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Edna's Journal
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Edna's journal
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2006-11-22 02:36:35
Well, waht a couple of weeks I've had. I saw the Bonzo Dog Band at the Demontfort hall in Leicester. I shan't do a write, will say go and read I'm a teapot's journal. Fab place and about the best concert I've ever seen, like the YES reunion concert except everyone was freinds and nice to each other. Seeing Phil Jupitus rambling 'cos he's forgot the words to Bigshot was worth twicwe the price. The therumin leg live! My God. Never thought I'd see the day, especially as (overheard conversation) The leg has bost after the night before and parts had to be fetched from London (presumably from the freezer).Heroes!
Didn't say about my diagnosis did I? At the hospital to see a specialist who sent me off for xraysand then had me up again to show the curvature in my spine, it goes off to the left. Least I've got a name for it now. For the moment Still have to go throught the bull of signing on for a few weeks Tedium!
It was my brother Bren's birthday on Friday. Went out with him down the Rainbow on Thursday, great night, lot's of music an chatting to loads of people including Simon the poet who, it turned out saw the Bonzo's at Wolverhampton! Pink drainpipes all round.
Yesterday morning, I got a call from Bren. He'd fallen over, gashed his head and dislocated his shoulder. It doesn't stop there, oh no. Rog had all his money nicked from his accound by Taiwanese card cloners. Bastards. Niow I know what you're thinking, bad luck comes in 3s. Too right. At the weekend, we have a double murder mystery. Gary the actor is going into hospital on Friday and we've got to come up with a replacement sharpish.
Worried? errrrmmm......

Mood - A bit scared
Music - radio
Edited - Never

2006-11-07 09:45:26
Last week it was mate Paul's birthday. A huge bunch of us tootled off to Portsmouth for a couple of days,mainly to see te play Evil Of The Daleks (exciting eh?). He's seen it on a website and THAT was the thing for his birthday. Me and Rog went down in the car, they went on the train, so we didn't actually see everyone else t'il brekky next morning (fo course we snook off to find a pub, wot you expect). Saturday, they all went on the bus to portsmouth me and the old fella walked (I didn't have the hangover and felt chipper). Of course we went slightly the wrong way and were a bit late for the pre-amble cosy chat before the play (typical). Of course when the bods on stage talked about The Ultimate Adventure being a pantomime , I couldn't help shouting out "Oh no it wasn't", well it got a laff. There were 2 daleks on stage and they wouldn't tell how many there were going to be. there were all sorts there, from little kiddywinks to sad old Dr Who fans (me and the rest of them). After a pub lunch we settled for what was a surprisingly good play, i didn't know what to expect, but I must say I enjoyed it a lot.Of courese there a few script tweaks here and there and Patrick Troughton wasn't there on account as he's been a bit dead for the last few years. Bits were very atmospheric and the emperor Dalek well, the very bestest westest bit (well apart from when Jamie's kilt flew up in the swordfight heh!)  All huge abd scary wit wobbly wires and booming voice. Go here. for a mere hint of the magnificence of it all. Met a few familiar bods, you ALWAYS do don't you? Not seen 'em for years and suddenly there they are, Steve and Paul from Bristol 9 who I'm sure are elsewhere mentioned in this journal and a very old mate who bounced up and recognised us all (That's how fantastic we all look!).
Next night Went to see Hawkwind over at Wolverhampton. For aold blokes (snigger), theey are shot hit. It's the best reaction I've heard from a Hawkwind audience for yonks.
Tomorrow I may well go and see Space Ritual (hawkwind offshoot), or might just save all my pennies for Saturday, I ss the Bonzo's over at Leicester, even more excititng then a bunch of Daleks.

Mood - Fairly happy
Music - python Lee Jackson
Edited - Never

2006-10-19 08:12:27
Coming soon (I'll clean it up, honest)
God, nothing for a very long time I know. Yes i've had stuff to write about, but just haven't got round to sitting about and writing about it.
How many people do you knoe that have goten stranded on a little mud flat with half a foot of water gushing either side? One. Me. The reservoir has been drained and is more like a puddle. The good weather we've been having has made it perfect for beachcombing, yep, we've got a beach. So i was tootling along looking at the bits and bobs revealed from beneath the receded waters. I came to this bit, a natural inlet it seems. it was rather soggy but had patches of mud which I could negotiate my way over if careful. It was interesting 'cos it was a bed of freshwater shellfish, loads of 'em mostly harvested by various oppotunistic birds (my god, should I have my own wildlife show on telly?). Anyway I was on the middle bit readying myself for a little leapet to the other side when the 'tide' came in. I was stranded on this little bit of mud for about 20 minutes. I can't jump too much 'cos of the bleedin' back problem. I felt a bit silly as I finally romped across to the other bit of mud.
As I walked backto the gate a crow tossed an empty shell beside me on the grass with a cackling chuckle. Bastard.

Mood - Hmmmmm
Music - Bevis Frond, yeah!!!!!
Edited - Never

2006-09-04 09:11:59
Buggerin' 'ell! How'd it get past 1900 without me even posting for weeks?
Must try harder. Spank me  'cos I'm lazy!

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-08-10 06:17:14
Why no journaling for a while? I'm sulking, that's why! I'm all ill and flaky at the moment with me back and hayfever. I've had a headache and sore throat for 2 weeks, maybe it's something more sinister.... I was offered a FREE, yes FREE ticket for the first night of the Edinburgh show along with a place to kip. Devastated, that's what I was. I'm glad everyone had such a fine time though.
Accupuncture is a funny thing. The muscles in th left of my back keeo holding on to the needle and bending it, the Doc has  the devil of a time to get it out again, more needles went in to loosen the hold, all a bit owy! Still if it hurts, it's got to do you good, that's what they always tought us in PE. Bastards. I've never trusted anyone in a tracksuit with a moustache ( a rare thing a tracksuit with a moustache...).
Weather's taken a turn for the worse, gone from sitting around without much on to shutting windows and putting yer slippers on. So I've stayed in and worked on stuff for the scrapbooks, which is most enjoyable, not as enjoyable as it would be to see the show of course (grump again).
Did a murder mystery the other week though, dosed up on cheap booze and pain killer. We raised £1000 for the  RNLI and were treated to a poke about on an actual boat after a bumpy jeep trip over some very high bits of Wales(that made me squeak). We stayed over night (paid for it too, at a discount tho) 'cos it was about 2 and a half hours there and back, a bit much really. Miserable welsh bar shut at about midnight, PAH! Of course we'd nipped down to the shopimn the little village and stashed supplies. HAH!
The mother company that we're the offspring of has packed up now and everything's gone to our boss, fo free! At least it might mean some more work, if I'm well enough. there's plenty of cheap booze and painkillers about.....

Mood - Grump!
Music - ELO
Edited - Never

2006-07-19 02:10:14
Bastardo! I kill you. You steal my room
How bad am I at keeping up with my journal? Very bad. It's not that things don't happen, I've just had a bit of stuff to think about lately.
Went to Rugby for night away somewhre different a couple of weks ago. Rog said you'll like Rugby, I was dubious. I should've stuck with my instincts. The hotel itself looked pretty good. Trouble is, there wassome elses luggage in it. Bravely (or foolishly) we investigated by looking in the front pocket of it. His passport, dosh and all were left in it. He was from Mexico. Apparenrly the hotel bosses had mede somesort of verbal agreemant that he could stay in the room until we came along with a cheque book, we pre paid 'cos there would be no one in the morning. Hmm, we thought, will we be knifed by a swarthy bloe with a zapatta moustache? On our way out, we requested a call for breakfast, as we'd already paid for it.
Rugby itself has a few interesting buildings, that's it. No decent pubs and pinhead people who shout at you in the street 'cos you don't wear GAP.  Next morning, surprise, we didn't get our call and missed breakfast, had anargumant with MORE pinheads and vowing never to return to the accursed place again. Went to Leamington Spa instead. Nice place. That weekend, we stayed with an old school mate of Rog's who we bumped into by chance. He lives in an old baptist churcg, it's fab. Supposed to be haunted. I di notice spirits about, but of a different kind.
I've finally got some Jobsqueakers allowance 5 weeks all together, half went to my landlord. I'm going through the long drawn out process of getting back to where I was before. i went to the physiotherapist last week, so shouldn't be a problem since I've been diagnosed with a chronic back problem and early onset arthritis. Fun, all the way.
I am really enjoying the scorching weather, today I sat by the reservoir carving my walking stick into the shape of a snakes head, I'm getting a healthy pink/brown/freckly colour. At least summats healthy about me.
Better again then my computer crashed. A big fat crash. I had to reload windows, losing a bit of stuff,including that sketch I'd written, if you've got it please send it back to me.
Off to heat up a left over curry and then I'll nip off to the pub to have a nice cold beer, aaaahhhh. That's better.

