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Sosia's Journal
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Sosia's journal
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2007-04-19 05:38:30
As usual the proper write-up's on my blog, but here's the edited highlights -

We had front row seats (again) but were sitting the opposite side to all the other shows. Consequently we were able to see into the wings before the show started and noticed a cheeky little face peeping round the curtains - Tim! The theatre was sold out and it was so good to see the show with a packed audience who were really responsive and joined in with all our clapping and cheering. Tim and Graeme seemed on top form and really seemed to be enjoying the show more than usual. There were some gloriously funny moments, including Tim getting the giggles while he was trying to tell his story about Germaine Greer (and the more he laughed, the more we did, which I think made it worse), Graeme appearing from behind the curtain where Bill's paper supposedly fell out of the screen, the bulb falling off the horn on the radio mic stand and Tim commenting about being upstaged.

After the show it was round to the stage door and as usual we waited for the crowds to go first. While we were waiting we realised that we were standing next to Lisa, so it was great to put a face to a name. While we were chatting we suddenly noticed Tim running past us! I think one of the kids who was asking for autographs had got a bit overawed and so had run away and Tim was running after him!! (Graeme just sauntered over in a very casual way!)

Then it was our turn. Graeme said something about me being a 'lady in red' (I was wearing a red dress) and looked at my dress and went "oh, yes" as I hadn't thought about that! I asked for a photo with him (which I look really strange on, but Graeme looks fab. I must learn not to pull funny faces when I'm having my picture taken) and a hug - going for the works!! 

I then asked Tim to sign my programme. He'd put his pen away, and so I borrowed Clair's, and Tim asked me if I could help him by taking the end off for him. I did, while Tim was making some comment about how he could have said pull the end off (he's so naughty!  ). Then I had a photo where I was still giggling too much, but it's a good picture. I also asked for a hug, which was lovely, although afterwards Tim said something about goose (it was written on the pub behind me)!! 

It's so sad that it was the last show (for me)  :'(

Mood - Happy (but a little bit sad too)
Music - Wild Thing! (grrr)
Edited - Never

2007-04-13 03:04:18
Another Show
Yes, I know. I really should stop going to all these Goodies shows!

What am I saying?? Where would be the fun in that??? 

more write up from the Birmingham show

Mood - Happy
Music - The Fairy Puff song
Edited - Never

2007-04-03 07:17:48
Going Again
And other week - another Goodies show! 

This one was in Southend and was just as good, if not better, than previous times. As I'm getting to know the show better I find I'm almost laughing with anticipation at what's going to happen - but then there's always the unexpected to surprise and delight me too!

(Full story ... blah, blah ... blog ... blah)

So the highlights of the night were Tim nearly dying of fright at puppet Bill, shouting out what clip we'd like to see and Tim responding that we were "Sick" (!), Graeme remembering my name without any prompting (I think I may be going too often??) and hugs from Graeme and Tim, after he'd called me a brazen hussy! 

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-03-30 19:53:54
The Show
Here's a bit of a write up for the show (more adventures are on my blog)

The show was great - even better than I'd remembered from Edinburgh. And there was more of it (I think the show in Edinburgh had to be on time due to other shows in the venue) - extra sketches and a song! I won't say too much about the content of the show, so as not to spoil it for those of you yet to see it.

We had front row seats, but I don't think Tim and Graeme spotted us until Clair shrieked at Tim putting his Union Jack underpants on, amidst the general cheering, and pointed to us (well Clair really). We also cheered at the mention of Julie Andrews (to which Graeme responded "yes, Julie Andrews!" - if you've seen the show it'll make sense [if not, go now!!]) and preempted Tim's explanation of the audience reaction to Lady Constance.

