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prunatic's Journal
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2006-10-22 00:01:04
Ack, I can't believe it I have been deposed as the Queen of the underbelly of GROK, by someone younger and prettier, still it comes to us all, off to mid page obscurity I suppose.

Completely wrecked my vow to not get any new records til Xmas (Hello Santa!) if I win owt off ebay this week.

I had an interview this week anyway, very boring and found myself explaining myself again ĎOh so youíve handled budgets then?í I donít expect interviewers to have read my application form but when they are asking me questions about what Iíve writtenÖ And I know what Iíve written Iíve done it enough times...grumble..

The only good thing was that the time of the interview corresponded with what time Iíll have to get in for training so it worked as a dummy run for that. The bus was on time! Thatís not natural!

I went to a charity shop afterwards and got a really, really nice fake fur coat. Itís a bit too nice actually Iíll probably only wear it at Christmas. Itís by Listerís in manquilla. Iíve been trying to find stuff about them and all Iíve found is that Listerís were a Bradford wool manufacturer and ceased trading only recently, how recently? And they invented fake fur and called it da-dah Manquilla. What an odd name obv some sort of play on mink.

It does pong though, I had it on the back of my chair in my room, to look at it cos I love it, then I moved it to the hallway cos the charity shop smell was strong enough to stop me from sleeping! Second hand clothes do have a certain musty smell and the coat was exuding the xxxx version! It looks brand new, I wonder if it has been stuck at the back of  a warehouse for a year, cos the shop it came from wasnít from one of the skanky ones. Probably not as mice would have got to it (mice eat clothes, Iíve seen the evidence, donít leave your cossies in barns kids(!). Fake fur must soak up smell really well, Iíll have to go and wear it in a pub before they ban smokers to knock off the smell.

So the day wasnít a complete waste and I woke up naturally without the alarm so I wasnít like death. I woke up early but apparently if you wake up a bit early its better to get up rather than grab another 10winks cos it makes a person groggy when its time to wake up, plus I got to read all my ceefax pages, not that thereís many to read these days.

One thing I do want to do on here is state my problem with The Goodies. Ahah! Itís not what you think it is and I was surprised not to see it on a recent thread (not one started by me). Iím such a tease but I suppose youíll have forgotten about this by the time I do it, and me too, not a long piece, just need to get my words in order first. It may also be a reason why controllers of the BBC wonít repeat it and why Joan Collins always dresses so glamorously.

Mood -
Music - Not telling as it relates to what I'm bidding on
Edited - Never

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