Mood - Hot
Music - Radio
Edited - Never

2006-06-28 04:45:19
i am now one of the great unwashed. I'm signing on, but have to wait 3 weeks for the claim to be 'proceesed', after waiting 2 weeks already. that's 5 weeks no income. The staff are ignorant, arrogant and rude. I'v put wheels inmotion to appeal te decision to take me off my other benefit.
My appointment for physiotherapy has come through and changed already! Will it happen at all? God I want to set fire to people
Written a short sketch, but don't know how to end it. if anyone wants a shufties, let me know. Also writing lyrics for a song, that's a bit more tricky, it's about a bloke who falls in love with Nessie...
I've been given te job of doing the database for our murder mystery company, you know, ging through the database and phonig hotels up for a bit of business. getting a few enthusiastic noises so far, if any come off my list, i get commission!!! Get's nme briadband paid for and keeps me off the streets. Also got 330 for steamcleaning a couple of carpets, gotta eat don't I?
The last things I bought from Ebay are filtering through. I won one of the Norman Gunston DVDs, got that to look forward too tomorrow night. Also won a fetching photo of Grahame Bond from Boy's Own McBeth. I failed to win the album of same. Nothing else like that for me for a bit.
Did get tickets for the Bonzos gig (paid by Rog), having to Leicester, sold on locally, well, we saw Van Der Graaf Generator there last year.
I'm trying to learn to play the harmonica too, started monday and can play a couple of song VERY BADLY. We''ll see how that goes.
Have to go and check my transfer of Saturday Banana is OK to send off to Aus, ho hum.

Mood - Quite depressed really
Music - Aunty Jack AGAIN!!!
Edited - 2006-06-28 04:46:08

2006-06-15 05:21:44
Don't talk to me about life....
You know how it is, one week you're tootling along nicely. I've been listening to CDs for the film One Minutes, tarting up Rog's flat and sitting around in the sun. That sun lasted for about 5 days including Engerland's first match. I as in a town tootling round the empty shops trying not to hear the score a la Likely Lads, impossible. Bafore that though, i was really having trouble buying a new dress, in every shop it's the same you have to dress like Mini Mouse or your granny on the pull at a tea dance, traipsed all over town with Mater and declared it all cackski!
I've benn Listening to Aunty Jack , watching Aunty jack and reading the very handsome prog from the live shows, even got to send Grahame Bond an email!
I ripped my knee a couple of weeks ago (on the way to the pub, not after!!!!), taking a long while to heal may have to go to the Docs with it before Kool and the Gangrene set in, it'll be terribly embarassing on the bus if it suddenly startsup with it's own unique brand iof disco/soul/funk.
I've lost approximately £20 off my weekly income due to Government screwing everyone about to make the figures look good. It's ghappening to an awful lot of people. it's the most vulnerable that'll suffer most, the ones who can't cope with the stress, exactly what they're playing on. Political rant over (for the time being). After 6 months I've giot an appointment for physiotherapy for my back, terrific if it helps, but had i got it in Winter when i  couldn't walk I'dve been happier, not that bad at mo, but will taking the tablets.
Now all i've got to do this week (apart from peoples DVD's and video tranfers) is find someone who can translate English to Italian, a bedroom for a jpanese film segment and a CGI whizzkid. Easy!

Mood - Too sober by half!
Music - Shave the monkey (steady)
Edited - Never

2006-05-31 00:31:52
Where to begin?
Was dropped of in town by Rog. I'd forgotten it was the weekend of the gay pride mach a HUGE festival all over town, making it difficult to park. Got to the pub got a pint and hung round the door way a bit. A familiar T shirt floated by, Clair! T'others were round the corner so I joined the gathering. Over the next couple of hours we drank chatted laughed and fiddled with swanny whistles that Clair handed out like a school monitor. Our throng increasedas others popped up, nice to put faces to names, God we're all gorgeous. We moved into the theatre to the bar where I met a few more people that I knew. Then came the itme where we split up to go to our seats. i was on my own, just a wheel chair space beside me, legroom and everything. John Naismith came on stage and waffled and told a bad joke. Then it was time. He introduced the boys, Graeme and Baz first, Tim and Andy Hamilton and Humph to uproarious applause. For the next 2 and a half hours I barely caught my breasth from laughing. It all seems like a dream now you know,  a different life time.  From  the first Humph fluffs (within minutes of starting) to the last bit of end music bloody brilliant!  Baz+Andy's mock shock and walk offs, Timbo's fabbo singing and well bugger it, it was all fantastic. Shame we didn't get to meet 'em afterwards, but hope they enjoyed themselves at the party. Tyhey could've asked us gorgeous fillys  up for a drink! I did get a couple of sneaky pics of the lads on stage without the mearest hint of getting told off like everyone else did. Proper camera, so it'll take a while to get those developed.
Another live show seen. Boznos in November. Wondr what else i can fit in between now and then...

Mood - Ecstatic
Music - radio
Edited - Never

2006-05-19 07:48:04
Who knows....
In the words of Sandy Denny (well she sang 'em at least) 'Who knows where the time goes? It seems like , one minute snooker's just finished and i'm finishing off storyboards, the next minute it's about 3 weeks later. S'pose I have been a bit busy. Friend ians birthday, no shopping before hand, just a recce round town (we have a sesh in town lasting several hours). So on the Saturday, card shop, toy shop (to get afore spotted Chris Ecclestone and Slitheen walkie talkies) and only pausing to write out the card, to the pub.
I've been busy putting DVDs together for Bondgirl (ready for dispatch next week) 'cos she sent me Aunty Jack season 1. Someone else has sent me season 2 for other swapsies. And someone else has offered me the album. 20 years I've been waiting for a sniff and now I'm inundated. Laughing like drains at it we are. Watxching some odd stuff recently, Shangalang, seaside special, all from a nice bloke who sent me stuff for, yep you guessed it. swaps.
I did a murder mystery last Friday that was brilliant. I was a mad music teacher with a Bill Oddie fixation (my own contribution to the script). Where else could you stand and recite the words to the Funky Gibbon, citing it as an unparalelled classic, in a room of people and then return off your head as a gun wielding maniac laughing so loud i did me throat in and chasing people and shooting them.  I love that job. There's talk of a troupe of us going off to America for a month and doing them at a chain of hotels, never come off, great if it did though, wonder if we could do it in Australia....
Roger's washing machine gave up the ghost half way through a wash on Saturday.  A right state, he had some important calls to make for work, dilemma. We had to wrench the door off with a hammer to get the clothes out catching the water in a bucket. I was there for a while bailing out the rest and squeezing clothes, oh the jokes we made about mangles and wash day hands. We went to the shop straight away and got a reconditioned one , delivered yesterday. The first time I ever plumbed in a  washing machine, not a task I want to repeat too frequently. Water, water evrywhere drives a girl to drink , well it almost did. Will continue on that thread tomorrow night.
One film I worked on has gone to Cannes in a rough form to drum up interest, that'd be good, I've been asked to be musical co-ordinator on it  for the moment. That'll be a load of hard work then, I mightn't be seen for weeks.
All that and I never fitted in Taking my mom to Gloucester.
Oh and it's just been announced the Bonzo Dogs are touring in November, it's all go innit?
Off to tootle on the net for a bit before sleepybobos

Mood - A bit sleepy
Music - Pierre Moerlern's Gong
Edited - Never

2006-04-26 08:06:53
Well I'm into the snooker at the mo so have been skiving  (what's new??).
3 quarters through storyboarding for that cahp from Coventry. He got back in contact after taking time out to move house, fair enough. I did re-acquaint myself with them last night but due to some fab ballaction (so to speak) didn't actually do anything. Not done ittoday either due to similar. Tomorrow will though. Honest
Last Thursday went to meet mate Paul in pub at lunch time. Got a DVD of Astronauts tha we've been trying to fetch off old tapes for ages. It's still not quite right, it'll do though. When he left  a chap who I'd exchanged pleasantries a couple of jokes with bought me a drink. He was OK but newly divorced. ifelt a bit sorry for him so I chatted with him awhile before going home to my beloved (snooker).
Got an Easter egg  in the blokes fridge. They're going cheap on the market, so we're buying them and eating them, what can ya do?
Rushed round town the last couple of days finding a prezzy for mom's bifday. BBC Narnia boxset £16 split twixt me and Rog. Yesterday, went back into town to get the card, wrapping paper ticket for ISIHAC and 2 for Steel Eye Span. Busy few weeks ahead.
Round mom's Bren put on a disc of his and others performances. We snorted with laughter at Bom and his magoc drum stick the combo. Best stuff in Brum.
Ebay? I bought summat t'other month and sent the cheque off to the seller, it nevr arrived her end, now she thinks I'm a con artist. Take some sorting that one. i'm keeping my eye on th double Aunty Jack CD though.... Good God, I waffle.

