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Goodies Episode Guide
Series 2 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 05/10/2001


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SERIES 2 (1971-72)


2/1 01/10/71 Loch Ness Monster A bid to trap the Loch Ness Monster to pacify a suicidal zookeeper sees the Goodies travel to Scotland, where they have a close brush with the deadly Bagpipes spider among other trials. Main guests: Stanley Baxter, Bernard Bresslaw
2/2 08/10/71 The Commonwealth Games

Following a boycott of the games by other nations, the Minister Of Sport persuades the Goodies to represent Britain against the might of the August Bank Holiday Islands team. Main guests: Reginald Marsh, Valerie Stanton

2/3 15/10/71 Pollution With pollution becoming worse, the Goodies discover that the Ministry of Pollution is actually causing the problem rather than curing it, so they set to work on freshening things up. Main guests: Ronnie Stevens, Corbet Woodall
2/4 22/10/71 The Lost Tribe The Goodies assist Hazel in tracking down her father, a Professor who vanished twenty years ago in search of the Lost Tribe Of The Orinoco, by following the movements listed in his diary. Main guests: Roy Kinnear, Bridget Armstrong, Olu Jacobs
2/5 29/10/71 The Music Lovers Musicians are being kidnapped all over the country, so the Goodies become famous musicians too, eventually get stolen and come face to face with their arch enemy – the Music Master Main guests: Henry McGee, Corbet Woodall, Cilla Black
2/6 05/11/71 Antiques Tim’s crusade to stop rich Americans from buying all of Britain’s art treasures sees him bidding a huge amount of money for one painting, forcing the Goodies to take drastic action to pay for it. Main guests: Julian Orchard, Tommy Godfrey
2/7 12/11/71 Kitten Kong (original – no longer exists) The Goodies’ Animal Clinic looks after various problem animals, including Twinkle the kitten who grows to a massive size, thanks to Graeme’s growth formula, and terrorises London.
2/8 19/11/71 Come Dancing Asked to be part of a formation dancing team, the Goodies find that dancing isn’t as gentle and pure as they thought, especially when they encounter Delia Capone and her corrupt team. Main guests: Joan Sims, June Whitfield, Roland MacLeod
2/9 10/12/71 Food Disgusted at the awful cuisine served up at Ye Olde Shepherds Restaurant, the Goodies head to the farm of Tim’s uncle for some fresh country food, only to be further disappointed upon arrival. Main guests: John Le Mesurier, Frank Thornton
2/10 17/12/71 Free To Live

Bill’s complaint to Women’s Lib about Graeme’s sexism leads to a visit from Barbara, who sends Graeme and Tim to work for her father, while she falls for Bill and Graeme falls for his computer. Main guests: Allan Cuthbertson, Gaye Brown

2/11 31/12/71 Gender Education

The Goodies are asked to make a sex education film for Mrs Desiree Carthorse, but are soon in trouble when she objects to its content, sending Bill into a violent film-making frenzy Main guests: Beryl Reid, Richard Wattis

2/12 07/01/72 London To Brighton

The Goodies are bouncing on spacehoppers from London to Brighton for charity, however they continue to bounce on around the world much to the horror of their tight-fisted sponsor. Main guests: Freddy Jones, Johnathan Cecil

2/13 14/01/72 Double Trouble

The Goodies’ bid to win the Nice Person Of The Year Award is being sabotaged by the mysterious Doctor Petal and his evil robot doubles of the Goodies and other famous people. Main guests: Patrick Troughton, John Junkin

Special 09/04/72

Montreux '72 – "Kitten Kong"
(remade from original version)

The Goodies’ Animal Clinic looks after various problem animals, including Twinkle the kitten who grows to a massive size, thanks to Graeme’s growth formula, and terrorises London. Main guests: Michael Aspel, Corbet Woodall
Special 24/09/72 A Collection Of Goodies A lack of finances sees Tim filling out a Tax Evasion form for the Goodies, with Graeme’s computer providing timely reminders of the bizarre items which he is trying to claim for.


I thank you for the list of programe details as it has brought back fond memeries of the Goodies show!
Posted by:portisnice


date: 08/02/2005 10:02 GMT
Thank you for this.  It also brings back fond memeories for me.  I just wish I could watch some of them again.  I think my favorite was the "Royal COmmand".

Thanks again.
Posted by:wheatmaster


date: 17/02/2005 04:54 GMT
Thanks so much for putting this together.  I can't believe there are episodes from Series 1, 2 & 9 that I've never seen....!!!  If only they were all on DVD.  This has been great - I'm going home tonight to watch the many episodes I've taped!
Posted by:shazmel


date: 22/02/2005 12:48 GMT
I wish i could find the lyrics to their songs! I keep singing the same lines over and over again.

good to see so many aussies here by the way... this is a uk website.. but you wouldn't know..

the goodies are my fondest childhood memory.
Posted by:hendo


date: 13/03/2005 12:02 GMT
Actually Hendo, it's an Australian site  

It is designed, maintained and hosted locally in Adelaide (South Australia) by me .  I'm just lucky enough that the major contributors to the vast store of information come from all around the world. 

Lisa (Current president and Grand Master of Ecky-Thump) Lives in the USA, and the original founder (Alison) and very active member of the fan club lives in the UK after emigrating from Adelaide.
Posted by:zaphod


date: 22/03/2005 15:22 GMT
I member seeing Kitten Kong around 1978-9 and loving it, I live in California, and they were only shown here very briefly. Then last week I saw Kitten Kong again, and it's still really funny, the anchorman getting stepped on is hysterical.
Posted by:Ertznay


date: 16/06/2005 12:45 GMT
This sites made in Adelaide???
I live in Adelaide! this is the ultiate way of getting Adelaide recognised through the world...
Posted by:JGTMTE


date: 18/11/2005 10:42 GMT
Oh and i also think the man getting stepped on is funny... Monty python reference?
Posted by:JGTMTE


date: 18/11/2005 10:43 GMT
My gibbons are running over my OBEs (that doesn't make sense but hey this is the goodies!) The Return of the Goodies was great and I've ordered a Goodies DVD but damn amazon isn't delivering it! (VERY LATE) Well, I'm Sorry I'll Read That again is still on BBC listen again so I'm off to listen to it. Bye!
Posted by:ISIRTA


date: 18/01/2006 02:49 GMT
Re: Hendo's request for Goodies song lyrics.  I'm currently working on preparing the Goodies Music Reviews from past C&G newsletters for posting up on the website in this section.  Most of these reviews didn't contain the lyrics of the songs (just comments about them) so I'm currently adding in the lyrics for the 23 Goodies songs that have been reviewed so far.  I should have these up on the site within the next week or two and then you can sing along to your heart's content!
Posted by:bretta


date: 12/07/2006 11:43 GMT
The BBC lost the original version of Kitten Kong?  Sheesh.
Posted by:bakedbeans


date: 26/07/2007 12:00 GMT
Tim sure had a lot of uncles!
Posted by:ShinyShoes71


date: 08/08/2019 03:43 GMT
If I remember correctly the episode "The end" had The Goodies playing i-spy.

Posted by:Stevie641


date: 14/03/2022 18:02 GMT
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