's amazing how much can go wrong in two minutes. 
And I'm slightly annoyed at Blogger Beta.  I thought it wouldn't matter that I don't have Mozilla or Firefox (we used to) but it does so now I can't bloody fix anything. I don't know what the heck happened, but there you go. Some of the best photos I took are on that site! 
So I've just come here to complain about things that just won't work. I was very surpried to see Mr. September this morning.  When I had a look at all the calendar pics, I didn't see him, so I was trying for ages to work out the Conspiracy of the Missing September Dude.  Well, now that he's here, I appreciate him very much. 

OMG, I found the Tim website!

Mood - Very happy
Music - none - iPod is flat.
Edited - 2006-09-01 19:24:27

2006-08-28 19:11:25
New T-shirt!!!
Hurrah!!!  My Goodies shirt just cam this afternoon. I wore it proudly while I watched M*A*S*H and I even wore it out to get my vaccination.  There's obsession for you.

Mood - Happy & thrilled
Music - none
Edited - Never

2006-08-23 15:20:00
Pleeeeease come to Oz!
I would do (almost) anything to get T & G down to Oz next year!  Oh, Lordy...
I've just been reading nezangel's journal and they've all had a spiffing time up in Edinburgh.  How much longer can I endure the torture? It's killing me - it's really killing me.  But all I can do is wait and's like an awful suspense movie!

And now...I would like to post a poem I wrote for English.  I hate English, but I was particularly chuffed with this poem:


How can life be great Ė
Weíre engulfed by so much hate
Why is this, why is that?
Oh, what does it matter?
Itís hard to be fifteen
And to have so many dreams
Of where you want to be.
Iím scared Ė I donít know why
These people tell me lies.
How can I live, how can I breathe
With so much fear inside of me?
I want to leave, to run, to hide,
To express the things I feel inside
But they donít listen
They donít hear me.
Do they know how it feels to be so hurt?
To feel like you are nothing but dirt Ė
Kicked around, beaten upÖ
Just not heard.
We miss the days when we were younger Ė
The days of being happy and free.
There was so much love, but now itís gone
And soon weíre standing all alone.
The weight inside is getting heavier
Why should I go on?
Itís dark, itís black and I just donít care.
But then I see it, shining bright;
A lone star twinkling in the night.
I reach to touch it
But itís too far
I just canít reach that shining star.
But if I imagine it, if I try,
I know Iíll break right though the sky
Iíll reach it soon, I know I will
And Iíll be shining brighter still.

I wrote it on a day (out of many) when I wasn't feeling very good.  I'm a bit better now, though. 

Mood - Happy & excited for nez, Peej & everyone who went
Music - nowt
Edited - 2006-08-23 15:28:56

2006-08-16 19:28:55
Just hangin'...
I like new avatars. They're very interesting. 
First run of MSN went not too bad, I guess. I sent a message to someone then hopped off to the shower. I got back about 15/ 20 minutes later to find she'd replied. After a bit of small talk she left - I think she got bored. Well, I'm not t' Grandmaster of MSN, am I?
I've been feeling like krap. I've forgotten to listen to Clue and ISIRTA. Hell, I haven't had any (excuse the bad joke, folks  ) for about a month! That's not like me! I'm sure everyone on this website would give me a good black pudding to the noggin for that.

Mood - Stress level slowly decreasing, self-esteem not up
Music - Phantom of the Opera (my parents are watching it)
Edited - Never

2006-08-12 08:37:49
I got MSN...
Yes. Finally I have MSN. I'm not sure how to use it as such, but it's there. 

Mood - Pretty good
Music - ABBA stuff
Edited - Never

2006-08-11 18:25:56
Lack of Goodie Goodness
The patient may suffer the following symptoms:

  • Wishing like heck they were in Edinburgh (who wouldn't at this time of year?)
  • Scheming and conniving about the next Goodies Down Under Show (which, incidentally, they did not attend because they knew nothing)
  • Being excited about a (bloody) casual clothes day because their T-shirt may be coming the day before
  • Overall boredom and distraction
  • Scanning the forums every day for news from the Fringe

Alas, poor patient.

