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Edna's Journal
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2006-06-28 04:45:19
i am now one of the great unwashed. I'm signing on, but have to wait 3 weeks for the claim to be 'proceesed', after waiting 2 weeks already. that's 5 weeks no income. The staff are ignorant, arrogant and rude. I'v put wheels inmotion to appeal te decision to take me off my other benefit.
My appointment for physiotherapy has come through and changed already! Will it happen at all? God I want to set fire to people
Written a short sketch, but don't know how to end it. if anyone wants a shufties, let me know. Also writing lyrics for a song, that's a bit more tricky, it's about a bloke who falls in love with Nessie...
I've been given te job of doing the database for our murder mystery company, you know, ging through the database and phonig hotels up for a bit of business. getting a few enthusiastic noises so far, if any come off my list, i get commission!!! Get's nme briadband paid for and keeps me off the streets. Also got 330 for steamcleaning a couple of carpets, gotta eat don't I?
The last things I bought from Ebay are filtering through. I won one of the Norman Gunston DVDs, got that to look forward too tomorrow night. Also won a fetching photo of Grahame Bond from Boy's Own McBeth. I failed to win the album of same. Nothing else like that for me for a bit.
Did get tickets for the Bonzos gig (paid by Rog), having to Leicester, sold on locally, well, we saw Van Der Graaf Generator there last year.
I'm trying to learn to play the harmonica too, started monday and can play a couple of song VERY BADLY. We''ll see how that goes.
Have to go and check my transfer of Saturday Banana is OK to send off to Aus, ho hum.

Mood - Quite depressed really
Music - Aunty Jack AGAIN!!!
Edited -

I hope things will come together for you soon Edna. Never good to be unwashed - you start to get stinky after a while

I'd love to have a squiz at your sketch, please. You can send it to ... I've also just started learning the harmonica, about 3 weeks ago. Have fun with it, I can barely put mine down (though apparently you shouldn't practice too much - wears them out!) What type ye got?
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 29/06/2006 21:40 GMT
I'll bung it over to you in a jiffy.
My harp is a hohner chrometta 8 with a pitch shifting thingy. it's not actually mine, I borrowed it from my brother. having trouble getting single notes, my gobs too big obviously!
Posted by:Edna


date: 30/06/2006 07:02 GMT
Thanks for the email. Will have a good look at it soon Chromatic harmonicas are the most difficult to play. I got my grandfather's Super Chromonica when he passed away a number of years a go, though I don't ever play it. I got me a Pro Harp (it's a diatonic) - the rebel harmonica, cause it's black. I've called him Johnny Cash.

One thing that I didn't know before learning harmonica properly was that when you play singular notes, you actually stick your tongue out when you play, and keep your tongue just resting on the bottom edge of the hole so you can feel it. Weird for a few minutes, but after a while you realise just how difficult it is to blow singular notes without it.
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 30/06/2006 19:22 GMT
I wouldn't mind having a sneaky peek at your sketch Edna it sounds like something I would enjoy reading
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 04/07/2006 21:31 GMT
Right i'll wang it your way in a mo.
Posted by:Edna


date: 04/07/2006 21:53 GMT
Good luck, Edna.  Having been dicked around a bit myself of late, I know how yer feel.  Luckily I'm still working for The Man... they haven't rumbled yet that I'm a fraud who doesn't actually know the first thing about the web...
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 10/07/2006 08:04 GMT
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