Mood - Tired
Music - listen agin, In Tune with Grayboots.
Edited - Never

2006-04-14 08:18:59
Yep, that's me. I really ought to enter my journal more often, I always seem to be doing other things. I've just now finished writing around 600 words, 2 CD reviews, one a rather dull guitar shredding afair by Vinnie Moore and the other more interesting, FO Machete, a great version of Olivia Neutron Bomb's Physical, trouble is I just get visions of graybags. Well it is 11.25pm, that probably explains it, still, the deadline is 35 mins away, so in in plenty of time!
Last Thursday was good, the last ticket got for isihac, row G, chuffed. Had to make the decision to get the last single one and  ditch Rog for the night, unless of course they have returns.
Went to see Bren with his big combo on the night, his poetry with freaky jazz noodling, dead good. I won the bottle of wine. Went home on the bus and pulled a young Chinese fella with a very cute smile. Not my fault. He walked me home as he lived by me and made clear he wnted to feel me bits. I said no in a firm voice. He still tried to snog me and got spooked when some else came along. That other person was another bloke looked like Ed Stewpot stewart circa 1976, but Asian. He asked if I was Ok I said yeah and said wht happened."I'll say goodnight then" He said and gave me a kiss "unless" He grinned jokingly "you'd like to invite me in for a coffee" with a laff I mumbled something about bed and lemsip, Exactly what I did. I had no makeup on and wasn't even trying, must've been the bottle of wine and the special Doc Martin boots, that's what made me attractive. Just about recovered from cold/flu/cold I've suffered from for 2&half weeks and have been swearing at video filed for most of the week. Finished that project in the next few days, then I start all over again. What fun!
Dilemma on Saturday, what to watch and what to tape Dr Who AND snooker.  Tomorrow a reviewing and video stuff before going off and getting drunk. Saturday, down to Walsall market to get cheap Easter eggs. Hurrah.

Mood - Achey, sober (scary real world)
Music - Telly
Edited - Never

2006-04-05 05:34:10
God I'm knackered. Had a cold which turned into flu which has dampened down to a cold again. I had 2 offers to go out tonight, but I'm too sleepy and I'vr got a constatnat sore throat, headache and bad back. Not been out much. Not since I went to that Geezer gig. I didn't like the atmos of the place and scarpered to a much more fun pub with nice people in.
The arts meeting went on all day. A great model for a waste of lots of money. A room in the Art Gallery in Walsall (which is losing money daily) and far too much  food on the catering department. Lot's of words, a bit of arty stuff going on, but ultimately nowt happened.  Let's pressure the gallery to put on anexhibition of disabled arts. I won't lie awake waiting for it.
Halfway through storyboarding, can't carry on. There's an unclear bit, is he wearing the scuba suit at this point? Not been able to contact the boss so it's on hold.
Been concentrating on getting people's DVDs done, it's like a part time job keeping track of it all. If anyone's waiting for emails, I apologise profusely, I'm getting there.
I've also started making a bit of money on the net, which'll come in handy. Only peanuts at mo, but t'is the start of something good, me reckons.
Something cheered me up at the weekend. I found a tape of murder stories (1 by Mr Oddie). I've been looking for it fir ages. it was at Rog's place  under a table. It pays to tidy up sometimes ( it's how me back got back again though).
Tickets for ISIHAC go on sale 9.30 at the Hippodrome, I'll be there in person at 10.00. Those tickets are mine!!! On the night i'll be seeing the Big Bren combo, so a good day all round, and he is pretty round at that.

Mood - sleepy
Music - Czar Creek!
Edited - Never

2006-03-22 10:20:54
I love Thursdays. 2 weeks ago it was mighty boosh, last week, my birthday. This time Ive been invited to the launch of a loud raucous band called Geezer, should be a laff, even if I go on my own 'cos everyone's doing something else or skint.
My birthday was a blast. Started on the Wednesday in the Banu (home of delicious Indian food) they fgave us free wine ehn I mentioneD it was my birthday . The actual night in the pub it was also Sammi's bifday so we all got drunkish and had a blast. Friday I actually read the script for the storyboarding to come. Saturday was birthday part 2 down a different pub with other mates. What booty did I get? Money, a cat on a spring (?) The Mighty Boosh box set (Adcticted to it. Damn!) The PROPER War of the Worlds, League of Gentlemen cd boxset, a new skirt, nick nacks of Jewellery. I bought myself the complete Yes Minister (yep I watched Death list 'cos Greyboots is in it) and I've got a Poirot boxset coming courtesy of EBAY! I turned down going out tonight with a bunch of writers I know. " reasons. I haven't written what I said I was gonna and I wanted to get some of this storyboarding out the way. I'm also wrestling with video files, no matter how you work on some, they always go out of synch, it's pissing me off. GRR . Saying that, I've got loads of files to transfer from disc to disc for compilations. Gonna take ages.
Friday I have an arts meeting to go to, miles away in Walsall. Typical, the first day off Rog has had for ages and I'm there all day. Have to go there after the gig on Thursday s'pose. I'll get to snuggle up to Rog and don't have to get up half so early.
I'm knackered now, hardly slept a wink last night (I was sober!) back played up and stuff.
I'm off to sleepy bobos with somesort of non alcoholic beverage and the Fortean Times

Mood - Sleepy
Music - Genesis being covered by other bands
Edited - Never

2006-03-11 06:42:35
Well what can I say? I'll let you into a secret, we did summat stupid. There are 2 venues in Wolverhampton, we got mixed up. We  were picking up the tickets nosite so no clue there. The thing that confused us is that the venue it was actually in a concert hall that usually doesn't have seats and when I ordered the tickets by phone, they mentioned we were 27 rows back. We'd both been too busy to check up. Anyway We realised our mistake and ran away from the theatre showing an Agatha Crustie play. It looked interesting though. Got to the proper venue. How we laughed, imagine us sitting there shouting in Bollo like tones 'I've got a bad feeling about this' As someone is horribly murdered.
Arriving at the venue proper we were told we had 2 minutes til curtain up so we didn't get a beer. Students milled around annoyingly for about 10 minutes talking to their chums. Eventually things settled down and WOW what an absulutely awesome show. Howard and Vince came out in front of the curtain and weree incrediblty funny. They were introducing all the cast, Nabu, Boolo and Bob Fossil shouted through a megaphone from near us and ran up and clambered on to the stage and still shouted throught the megaphone.  after all this the story began. Odd, but ancient beings go thorough a ritual with a large ruby.
Howard and Vince work in Nabu's nick nack shop, an archaeologist brings in a mysterious bax and orders them not to look in it. Only Nabu can open it. Vince goes to Topshop (there's a sale) Howard goes stocktaking in the cellar. The box mysteriously glows and opens in a cloud of mist. Out come the Cockneys! Solo Polo is ripe for mischief. He knifes Nabu! The only way to save him is with an ancient ruby which may be in Spain or the arctic Tundra......
Shan't spoil the rest, it'll be onDVD before long. Just to say if you like the Boosh, you'll love it. Surprises all over the placeand EVERYONE from the show including the MOON (hurrah). It's just got improv and things they couldn't do on the telly. Bliss

Mood - happy
Music - BBC7 Listen Again
Edited - Never

2006-03-03 10:54:49
Not doing much at the mo is good. Every afternoon I can watch David Suchet as Poirot. Marvellous I've become a great fan of his flsie moustache and that of Philip Jackson. I think I need to get out more.
I'm just about getting round to getting a sort off website out there. It'll be on Myspace when I get round to it. I've only got 2 CD single reveiws and a bit of storyboarding to do.  Oh and then there's Mighty Boosh live show on Thursday and a murder mystery on the Saturday, not much. I'm relearning 3d max. I used to be good at that many moons ago. 'Tis a bit tricky.  I've got an idea for a short story which is really nasty and horrible. It needs research and me just sitting at the computer and doing some proper work.
Sunday was fun. Down the Market Tavern. I scribbled a limerick on a borrowed piece of paper with a borrowed pencil. Showed it to the subject and also Brendan He  said 'Right, you're on in 10 minutes'. Unaccustomed to that, got a laugh though. A great afternoon. I wish everyone could see Bom and His Magic Drumstick a fantstic act.
Right, a bit of proper work to fit in before sleepy bo bos.