Alas, poor us.  :'(

Going out to some film festival tonight. I won't know anyone, but hey...there's free popcorn and we're all writers/ artists of some kind. 

Mood - Better than the last few days
Music - none
Edited - Never

2006-08-04 06:53:01
Another Day Ahead
Well, it's almost time for me to go to school.  :'( Come, come, dear listerners, it's not all that bad! Subjects for today are cancelled as the have...wait for it...the Forum!  Eeeeeeehhh...enthusiasm waning.  They might have given us an extra few hours to get ready for the Prom, but nooo! I frickin hate our school when it does this - they don't take into consideration that there are people living outside the area who will take an hour to get to Box Hill.

OT: I must say I haven't had any pleasant dreams about them.
M*A*S*H is back on Channel 7 (yeehaw!), but I don't know when it started, 'cause they're already halfway through season 8 or 9. I reckon they're just showing the episodes they 'forgot' to show last year.  (the bums)

Mood - So-so
Music - Sing-Sing! (I think that's what it's called)
Edited - 2006-08-04 06:53:26

2006-07-30 19:16:39
New av!
Woohoo!  Who likes my new avatar? I'll probably change it again after a while, but I kept my old one just in case. It really is a great picture. 

Mood - Happy
Music - some song I don't know the name of
Edited - Never

2006-07-27 21:16:17
I have just found a (approximate) translation for 'antebellum laude data arma muto torum':

(drumroll please) 

after-war praise information weapons punish (change/ alter etc) wind (?)

Once again, it's very approximate. I've been meaning to do this for ages.

I'm Jake the Peg deedle-eedle-eedle-um with my extra **** deedle-eedle-eedle-um...

Mood - Sleepy, but I don't want to sleep
Music - Rolf Harris Dirty Songbook
Edited - Never

2006-07-19 15:30:37
August is almost here
I'm really looking forward to August. 
Our school is entering the Great Victorian Bike Ride. I wish I could go, but I wouldn't last... I saw the promo for the Ride and grinned when I saw a tandem. I wonder if anyone's allowed to enter on a unicycle?

Mood - Okay
Music - Nothing - my iPod's charging as I type.
Edited - Never

2006-07-14 15:36:23
A few things I've noticed...
1) There is no Mr. September

2) Many people in my class can only make historical relations by what they saw on 'The Simpsons' 

3) After analysing the SHellgrIT out of 'Dead Poets Society', carpe diem has become an annoying and cliched phrase.

4) I do prefer men in dresses to men in overly-tight shirts and overly-huge trousers that they need to adjust around their butt with a mega belt.

5) I couldn't care less about people's unability (disability?) to speak English in Australia.

6) I love the colour yellow, which is probably one reason why I am so drawn to this site. Ooooooohh, yellow!

7) Mr. July is distracting me from other committments. I swear he's got divine powers. Some people say that Harpo had divine powers. 

Chaser's War is on tonight, everyone.

Mood - Hmmm...
Music - 4ever - The Veronicas
Edited - Never

2006-07-08 15:19:17
School Production
Saw our school's production last night - 'The Wiz'. I really must get the film and watch it. Very good performance.
I really should stop distracting myself from this dumb project.    (very annoyed)

Mood - Restless
Music - ???
Edited - Never

2006-07-02 17:46:04
It's such a pity I hate the stuff. I love the smell but it tastes foul.  Now if I liked it, I would have had some last night...
'Grease' was on TV last night - that wonderful musical I can never get enough of. However, I had trouble watching it seriously (about as seriously as you can watch 'Grease') because images of Olivia Newton-Greyboots kept popping up in my head. It may sound like I have an obsession with that, and I think I do. It's just not right.
My disturbances arose later when 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' came on. I have no further comments on the matter. I am completely speechless.

