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Goodies Episode Guide
Series 5 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 05/10/2001


» Series 1
» Series 2
» Series 3
» Series 4
» Series 5
» Series 6
» Series 7
» Series 8
» Series 9






The Movies

The Goodies buy a movie studio and attempt to revitalise the British film industry; but ultimately descend into chaos when they each try to shoot their own film at the same time.

Main guests: Melita Clarke



The Clown Virus

A job to dispose of a harmless can of “tomato soup” for an American military base sees the whole British population turned into clowns and ripe for an invasion by US troops.

Main guests: John Bluthal, Peter Dyneley, Corbet Woodall



Chubby Chumps

Tim has become rather flabby while the others have been away fishing, but trims himself down thanks to a brainwashing radio DJ and enters the Miss Housewife Of The Year Contest.

Main guests: Michael Aspel



Wacky Wales

An invitation to an eisteddfod in Wales has the Goodies in all sorts of trouble with the Reverend after they dare to break many of the puritanical local laws and actually try to entertain people.

Main guests: Jon Pertwee, Marcelle Sammett, Alun Williams




Graeme’s dog breeding venture gets out of hand and Tim’s only chance to win at Crufts is to dress Bill in a dog costume, which forces Graeme to custom-make a shaggy monster of his own.

Main guests: Magnus Magnusson



Scatty Safari

The Star Safari Park is in big strife once its star attraction Tony Blackburn has been shot, but Rolf Harris proves an even bigger hit until he escapes and infests Britain in plague proportions.

Main guests: Tony Blackburn, Sheila Steafel, David Willmott



Kung Fu Kapers

Bill’s expertise at the ancient Lancastrian martial art of Ecky Thump proves too much for other forms of self defence, but his march on t’Parliament wielding black puddings must be stopped.

Main guests: Michael Barratt, Richard Pescud, William F Sully



Lighthouse Keeping Loonies

The Goodies are doing “a little lighthouse keeping” for five years amid Bill’s phobia about round objects, a gruesome sea shanty about the Jolly Rock and Tim’s mumps and whinging.

Main guests: Corbet Woodall, Patrick Moore



Rome Antics

In 55AD the early Goodies venture to Rome to provide entertainment for the fruit-fancying Emperor, but are eventually confronted by Attila the Hun and the invading Barbarians.

Main guests: Roy Kinnear, Oliver Gilbert



Cunning Stunts

Bill is fired from the Goodies’ newspaper for being a hopeless reporter and after he is rejected by the love of his life, he decides to end it all by entering the Eurovision Raving Loony Contest.

Main guests: Tessa Wyatt, Roland MacLeod, Karin MacCarthy



South Africa

The Goodies are forced to emigrate to South Africa where the absence of black people forces a new form of segregation called apart-height, mainly affecting short people like jockeys and Bill.

Main guests: Philip Madoc, Oscar James, Albert Wilkinson



OK Tea Rooms

Graeme’s gold prospecting trip to Cornwall is a failure until he strikes a rich vein of cream, with his greed and Tim and Bill’s discovery of strawberry jam and scones leading to a showdown.



The End

The Goodies are trapped inside a 350 foot block of concrete, with “turps for burps”, changing religion, cannibalism and I-spy all on the agenda while being stuck at close quarters for so long.

Main guests: Corbet Woodall, Sheila Steafel



Goodies Rule – OK?

The unwanted Goodies finally hit the big time after years of failure, only for the government to topple and all forms of fun to be banned, requiring a civil uprising and a puppet government

Main guests: Michael Barratt, Tony Blackburn, Patrick Moore, Eddie Waring, Terry Wogan, Corbet Woodall, Sue Lawley

I thank you for the list of programe details as it has brought back fond memeries of the Goodies show!
Posted by:portisnice


date: 08/02/2005 10:02 GMT
Thank you for this.  It also brings back fond memeories for me.  I just wish I could watch some of them again.  I think my favorite was the "Royal COmmand".

Thanks again.
Posted by:wheatmaster


date: 17/02/2005 04:54 GMT
Thanks so much for putting this together.  I can't believe there are episodes from Series 1, 2 & 9 that I've never seen....!!!  If only they were all on DVD.  This has been great - I'm going home tonight to watch the many episodes I've taped!
Posted by:shazmel


date: 22/02/2005 12:48 GMT
I wish i could find the lyrics to their songs! I keep singing the same lines over and over again.

good to see so many aussies here by the way... this is a uk website.. but you wouldn't know..

the goodies are my fondest childhood memory.
Posted by:hendo


date: 13/03/2005 12:02 GMT
Actually Hendo, it's an Australian site  

It is designed, maintained and hosted locally in Adelaide (South Australia) by me .  I'm just lucky enough that the major contributors to the vast store of information come from all around the world. 

Lisa (Current president and Grand Master of Ecky-Thump) Lives in the USA, and the original founder (Alison) and very active member of the fan club lives in the UK after emigrating from Adelaide.
Posted by:zaphod


date: 22/03/2005 15:22 GMT
I member seeing Kitten Kong around 1978-9 and loving it, I live in California, and they were only shown here very briefly. Then last week I saw Kitten Kong again, and it's still really funny, the anchorman getting stepped on is hysterical.
Posted by:Ertznay


date: 16/06/2005 12:45 GMT
This sites made in Adelaide???
I live in Adelaide! this is the ultiate way of getting Adelaide recognised through the world...
Posted by:JGTMTE


date: 18/11/2005 10:42 GMT
Oh and i also think the man getting stepped on is funny... Monty python reference?
Posted by:JGTMTE


date: 18/11/2005 10:43 GMT
My gibbons are running over my OBEs (that doesn't make sense but hey this is the goodies!) The Return of the Goodies was great and I've ordered a Goodies DVD but damn amazon isn't delivering it! (VERY LATE) Well, I'm Sorry I'll Read That again is still on BBC listen again so I'm off to listen to it. Bye!
Posted by:ISIRTA


date: 18/01/2006 02:49 GMT
Re: Hendo's request for Goodies song lyrics.  I'm currently working on preparing the Goodies Music Reviews from past C&G newsletters for posting up on the website in this section.  Most of these reviews didn't contain the lyrics of the songs (just comments about them) so I'm currently adding in the lyrics for the 23 Goodies songs that have been reviewed so far.  I should have these up on the site within the next week or two and then you can sing along to your heart's content!
Posted by:bretta


date: 12/07/2006 11:43 GMT
The BBC lost the original version of Kitten Kong?  Sheesh.
Posted by:bakedbeans


date: 26/07/2007 12:00 GMT
Tim sure had a lot of uncles!
Posted by:ShinyShoes71


date: 08/08/2019 03:43 GMT
If I remember correctly the episode "The end" had The Goodies playing i-spy.

Posted by:Stevie641


date: 14/03/2022 18:02 GMT
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