Mood - placid
Music - just about to put some on.
Edited - Never

2006-02-25 06:14:33
Quiet week
It seems ages since my last posting. Velaentines day awww. Rog rang up during the day, 'Can i come round?' he asked. Ihad just nipped to the shop to get his card and the place was a tip, but OK. He stopped off on the way to work to drop off a bottle of champers and a box of chocolates, 'Put those in the fridge 'til I get back'. Bless him I cooked for his return at 11.00. I'm lucky ain't I.
I've discovered the best ways to deal with my back, Stay drunk all day or just sit round and do nothing, tidying up and such just give it jip. I could stay in bed, but the DVD player and computer are in the living room. I've filled in a huge from for more governmant money, probably won't get it.
After not doing anything for Room 13 for ages i've done a bit of editing and a couple of CDreviews. The single I did yesterday was by TEAM. I'd reviewed their first singlre a while back. i glanced at their website and hey, they quoted my review . If only I got paid for this. Today was Licky. One of the songs on their album is called Fancy Pants, about electronically controlled trousers that improve your dancing skills. Of course it reminded me of Wicked Waltzing and got a Goodies reference in 9look it up on the Room 13 site!). I bet that bit gets cut.It was quite difficult getting back into writing 450 words for it, took a while. Mostly on my own this weekend rog is working all over the shop. I'll probably go and see my brother and Jimmy Fantastic do stuff on Sunday. I'll probably take back my DAB radio adapter too, the display's gone wonky.
Last night though, I did listen again on the BBC7 website. 3 hours of the Mighty Boosh, you can't beat that canya?

Mood - Thirsty (mmm scotch)
Music - Ron Goodwin
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2006-02-14 10:15:22
Free lunch?
Thought it was about time I wrote another of these 'ere entries. I;ve been to the dentist twice for some rather painful work. My mouth for te last week or so has felt like someone borrowed it and messed it about before giving it back to me. Nothing's as bad as the pain in my back though, there's times when I can't move much at all. i'll keep crunching the painkillers, drinking the alcohol and waiting for the physiotherapy appointments to come along.
Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? I had to pop and sort out a missing payment last Thursday at the local job centre. The form was filled out there and then and felling chipper, i took it ti the local branch of my bank on foot 9actually, i had it in my pocket). On the way, by the college they were giving away free Kraft slendips Raspberry cheesecake flavour) so of course, i had me some of that. I was given 4. My pocket's weren't big enough, i gave one away. I had to go that way back, got another 2, gave one away to some bloke and another one to the little girl who was at the jobcentre with her mo, ihad to returnto say the bank had to send the special letter to head office (wrong colour crayons in the local branch).
The rest of that day and some of the next, icontinued feeling good so blitzed the flat. ever since I've been in a stae, usually worse in the morning. i really do find it hard to get out of bed!!!
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Not doing anytithing overly special. Rog is working. I was meant to be, but the gig was cancelled. He's got Friday AND Saturday off, so we'll make up for it. Already had a preamble a couple of weekends ago staying in a rather nice hotel for the night. Trouble is in that situation, I want to shoot guns at people.  Can i be cured???

Mood - tired
Music - Darryll Way
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2006-01-27 06:18:10
That murder mystery near Gatwick saw us drinking 'til 5.00 in he morning again! i love it when I don't have to pay for beer! Dragged ourselves to brekkie at 9.00 nad the best bit, chucking out time 12.00  we flaked out in the room while one of the more virtuous members of out troupe played golf with borrowed clubs. It was a brilliant night everyone had their own daft names like Rosa Teeth, (dental nurse) and all dressed up. There were quite a few Aussies there and afterwards I talked about the Goodies with one of them and a bloke who saw the return of.
Since, done a couple of bits of filming for One Minutes. One was a reshoot of the staircase running. the second was a bugger. There we were standing outside Sarehole Mil for ages waiting for the git of an 'actor' who didn't show up. We weren't pleased. This week has been nice and quiet just swictched my debit card so I've got a £300 overdraft. That'll come in handy.
Well that's enough of that for now.

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Music - Just A minute BBC7
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2006-01-14 03:00:58
Another year another illness....
I started the year with a stomach bug, a fine way to start! I wasn't feeling sick,it just hurt and I felt really tired and weak. All better by the end of it, so that's OK!  My muredr mystery for next week has been cancelled, but got one in LONDON tomorrow, staying overnight, sharing with C, won't sleep a week!  Apparently got a few coming up, makes a few pennies. Decided to try my hansd in a couple of ventures, one's an online business thing, they'll either happen or not. Won't lose nowt. 
Start more filming with a different company next month, Private Universe (check out the website!), funded and everything, I might end up being 2nd assistant Director. Scary thought, Don't know about the other load of filming with Phil Pugh (Myspace) apparently someone from the BEEB want to film and his team filming. I sais to him, I said they'll just piss about and get in the way 
I'm hardly seeing the bloke this weekend,  He's not going to London and h'es working 'til the wee hours of Monday morning. I'm leaving him to it. I'll be watching snooker and Johnny and the bomb (starts Sunday).
THere's a good prog on telly on Monday night Life on Mars. It seems that since Dr Who has become cool, it's OK to do weird Sci Fi stuff, this is far superior to Dr Who (it's probably just me, I thought there were some rubbish bits in it. Miseryguts).
S'pose i'd better go learn me script and make sure my Shiela Teachum Wright costume is about/clean/ironed..

Mood - Happy as a sandpiper
Music - McCauley+Co
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2005-12-22 06:01:39
Shopping, shopping, shopping
Well, I've been filming, murde mysterying and doing crimbly type things all over the place. £ christmas dinners and counting 2 turkey on lamb.The last MM of the season was in Telford the Legoland of Shropshire, not 'cos it's magical and exciting and exciting, it's cos it looks like it's made of the stuff and all the bricks are grey. Went well though even though the script was changed after we got there, I ended up shooting people. Suited me, go my chocoolate and coffee, unusual, the yank accent went down well too. that's it 'til January got a weekend gig. Not done one of those before, should be interesting. Filming in the Crescent theatre was fun too! We were there for 5 hours, starved by the end of it, went to the pub for nosh after. More filming in the new year.
Almost got Xmas sorted. A few bits and bobs to get in Brum tomorrow and that's it. My Goodies mugs haven't arrived, so that meant buying alternatives, 3 for 1 in boots and armed with a £5 voucher £30 worth fo £15. I can shop alright! They can have the mugs for birthday.
Still recovring from seeing HAWKWIND last night. A bloody good gig. Even if we were nearly crushed by a large fainting bloke.
The painters have been in doing the stairs and walls of hallway, we think the landlords up to something, the first time that's ever happened. Wasn't expecting to find wet paint all over the place when I got back from sopping, and no signs saying WET PAINT! Got it on my coat and hand.
The paint smell is strong and we can't be bothered cooking, so we're going for a curry!

Mood - hungry
Music - Round The Horne
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2005-12-07 07:07:41
The heating hasn't worked for a week, the landlord is jerking us about. Bastard! the whole of the flats are boycotting certain payments to him. thet'll teach him. Apart from that, life is busy again after a nice weekend off. Went to see mother and brother. Bought one of Bren's T shirts, some would find it offensive, it's got the first lines of his most famous poems on it. Might well wear it at the weekend.
Burned a batch of 'Floweres' seem to be having a surge at present, don't mind.
Got sent a scanned article from te NY Times, which will be put up some wehre on this site soon. Needed cleaning up including some words that were intelligable. When you get to 'routines' remember that's the word that gave me most trouble.
Tomorrow have to get up a bit early, Go into the city to get a bifday card for the oldman, the only place you can get such things at this time of year. Then to his place to go offto Doddington lodge where we'll be doing a mm. Want to lookabout Witchurch first. we're staying the night 'cos we're doing the same thibng the next night (except returning home). Friday is his actual bifday we should be staying at a mates house, having a musical evening (with booze and curry). Saturday filming most of the day at the Cresent theatre.Might get a bit of shopping in before going to the pub with a pile of chums. Sunday? Probably off to the Space Centre where there's a load of Daleks and stuff, well he wants to go and it's his birthday. Monday,have to start shopping in earnest or Birmingham. Note how I'm not spending much time in my cold flat.