Mood - Flat and apathectic (how I hate that word)
Music - The Last Chance Dance
Edited - Never

2006-07-01 16:12:31
Tomorrow is the last day of my holidays, and it's a Sunday so it doesn't even count. I've distracted myself by watching 'Radio Goodies' and trying to work out the lyrics. I got annoyed at the canned laughter, though, and gave up.
I am not at all looking forward to going back to school. The subjects next semester look crap and boring (not that last term wasn't boring).  At least I'll only have six months of it...then I can pick what I want. The pool opens next week, so that's something to look forward to.

I did some work this morning - more stimulating shelving. I kept myself entertained by thinking about the Rock'n'Roll Goodies thing where Tim does a Little Richard. That Little Richard sure scares my socks off.
Perhaps I should write to the Chaser's War people and declare war on libraries? I've already declared war on the Tiida. Maybe I could declare war on America and kidnap Mr. July, even though he's British. 

Mood - Indifferent
Music - The Little Ginger Club Kid (CD) - Tim Deluxe
Edited - Never

2006-06-23 10:12:52
I'm deaded
I went to bed at one-thirty this morning. Gosh, I didn't know I still had it in me. I wasn't very happy, however, to be woken up at four-thirty by my mother screaming because of the football. How can anyone get that excited about soccer...and so early? Do I was out for another six hours and I still feel deprived of sleep, but can you blame me? 

Mood - (yawn) Huh?
Music - no music
Edited - Never

2006-06-21 10:26:42
The camera always lies
Sometimes when I think I'm getting the hang of computers, something like this happens. I've been trying to upload a video on to the PC, and it just isn't working for some reason. First we needed the proper software, then it was the cables and now the camera just won't run. I'd like to know who invented this thing so I can hunt them down and have their head. 

Mood - Pissed off
Music - 'The Voice Within' - Christina Aguilera
Edited - Never

2006-06-18 10:49:24
Holidays are here!
At last it's stopped hurting. A little. I've got a great long list of things I want to do this holidays, which reminds me: the Melbourne Show should be here in September. Or was last year the last one? I heard that somewhere...gosh, I hope it's not true. Before last year, I hadn't been for ages! There's nothing really special about it - just the atmos, I guess. I'm not one for large crowds, but there's something about the show that really gets me.
I went with my cousin last year and her family (she's heaps older). I had one of those sausage things on a stick and found myself barfing it up five minutes later. I'm never trying that again.
Writing about the show makes me wistful...remembering those long spring days at the Showgrounds, weighed down with worthless crap-filled bags whilst trying to eat all the junk available.

The song I have in my head is the most annoying song ever written.

Mood - Reminiscent
Music - 'Beautiful Soup' from Alice in Wonderland (1999)
Edited - 2006-06-18 10:50:59

2006-06-17 18:53:47
The story of one foot.
pruneonthemoon foot is getting better, methinks. I've been treating it as I should, except for the exercises. I didn't know they were so important. When I got the orthotics four years ago, I thought I only needed to do stretches for a couple of weeks. Well, I was wrong and here I am with a forming bunion (whatever that is) and a funny sort of swagger.
It doesn't look too hot after a shower, either. It goes purple and the veins start to poke out and...ugh, I won't go into that. 
On a brighter note, I'm on holidays. I probably won't have to work until next week, thank God, so I can just sit at home and summon people to visit and pity me.

Mood - Good.
Music - Stop it! I Like It - B.O. (!!!)
Edited - Never

2006-06-15 10:02:10
I'm at home today because of my feet. I think I need new orthotics or something because it really, really hurts when I walk. Not to mention the great toothache I have because of my stupid braces being tightened. Oh, it's back to painkillers and sloppy food again. 

Mood - Fed up
Music - Let's Go To Varasdin - Andre Rieu
Edited - Never

2006-06-14 18:37:44
Obsessive parentals
Is it just me or are parents getting really freaked out over the Internet? I mention that I've joined a website or that I've made a blog and they think I'm taking a huge risk, as in a-matter-of-life-and-death risk. I wish that people of that generation could learn to embrace this change in society better. That sounds a bit wanky, I know, but they're so (what's the word?) untrusting. Not sure if that's even a word, but anyway...

