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katsup's Journal
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katsup's journal
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2005-12-01 12:12:15
busy, busy, busy
Wow! first of december and i'm moving indefinitly to uk as of december 31st. so much to do, so little time.

let's see, still gotta finish my visa application... i've forgotten what documents to send in...d'oh. still gotta register with the australian teaching registration b4 i leave...double d'oh, do the whole christmas baking thing which i actually quite enjoy, but time's still a commodity. and then of course there's the social life...everyone wants to say goodbye. so sad  :'(

i just finished painting the front fence though. which is great. hang on... with o much to do why am i writing in this journal? (procrastinationis always good!!)

Mood - lazy- not good
Music - Evanescence
Edited - Never

2005-11-21 21:47:46
Just finished my last assignmen...EVER!

I have officially finished my degree... i just gotta get the paperwork sorted. Went and saw the Goodies' show in celebration and was highly satisifed!! they did a fantastic job, so much so i decided to stalk them!! 

Bought my plane ticket and had a job interview with a recruitment agency to teach in england (they've even sent my resume to a cpl schools in scotland- go figure!!) and i leave on the 31st december.

Oh i am so excited...but at the moment sleepiness sleep deprived it's not funny!!       

Mood - *snore*
Music - Reel Big Fish
Edited - Never

2005-11-17 10:37:29
The count down begins!!
Once again i'm stressed out cos i got an exam tom and an assignment due soon and both are worth 100% for the relevant units. d'oh. however, with the passing of the exam tom arvo i will then be celebrating in style by going to the Goodies show- YAAAY!! can't wait.

After spending a few hours on the assignment on the weekend i shall then be (hopefully!!) finished uni FOREVER!! i will then be clebrating that in style (tho not quite as well) with excess insanity ad then working and travelling in the uk- so excited but scared.

Reckon the uk tourist board shld pay me tho- thanks to me i've talked one friend into coming with me and at least another two into visiting me when they do their annual travelling!

Mood - sick of #$% study!!!
Music - Cake album (again!)
Edited - Never

2005-11-05 13:07:59
Something in the air!
There is certainly something in the air this time of year! (other than oxygen that is!!). All my mates are pairing off...those already paired off are getting married...those already married are getting/got pregnant!!

I got a friend's wedding today which should be fun (certainly it's an excuse to go shopping!). *sigh* another one bites the i'm holding out for the men who matter in my life... THE GOODIES!!     

Mood - bouncy
Music - Cake's album fashion nugget- yay!!
Edited - Never

2005-10-28 20:53:02
Gah!! so stressed!! there was an exam scheduled for the 9th of november, but ppl were stressing about it. So, just to prove it wasn't something to stress about the lecturer brought it forward by several weeks!! I ask u...where's the logic in that??!!

Anyway, thankfully i got it all done and i'm mostly on top of my assignment load...still have to do a full swing band chart by monday be recorded...d'oh!! talk about stressful.

Great news is...i'm almost finished this #$%^% degree and will get to put Bmused next to my name...hehe, at least my degree is a pun. 

Mood - hmm, i'm thinking stressed
Music - Michael Buble- trying to chill
Edited - Never

2005-10-07 11:31:44
Sad news
I've had a sad start to the day i must admit. I have a sponser child in India- a beautiful young girl who's already had a hard life and yet you wouldn't be able to tell from the her personality sparkled.

However, i found out today she died a cpl weeks back from typhoid fever. The Christian group i sponser her through tried everything and took great care of her and have also taken this death hard. They're now looking for another child in need of my support.

Let me just say, if you possibly can, sponser a child... find a company you can trust with minimal admin costs and go for it. it is so rewarding and incidents like this remind you of the hardships those without support must face  :'(

Mood - a tad sombre
Music - something classical
Edited - Never

2005-10-02 12:41:55
The Hills are Alive!!
i have a confession to make. I just love the old movie The Sound of Music!

It was on TV last night...but on commercial tv which is just too frustrating when it comes to movies. So i dug out my video of the movie and watched that instead.