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2005-11-23 10:12:06
The filming went well, a church hall in front of a green screen, it's all very 1970's BBC (Ha!). I got ot play a small part.
Thursday 17th was my brother's birthday. Spent the evening in the pub and was duly employed to help Kenny film Katlama (a band). I was there 'til midnight drink in one hand camera in the other. Left my phone in in the car of Dominic, a lovely bloke who gave me a lift. Myself and Bren have been trying to get in contact since. All is well I get it back tomorrow, he's dropping it off Talking of playing parts. Last Friday I was in Manchester being a stowaway/pirate. We tried to park, nightmare. People, trafficlights, more trafficlights traffic and trafficlights. Took us a longtime beore we gave up and parked in the expensive carpark next to the huge, grand Midland hotel, once we'd found it again after drifting round the place. The gig was OK, I was a non character with naught to do. Just went along to keep Rog company after my own one was cancelled. I blagged a meal too. Nearly all of the parts were played by punters, a very esy night. Got down the motorway in time for a couple of pints. Saturday was in Prestigne, familiar ground, done that room loads of times before. Went smoothly, great food. I was principal boy,  Prince Charming in a daft plot.
Spent today shifting stuff in the kitchen for the arrival of my new fridge. When it came, te first thing I did was put my magnets all over it, hammer horror, Mr men, dinosaurs, a picture of the 5 frog curse and an oinking pig. You can't beat it.

Mood - Happy
Music - BBC7 Gawd bless it!
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2005-11-08 06:31:11
I did write an entry during the week, but just as I finished, theinterenet connection went down and my computer threw a major wobbly, my internet is still delicate and my MSN ain't working (any suggestions?). The 2 murder mysteries came and went. Definately not the best. The Saturday one, ha! We went to Telford to be dropped at Oswestry for a coach ride to Wrexham. It was A lady called Erica's birthday. The idea was We'd meet up with her (never met her, no idea what she looked like, sounds like a good'n don't it?). We looked out for the coach whilst sheltering from te rain in the doorway of a hotel, which unbeknownst to us contained Erica and chums. She approached us and then we all got on the coach. For the most part we just sat drinking warm champers it was virtually imposible to do any scene setting, peeps too busy chatting. a chance came as the coach attempted to negotiate the narrow path to the destination hotel. our progress was halted and we had to wait while a minibus got into position to ferry us.
Hilarious fun. Was still home by 1.00 in the morning to watch the recorded pot black.
Satrudy  spent a couple of hours filming for a series of shorts. running up and down stairwells wit ha camera, my shoulder is still sore. Turned out my old chum Jim starred in it. Of course, we had to watch footage over a pint. More filming on Wednesday, should be fun.
As well as my computer going down, my fridge decided to die. It's a conspiracy. At least I got ot the end of this.

Mood - jolly
Music - Isihac
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2005-10-26 22:33:15
yum yum!
Sunday will br remembered for ever. it was fantastic! Spent the day in London hooked up with our Chum Stuart, mooched round Virgin megastore and found a tasty Ian Dury compilation in the sale .
I'd arranged to meet Kat and chums in the White Hart by waterloo station for frosties, as is our want. After imbibing it was off  to the studio fotr the recording of the show.  At this point, Stuart was moved to another queue. Ha, he's for the meat grinder we chuckled as the lbokes were frisked nad their bags searched (not te ladies, you'll note0.
Sheep like we entered the studio and were herded to our seats. our troupe were up the back, Stuart, was on the front row (git).
The set, oh the set. How can i begin to describe it? fantastic recreation with so many little bits and pieces. They were covered with sheets of course. We sat in anticipation as people lurked in shadows around the periphery of te set while the warm up man told lame jokes and interacted with the audience. The lads came out from the shadows and said hello, to rapturous applause. The entire audience did the teapot (it'll be explained when you actually see it). Questions came from dubious members of the audience Stuart's puss is slap banng on camera grinning like a loon in one shot (pah!). then the filming started in earnest. From the opening sequence with Graeme's fuzzy chops, right ot the end it was pure joy. The memory of Bill the womble and the black pudding will never fade, his revenge over the no 1 spot debarcle. The atmosphere was wonderful. Even when the audience acted as continuity when the hapless floor manager err.. forgt to replace the door. Stories, banter, bikes, everything. I got to meet Lisa Manofski too!
We missed our coach home, but got a later one, the driver let us get on without paying, Nice man. Unlike the bastard who stole my mail yesterday. I went out about 12.30, saw on the side table and thought 'get it later'. Came back 6.50 and it had vanished. Unfortunately, there was a cheque from a man in New Jersey. I was well pissed off I can tell you. The neighbours hadn't picked it up by mistake and it hadn't fallen on the floor. Gone. I had too email the chap and call the police. What a downer. I have supiscions about who it was. What s downer

Mood - Grumpy
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Edited - 2005-10-27 02:36:27

2005-10-21 00:26:19
Shipley Ahoy!
Thursdays murder mystery. It took ages to get to Hollins Hall. When we got there we were stunned! Wot a place. A single bed was a double bed, absolute luxury. If we'd had time we could have had complimentary saunas/massages ect. unfortunately we were there to work! It all went very well, I had no no lines of any consequence but got shout in an American accent and talk to the imaginary 'gallery'. Free bar afterwards. Stacked up with beer and Jack daniels. The plan was go up to aour room after the bar closed wiith our beer stashed in the mini fridge (in car) and watch the snooker. The managing director of the private medical company we were working for INSISTED we went for a drink with him. He actually fancied C. the unashamed flirt in our company. Sghe wanted to stay for te free beer but also protection from the learing MD. We we're there 'til around 5.00! A little worse for wear we herde C. to bed. Not a bad babysitting job really. We didn't make it back to the car 'til the morning the fridge had drained the battery so the RAC were called for.
Why was God so cruel to make me hangover free!

Mood - Fluffy
Music - Beyond our Ken
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2005-10-12 21:08:50
I am having a good month. Everything seems to be falling in to place. Tomrrow, I go to Yorkshire for 2 days. A murder mystery and overnight stay in a hotel, I can't afford to stay in. It's a very easy part, money for old rope. Back in the room in time for the snooker ( with a sneaky bottle of scotch for me and Rog (Heh!).
Goodies in London. OMG! Course, i had get tickets, which i have. Persuaded Rog to come with me. Ticket conf. came thru yeaterday and I've sussed out the travel. If we do the coach thing, it's cheap, not that much longer than the train and we can treat outr selves to a taxi on the way back (means we can occupy ourselves on the return with a litlle libation).
Had qa meeting last night with a couple of film type bods, who I shall be helping as of next week It could easily have been done on the phone,but they wanted to meet me in person. It was throwing down withrain to boot (Floods all over the country). The meeting lasted te length of a pint. Still, I was home for C.S.I Miami, so not that bad.
All this and I've been approved for 'editrial trainig' at R13 tojoin the editorial staff. I've got about ^ CD's that need reviewing too.
Looks like I'll be busy then....

Mood - Exstatic
Music - News on telly
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2005-10-05 02:45:44
And so, to bed.......
Another hero gone. What a shame. God blees you Ronnie, you're legacy will live forever.
To cheer me up, my DVD of Monster Club lay on my doormat when i got back. Couldn't resist watching the Shadmock bit.
Friday we went to the Shops. Rog decided to get a lovely double bed going cheap (they usually squerk 'cos of the springs). Monday they said, between 1-4:00.  lots of clearing up/vacuuming to be done.  2:00 Rog went off to work leaving me to carry on cleaning and waiting for the men. I discovered Rog's dark secret. He has a plastic bag collection. Bags from record shops long past to the present. Ha.  Moved stuff around and made room. Bed got ensconced and very comfy it it too. Had a pile of CDs to rview at the start of the week, but nothing compares to Rachel Mari Kimber's album I reviewed last month, fantastic.
Wish i could get more like that.