I'm still kicking myself about last year. I really should get over it. But I can't help noticing that whenever a golden opportunity comes my way (a once in a lifetime chance) I miss it by a bug's whisker. Damn continental movements.

Okay, I've come back to make some changes and now I have one half of the parenting team hovering around like a concerned fly. Yes, he wants to use the computer so I'd better make this quick.
Our last PE lesson ever was today and I was happy. Very happy. No more stupid, pointless 90-minute sport practice and no more stomach knots. In spite of my hatred of PE classes, I got into the spirit of the World Cup and got green and gold put on my braces.  What a pity the Aussie colours are the same as my school unifrom.

Mood - Not sure
Music - La, la, la, la...what difference does it make?
Edited - 2006-06-14 18:59:08

2006-06-13 15:34:34
Vlog - and I thought it was a typo
I have discovered a new blogging! A bit hard, seeing as I don't have a web cam. But I will get one, and they're not thst expensive. Maybe I can fine tune my technological *cough* capabilities.
Downloading all that media software last night was almost pointless, as it doesn't work. It might be a good idea to read the manuals, you know, just a suggestion.

I was full of beans this morning, not because I ate some but because I was so happy. I don't really know why - I'm not at all a morning person. I suppose it had something to do with my new interest and also we went on an excursion today. The Holocaust Museum may not sound like a particularly cheerful place, and if you think that you're absolutely right. However, I did gain something from it and I got to speak to some survivors of the Holocaust.
This is beginning to sound like a school report, so I'll shut up now. I'm still buggered from trying to power-walk downhil; not the greatest form of exercise especially if you have flat feet. 

Mood - Was excited, now flat
Music - Nothing. I've heard no music today. How sad.
Edited - 2006-06-14 18:31:21

2006-06-12 11:46:21
This is the winter of our discontent
Actually, it's not all that bad. I'm sitting here in front of my computer's friendly glow with a nice big mug of Milo.  Yummy...
It's been rather foggy in the mornings. I should say smoggy, because it's all got a kind of brown tint. The smog isn't going away, it's just kind of...sitting there. Maybe the 6/06/06 had something to do with it.
I'll tell you now, my folks are among the most intelligent in the world. They manage to lose phones, car keys, everything. You name it, they've misplaced or thrown it out. Not that I'm knocking my parents, of course, but they're not the most careful of people.

Mood - Fine, fine, fine
Music - Let's Never Stop Falling In Love - Pink Martini
Edited - Never

2006-06-11 12:05:54
The best part just isn't appropriate
I forgot what I was going to say.

Now I remember.  I had the strangest dream last night! It involved my mother and myself going to England on some sort of holiday. (Ever since my cousin moved there a few years ago, I've been having these.) We were about to get on a bus, which looked suspiciously like the Knight Bus, and I didn't have a ticket. I stood in the doorway for a while, very embarrassed because of all the people staring at me. Finally, the driver let me pay in dollars and we took off.
The next part of the dream involved the subjects of this website and some rather explicit detail which I won't go in to. Seriously, other sites I've been to are so censored. But I suppose all sorts of people use the net and you never know who's reading what you've just written. Hmm...

I'm so glad that the holidays are almost here. Just three more days next week (Monday= Queen's Birthday, Tuesday= excursion). My last PE lesson ever, too. The last one I'll ever have to go to in my life. What am I talking about? I never participate anyway. It's the middle of winter for crying out loud, and there's girls strutting around in little shorts that cost ninety bucks just because they've got a label stuck on them.

As I was saying, the details of this dream were so explicit and adult I can't believe I dreamt them. Maybe they're not that bad, but it's not every day you get to see...ALL RIGHT! Stop obsessing about it. From what I've read, I'm not the only Dr. G fan who thinks certain things. 