*Sigh* I'd forgotten just how much i do enjoy it. I guess i'm just an old sentimental fool really 

Mood - sentimental of course!!
Music - three guesses...let me think now...
Edited - Never

2005-10-01 19:03:30
Love those Meeces to pieces!!
Yay!! Browsing the Goodies site just got even easier for me!! (and that's always a good thing...right?!?) 

For ages i've been putting up with a $%^& mouse but haven't really noticed, though there have been times i've got a tad frustrated. It was kinda a good computer secruity system cos i seemed to be the only one who could actually mange to click on anything i wanted!!

However, today i bit the bullet (and i'm still trying to get the gun powder stains out of my teeth) and bought a new spangled optical mouse. real high tech i know, but i've never been one to really keep up with the wonder... i'm still in the golden comedy era of the 70's!!!   

Mood - sleepy!!
Music - some classical stuff
Edited - Never

2005-09-30 13:25:22
Hunky Prince!!
Had a great night last night. I took my mum to the ol' His Majesty's Theatre to see the WA Ballet production of Cinderella.

It was so beautiful and the dancing was brilliant!! Mind u, i think there was more than one pair of socks stuffed down the guys' tights!! Even my mum noticed! Overall it was a great production and definitely a great night!!

Next time i go to His Maj, it'll be a different night altogether but definitely a great ne too- the GODIES TOUR!! Can't wait!! 

Mood - happy happy joy joy
Music - Soundtrack from Monty Python
Edited - Never

2005-09-28 14:46:25
GoodiesRuleok Rules!!
Not the most original of titles but says it all i think!! 

Once again i'm procrastinating from doing the things i really ought to be doing, but finding consolation in reading the many witty quips you guys make in the forum!!

It's so much fun reading through any new entries and seeing that i'm not the only truly insane person around after all!! You guys r legend!! 

Mood - momentarily happy but also sleepy!
Music - Random CD
Edited - Never

2005-09-26 19:20:20
*yawn* and procrastinate
I have so many assignments for uni but i'm here instead!! anything to put off the tediously inevitable. 

Just finished my final teaching prac- i'm doing music education- and it went vey well though was plenty stressful. Grr, let me say teaching teens is very rewarding but also somewhat frustrating. Mind you, the thing that i hated the most was filling in the lesson plans- for every hour of actual teaching i would do at least three of ticking all these little boxes to do with outcomes based education %$$%^!!!   

Anyway that's all done with, but now, with four weeks of uni left on my degree (yay!!) i have every assignment this semester due- d'oh. What with my busted wrist and prac workload (and, let's face it, considerable levels of procrastination!) i haven't done all that much.. bye bye sleepy-bo-bos!! 

Mood - the title says it all really
Music - TV themes- go Peter Gunn
Edited - Never

2005-08-28 11:50:40
Ouchy boo boo
*wimper, wimper* 

I'm a youth group leader (as i may have mentioned previously!) for my church's yth grp every friday nite. As a resulr, every friday nite i hang out with a bunch of young teens and we do some real cool stuff (such as masquerade balls, Dark light- which is shooting ppl with laser guns, etc.). u'd think by now i'd know better and act my age wldn't u?!? Well, my motto has always been growing old is compulsory, growing up, however, is purely optional!

There is, howver, a cost to this honourable work and motto.... whilst helping set up for a game that requires kids and leaders alike to run around bushland in the dark (the aim being for the kids to 'escape' from us nasty leaders), i went to jump over a chain set up blocking a path and didn't quite clear it (when i was running pretty fast mind) and found myself hurtling head 1st into concrete. to save my head i used my a result, i'm typing one armed and two fingered... i've buckled a bone in my wrist and bruised the bones in my arm- d'oh!!

the sad thing is, this was while setting up, so i didn't even get to be a nasty leader... serves me right i guess. As i'm also a music teacher, this ain't good, 'cos clapping, body percussion and playing instruments are tools of my trade (not to mention i'm also on teaching prac right at this moment...gonna make things interesting!!)   

oh well, it's givng me reason to set myself up for some spoiling!! 