Mood - headachey
Music - Red Organ Serpent Sound!!!
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2005-09-14 19:16:34
Some thing Greek women can do, shout. There was one resident near us who screamed hysterically for half the morning and kids would scream back at her. I think Greek Social services got her on her balcony with a dart gun. Food a bit dissapointing. Too British, Lots of chips. The spiciest thing we found was in the next resort (40 minutes walk away) a curry house! We didn't find the best beer until the day before we went home, oh well. Greek Holiday? go to Thassos. That was the best one ever!
I did read in the paper while there that Tony Blair wants to recruit ZCARS to fight crime in the Uk. Fantastic, I thought. Brian Blessed, Stratford Johns, James elliss and Frank Windsor. That'd work I thought. Oh the pictures of 'em tearing around in Panda cars. Then I realised I read it wrong. CZARS. Tut, how dull.
Artsfest at the weekend.  Artsfest is a huge weekend festival where the centre of Brum is a sea of FREE entertainment, you name it, it's there. i went on Sunday. I was covering it for the mag. Must admit I was less enthusiastic. Post holiday syndrome. I saw a few bands and bits, 4.30 the Yampie werewolves were on. At last I got to sse them. One man down maybe (Andy has a habit of not turning up) but they were bloody great! There were a couple of good bands on at a venue right across the city (40 mins walk), so I decided to stay and chat. I waffled in the article. A picture i took of Poet Paul Rafferty made it's way into the glossy brochure for the fest, I wasn't even credited. Story of my life.

Mood - Bouncy
Music - Wrightstuff on telly
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2005-08-31 03:05:50
On Thursday, me and Rog decided to go to Greece. We're going on Thursday. hmm cheap beer and sun. Well we both been working hard lately. Hard work? yeah right sitting in a sunny park watching a bunch of bands play. Tyhing is I was itching to make a joke about the local councillor, who attended with his wife. Nowt strange you my think. Unless you know he's got his young secretary pregnant and is often seen coming out of her house. But as it's a music mag, had restrain myself.
I bought a new dvd drive for copying, since my old much used one had worn out. Not quite working properly. Shame I've got an awful lot of copying to do. That'll bbe what I'm doing in Septembe. October is lined up with a whole load of murder mysteries, about six different scripts there then.
This week picture me sitting on a beach, book in one hand drink in the other. Aaaahhhhh

Mood - Blissfully happy
Music - silnce.
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2005-08-19 02:31:28
Well. i'm still alive after a dirty great green honda ran into Roger's car on the way to Morrisons on Saturday. The bugger tried to drive off too. He was forced to stop by traffic, a right dodgy git. We have a witness, so it should work out in the end. He's only had the car a few months, it's the second knock he's had. The car is CURSED!
I've been lazy all week. Not done much at all except lounging around watching Thunderbirds/New adventures Of Superman and Topcat.  Has to stop tomorrow though. Got deadlines to meet and a whole load of work. Mosely festival at the weekend, should be able to see the Yampy Werewolves (see earlier entry). It's bound to piss down with rain.

Mood - Could be a lot worse!
Music - Simpsons on Telly
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2005-08-10 08:50:22
It's a quiet life
i'm so bad at keeping  this journal lately. Things aren't happening to me much, just around me. Thursady before last, we had a tornado. It's not sometihng we have in this part of the world, in fact it was one of the strongest EVER measured in UK! It happened in Kings Heath, a favourite mooching area of mine, me and the bloke almost went there on the day, something told us not to.  a few years ago, a car bomb failed to blow up 5 minutes walk from where i was in the City Centre. Then there was the dirty great earthquake 5 miles away, I was about 18 miles from the epicentre, it bloody well shook us up at 1 o clock AM. Got bacl to my place, a few things had fallen off the shelves.
Have I got the luck of the Irish? Ta mum.
I've not been well lately. Was down all of last week. Left me knackered, but I'm getting perkier. It's a good job, CD reviews don't write themselves.
I'm transferring Astronauts at present, it's taking me a while though. Just testing out which bits of software i can enploy to tart episodes up before commiting 'em to disc, Wish i could afford pinnacle 9. Quite proud of the menu though. 
While I was poorly, my DVD player died. Imaginine moping about and not being able to watch The Goodies or Michael Bentines Potty Time to cheer up. Had BBC7 though, some comfort.
Note to oneself: Keep journal more often.

Mood - optimistic
Music - band of gold.
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2005-07-26 23:59:25
Well it's been a weird couple of weeks. My DVD player packed up. My lovely little Cyberhome. It was the fault of The Brides Of Fu ManChu. I was watching that and enjoying it. Halfway through, I pause it to swear at a bloke trying to sell me summat. I put it back on, it froze like an aardvark in the antarctic. i fiddled around with it, as yer do, to no avail. i had to watch the rest on the computer, not as good. Happy now got a new one yesterday, onl £30 in WH Smiths. Celebrated by watching michael Bentines potty time.
Did a murder Mystery on Saturday. IJust 2 actors. 17 people on 1 table all together. A hen party. it was the quietest hen party I've ever encountered in me lfe! The hotel was the poshest and most expensive I've ever worked in, over £100 a night! The desk staff still managed to mess things up with wide eyedinability to understand English coupled with impatient old Ladies. As Copper Laura Norder i was in charge of the gun for the most part, the best bit. I don't actually get to shoot anyone, but I let it off in the corriidor. Oh, and we had the bride to be and her sister playing two of the major parts. Should've shot them, they might have been a bit more lively.
I've got a load of Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band stuff to sort out and Astronauts to capture onto my harddrive. Should kepp me busy for the rest of the day.   
We've got 2 black swans  on the reservoir now, never seen that before!

Mood - Chirpy
Music - Radio
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2005-07-08 06:01:59
What can you say really? What a sad day. All those people. I first heard about one going off. It's the French i quipped. Then I heard of the rest. Got loads of work to do, but can't concentrate on much. Will do the washing up while listening to the album I've got to write 400 words tomoorrow. Might try and cheer myself up by listening to the Bonzo Dog out take and alternate versions disc I got yesterday.

Mood - sombre
Music - nowt
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2005-06-26 01:32:35
Nik Kershaw!!
Been  a busy weekand a half. Last THrusday, I was going to see the Yampie Werewolves (my brother, the bloke who wrote Duran Duran's Girls On Film and someother bloke), but boss calls me at 5ish and says 'go and cover this thing at this bar' He didn't know anything about it but really wanted someone to cover it. He got the venue wrong too. I found the venue and event. It was dull, dull, dull. The Diamond Rendezvous Cabaret should have been really good but the atmosphere just wasn't there.
Spent friday and Saturday in Oxfordshire. Banbury to start off with. Aah, the Olde Reindeer pub , pints of Old Hooky. I saw a hoarding outside a papershop that said Fairport Convention Split! More on that further on. Monday was a FREE solstice festival, so of course I went along, specially as there as free wine and food , much more enjoyable than Thursdy (which incidentally was in a bar with drinks that cost the equivalent of a mortgage for a small cottage), Did a few CD reviews and articles for Room 13 and Xposed magazine. WednesdayI got to chat to Fairport convention's tour manager, he put me straight on the split thing, all tosh. As I wrote the article, I listened to local radio. Nik Kershaw, 80's pop dude was on , promoting his new stuff. Bacause of his hit @The Riddle', they had a Riddle. 'hHow many letters in the alphabet. I rang up with the right answer (11) and got to speak to Nik Kershaw. I showed off my impressive knowledge about his work with Tony Banks (not the ex sprts minister, Genesis' keyboard player). I am now thw proad owner of a personally signed Nik Kershaw DVD, which I haven't watched yet 'cos the telly is being used for tennis watching purposes, might chuck it into this very conputer in a bit and have a shuftys. Not a bad week really.

Mood - happy as Larry
Music - ISIRTA 1970
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2005-06-15 20:06:39
I seem to be busy doing very little at the mo. I think I'm a bit depressed 'cos of the weather. It should be SUMMER for God's sake! It's much more akin to autmn. Still, the reservoir has got some cutegoslings/ducklingsCootlets(?)/grebelings(?) and a black swan, wow. It's grest to live round he corner from it.
Did my first CD review for Room 13 website, a band called Gratitude, didn't grab me much, prefer Bastardo by Charlotte Hatherly from Ash. Got a few things to do for Xposed, I was damned lazy yesterday, so I'll knuckle down today.
Got to to put the finishing touches to a couple of DVDs for Michelle and sort out the CD I promised.
Been watching a lot of the old Marty Feldman show with Timbo and John Junkin in. Really funny, the beast, bunch of daffs, wine treading dance, brilliant stuff.
Keep meaning to try and lose a bit of weight too, but alcohol  keeps getting in the way.....