After the show we went round to the stage door (which we'd located earlier in the day) and waited ... and waited. It seemed ages before anyone appeared, so much so that we were beginning to think that they'd gone out another way. Then finally Graeme appeared. He signed autographs and had photos taken with other people (we were generous and let everyone else go first) but spotted us and smile and said hello. Tim came out not long after and signed things too. He commented on us being there, and how he had recognised Clair's laugh! Clair also commented on how cold she thought is was, to which Tim responded that it was tropical for Buxton. Then it was our turn. I'd foolishly forgotten to bring anything to have signed, so I asked Graeme to sign my ticket. He asked who it was to, and I said my name and he replied "of course it is". I think he was just being polite, as there's no reason he should remember me. Then Tim signed my ticket as well, and I asked for a quick photo with the two of them. I don't remember much about this, as they both seemed keen to go, so it was all a bit rushed. Then we all said our goodbyes and said we'd see them again soon! (Little do they know how soon ...)

As we walked past the theatre again we were wondering what happened to the posters for the show which were outside and resolved to find out. So the following morning I went into the box office and asked. A very lovely man came and brought a few of the smaller posters out for us to have. At least now I'll have something to be signed at the next show!!

Mood - very very happy
Music - Wild Thing! (grrr)
Edited - Never

2007-03-16 00:57:27
The Unbelievable Truth
AS I may have mentioned, I was at the recording of The Unbelievable Truth on Monday. Here's a bit about it. I don't want to give too much away as it's worth waiting for the broadcasts.

The premise of the show is the same as the pilot: the panel of four people each have to talk on a given subject, with the talk mostly consisting of lies. They have to include 5 truths which the rest of the panel have to try and spot.

I saw two shows recorded on Monday, with the panel of Jeremy Hardy, Alan Davies, Jo Brand and Clive Anderson, and host David Mitchell. Jeremy was great with his so-fantastical-as-to-be-believable talks and as the only person who'd played before (in last year's pilot), he did quite well. In fact he won the second show, and pulled the most amazing "Wow! I've won!" face when he realised. Where I was sitting, on the front row, it was great fun to watch him, especially when he was looking so cute with his glasses on!  :wub:

The rest of the panel were a mixed bag. Alan Davies' talks both seemed to go on for much longer than the others, and he did a similar kind of thing to what he sometimes does in QI; buzzing in and then listing through lots of things which could be true in the hope of hitting on a real one. Jo Brand was good and very funny and seemed to believe everything anyone said as true, so she buzzed in lots, but lost lots of points. She did have the round in which I spotted lots of the truths. Clive Anderson had the unfortunate position of being last, so I think everyone was a bit tired by the time he got to talk. Again he had some interesting topics in which I spotted a couple of truths. It was difficult, because I was on the front row, not to nod or make any comments when I spotted these, although I'm sure the panel wouldn't have been looking at me!

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-02-22 04:36:24
I Need Help ...
I know what you're thinking - we could have told you that!!

Well, it's not help for me personally. I know there's quite a few Doctor Who fans hang out here, and I wondered if anyone else would like to help get David Tennent voted as "Most Attractive Man" on this site

If you agree, put in a few votes for him   

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-01-31 03:19:28
The countdown begins!!
I've created a countdown to the start of the tour on the tour thread, but I've also done one for me, to when I go to my first show here

It's too long to wait though!  :'(

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-01-25 00:48:25
A Night Out With Hamish and Dougal
As promised, here's my full write up from last Sunday night's recording (well, actually my full write up's here, but I'm a lazy sod and couldn't be bothered to write it again, so I've cut and pasted)

I'll cut straight to the interesting bit after the recording ...

We went out from the theatre and into the bar to wait by the door, expecting the cast to come out that way. Carrie and I found out pens to get our pages of script signed and cameras for photos and tried to calm our nerves (Carrie said something at this point I can't repeat, but makes me laugh to think back on it). Then Kate pointed out that Barry and Graeme were already at the bar! How they'd got there so fast I don't know, but we had to fight through the crowd to make our way over to them. As we went round a pillar Graeme looked our way and smiled as he saw us coming, so I said to Carrie "he's seen you", at which point she stopped. So I said "go on then" and she asked why she had to go first. I said it was because she was nearer! So she went and asked for her autograph and then asked for a photo, which I took. I realised as I was holding the camera up that my hand was actually trembling, such is the effect that a Goodie can have on me! (I was worried afterwards that it might have effected the photo, but fortunately it didn't).

