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peteb's Journal
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peteb's journal
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2006-05-12 02:58:01
Yes!!! I've finally finished my dissertation, not handed it in yet but it's done.
Time for beer? I think so!
Had a phone call the other morning, it was my mum's partner. He's had an operation and wants me to travel 200 miles to look after him and my mum. 200 miles isn't that far for people in Australia but it is for me!!! I'm gonna have to travel by train and the British train system is a nightmare. It'll take me six hours to travel and then I'm gonna have to get a bus at the other end!
Oh well.
I've got this weekend to myself and then a train journey to the midlands on Monday.
Unfortunately my mum isn't on the internet so I'll not be posting for a couple of weeks (not change there then!)

Time to sign off for a massive celebration!!

Mood - Unsure
Music - Dance Dance - Fallout boy
Edited - Never

2006-05-04 09:30:23
Week off?
It may look like I've had another week off from visiting the site but I've actually been doing more work for my degree! Except for Monday when I went out and drank for 13 straight hours to celebrate my birthday (one day early).

We started at a pub, had breakfast drank in pubs around Exmouth went to the student's union, went back into Exmouth town for food, went to the seafront and pissed about on the sand while drinking and then went back into town to finish off.

And I'm happy to say I wasn't bored of drinking!!!!

Just been contacted by an Ex-girlfriend who wanted to talk, curious because we haven't spoken in years - she left me for someone else!!! We were always good friends though but that never really came out until we split up. I'm lazy and never bothered and neither did she until tonight!!!
She's married now and happy. It was just fun to talk for a while.

Anyway, I've got my dissertation to write now. 7,500 words by the 12th. Piss easy!!

Mood - Valiant
Music - Curiously, the Theme from Father Ted
Edited - Never

2006-04-26 19:48:26
Sick of Beer?
As I am now back at Uni and the new term has started, the Student's union has decided to create a new fresher's week - it is called refreshers refreshed.
Due to this week being yet another week of fresher based activities (usually drinking) I have entered into the spirit as much as I can. Yet I can't help feeling that I'm actually getting bored of drinking!!!
Can that be possible???
I'm scared!!!
Each time I go out on these nights out I have a few pints and then feel bored and don't really want to carry on.

Anyway, had an all-day drinking session  on Monday (we started at 1.30pm) I enjoyed this until the evening and then ended up stopping and turning to soft drinks. SOFT DRINKS... IN A PUB!!!???

I then spent the whole of Tuesday in bed having myself a duvet day. That rocked! I watch all of season 4 of Family Guy and some random DVD series my friend lent me, it's called Crusade - it's sci-fi. It's ok but the continuity between episodes was noticable.

I've got to go and do a dance tonight at a local nightclub for this refreshers refreshed thing. All the halls of residence are supposed to do a dance to win a night out, beer, etc. As this is the THIRD one this year I doubt if there will be many attending!
We're dancing to Living Doll by Cliff Richard. Not looking forward to that!! At least we're wearing Cliff masks to hide our shame.
Plus I can't getthe song out of my head!

Anyway on with my essays and mask making.

Mood - Wanting another duvet day
Music - Living Doll - Cliff Richard
Edited - Never

2006-04-24 18:25:50
Back in the Muff
Yes, I'm back in Exmouth (the Muff).

I spent the Easter holidays visting friends, family and anyone who would put me up for a few days.

I also returned to Exmouth for a day or so to bang out yet another essay (2789 words) 39 words over my limit but what you gonna do?

I have returned to my responsibilities on campus on Friday and on Saturday I caught and idiot jumping out of a window onto the grass below. It was late at night and I was just heading to the toilet. I ran outside and told him to come here it was at this time I realised I was only wearing my pants!!! (underwear).

Off to do a speech to incoming students about how grrrrreat it is to come to Uni.

More on my Easter holiday to follow...

Mood - Happy
Music - Real, Real, Real, by Jesus Jones
Edited - Never

2006-03-31 20:35:53
That was the week that was
Wow! Managed to get my Raymond Briggs essay finished 2597 words on recurring themes in his books.
Managed to keep myself away from this site and do some work! This said, I did have a day off inbetween because my DVDs of Bananaman arrived so I watched them back to back. As a child I remember the episodes being longer! 
I had also ordered the Guns of Navarone. What a top war film!!! Bit of a mix though, Bananaman and the Guns of Navarone.

