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prunatic's Journal
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prunatic's journal
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2008-02-05 22:48:12
testing 1 2 3

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2007-12-20 02:28:49

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2007-08-17 00:07:01
My liver made me do it
Well I haven't met any Goodies but I do have an abnormal liver, which explains I never get round to typing out all those exciting journal entries I compose in the park.

But hey! My new video works.

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2007-07-29 03:27:39
Hello, back blogging for the first time in ages you'd think something exciting/mega depressing has happened but no! My last entry was pants but I wanted to moan about my VCR.

Yes after 15 years service my VCR has died :'(. Actually it's more like it's had its arms and legs chopped off, one of the rubber bands inside it has snapped so it won't take in tapes. Argh. Double argh if the majority of your Goodies episodes are on tape. Plus I'm going to be majorly grumpy next week as there's loads of good films on.... in the in the middle of the bloody night, matchsticks anyone.

I was hoping to slump down after a hard week battling windows media player 10. It'll play stuff I've made in to wavs on audacity and burn them as DATA CD's but not as normal CD's. Eh? So I had to do system restore to get version 10 back and fretted about it making my computer forget everything, but it seems normal enough and I burn my audacity tracks and lived happily ever after until I tried to watch a video!

Hardly the floods washed my cat away, but hey, I'm British I like moaning.

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2007-02-27 02:24:11
Back in town
Well I'm back on GROK after a few hectic weeks and after being called Doris Day, charming! It's business as usual and I have nowt to do, so I'm bored. Not glad to be on the internet really as it means I have no purpose in life now and I'm back in the real world and can't get be amused/annoyed? by reading about readers letters in womens magazines on how much they hate their boss etc, at work(OK so not that hectic, quite nice!). Quite amusing as they are all about office type jobs, annoying as it assumes we all work in an office, amusing as it makes be glad office employers won't touch me with a bargepole, but being the office and not the theatre that would amount to sexual haressment .

Er forgotten what I was going to say now!

Mood - tired
Music - Heather Jones
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2007-01-07 00:28:00
Talking of updates...
Soya Milk - the Return

So Good Essential Soya doesn't really taste of anything much, I have to chuck loads in my tea to get it coloured up. I think its to do with the fact, its the lowest in calories of milk I've seen - 20kc. The soya equivilent of skimmed milk? Its all good I suppose having extra, cos its got more calcium than cow's milk. Seseme seeds have more calcium than cow's milk too.

Sainsbury's own brand of soya milk is much better than the above = more taste!

Gosh, I've been posting loads today, it's all or nothing. Don't expect anything else 'til March(!)...

Mood - full of cake and poached egg on toast, mmm
Music - crap on Ch4's Green Room, no not The Feeling argh
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2007-01-06 23:45:02
Write your own songs!
Well, Zaphod and Puddin will be glad to know I saw Happy Feet this week. Wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The use of the 'Best Party Album in the World Ever' tunes didn't come off. 'White Lines(Don't do it)' as a heart song???

And Brittany Murphy , sorry love but you're not as good as Freddie Mercury. Generally I think its a good idea for singers to avoid Queen and Kate Bush, they're a bit good.

I would have preferred it if they had got somebody in to write some original tunes, come on knocking off a few hackneyed lurrve lyrics can't be all that hard, it's not as if they've got to write a song about knitting?

The ecological theme was different, some of it worked, some didn't. I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it.

Conclusion; it was alright but I don't see it becoming a modern classic like The Lion King or Shrek. Probably the best cartoon flick of 2006 tho'.

Is it me or do american cartoon seem more American these days? Course I'm a loony, I'm here aren't I!?

Right I'm off for lunch now and to rewind Spirited Away.

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2007-01-06 23:30:14

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2007-01-06 23:18:30
Ultimate cake receipe - update
Despite my scoffing I don't seem to have put any weight on, amazing. I bet you hate me now! However as it is "New Year, New You" (naff x1000)and I've been meaning to put up the rejigged recipe of my soya cake up for ages so here it is!

