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Flippa's Journal
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Flippa's journal
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2006-12-31 12:05:11
I consider this a big step for me, since I usually blog every two weeks, but here I am, online and ... blogging.
I was thinking to myself that maybe I should say something about the Goodies, since this would be that place to do it. My friends are fed up with hearing about them. But then I thought it over and I really don't have anything to say. so I'll skip that, leaving only a "I love Graeme" and a 

then I started thinking about what else I could write about. and I couldn't think of anything. I could write more of that "I'm from Iceland" but I've done that twice and I'm dried up. so I could write about my day, but I guess that wouldn't be very interesting either. I've spent the day sitting inside making cartoons on my computer. and also, I don't find that kind of blogging fun. that's just people saying "oh, i got up at nine and had coffee". no offense to people who write that kind of blogs, and there are a lot of you, but when you've seen one you've seen them all. except if your a superhero. or a Goodie.

one final thing. if this Rolf Harris voting is so annoying (which i suppose it is since it's in the poll) why don't you all stop putting the option in?

P.S. I like P.S.'s. They finalize the blog. they're not necessary, but I like them.

and on those words, night-night. (for you GMT people)

Mood - I feel sad couse I loaned my copy of Hitchhikers
Music - my phone's ringing ... does that count?
Edited - Never

2006-12-30 12:55:25
more on Iceland couse I'm like that now
hello all you sporty good looking hot pieces of groin out there. i'm not drunk, or even tipsy, but that's just the way I am made. don't be alarmed, inside I am a sweet little pumpkin.

as you know, a few days ago happened a thing called christmas. that's when kids get lots of presents and older people (so-called Grown-ups) get fewer presents. I'm in this little minority group kalled teenagers. so I get a fair amount of presents. which is nice.

but did you know, once again on christmas, we Icelanders are....different. let me show you.

take two examples. let's make them two little boys and call them typical names, the English one is Paul and the Icelandic is Guvarur (the hardest most icelandic name I could think of).

the eve of the 12 of december. Paul is asleep but Guvarur isn't. he's exited becouse the first Santa is coming. in Iceland we have thirteen santas. they used to be a lot more but they're probably dying, since they've been around for about 400 years. ther've got names like Door Slammer, Window Peeper and Candle Stealer, and Door Sniffer (NOT official translations for the names) because in the beginning they didn't give kids stuff, they stole candles and slammed dors and ...sniffed? I'm not too sure abouot the last one. Also, I would like to point out that there used to be a santa who blew up ladies' skirts called Skirt Blower. I don't know why they ever invented such a Santa. no wait I do. They didn't give kids stuff, they just annoyed people. nice for them. They were brothers and their parents were the infamous trolls Gryla and Leppaludi (not translations, gryla is untranslatable and Leppaludi means Lame Patch Person  . gryla was known to eat children, as did their cat, The christmas cat(sound really yolly, doesn't it?))

now, it's christmas eve. Paul is in bed, trying to sleep. he thinks his christmas sucks ass, because he's just heard of a kid in Iceland with an unpronouncable name, who has already opened his presents. Now, I don't really know if any other countries do this, but we do. if you know of any, shout it out loud...or comment. anyway. this is a really useful thing, because we get to open first. not the brits, and not the frenchies and not the yanks, but the bloody eskimos in iceland. i don't think you care. maybe couse were very few, and insignificant. yeah.

I would make a list here of all the icelandic myth creatures who eat children, but I can't be bothered. Google it. you do it if you're interested.

If there are any Icelandic folk out there, sorry if I have been making fun of you, but if I have been I sure as hell have been making fun at me too, and that makes it all right. don't hate me, hate my silly little twisted sense of humour.

This I find funny in an Icelandic deeper sort of understanding that you will never in your entire life understand because I am superior to you. 