Mood - sore!!!!
Music - A Dave Brubeck album- cool music
Edited - Never

2005-07-13 12:39:15
Man's best friend is
Grrrr....$#%^% song. it's stuck firmly in my head. Ever noticed how surprisingly easy it is to get goodies material stuck in ur head? having said that, ever noticed how surprisingly easy it is to get weird stares from any and everybody once u start spurting said goodies material?

Being a musician, i've always got a song in my head (or getting one in), and then start humming etc without particularly noticing when i go off into my own little world, mostly ppl don't so much as batter an eyelid.

BUT, when that song is goodies related (especially say, 'needed', the 'song of the jolly rock light house' or the ever immortal 'a man's best friend is his duck'. Well, THEN u can expect ppl to turn their heads, and rightly so...comedy gold (although i'm not sure that's quite why they turn their heads, sheesh, anyone wld think i was crazy....        ) 

Mood - Insane in ta membrane!
Music - Man's best friend is his duck- of course
Edited - Never

2005-07-03 13:23:49
Once upon a time
Here's a lesson to be learned- be careful how u dress for a fancy dress party on a cold, cold night!!

A friend of mine had a fancy dress party on the theme 'characters from fiction'. Oh no! What to be? What to be?    Had i had mobster gear i wld've decided on the ever graceful Big Delilah with my ever immortal glass of bright green milk- but *sigh* it wasn't to be.  :'(

I was thinking maybe an evil character i cld have fun with and mess with ppls minds  BUT whatever i do... i am NOT wearing shoes with big heels (see previous entry as to why not!!). My compromise- Titania (the Queen of the Fairies in Midsummer Night's ream for those not in the know). Perfect! Barefoot hippy who messes with ppls i come.

Another person who went was not quite so prudent- she went as wonder woman- bloomers, cape and mid-riff top at 4 degrees centigrade...and i thought my barefeet and flowing skirts were bad enough!!! 

Mood - Warming up
Music - Paul Simon's Anthology
Edited - 2005-07-03 13:24:20

2005-06-27 13:49:21
My Left Foot ('s toe!)
Hmm, didn't want to get copped with copyright on the title and this one's more accurate if not less catchy!! 

What a wonderful weekend i had... not only was it busy but i lso got crook. Spent quite a bit of it on the couch with a rug and junk food (who said being sick was entirely bad?!?) the few times i got up was to look after various groups of kids, but thankfully i found ways to minimise energyexpended (such as playing lichens, cemetries and sleeping lions- MWAHAHAAAA  ).

Last night i spoiled myself by laying on the couch with junk food and, for variety watching Minority Report. Unfortunately for me, tho, i ran outta food, and upon getting food of the edible variety kicked my toe enough to break it (and it's next to one i already brok awhile agao- d'oh!!).

Feeling sorry for myself now. believe u me!!  :'(   

Mood - old and pitful! :)
Music - When i'm 64- of course!!
Edited - 2005-06-27 13:50:00

2005-06-21 11:55:29
d'uuuh- i dunno!
Well, my 1st journal entry eh? what to say, what to saaayyy...

I am currently enjoying mid-year uni holidays in my last year of my degree- music education. So my days are pretty tame. yesterday i randomly decided to use up some wool left over from a previous craft project and started knitting a colourful scarf- peak of excitement really.

Contrary to popular belief, however, yesterday was somewhat hectic. Having just moved, there's a lot to do, but not much i can do. had a sparky over to install ceiling fans and while he was working the mower man also came to add to the mess, and on top of that a delivery of a filing cabinet to go in the same room as the electrician was working in- what fun. totally interrupted my knitting!

Was happy when i finally got internet connected to the new house a cpl days ago so i could catch up with the happenings on this most wonderful site!! 

Mood - relieved
Music - Right now i hear Sgt Pepper's- classic
Edited - Never

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