Makes 1 big cake:
4oz/100g soya flour
4oz/100g whole wheat flour
2oz/50g porridge oats
¼ litre soya milk
2oz/50g each of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and ground almonds.
8oz/200g sultanas
1 banana
1 medium sized carrot, grated
2 pieces stem ginger(in syrup),chopped finely
½ teaspoon each of nutmeg, cinnamon, ground ginger
1 tablespoon of honey

Put dry ingredients in to a bowl and mix thoroughly
Add soya milk
Mix well and leave to soak for a few hours (if too stiff add more milk)
Put in to cake tin(s) lined with greaseproof paper and greased! No fat in this cake so it WILL stick
Bake for 1hr10-1hr30 at gas mark 5/180C or until cooked through (use skewer to test), usually quite moist in the middle so hard to tell!

Scoff a slice every day - on doctor‘s orders(!)

For Christmas we put in a small jar of glace cherries and some dates, much nicer than real Christmas cake.

NB if the cake gets too mushy after a couple of days bung a slice in the microwave for a few secs to revitalise and refresh it

Mood - sore knee!
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2006-12-30 00:25:10
Only 2 choccy biscuits and cheese left!
You can tell I'm on hols; 3 posts in less than a week. And I've listened to all my Clue Christmassy episodes now, phew. Now also think Humphrey is a great name for a boy. I've always thought boys have better names than girls.

Well what a load of old rubbish my last entry was. I'd better bung something more cheery up here, still rubbish, but I can't have GROKers going over the edge, the world needs people of taste!

Hmm apparently I'm a friend of somebody now, how did that happen? Cheers Puddin unless your finger unintentionally slipped on the keyboard.

I had a good Christmas apart from eating so much I made myself feel very ill, and then did it again for another 3 days, yurgh People who eat unhealthly all the time deserve a medel (but not an OBE) the headaches, the sniffles(I'm very, very mildly dairy intolerant) as well as the stinky farts and general upset bowel and stomachness, had a salad yesterday, never felt so glad to eat one ever!

I also got some Goodie related presents which was er good! How to Irritate People and The Plank, uncut at 51 mins!!!

Also got Best of Sparks some idiot on ceefax today saying rap has saved music as it isn't effete, what's wrong wiv dat? Wack.
Which reminds me some idiots have also graffittied the side of our house and its bloody pebble dashed, evil to them

Note to self must remember to see Happy Feet!

Mood - Less sickly
Music - Amateur Hour - Sparks
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2006-12-24 02:18:11
Lets get on with it!
Just looked at my personal details, now everyone knows I have no friends sob!

Anyway, I have failed in my journal depressiveness, my christmas ordeal wasn't that bad. Decided these people aren't going to upset me no more. In the afternoon I'd been making my mince pies see recipe below and had a good time and played 3 xmas cds (1 carol, 2 pop)and drank mulled wine from tesco and then I was sat in the pub with them thinking how bloody miserable and mean spirited they were, on the friday before Christmas and all! And then I wondered is it being in my presence or are they always that bad? No wonder my Dad's girlf was on prozac, its not cos she's depressed its cos she's so bitter and twisted, after all who goes to the Doctor and says 'Doctor give me a pill, I'm meaner than the Queen of mean'? Wish I was a pyschologist I could be the new Freud!(!)
I don't go carolling but if I did I woulden't be so miserable about it, and I'm the one with the dead cat! Pathetic the pair of them. I hate families they make me look bad!

Mood - sugar high, taste of dates!
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2006-12-22 02:45:33
I meant to put this on earlier but we make these every year and they're gorgeous and I'm not making my mince pies til tomorrow afternoon, so maybe this isn't to late(!) and then I'll have a horrible evening w/ my Dad and his evil scrubber girlfriend . Still the experiance will give a good journal tale = i.e full of depression and angst. Other than that and having my 14 year old cat put to sleep on the 9th of Dec, she was part of over half my life I am looking forward to christmas!

Almond macaroon topping for mince pies

2 size 3 egg whites
75g/3oz caster sugar
100g/4oz ground almonds
Few drops almond extract

Stiffly whisk egg whites, gradually whisk in sugar, fold in almonds and extract.
Spoon on top of open mince pies, spread mixture to edges to stop filling from oozing out.
Bake at 190C/375F/Gas Mark 5 for 20 minutes.


Best Wishes to you all and remember, if you're dreading it Christmas is only 24 hours and you'll probably be asleep for 8 of those!

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2006-12-02 02:53:45
We're a bunch of swells
A very pointless and short! posting.

I must say that both the quality and flashyness of everyone's avatars is really good, she typed patronisingly.