I am Flippa, that's so cool
cause I live in Iceland
we have giant cannbals
, gryla, bjork and

Iceland is a hippy place
'cept you need some shoewear
'couse the cold bull likes to eat
toes that are left bare

I just figured something neat
you have very sexy feet
come into my igloo now
let's see how we kung fu pow

I'm not making any sence
and my rhymes are failing
so I say farwell to you
'cause, I'm now bailing this whole shit. ok, i'm wrong, Icelander suck at this. *silence*. if i keep this in, I may be in grave danger, so I'm going to cut it out, if I'm bothered. I probably wont, since i'm writing all this. I'm writing "I'm" in the start of centences without thinking. I'm maybe in need for some sleep

just out of curiosity, are there any Icelanders in here. not that if there aren't any, I will start making fun of them. I'm not THAT mean. I'll just skip the apologies. after all, i'm one of their own blood. they wouldn't chop me up into pieces with their swords and axes.

my alter ego today is laughing, which is a sign of mentality, so I must get sleep

P.S. apologies to all, icelanders, other people, and the rest of you somethings out there reading.

P.S. P.S. is mentality a real word?

P.S. P.S. P.S. am I doing this P.S thing right?

P.S. P.S. P.S. P.S. ok, I'm stupid, what does P.S. mean?

P.S. P.S. P.S. P.S. P.S. sorry to all the poor people who are still reading. suckers 

P.S. P.S. P.S. P.S. P.S. P.S. ...and I'm sorry about what I said in the beginning.


Mood - I feel like a genetically altered Moose
Music - MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (moose-sounds. if they make any, dunno)
Edited - Never

2006-11-22 04:02:12
Crazy little thing called ME
Well, this is my first journal entry, and i'm pretty proud of myself, cause I haven't written in a journal since i went to one of my best friend's birthday party back when I was 7. That's a while ago, so if this sucks, don't blame me. ... no wait, blame me. please do. I deserve it.

Hello. people. today it's snowing back here in iceland.(To make this more interesting i will pretend to be a eskimo). it was very very snowy. But on the bright side, i finally built my own igloo, so now i can move out of my parents'. Sweet. Ofcourse it was still freezing my butt of. So i torched the place. mind you, it did take me a while to get the fire going, but when it did, it was hot, hot, hot. I then cought a bunch of fish and held the very first roast-a-fish competition. we were so stoned from the poisoned ice-fumes though, i cant remember the rules, but if i ever torch my igloo again and hold another one, i'll remember to write it down  somewhere.

I can't bothere to do this anymore. Eskimolife must suck. no wait I take that back. I have no idea what it's like to be an eskimo. Don't crusify me on this, please. This is just something I wrote in the spirit of the moment. please don't!!!

I've just realized how insane i must be. and bad at english. but here, in the pile of coldness, we speak a language so weird, you would laugh at it and ask me if I was joking if I would ever use it to you. yes, we speak a strange dialect called.....


it's a strange and demonic sound. I think it sounds pretty cool, but to you it is the sound of the devil. here, have a go...

let's try something simple, like:


(Icelandic) veist hvar bin er?

veist, with a v like in very, not with. and then the ei together as the ay in maybe

, is said th, and is like oo in too

hvar, hv is actually kv, k you know, and the v is the same as in veist. the r is made by making your tounge vibrate. this is tricky, and icelandic kids don't always get this right until they're 8 or something.

bin. is the same as before, is the same as and in is said like inn

er. e like in everybody, and r like before

do you get it? no? ofcourse you don't. I don't know any foreigner who gets this all right. whe russian are close, and the germans even more so, but none can get that destinct icelandic thing goin' like whe icelanders. no wait. i know a faroese guy who gets it right. but apart from that, no-one!

.....just thinking now, this was a bit off the subject, and i don't think this next bit'll be any more intelligent, so I'll just not put it in here. maybe i will later.

byebye, or as we say in Iceland, bb
(said completely identically)

oh, and P.S. I suck at english, so don't waste time telling me so. I know, alright?

Mood - Cold. even though i don't live in an igloo!
Music - just the voices in my head chanting kill, kill ...
Edited - 2006-11-22 04:07:06

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