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prunatic's Journal
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2006-09-14 22:17:29
Yama Yama
Hello again and welcome to my journal. I’m thinking of using this more like the stuff I would put in a ‘zine, as I’ve come to the conclusion I’m never going to write one again, blimey.  I’m not planning on putting much stuff on my personal life in ‘cos it’d be boring and I’d only focus on the crap bits and end up depressing everyone and looking like a trivial whinging pom and it is MY journal, so there!!!

A good pen pal of mine (I've only got 2 left - must be old) suggested I do a zine on New Deal (a compulsory scheme for unemployed people in the UK) but that really would make you die of boredom and wouldn‘t make me millions out of a resulting book of  rehashed entries. I’m being bunged off on a course again for being unemployable again and last time although boring wasn’t unpleasant, my fellow inmates and tutors(?) were decent and I never got done for being late, actually I was ALWAYS on time, the bus however was not! Oh well its only 6 months of snooze ness.

My New Deal Adviser, bless her, when I went for my first meeting with her was all positive about  me gaining  the ECDL and New CLAIT (ICT) qualifications, on New Deal but as it’s failed to get me a job and the only work I’ve done since passing didn’t  require the use of a PC, I fail to see the usefulness! This time I want (as the lesser of several evils. Who wants to go round digging ditches in the middle of winter?) to do the accountancy course  as  a tribute to Tim’s charted accountant dance (see the 1948 show DVD, which isn’t copy protected!!!) ha, ha.  N.B when the government sends people on these courses,  which they have to do or else face losing their benefits, they are taken off the unemployment statistics, despite not having found a job! TRUE!

I’m generally quite content, until people tell me how bad (i.e. not fitting in with social norms and values like being employable or having a driving license or thinking line dancing is worthwhile!(!) my life is and as for people who do that well they’re probably not that good at all are they? In fact I can tell you why they’re not all that, and that their lives are equally mundane and much sadder, which I suspect will happen between now and the new year. Same goes to Jamie Oliver, bogus “Dr“ Gillian McKeith, Ian ‘looking for a way to save his TV career‘ Wright et al; I’d rather kids be decent human beings and fat than snake hipped granny muggers etc. OK so its nice to be healthy but I think the health angle is used as an excuse to hide behind and slag people off. I’m not fat, although its terrible how I feel I have to type that down! I debated whether or not to put that cos I feel my opinion should be the same whatever I ate or size I am. If its not hurting anyone else…I do hate being told what to do and the nanny state…Bow down to my liberal Aquarian moon and its own moral values(!) and boo to looks based society espc if you’re a woman, like me(and prone to making naffo comments), although its starting to creep over to men now just so cosmetics companies can double their money, and to Tescos charging double for a bag of raisins that has “healthy” written on it, really.

Mood - Banana Flavoured
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Edited -

Hello and welcome to this place. I can see what you are getting at about weight issues.
Posted by:Puddin

Puddin WWW 

date: 20/09/2006 21:34 GMT
Thanks for the welcome:) I'm so bored of the thin/fat=bad debate, but I can't help commenting myself.
Posted by:prunatic


date: 22/09/2006 23:53 GMT
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