Loads of good newies this week, everyone must have done all their shopping online this week and now have loads of time to sit back and mess around w/ pix of the Goodies, eee life can be hard sometimes.

Mood - 3 weeks til hols!
Music - Can't tell you, it'd spoil the surprise!
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2006-11-22 05:15:21
Saturday 18 November really
Well its been awhile hasn’t it? Anyway my training has been as pointless and as boring as I predicted. I feel bad for people who have actually paid to come and do courses here and there’s all these people sat around playing solitaire on the PC’s and reading The Metro, but then they probably come in the evening when all the dole scum have moved off. I don’t rate my chances of getting a job; if people with a Masters degree in science, a bachelors in Business and a trained pharmaceuticalist can’t get work what chance do I have? I have no looks, I haven’t got the personality that says I fit in with your boring companies boring job, so naff all.

Got an interview this week, so I had the job search guy talking at me for over an hour about all the interviews he’d been to and slapping down what I said happened at interviews, since he didn’t bother to ask about my interview experience e.g. have I had loads of ints or not, this is not surprising. He also after saying that I should be confident at the int cos they wouldn’t have called me to an interview if I wasn’t capable asked what I did in my last job and said ‘Oh that’s just making tea for everybody,’ ! Cheeky sod , 6 days a week practically 12 hours a day, wanker! He got my age wrong too (school leaver!), so being young, female and unemployed he made assumptions about me being brain dead. He showed off his total uselessness yesterday when I had to do a session on spec letters, which when he actually talked about  the subject I’d heard it all before, he couldn’t even remember talking to me a couple of days before alone! Like having a captive audience you can talk at and feed your ego by working with people you assume are slower than you?, then job search tutor is your ideal job.

Postscript I didn’t get the job but it was so nice to be treated like a human being for 20 minutes, I can’t handle being utterly bored and patronised at the same time.

Still by spending  5 days a week somewhere I don’t want to be waiting for Friday afternoon it is preparing me for work in that way(!).

Mood - full of garlic bread and beans, pfft!
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2006-10-22 00:01:04
Ack, I can't believe it I have been deposed as the Queen of the underbelly of GROK, by someone younger and prettier, still it comes to us all, off to mid page obscurity I suppose.

Completely wrecked my vow to not get any new records til Xmas (Hello Santa!) if I win owt off ebay this week.

I had an interview this week anyway, very boring and found myself explaining myself again ‘Oh so you’ve handled budgets then?’ I don’t expect interviewers to have read my application form but when they are asking me questions about what I’ve written… And I know what I’ve written I’ve done it enough times...grumble..

The only good thing was that the time of the interview corresponded with what time I’ll have to get in for training so it worked as a dummy run for that. The bus was on time! That’s not natural!

I went to a charity shop afterwards and got a really, really nice fake fur coat. It’s a bit too nice actually I’ll probably only wear it at Christmas. It’s by Lister’s in manquilla. I’ve been trying to find stuff about them and all I’ve found is that Lister’s were a Bradford wool manufacturer and ceased trading only recently, how recently? And they invented fake fur and called it da-dah Manquilla. What an odd name obv some sort of play on mink.

It does pong though, I had it on the back of my chair in my room, to look at it cos I love it, then I moved it to the hallway cos the charity shop smell was strong enough to stop me from sleeping! Second hand clothes do have a certain musty smell and the coat was exuding the xxxx version! It looks brand new, I wonder if it has been stuck at the back of  a warehouse for a year, cos the shop it came from wasn’t from one of the skanky ones. Probably not as mice would have got to it (mice eat clothes, I’ve seen the evidence, don’t leave your cossies in barns kids(!). Fake fur must soak up smell really well, I’ll have to go and wear it in a pub before they ban smokers to knock off the smell.

So the day wasn’t a complete waste and I woke up naturally without the alarm so I wasn’t like death. I woke up early but apparently if you wake up a bit early its better to get up rather than grab another 10winks cos it makes a person groggy when its time to wake up, plus I got to read all my ceefax pages, not that there’s many to read these days.

One thing I do want to do on here is state my problem with The Goodies. Ahah! It’s not what you think it is and I was surprised not to see it on a recent thread (not one started by me). I’m such a tease but I suppose you’ll have forgotten about this by the time I do it, and me too, not a long piece, just need to get my words in order first. It may also be a reason why controllers of the BBC won’t repeat it and why Joan Collins always dresses so glamorously.