Mood - Cold, bored (I get bored a lot, don't I?)
Music - Octopus's Garden (I had some for tea last night)
Edited - 2006-06-11 12:09:16

2006-06-09 18:49:37
Return from the dead
That's what it feels like, anyhow. After almost a week without the Internet, I feel starved and deprived of something in my diet.
They had 'The Great McGonagall' at the library...I had no idea it was even out on DVD.  I watched it and Spike Milligan was fabulous as always. But I did have something against the woman in his jail cell. I don't know why I get so offended at full frontal nudity.

Mood - content
Music - I'm a Teapot (and I can't get it out)
Edited - Never

2006-06-05 21:25:35
Not coping at all
I don't think I'll ever get used to working 7 hours. This work experience is really taking the crap outta me. Seriously, today I did eight and a half straight hours of the same thing. I thought there would be, like, some variety at least to what I'd be doing. How wrong I was. I wish something interesting would happen, like TBT running in with a stripey jumper and burglar sack.  Life in the library just got interesting, folks!
I had an hour for lunch, so I ran over to the Glen and caught up with the people at B&L (you know who you are). N had the job of folding the giant knickers. Four bucks for something that good...what a bargain! (not)
I have nothing to do except bitch and complain about how sore I am. My feet hurt and my legs hurt from standing still all day. I have a single noise running through my head: beep, beep, beep!
After scoffing down a tonne of chips, souvlaki, sausage rolls and frozen veggies, I have just had my ego boosted by my mother and aunt telling me that I have a beautiful body. Now in how many ways does that sound strange? No persons in this article were under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs at the time.
I finally got into working out YouTube. I was so pleased with myself, but also a little embarrassed. I kept asking myself, "Why didn't I think of this before?" XP is such a pile of piles. The Holy Administrator won't give me 'permission' (whatever that means) because he can't be stuffed. The family provider is such a busy man.

Mood - In pain and dopey
Music - ABBA - One of Us (is sick of work experience)
Edited - Never

2006-06-02 17:27:24
The stupid things we do
Last day of work experience. I was sad to go  :'(  because everyone was so great and I had fun. And, to my great surprise, I only stuffed up once. Let me tell you a tale...
You know when glass is either really hot or really cold, you shouldn't pour really hot or cold water over it? I'll explain. I had to pour boiling water into a glass jug, being very careful when I was rinsing it out. But stupid little me put cold water straight on to it. All of a sudden I heard this ching, and to my horror there was a gigantic crack running all the way 'round the jug. Oh mother F@cker  . If anyone noticed, they didn't say anything. I certainly didn't.

And now for some things that rhyme with pruneonthe moon:

Angus Prune (after whom I am named)
Neddie Seagoon
The moon is a baboon
Spike Milligoon
cocoon (where I live)

Mood - unusually relaxed and hungry
Music - the Mamas and Papas
Edited - 2006-06-02 18:18:19

2006-06-01 19:06:54
Two entries on the same day? Excuse me, but I have some very important news. I have just bought a Goodies CD: the Best of the Goodies! Wow, I was amazed when I saw it, I thought,"My God, what's that doing in here?" But I was in the ABC shop, so I don't know what I was expecting exactly.
P.S. I found the DVD with 'The Plank' in it - it's a collection of Eric Sykes stuff. $32 (probably well worth it, too), so I'll be saving up for that.
P.P.S Got the toilet unblocked. It wasn't my fault, I tell you!

Mood - Ecstatic, jubilant and slightly high
Music - The Funky Gibbon...what else?
Edited - 2006-06-01 19:07:53

2006-06-01 12:30:17
So bored...
First journal entry, woohoo. Feel the enthusiasm, it's so infectious, isn't it?
Work experience was great this week, um, not. I mean, the place is great and everyone's really nice, but I've missed two days out of five already. Oh well. It's not like I chose to be sick.

have you ever done the stupid trick of putting too much paper in the toilet? I never seem to learn. Now, if I can just locate that toilet plunger and work out how to use it... 

Mood - bored and grumpy
Music - assorted songs from Marx Brothers films
Edited - 2006-06-01 15:22:56

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