Had some good news this week, the film I made for my ICT project has been taken in by my lecturers as a shining example of how to do it. They're gonna show it to next year's ICT students.
  Check My S##T out!!!

Gonna take a few days off to visit my mum who has alzheimers. Heading up to the Midlands to enjoy the hospitality of friends.

I'm also going to help out at a school for their end of term. Problem is I want to teach years 3-6 and they're putting me in with a reception class. Children that small should have bells on the or something. I know I'll end up sitting on one or bumping into one by accident. I'm a big(ish) guy, if I bump into a 5 year old I know I'm not gonna be on the floor crying!

This said, I know the kids'll love me. I've been in Reception classes before and they love having a bloke come in to help out. Plus they love my tattoos.
Iwas in one class before Christmas and one young boy ended up colouring his arm in with black felt tip to look like me!!! Strange boy, why would anyone WANT to look like ME!!!

Off to drink the SU bar dry. Although we're not supposed to call it that because of 'RESPONSIBLE DRINKING'. Who wants to be responsible when they're drinking???

Mood - End of term madness
Music - Freak on a leash - KoRn
Edited - Never

2006-03-26 20:48:11
Karaoke Kings
God! How unprofessional was the open day? Very!
Got over to the main campus for the open day after getting up at 8.30 to sort out student residences for hall tours. When I got there I was told we weren't needed until 1.45pm and we were only going to be paid for an hour's work. We were told to be ready for 9am and we'd get at least 6 hours pay.
I ended up telling the head of the drama course to do one. I wasn't going to give up an entire Saturday for 6.70!

We negotiated and I ended up doing some work.

Anyway, I spent Saturday night at a friend's house in a place called Bishop Lydeard. We ended up down the local pub doing Karaoke. I'm a half decent singer but these guys I was with were Kings of Karaoke.
I admit to singing Erasure, Soft Cell and Spandau Ballet. I'm a bit worried that all I seem to be good at singing is gay anthems!!! I could be sending out wrong messages.

Essay writing for the rest of the day.

Mood - Ready for hard work
Music - Gold - Spandau Ballet
Edited - Never

2006-03-25 01:36:26
Procrastination and mastication
Today I am supposed to be doing my Raymond Briggs essay and all I've been doing is putting it off and eating! So far I've tidied my room, cleared my desk, cleaned the kitchen, had a cup of tea with toast, sorted out my paper work for my other essays, written stuff for my leavers report (I've still got 15 months to go!!!), had some lunch (cheese sandwich) and come on this site!!

Maybe I should actually do some work!!
I've got a big group of theatre and performance (drama) students to show around tomorrow for an open day at uni. I don't mind drama students but they all seem to dress like they woke up naked in a charity shop and only had 10p to buy their outfit! All they talk about is what productions they've been in and how 'mainstream theatre undermines all that is wrong in the culturally diversness of the true artform that is the wonderful world of physical theatre'.

I always like to tease them and ask what pantomimes they did at christmas. This annoys them! 'My dear boy' they say 'pantomime undermines all that is wrong in the culturally diversness of the true artform that is the wonderful world of physical theatre'

They're not all like this but you do get some pretentious people.

So, I might actually get some work done on Sunday.

Mood - Vitriolic
Music - Too sick to pray by Alabama 3
Edited - Never

2006-03-24 06:22:04
Lazy weeks
Honestly, you'd think that we were still at school and having our end of term wind down! Been to a couple of lectures this week and the lecturers have said 'You've got all you need... Does anyone have questions on the module?' It's like the final week of school and we were all supposed to take games in instead of academic learning!

I'm not complaining but the build up has been terrible and it feels a let down to have them being like this!

But Pete, what have you been up to the last few days, I hear you ask.

I worked for the uni on Monday helping out with 16/17 years olds who were on a taster day to see what uni life is like. It was quite fun but made me feel REALLY old!!!