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2006-10-17 00:01:16
But to continue a moan and apologise a bit. I feel bad for slagging off Robert Ross in a thread, when I’ve not even read the new book, but when I have… ha,ha. No, but I feel bad cos he has got a Goodies book out there and persuaded publishers that, yeah, there’s a market for it here despite the lack of repeats etc. After all no ‘Robin of Sherwood’ book is there? Sob.

I don’t like A-Z’s or Episode Guides so Ross is stuffed before he even begins in my little critical world. And the Goodies Rule Ok does seem to be an episode guide. Like the last Inspector Morse book that came out it was “Oh it’s so great,” but its just an episode guide! ‘The Making of Inspector Morse’ may be more populist and less easy to use but I thought the information was more interesting and useful. As I’ve said before I’ve either seen the episode or I don’t want any spoilers. Plus in this day and age: internet! I did get a little Doctor Who episode guide though’ cos it was cheap and I can never remember the titles, the plotline yes.

Oh and non-fiction books without  an index that’s another big beef with me. I know they’re a pain to do but they are essential for the reader.

I think Ross has been set up by the jacket blurb and the graphic designers too like he says in the introduction The Goodies have been stuck with flares, clackers, spangles and stick on ’taches in the naff 70’s bar nostalgia section of culture, not to be given much thought and wurr its got bright colours!, big letters!, retro font! Yes, I know it’s the Goodies font and a nice touch, but to the casual browser it doesn’t have the gravitas of times new roman (keeping it serif, man. I wrote an essay on serifs and sans serifs once, not quite sure how). I only want the best for our boys, “boys”!?

Just to prove I’m not an semi-literate who only reads TV-tie ins and massage my ego by proving how superior I am, I’ve read from cover to cover ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ by T. E. Lawrence, ‘Religion and the Decline of Magic’ by Keith Thomas and ‘What A Week with Bruno Brookes’ by Mary Wilson.

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Music - Radio 1, why?
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2006-10-16 23:58:53
I worry too much

Thinking about books on TV, hanging out in forums and musing that occupying a quiet corner of cyberspace is going to get more attention than making a physical paper ‘zine these days lead me to find out what Henry Jenkins is up to these days. ‘Textual Poachers’ on fans of  fantasy TV shows, is a good read, it is a proper academic book but he writes in an accessible style and not a lot of academics can do that! It’s also out of date now being pre-internet and I wanted to see what his take on fans in the technological age is now. I think he’s over stating the power of fans but can’t be bothered to type my thoughts on that, if you read his work its pretty obvious what the critisms are.

I think I should put up a warning saying ‘minors keep out!’ or summat, not offensive I think but just in case I get chucked offline.

Worried we’re going to get policed now Ross has given GROK a plug in his book. Jenkins made me paranoid, Guv. I went on TV Cream to find a TV theme tune and that section seems to have gone. Because of its links with shows, like researchers off the BBC’s Graham Norton show asking for input from the sites members, has meant they have had to stop iffy copyright bothering content??

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2006-10-16 23:56:37
Never mind the titles let the tracks wash over you
I enjoyed the bit in the last Clarion and Globe about what searches brought them to the GROK website, if slightly creeped out that you could get such information, wonder if any of the hits in here are from people looking for vegan recipes and more amusingly fans of The Fall. In the interest of getting more random searches on here and in honour of the music bit and not the mood here are some more bands/artists I like:

Kate Bush
The Associates
Clannad (up to Macalla, then they turned to mush, perversely some of the stuff they did when they were more of a folk band is more chill out than the later chill out stuff)
Delta 5(I’ve even got the LP! The CD comp is rather shoddy, what happened to Kill Rock Stars, eh?)
Liliput/Kleenex (see a most excellent comp on KRS)
Essential Logic
Human League (much underrated and unloved, the last album was great sob, sob)
Radiophonic Workshop
Heaven 17
B.E.F (a theme?)
Wendy Carlos (I am a cliché)
X-ray Spex
Vital Disorders
Kraftwerk (more cliché!)
Mediaeval Baebes (the critics are fools, as usual)

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2006-10-02 22:53:21
Last week I went to have my initial contact with the people who are graciously providing me with training for my New Deal option, I start on the 23rd October, meaning I’ll be posting less comments on here  and non-journal readers will go; ‘Aye, newbie charm worn off.’