Mood - ticking along
Music - news
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2005-06-06 05:22:33
Well bugger it! I'd just finished putting in me new entry. I decided it needed editing so I did that. I clicked on on the send message thingy. I ended up with 3 entries, all  he same .
In my zombie like state (due to raging insomnia, only curable by alcohol and Rolf Harris programmes), I not only got rid of all of them, but the previous entry too. Bits of my life missing and I can't remember much about it. Not much different there then ! If you can help me out rebuilding my life I'd be grateful. No fibbing now, I'd probably believe you anyway.
One bit I can remember. The Calvin and Hobbes book, the bookshare one I found in Walsall? I found I was it's first recipient. I had envisaged it's journey across the world. quatrer of a mile to Rogers place and then around 5 miles to mine. Yep, I feel a little guilty about it, but I'll strive to get over it.
I've abandoned sculpture for a bit. 3 reasons. 1, Other stuff to do, 2, the itchy rash on my left had the chemicals give me. 3, I haven't quite worked out how to make the mould properly.
I'll now go and review a CD by a(probably) Uninteresting band .

Mood - Bouncy
Music - The msusic of life!!!
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2005-05-12 01:49:11
Deliver: to reove someone's liver
DVD writer arrived on Friday, fitted it and almost caught up with projects, been burning stuff like mad. Also got the plaster for my sculpture project. Of course i had to phone them up. They failed to deliver yesterday, when they said they were going to. I waited in for that. As I did today, all afternoon. Blazing sunshine. Lucky my brother,Big Bren was round to cheer me up. Of course I couldn't feed him much, seeing as i couldn't go shopping cos I had to stay in waiting for the man to come. Coo Coogachoob.  Abusy weekend a head, better get on and learn some card tricks.

Mood - Fancy a beer
Music - BBC7
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2005-05-04 20:38:40
Gripped by the balls
I think I'm getting old. For months I've been ignoring the fact that it's getting painful to walk. Truth is I'm scared of the physiotherapy that's really gonna smart! Getting used to life without snooker. Not easy. Had to go and talk to Dave in the pub last night, he's a snooker correspondent! poor old ronnie has, like firball XL5 flown off the rails whilst his sanity trolley spirals towards the valley below. Oh dear!
My DVD burner is refusing to burn stuff, it is a bugger! I've got some lovely projects sitting on my harddrive waiting to fly their way various corners of the globe. Wanna move on to the next one now. I'm sooo impatient.
Have to learn  a couple of card tricks for a BIG murder mystery on the 13th. I'm rubbish at things like that. I'll just be the bumbling Tommy Cooper type. That'll work! Get the plaster to cast my sculpture tomrrow. Looking forward to finishing that and doing the next one.
Does any one else ramble on like this, or is it just me?

Mood - Happyish
Music - Telly in bacground
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2005-04-25 04:43:27
SO, I didn't get the London gig, due to someone living 5 minutes from the shoot getting it. FINE :'(
Last night was My mom's  'birthday' as organised by my brother, in a pub near him where all his idiot mates were celebrating St George's day. It was Sh@"e! They sang a load of b%ll%*ks Karaoke and the beer was crap. Iwas glad I didn't pay for anything, I would've set fire to something. Everybody was eating the food, includig Bro's mates who had necver met mum. A lot of us buggered off to my mom's fave Irish pub, including Mum, that'll tell you how popular my brothers shindig was!
This morning had a free ticket to a preview of the HitchHikrers Guide To The Galaxy[/color] film. Iwent prepared to loathe every single bit of it, so did Rog. We rather liked it. The budget doesn't spoil it, the cast are not as bad as they looked in the trailers. Marvin is too cute looking but makes up for it by having the voice of Alan Rickman. The Old Marvin makes amn appearance though, as does Simon Jones, nice touches. Best remake i've seen to date I think, on account that it wasn't absolute b%ll%*ks like most of them. I'll buy the DVD with all the extras when it's cheap in the sales, skinflint that I am. Of course we had to sit around in the pub after and analyse the film, think it took about 5 hours
Must now sign off and get back to the snooker. Jimmy White versus Matty Stephens. Poor old Whirlwind, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Mood - sobering up
Music - snooker on tv
Edited - 2005-04-25 04:45:04

2005-04-18 05:17:11
Last week My eldest brother and I fell out over the supposed proce of the food for my mom's birthday party. I refused to be bulldozed, he had gone ahead without consultation. On Friday he was suddenly made redundant and decided not to have ant food 'cos it was far too expensive.
This last week or so has been good for me otherwise. I received Aussie Goodies postcards from the wonderful Janice. Nicely fits in with my keyring and tour programme.
Transferred the Goodies on Richard and Judy and London Tonight onto my hard drive, just got to tweak the sound and shove it onto DVD, Ta Howard!
Friday did amurder mystery. Spent the even as French resistance leader, had a laff and got money for it! That's the way to spend an evening, apart from watching snooker of course. Embassy World Championship I love you. 

Mood - tired
Music - R4 comedy
Edited - Never

2005-04-06 07:12:57
ups and downs
Right.Came back on  Sunday to find a lovely new door on my flat. Next time Andy ... Next time . He's been actively avoiding me all week.
Thursday, received cheques for a heck of a lot of money from the tax office, after I rang 'em and said they didn't owe me anything. It sits in my account collecting interest until they ask for it all back. I REALLY want ot spend that money, I need a new digital camera and it's mother's 70th birthday in a couple of weeks.
Just when I was getting utterly fed up with Xposed magaziner messing me around (I was gonna jack it all in) The BOSS came to see me today with news. Tis NEVER happens. They've got a deal with Pulse radio a big concern of Sky and they'r going ballistic. He really wants me on board 9he says), and I can get free tickets to ANY gig I want! Think I'll stick around for a bit.
Room 13, an online music mag want me to do stuff for them too.
The Welshman has er Welshed on the photography . His middle name is Sion so he's probably got a Prior(y) engagement... I think I scared him off when I mentioned my boyfriend was driving me to the gig.  No income from that pimpery then. Pity.
Two hats film company rang up wanting to  see my CV for a channel 5 gig in London. I'll never get that one in a million years. i can dream
Walsall beer festival at the weekend. Something to look forward to.

Mood - Chuffed
Music -
Edited - Never

2005-03-30 07:19:13
Last Monday. Boyfriend had unexpected evening off. Went for a curry. Fine Got back at midnight and put the key in the lock of me flat. Key got stuck half way round and couldn't pull it out. Couldn't get in, couldn't go anywhere, everything in flast. Bashed ithe door a bit then enlisted the help of neighbour Andy, he went and got Simon, another neighbour with his pwer drill. The lock is wrecked. The landlord isn't thrilled. What could i do?
A call came to me from a welsh male model. I was supposed to go and take 'artistic pictures' of him on Friday, he cancelled. Was very ill on thursday with a 24 hr bug, so it's jut as wellWe rescheduled for tomorrow (wednesday), he's just cancelled, never mind, means I've got more time to do other stuff.
Easter Sunday Started well, ate chocolate for brekkie, don'tya love pagan symbolism? Monday mornig 3.30 Andy gets in from a club and decides to play loud music. He's done it before, he's a selfish bas@#$d! I went and told him to turn it down, he did, but we could still hear it. We heard it when the CD got stuck and played the same bit for several hours. He woke up at 8.30 and increased the volume. Wait  'til me doors fixed. Wombles albums on repeat very loudly for 7 or 8 hours. That'll teach him.
Book wise I'm working my way thru The Da Vinci Code, got for a quid in a charity shop.
Oh, remeber a few entries ago The  taxman wrote to me saying I owed them 2000 knicker? Got one off 'em claiming they owed me 2000 knicker. I had to phone up (think that's call 56) to tell them we owe each other nowt.
Sigh. What can you do?

Mood - mellow
Music -
Edited - Never

2005-03-21 00:16:46
Old git!
Wednesday it was my birthday. Spent the day mooching round town. On the evening tried a Cypriot restaurant in Bearwood, lovely. St Paddy's day, weather was fantastic, so went up on the Birmingham wheel. 100 feet up in the airto look out on the expansive vista that is Birmingham. the evenig came and discoeverd my digital camera isn't working. Bugger.  Then My computer decided to go down completely. Double bugger. Had to reformat and repartition it, losing everything on it including my pictures from the Prince Charles thetre. Recoverd the best ones, which I'd sent to peeps, but my one of Jeremy Hardy has gone, grump!
Had another birthday drinking sess yesterday, got Banaman,  Ripping yarns dvds, books and stuff.
Spending the afternoon on my little sculpture and watchind DVDs Life is good.