Monday night we went out for a English Group night out. Basically it was everyone in my English class going out and getting really drunk. Out of 21 people only 15 turned up and out of that 15 only 6 of us made it to 'Samantha's Discotheque for Dancing' or Sam's as its known here.
I ended up dancing with people from my group and a first year student who was dressed up like a kid from 'Fame' (Leg-warmers, sweatbands, the lot).
I got home at 3 after walking said first year home (she lives in the hall next to my house... and no funny business went on!!!)

Managed to crawl out of bed to see in midday on Tuesday and then went back to bed for a sleep from about 6 til 7. My first afternoon nap in a loooooooong time! Because of this I didn't sleep till 3.30am on Wednesday morning and I had to be up at 8.30 for a lecture.

Wednesday... A lecture on bullying and then 2 hours off then a lecture on a trip to a borough of London that I'm not going to go on. Spent the rest of the day playing Mortal Kombat Deception.

Which leads me to today. Had a great lecture on poetry and I had to read out If by Rudyard Kipling. It's a great poem!

Now all I have to do is start an essay on Raymond Briggs. It's due in next week but I want to get it done ASAP.

Phew! I think this has been my longest entry so far. If you're scan reading this DON'T! It's ALL Very interseting!!

Mood - Vented
Music - Wrong Number by The Cure
Edited - Never

2006-03-20 04:12:54
Lazy Weekends?
It is now Sunday and I have spent the weekend researching essays etc. Would love to say I've been drinking too much, but I can't.

Played a bit more Free Cell but I gave up after I realised I'd been on for an hour!

The weekends in my house are spent with someone on the computer and everyone waiting in a queue to get on. If you go to the loo or make a cup of tea you lose your place. Getting my own wireless card soon so I'll probably NEVER log out!

Mood - Ready for the new week
Music - Fighting Fit - Gene
Edited - Never

2006-03-18 01:39:21
10th Entry
My tenth entry... I should get a new bage! Yay!!!

Managed to get my essay done. I started at 8.30am and finished a 11.15 I managed to knock out 2000 words and 4 lesson plans (all sequential).

Went to a lecture on the DaVinci code last night. It was very interesting. It was provided by the chaplaincy of the university and I expected it to be all about religion and very biased, but it wasn't!

Spent the rest of the evening in the SU bar, celebrating one less essay to write.

Woke up this morning felling a little worse for wear, so I spent the morning drinking tea and playing Free cell on my computer.

Had my last core English lecture this afternoon, now I've got two weeks to write 2500 words on emergent writing.

Mood - It's the weekend!
Music - Do Re Me So Far So Good by Carter USM
Edited - Never

2006-03-16 09:13:24
Yes, yes, yes... As they say procrastination is the thief of time. I have spent the day procrastinating about my essay and lo and behold I still haven't done one iota of work towards it! Gonna have to get up early and get to work on it. Tonight is a bust!
Apart from that I had a great day showing prospective student around halls of residence.

I gave the parents a speech about how safe and secure Exmouth is and I gave the students a speech about how fun fresher's fortnight is and how drunk they will get (although we ask students to drink responsibly).

On the other hand I recieved my book today about the Falklands war. It'sby Raymond Briggs, that bloke that did the Snowman (walking in the air).
It's called the THE TIN-POT FOREIGN GENERAL AND THE OLD IRON WOMAN. It's actually quite sexual in the pictures(Margret Thatcher as a metal woman wearing suspenders with cannon that look like phaluses.. or is that phalli?) But it really brings home the reality of war on a  personal level. I probably wouldn't use it in a class but it's a damn good book anyway. Equal to 'When the Wind Blows'.
Anyway, got an essay that won't write itself and about 16 hours to write it!

Check this page soon for more riveting details.

Mood - Slightly worried
Music - Jolene - Queen Adreena
Edited - Never

2006-03-15 09:50:40
What a day
I was supposed to spend today writing an essay for the music part of my degree but ended up watching Big Train and then sorting out problems in my house.
I live with two other lads and a girl. The girl feels like she's being patronised by one of the lads ALL the time. She's threatened to leave the house and is blaming one of the lads.
I spent the rest of the day talking to each party.
So, now I have an essay and four lesson plans to write in the next 2 days. Tomorrow is an open day for the uni and I have to attend because I am deputy president of the SU. That Leave tomorrow night and Thursday morning to get my essay done!
Oh well, early night tonight and I'll burn the midnight oil tomorrow.