On first impressions, I didn’t like the woman interviewing me much, a bit too professional and treated me like I was simple and gave me a “you are dosser-scum” look. She told me that to keep the companies contract with the job centre they have to find employment for 50% of their ‘clients’, and I’ll obviously ruin her targets. I think the jingly bag charm and homemade necklace added an hippy-dosser air of being on the side of the 50% that won‘t get a job. And I tried so hard to dress in a drab way, I succeeded with the clothes but neglected to consider my accessories! . Mentioning any theatre work is also the kiss of death, big style, as a) Real people think nobody involved in the “creative arts” do any work and b) generally don’t know what anyone does in the theatre apart from ‘actor’.  I already know this but I don’t want to be hassled into a ‘No Logo’ style job - done that already - so I deliberately didn‘t mention that so I have nobody to blame but myself!

I think she thought she’d scare me, by saying how intensive the course is, into doing some woolies type job, but I’ve done New Deal before and I’ve worked 72 hour weeks (simultaneously breaking the minimum wage law), so meh to her, bet she hant. I think I can cope with a 30hr week including 6 hrs  intensive job search - read job section in 10mins spend the other 5hr50 drinking tea and doing a group crossword!

There are some good points the course is 3 months; half the length I thought it would be and I’ll be super fit. I’ve got 40mins in the morning before I have to be there, due to bus timetables, so I plan to spend the time walking, if only to avoid hypothermia in the winter and walk during lunch and tea breaks if they have them. I can’t stand being cooped up in the same spot all day, it makes me feel trapped. I’ve propped the centre and the surrounding areas to death which means I know where all the best charity shops and places to go are, so I’ll get all the charity shop bargains and treasures before anyone else, when haven’t I? I’ve got the touch for finding stuff and well under budget to boot. Then in March I’ll be taking loads of crap to different charity shops!

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Music - You could be loved - Bob Marley
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2006-10-02 22:50:30
Let Them Eat Cake!
Sugar free sultana soya cake!

Actually it’s a HRT cake! This cake is not just good for menopausal women’s health but women generally. I don’t know what the effect on blokes would be, maybe Jamie Oliver’s been eating it slagging off the overweight despite porking up himself, its all the calories in the seeds effecting his male brain(!)

I love this cake. The genius of it is that its full of sunflower and sesame seeds which I don't like but I can’t taste them, I can just taste the sultanas and spices, yummy!

Makes 1 big cake:
4oz/100g soya flour
4oz/100g whole wheat flour (if there is not enough wheat flour make up the difference with rolled oats)
¼ litre soya milk
2oz/50g each of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and ground almonds.
8oz/200g sultanas (Some of the sultanas can be taken out and replaced with bananas/carrots/dried apricots etc)
1 teaspoon of glace ginger OR 2 pieces stem ginger chopped finely
½ teaspoon each of nutmeg, cinnamon, ground ginger
1 tablespoon of honey OR 1 teaspoon malt extract

Put dry ingredients in to a bowl and mix thoroughly
Add soya milk
Mix well and leave to soak for 1/2 hour (if too stiff add more milk)
Put in to cake tin(s) lined with greaseproof paper
Bake for 1hr10-1hr30 at gas mark 5/180C or until cooked through (use skewer to test)
Scoff a slice every day - on doctor‘s orders(!)
Eat within a week as the cake lacks any preservatives & will go mouldy

Bloke cake:
1 packet of shop bought ginger cake

Cut ginger cake in to slices
Put under grill and toast until the cake starts to burn slightly

The same could be done with soya cake but with honey instead of butter.

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2006-10-02 22:48:24
SOYA cont...
Soya update #2. Solae So Good is marginally less sweet than Alpro but has all of the artifical powdered milk stench.

Perversely, Alpro yoghurt tastes like unsweetened diary yoghurt.

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2006-09-27 21:07:42
Soya Milk Update
Yes, in a forum full of journals on angst, unemployment, homelessness and crap families (I have one too ) I'm doing the "Eh?" guide to soya milk. I've consulted the the highest authority* in the land and it's Alpro that tastes like milky bars and Holland and Barrett tastes normal in tea, I'm awaiting test results on So Good.