Mood - Sober, just for a change
Music - ISIRTA. Hurrah!
Edited - Never

2005-03-08 04:01:13
What a weekend. the Fabulous Fish Brothers on Friday night. Fantastic band, fave song 'I wonder what you'd look like with no clothes on". Check out their website. Blagged a CD off the support 'cos I knew the drummer! Saturday,  running murder mystery at Whitchurch. went ok. The Lions club. Spoilt by 40 minutes of speeches befor the de noumint. We sat there banging our heads on the table, waiting for them to finish. I think they could tell I was a gruompy WPC Ann Cuff. Got home at 2, drank bourbon for an hour after. Yetserday, mothering Sunday. Ran round like a blue a*%sed fly trying to find something. Enjoyed playing with my nephew and meeting the 7 month old, which I hadn't.  Finished off the night watching Evil Dead on telly.
2 things never to do in Birmingham, Try to find a Brother Cadfael audio tape/CD or go anywhere by bus on a Sunday.
Still knackered. Had to go to Redditch.
Spending the evening doing about 5 different things all at the ame time. I'll treat myself to a Goodies or an episode of Astronauts (Ta Bradda!) or even both.....

Mood - knackered
Music - local Radio
Edited - 2005-03-08 23:00:16

2005-03-04 08:39:37
Ho hum
Busy week, finally finished the painting of Steel the wonder and started on my next complicated little project. Did stuff fo the mag. it's all getting a bit desperate. the editor was sacked for being a lazy git. I see my workload increasing very shortly. Suits me!
Got snowed on severely yesterday, but fixed brother's computer. Picked up copy of Secret Polcemens ball, shall watch bits of that in a bit. Better learn script ffor murder mystery on saturday. Might go and see the fabulous fish brothers tomorrow night.

Mood - Chirpy
Music - The Scaffold
Edited - Never

2005-02-22 07:34:39
looks like i've earned myself the 'opinionated Badge', cna't help it if I'm chatty can I?
Couldn't find any eggs on the new DVD. if there are some, i'm sure some clever Harry will find them and let  us all know where they are.
Tomorrow after much delay, filming at the International drumschool starts. I won't hold my breath, it's set to snow tomorrow, that'll be another delay!
I was asked if I'd be interested in some storyboard work for a film shot in US next month, I should cocoa....

Mood - mellow
Music - Darryl way
Edited - Never

2005-02-14 05:26:51
I've danced with a man......
Yesterday I dicovered there's a 5.30 in the morning. i had to get up to get to London for 10.00. Muchos  worth it!
the whole show was fabbo. It's a shame loads of peeps couldn't make it who would've loved it. Maybe next time. We should probably form a flash mob and go round the place causing havoc dressed in suitable garb. That'd be a laff.
I've watched some of the DVDs A Man's Best friend, aaah. Just a year ago myself and brother Brendan talked about that very appearance. I'm  saving the rest of it til later wwhen i've finished all the work I got to do.
Oh well best get on with it. Logging sheets for filming  drumming instruction DVDs ( This stick, this drum. Take stick in hand and hit the drum)......

Mood - Delerious
Music - Dave devant and his spiritwife
Edited - Never

2005-02-07 04:58:53
Ah Sweet Profanity
fed up with the antics of the international drum school, I sent them a text with "choice" words in it. Worked . Ha!  Being very, very nice to me. Film discussions start next week!
Saw the first advert for the new dvd in the Fortean Times. Really looking forward to it an Saturday! Back home in time for a curry and a few frosties  on the evening. Life don't get no better!

Mood - Jovial
Music - Steeleye Span
Edited - Never

2005-02-02 23:17:15
niggle, niggle
Why is it when someone says yeah let's work together on those videos Don't bother contacting you. I'd Like to swear here, but I'd be edited! The International Drum School. PAH! Think I'll sit at home and watch the Goodies instead!
The sound on my Computer is down AGAIN> Thinking of buying NVIDiA stuff? Don't do it kids. It's such an unastable format and xp doesn't like it. It'll take ages to sort out (big stick I think). Grump.
The good things this week i got seasons 6 and 7 from kipperman, what a star. naturally enough I had to check the quality and watched Punky Business. Aaaaah.
One more grump, I can't seem to post on the site. Iam silenced. Damn!

Mood - half and half
Music - daily politics on tv
Edited - Never

2005-01-24 04:29:09
Why, oh why can't people keep their sodding colds to themselves? Fine on Friday night, a few drinks a fab curry at the Banu, yum! By Saturday morning headache temperature, the works. Got loads of stuff to do, don't feel up to it. I'll be back doing CD reviews tomorrow though. Mico Macro are the best of the bunch so far. Chris is looking for an assistant editor on the mag, think I'll go for it, summat to do.

Mood - grouchy
Music - the Damned mca singles
Edited - Never

2005-01-17 22:22:01
Yesterday came home to find a letter from the tax man asking £2000 odd. Not, good, not good at all. Why don't the buggers check the paper work properly before sending heart stopping letters out? Been having similar trouble all year, leave me alone you fools!  You speak very slowly to them on the phone and they STILL DON'T TAKE ANY NOTICE. Think I sorted it out, if not someone may be found with small nibble marks about they're person (I train the ferrets as we speak).
Spending the day painting portrait of the sadly departed Steel, dwarf alsation and wonder dog and shopping. it's a hard life...

Mood - subdued
Music - What Andy's playing downstairs
Edited - Never

2005-01-12 11:05:04
Goody Goody
Friday in the carpark next to the local Aldi (hurrah!). Next car along had the keys still stuck in the boot. Looked aeround no one taken a blind bit of notice. Should I go into the shops and shout at the top of me voice who owns theblack ford whatsismush? I thought Na. I did me shopping thinking the person in question would realise the mistake within moments and race out and nab the keys, preventing an 'upset'. Got back to our battered but loved peugot to find, yep the keys were still there. i was now convinced that if i went near the thing, let alone took a sneaky peak, I'd be sprayed with horrible black gunge and appear on 'You've been maimed', so I left well alone. Paranoid? No, they REALLY ARE AFTER ME....
Saturday, Kingfisher shopping Centre Redditch (every bit as nasty as it sounds). went to the loo and found £50 worth of phone sitting there. I was now convinced I was being targetted by some sort of revealing telly show. If I'd rung anyone on it, itwould have given me an electric shock an i'd be a laughing stock. I handed it in at the information desk to the awed exclamations of a bunch of chavvy little urchins hangig round.

Mood - Very Wary
Music - Best of Kansas
Edited - Never

2005-01-08 03:53:37
Last time I saw Chris (editor of mag i work for) was in a loud bar. 'Oh,' he says 'Can you get those photos of Althea (80 year old rapper) to us? I'd already gone down to the office (when he was out) and handed the disc to Jane. Course they swap the the office round every 5 minutes so he loses stuff. Fortunately had the forsight to keep the photos on the camera, the sens of foreboding was overwhelming!
There had been a virus lurking on my computer for a bit and last night it just crashed completely. My own stupid fault! I used msn for 10 minutes with out zone alarm installed on the last overhaul. Mother always said never do anything without protection. I was in the middle of copying stuff for Chops, in exchange for services rendered Gawd bless 'im. Nothing sensible, but he'll probably read this so I'm not spoiling the surprise. I was reinstalling til midnight. I then drank beer and listened to the howling wind outside whilst reading  a fascinating book called MURDER 'WHATDUNNIT', just the thing to cheer me up.
Is a buiscuit a South African wicker recepticle?......

Mood - Optomistic
Music - Ski advert theme Manfred Mann
Edited - Never

2005-01-05 07:51:57
Happy nude meercats (squeak)
Well, it's just over a year since I got into this Goodies thang. THe DVD was out, so Isaved pennies (lovely girl) and got that and a cheap but good player from WH Smiths. Best thing I ever did! Been in contact with loads of fans since and even set up a cultural exchange of comedy between Birmingham (home of the Tsars!) and Australia. I sent them episodes of Spaced and I got Lano and Woodleigh  (amongst others). Now If only I could find someone with Aunty Jack....
This year I've had no proper job and have been a bit skint besides bits of dubious work. This year could be different, I feel it in me water. Who knows maybe the Goodies will even do a couple of show type things in the UK? The new wave of Goodies mania is on its way or I'll eat my hat ( the blue greek sailor type affair.....
This journal stuff is a good idea innit?

Mood - Fairly chirpy
Music - Gryphon! The obscure 70's band
Edited - Never

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