Then it was my turn. I asked Graeme to sign my script page, which he did (with a kiss under his name!). Then I asked if I could have a photo too. I managed not to make the same mistake I had in Edinburgh and fumble and drop my bag and coat, and I thought enough to take my bag off my shoulder and put it in my hand, so that it wouldn't be between me and Graeme. He put his arm around my shoulder and I put mine across his back. It felt so comfortable that I really wasn't bothered when Carrie was struggling to get my camera to take a picture. It seemed that we were standing there for ages, but I wasn't in a hurry to help! (To be honest I'm not sure I could have, as I still wasn't doing very well at speaking). But eventually the picture took and I had to move (damn!).

Then we chatted a little to Graeme (well, I was there, but didn't say much), and he asked if we were going to get Barry to sign our scripts too. We said we were, but that we were waiting for him to come inside (he was standing outside the door, smoking) and we knew he would as his beer was still at the bar. Graeme said something about his [Barry's] wife still being there too. Then Jeremy Hardy, Alison Steadman and a crowd of other people came and talked to Graeme, so we stood to one side and debated whether or not to stay and have a drink. While we were deciding we asked Jeremy and Alison to sign our scripts, and we spent a bit of time chatting to Jeremy, mainly about his problem with liqueurs! He was lovely and seemed happy to chat too. Then Carrie decided not to wait for Barry to come back in and went outside for an autograph. I thought this was a good idea, so I went out too. Coming back inside we carried on debating about stopping for a drink, when we noticed that Graeme was gathering his stuff and looked like he was going. Suddenly we weren't at all bothered about stopping! So we got our stuff and followed him out (claiming that we weren't really following him). We all stopped outside to say goodbye, and as Graeme was adjusting his scarf someone (I can't remember if it was Kate or Carrie) commented how nice it was, to which he replied that we all looked lovely too. Then we all said goodnight and went our separate ways home.

So on the third time of meeting Graeme I still didn't get a hug (although the long photo pose kind of made up for it). But then no one else did either. It wasn't really a huggy night. Maybe next time ... ?

And the picture? Well, see what you think

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-01-04 04:26:39
Time for another joke
It's been ages since I posted a joke, so here's one for you -

Two cannibals are sitting together, eating a clown.

After a short time one frowns, turns to the other, and asks "Does this taste funny to you....?"

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-12-13 00:02:53
You've got to love Google!
I was searching on Google for details of the Tasty Tin box set. I typed in 'Goodies tasty tin' and the answers came up, along with
Did you mean: Goodies tasty tim

It made me laugh so much, I had to share it 

And I didn't mean that - honest! 

Mood - happy
Music - Kiss You Off - Scissor Sisters
Edited - Never

2006-12-04 20:50:35
A Tour!
At last the tour has been announced!!!

(forgive my over-use of smilies, but it might convey the slight sense of excitement this news has brought!)

Now I have to decide which ones to go to. Of course I'd like to go to them all, but I don't think that's possible (or sensible), so I'm looking at four, or maybe five dates. Anyone else up for a big do on the final night?

How I'm going to afford all this I don't know, but I've got three months to save. I did think today I could cut out the puddings at work to save money, but they're just so yummy! Hmmm, the dilemma!

Mood - Very, very happy!!!!!!!!!!!
Music - No - just quiet excitement!
Edited - Never

2006-11-16 22:34:47
First Clue
I've cut and pasted from my blog to save writing two accounts. (If you want to read the full thing go to )

Theshow began as the lights went down and Jon Naismith walked on stage. He did his usual introduction (which I have heard from the Live CDand other not so legitimate recordings) and then told a new joke! Well, I say new, but I think Graeme came up with the best response - was it new, or had he got it from Barry? The teams were introduced and the recording got underway. I won't give too much away about it, as I'm sure you'll want to wait for the broadcast. Highlights for me were Rob Brydon's fantastic singing, Graeme and Barry's second 'Sound Charades' involving a north west delicacy, Rob and Tim doing the WI with a bran tub full of goodies, which had the whole panel in giggles, especially Tim. I'm sure all of this will make much more sense when you hear it (and I'm hoping it all makes the edit).