*I.e. my Mum, after taking HRT waaay longer than she should the Dr's taking her off so shes got a zillion soya products and several cartons of soya milk on the go! HRT cake is dead nice, so I'll stick that up as soon as I can nick the recipe cos I want a copy too. My Mum's version is different as instead of malt extract she's put honey in and put in glace ginger instead of root ginger as these ingredients are too dear.

Mood - Bit chilly
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2006-09-25 22:32:39
I just thought I'd tell you
Soya milk tastes like milky bars!!!!!!!!!!

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2006-09-23 23:18:26
I'll take both of you on!
Oooh lots of entries how long til I get bored?

Listened to Curse of the Flying Wombat part 11 this week, convinced the makers of Lost have ripped it off, based on my knowledge of not bothering to watch Lost.

Taped part 2 of Folk Britainia not so bothered about missing part one now. Know why Bill is less than fond of folk music now in Hype Pressure(sure thats the wrong title, so don't kill me).

Watched THE FALL doc on BBC2 last night, which was like a shot in the arm of something very potent, for two reasons; earlier shouting at Jonathon Ross to get on w/ it and get to the punchline and being slower that Frost in introducing guests and boring me and reminding me of the Fall itself. Why oh, why the Fall aren't the 2nd biggest band in the world I don't know.
I didn't find the doc particually informative, I know it all anyway, but I would say it was a good doc cos unlike Folk Britania after watching the show I'm sure someone who didn't know what the fall sounded like before would and for me as a fan it was fascinating seeing all the old moving footage of members only ever seen in fuzzy b/w photos and what people look like now. I wanted to listen to the fall at the end, and best of all the newest stuff which reafirmed that M.E.S still has it. Unfortunately I'd got the best of Bob Marley out of the library so I had to listen to that which, fortunately, was a good move as it calmed me down. Drugs music night! Shame no sign of the Smile footage from Perverted by Lang vid you can feel the atmoshere, woo totally evil.

What's this got to do with the Goodies, ahah, you just thought it was a piece on The Fall! Well, since getting in to the Goodies/ISIRTA I find that I'll be walking around town or whatever and a Goodies song or a sketch will come in to my head or I'll use appropriately "Goody" words and phrases. With the Fall I feel that so many of Mark E Smith's words and phrases have become fused and have become a part of me. It's also good cheap armour. I don't understand why depressed people listen to depresing music (I do but it's not a good idea and that happy music can be just as depressing to the melancolic), listen to the fall its fighting music to fight it and anyone or anything else off, plus it is pure witchcraft.

Digression: You can skip this. I taped 'Hex Enduction Hour for a poor boy I used to know after the depressing songs he wanted and he was less than impressed, which shows how much I know! Bet he still looks like he's going to top himself at any minute, a shame as he's a very sweet boy, sadly lacking in confidence, reminds me of the Slits song "He's boy, he's very thin, don't like himself very much, set on self destruct" (more spliffs than any heroin tho' which have slowed him already which is also sad)

With the Goodies, I listened to their albums for a week solid, nowt else - rare for me, every day cos I was going to see a play that looked that like it was going to be depressing, cos I knew half the cast (and the audience it turned out!) and I didn't want to be tipped in to a state I wasn't in 2 hours before! I didn't get all melancolic so the Goodies must have done the job! Back to the start I said the fall I said watching the doc was like a shot in the arm and watching the Goodies does the same for me, making me want to run around the house, except I have happier feelings, it'd be a crap comedy otherwise wouldn't it?! Not to mention bloody scarey if the thrills were exactely the same for the two

Yeah, so the Goodies and The Fall always different, always the same.

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2006-09-20 23:19:18
Well, finally got out of the house and went to for the first time to Asda finally, please don’t think I’m boasting about my Pepsi Max lifestyle. I found Asda clothes to be expensive and the food was quite pricey too. With all the tales of Wal-Mart (will misspelling save me from a lawsuit?) abusing their workers rights and paying workers and suppliers etc a pittance I would have thought Asda would be cheaper, but no. Ikea sells overpriced tat too. Best thing about Asda is how they put unhealthy ready meals next to fruit and veg, I found it funny.