Mood - Slightly pressured
Music - Ever changing moods - the Style Council
Edited - Never

2006-03-14 11:30:45
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
I shall not be defeated by Joe the kiitten kong!!!

What a night, spent the night at a pub quiz with some friends. We lost but it's taking part that counts.
Had another lecture about ICT in the classroom that was a bit rubbish.
My housemate Jade went on a rage because the washing up wasn't done!
I have had to take up the challenge of Joe because I have t-shirts older than him!!
Sad, but I'm a man and I need that challenge!
Will probably post hourly journals just to beat him!!
Joe, you know I'm thinking of you when I write this, you're younger and more able. I should just get on my zimmer frame and ket you win. But the Dunkirk spirit won't let me!

Mood - Victorious
Music - The National Anthem
Edited - Never

2006-03-13 05:36:53
A few days off
I don't know, you take a few days off to do some reading for your degree and when you come back there's new threads, and about a million new things to read!

Like I said spent the weekend tracking down reading for my degree, haven't actually done any reading yet but walking around uni with 15 or so books under your arm scares the shit out of anyone on your course who sees you.

Apart from that I did spend some time watching DVDs. I watched an episode last night I think was called 'Come Dancing'. It may have been late, but I realised that June Whitfield was abit of a fox in her day!!
Too far????

Maybe I should start a thread... or find a June Whitfield appreciation site.

Mood - Chilled
Music - Wild and Wonderful by the Almighty
Edited - Never

2006-03-08 23:05:46
Just about to do a new journal entry and found out people can comment on it!!! How cool is that?
Spent the day in Exeter yesterday with screaming school kids getting excited about the Romans. It was quite good fun even though I couldn't smoke ALL DAY!!!
Getting up early after the night before was hard but I managed, getting too used to this student lark.
Nearly finished Futurama, soon will be time for the Goodies.
Time for me to read other people's journals and comment.

Mood - Glad - finished lectures before midday!
Music - Town called Malice - The Jam
Edited - Never

2006-03-07 11:13:36
Third entry
Back once agin with the renegade master,
D for damage with the ill behaviour!
Sorry got that song in my head.
Spent the day trying to write a pamphlet for hindism for my degree but ended up watching series 2 and 3 of futurama. Gotta get through series 4 before I beginto watch any old goodies I have bought/found/stolen on tape and then the DVDs. I feel like I need to catch up.
There's a seller on e-bay with the whole of series 2... A possible purchase
Heading off to bed after attending a pub quiz in a local pub and coming a paltry 2nd!!
Got a school trip to Exexter tomorrow, I'm a resposible adult helper but it's 12.45 am, I'm drunk and I'm supposed to be responsible tomorrow!!!!

Mood - Strangel excited
Music - Toxic - Britney Spears can't get it out of my head
Edited - Never

2006-03-06 09:58:08
Been reading other people's journals to give me ideas.
I've made a film recently (like jodievdw) great name, what's it worth i scrabble?
It was for my ICT project. We made an Indiana Jones rip off. We made it, spent about two hours filming it and then cut it toghether and it lated all of 5 mins!!!
We loved it though.
I got the chance to play Baron Von Katzenjammer, an evil Nazi.
I spent the two hours wandering around uni dressed as a Nazi and probably breaking 'safe space'!

Mood - Feeling better
Music - Scissor Sisters - Laura
Edited - Never

2006-03-06 09:40:57
Decided to start a journal. Feeling a bit of a Goodies charlatan. I always liked the Goodies as a child a remember episodes as a child but I'm slowly refreshing my memory with the aid of DVDs and videos.
I'm kind of hooked to this site, is that sad? It may be becauae this is the first site I've EVERY become a member of.
Used my user messages for the first time, Yay me!

Mood - Charlatan
Music - Mr Brightside - The Killers
Edited - Never

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