Did ‘Are you depressed quiz?’ on msn and thought it would say how sane/happy I am and it told me to go see a Dr!  People are always telling me how sane I am too. Well, I am tired, things do take ages to do cos I can’t type fast and this computer is slow and my life is going nowhere, but I’ve got a load of Goodies episodes to watch on the video backlog and a great 1970’s wallpaper dress and the twin of my thermos turned up on ‘Heartbeat’ (I thought it was 70’s, less happy now(!), 69’s near enough!) But not the first part of Folk Britania as I stuffed up, bah, so I watched half of that doc on suspected child abuse in the Orkneys, we did a bit on it at uni so it was interesting to see what happened and get interviews with the people involved, so I got that and Hamish and Dougal in a blender to go at and tidy out the cupboards.

Stuff to muck around on if you're bored
Which Goodie are you? I thought I would be Graeme but I’m Bill. Most people are apparently
Whatever I’m doing, wherever I am I’m always in front of the telly at 4:15. It’s the only thing worth watching at the mo’ and I’ve printed off the rhubarb crumble (nearly!) recipe. The rhubarb in our garden has survived next door’s hired tree trimming idiots jumping over our wall with out asking and crushing it all. The state of Britain today…..
It may just be a load of Dr Who video reviews but I love it, even if they think Peter Davison was too young to be the Dr, they seem to like Tennant, hmm. Don’t read in a public place or you might end up laughing out loud.

I prefer clapped out DW to the new stuff. The last new series made me crave 1960’s Who, you can‘t beat a bit of Pat ‘n‘ Jamie action.
Milky way adverts and BBC & ITV idents ahoy!
It’s been mentioned before on the forums. The site is full of loads of radio shows if the parent directory lets you in. Stick w/ it, it always gives in eventually, after a couple of days.
Poor old Gorky’s, sniff.
As people going “men prefer women w/ curves,” annoys me, better than ITV daytime‘s ‘Loose Women‘(!). Nowt to do with Gordon Ramsey, phew.
I’ve never been to their disco, I’d go if was in London. If you’re like me read the ‘zine on line instead and if you like that ask them if they’ve got any copies of the Pamzine left - one of the best ‘zines I’ve ever read and they only charged a stamp, fools! Very witty.
Save the whale and er everything else w/ an e-mail.
Could be useful for those that feel simultaneously naughty and benevolent.
Click on planet placement & have endless fun finding out your moon (and other planets) sign, old gray bags (in leo: showbiz! (on T & B’s birth date  the sign changes in the middle so there’s a choice of two, tut), friends, rels and exs and then do big searches on the web for what it all means.

Yes, Taurus is the sign that rules carpets.
No doubt you’re all thinking I’m a big astrology nut, when in fact I only found this looking for the addy for the above page to paste in here, astrology is great to trawl the net for when bored or in need of a ego boost and then I started hunting for sites that said negative things!!!

I digress, this is good because it does your natal chart and then gives you explanations about what it means and a 6 month forecast. It only lets you do 4 charts for free. I’ve done one for my Mum and I’m going to give it to her for her birthday, along with proper presents in case you‘re thinking what a tight-wad! She’s a Scorpio and they’re astro-mad.

I however appear to be supermarket mad!

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Music - Radio 3 - posh!
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2006-09-14 22:17:29
Yama Yama
Hello again and welcome to my journal. I’m thinking of using this more like the stuff I would put in a ‘zine, as I’ve come to the conclusion I’m never going to write one again, blimey.  I’m not planning on putting much stuff on my personal life in ‘cos it’d be boring and I’d only focus on the crap bits and end up depressing everyone and looking like a trivial whinging pom and it is MY journal, so there!!!

A good pen pal of mine (I've only got 2 left - must be old) suggested I do a zine on New Deal (a compulsory scheme for unemployed people in the UK) but that really would make you die of boredom and wouldn‘t make me millions out of a resulting book of  rehashed entries. I’m being bunged off on a course again for being unemployable again and last time although boring wasn’t unpleasant, my fellow inmates and tutors(?) were decent and I never got done for being late, actually I was ALWAYS on time, the bus however was not! Oh well its only 6 months of snooze ness.

My New Deal Adviser, bless her, when I went for my first meeting with her was all positive about  me gaining  the ECDL and New CLAIT (ICT) qualifications, on New Deal but as it’s failed to get me a job and the only work I’ve done since passing didn’t  require the use of a PC, I fail to see the usefulness! This time I want (as the lesser of several evils. Who wants to go round digging ditches in the middle of winter?) to do the accountancy course  as  a tribute to Tim’s charted accountant dance (see the 1948 show DVD, which isn’t copy protected!!!) ha, ha.  N.B when the government sends people on these courses,  which they have to do or else face losing their benefits, they are taken off the unemployment statistics, despite not having found a job! TRUE!

I’m generally quite content, until people tell me how bad (i.e. not fitting in with social norms and values like being employable or having a driving license or thinking line dancing is worthwhile!(!) my life is and as for people who do that well they’re probably not that good at all are they? In fact I can tell you why they’re not all that, and that their lives are equally mundane and much sadder, which I suspect will happen between now and the new year. Same goes to Jamie Oliver, bogus “Dr“ Gillian McKeith, Ian ‘looking for a way to save his TV career‘ Wright et al; I’d rather kids be decent human beings and fat than snake hipped granny muggers etc. OK so its nice to be healthy but I think the health angle is used as an excuse to hide behind and slag people off. I’m not fat, although its terrible how I feel I have to type that down! I debated whether or not to put that cos I feel my opinion should be the same whatever I ate or size I am. If its not hurting anyone else…I do hate being told what to do and the nanny state…Bow down to my liberal Aquarian moon and its own moral values(!) and boo to looks based society espc if you’re a woman, like me(and prone to making naffo comments), although its starting to creep over to men now just so cosmetics companies can double their money, and to Tescos charging double for a bag of raisins that has “healthy” written on it, really.

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Edited - 2006-09-15 23:34:39

2006-09-13 20:40:20
Has you're life been ruined cos your recording of the curse of the flying womabat pt2 is missing I'm Small etc etc then go here:

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2006-09-13 20:26:45
DIY Mush!
Porridge is great.

Unless it's Ready Break which seems to be made out of sweepings(not even whole oats!) and thats after I've added extra sugar/honey/toffee sauce/anything it still tasts disgusting. Quaker oats are nice but overpriced, bog standerd oats taste just the same.

So here's my cheap and tasty receipe:

1 cheap bag of porridge oats (40p/1$)
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes(not so cheap but essential!)
Dried fruit
Boring cereal(eg anything bran based is great; Fruit and Fibre, All-bran, or sub-musli; Morrisons Healthy Balence, Special K Medly (Normal Special K/Nestle Fitness are just squashed rice crispies! What a con and wouldn't work in porridge)etc.
A swirl of cream(optional)

A bowl
A spoon
A Microwave

1. Get bowl, put small amout of water in bottom, to stop that dried lump of oats occuring at the bottom of the bowl after microwaving, add just enough oats to cover water.

2. Add Crunchy Nuts, then either add boring cereal or just put extra crunchy nuts in. Crush large flakes down w/ spoon. Add dried fruit, I love sultanas personally, if a load hasn't fallen out of the fruit and fibre. Add another layer of oats.

3. Pour milk/water on covering the whole mixture. Stir well.

4. Put in microwave on full power for a minute (800w).

5. Stir. Add swirl of cream to decorate if so desired. Still very tasty w/out milk and cream, believe me. Eat!

Or just mix the crunchy nuts w/ the bran flakes and add raisins.


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Edited - 2006-09-15 23:33:37

2006-09-13 19:49:16
Introducing (13th Sept 2006)

Ive just signed up so I thought I'd bung a bit of info about me here.

I'm a new Goodies fan but as I wasn't even born when they started, I think this is fair enough, esp living in the UK (thanks a lot Beeb(!), in the mysterious East: Yorkshire.

I'm probably a bigger fan of ISIRTA at the mo' since, well, how many Goodies series box sets have you seen cluttering up the shelves!? While trawling around the net I've got loads of ISIRTA, haven't listened to them all yet, but they're there!

My fave Goodie is Bill, even though I have declared Tim the funniest man alive (or dead), oh well at least you get to be the sexiest with songs that "proper" bands would kill for Bill. I like Graeme too, but it's always the quiet ones that get ignored, aah, and has the best outfits. Plus I don't get on with Aquarians, oh dear, my moons in Aquarius, but thats the problem w/ individuals they're different(!). My sun sign is Taurus incidently, if you're in to that sort of thing so I should marry John Cleese apparently!

Mood - weakened by cold
Music - silence, but not by John Cage
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