The whole recording was great fun. Not only did we get far more than can be fitted into the half hour broadcast, but we also got to see the teams and their reactions, which makes the whole thing even more laughter inducing than just listening.

Then I had to bolt down from my seat to the stage door, where I met back up with various GROKers. And we waited for the teams to come out. And we waited, with everyone turning to the door each time it opened. Eventually Barry came out, but we'd got so used to it not being who we wanted to see that he nearly walked past us all. We did manage to stop him and he signed my Uxbridge dictionary. Then Graeme came out. He seemed to be in a hurry to get away, but did sign autographs. If you remember my regrets at not asking for a hug in Edinburgh, you'll think I would have learned. But no, still the words failed me. There was a moment when I was looking at him and he was looking at me, but I couldn't actually manage to construct a sentence, so the moment passed and I missed out on a hug again! Next to appear was Colin Sell, who we managed to stop to sign autographs.

And finally Tim and Rob appeared. I asked Tim to sign my book, pointing out that the pen was ready (see I did learn something in Edinburgh). He hesitated. I hadn't said who it was to and he probably couldn't read what the others had written. I told him and he signed it. Then I said the magic six words - "can I have a hug please?". The beaming smile that came over his face was truly wonderful. He said "you've been reading about them?" and I wanted to reply that I had experienced their wondrousness in Edinburgh and that I was back for more. But I only managed "mmm" whilst nodding and smiling. So we had our hug, which was even better than I remembered. Then as he was pulling away, whilst I was still in his arms he whispered, "they're good, aren't they". Again I only managed to nod. I was rendered completely speechless by the power of a hug. Then lastly I got Rob to sign my book, which he did when he found space, but ended up writing over the edge of Graeme's signature. I said it was ok and not to worry (see, I can chat to him no problem. It's just Tim and Graeme that render me unable to speak!). And so I had to go and catch my train home, clutching my book and my memories and wondering when the next time would be ...

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-11-14 07:36:23
Somebody likes my joke!!

I must find some more (preferably ones I can remember!  )

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-11-06 03:56:45
Another Joke
I thought I'd share another joke with you all ...

Have you heard about the new corduroy pillows?
  - They're making headlines!

I really like this one - it's my new favourite! Especially as I love my corduroy.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2006-10-20 05:29:20
I thought I'd post a bigger picture of my new avatar.

It's a picture from inside my old Crack-a-Joke Book, drawn by a Mr Graeme Garden! I'd forgotten all about the book until I found it when I was sorting out to move in the summer. I've had it for a hundred years and my mum had written my name in it, so I must have taken it to school at some point. It's really great and full of jokes circa 1978, which is probably about as old as all the rest of my jokes! 

I was slightly disappointed that it didn't contain the 'scone' joke (What's the fastest cake in the world? Scone). I was sure it did, but it must have been another book. I was always very confused by this joke when I was little because I pronounce scone the same way Bill does in Bunfight (to rhyme with stone) and so it made no sense. It wasn't until I was 10 or 11 that I learnt that other people pronounce it (wrongly! ) 'skon' and I finally understood the joke!

It can take a while, but I get there in the end.

Mood - happy
Music - ... is a world within itself
Edited - Never

2006-10-13 07:06:58
Some stuff
I really ought to write more here, but I never know what to put ... it always seems pointless just writing for the sake of it.

Ooh! I've just thought of something - it's only a month until Clue!! I'm very excited as it'll be my first time at a recording.

And I can't decide whether to buy one of the new ipod shuffles or not (I shouldn't really, but my old mp3 player has stopped playing the right hand side of tracks, so I get all my tunes in wierd mono)

Mood - should be sleepy, but I'm not
Music - not at the moment
Edited - Never

2006-09-18 00:44:35
A Joke
I thought I'd share a joke I was sent recently, which made me laugh. It also made me think of Tim, as it's about golf, so here it is ...

Three men were playing golf.

The first man, Moses, approached the tee and played his shot. The ball landed in the fairway, but rolled directly toward a water hazard. Quickly Moses raised his club; the water parted and it rolled to the other side, safe and sound. The next man, Jesus strolled up to the tee and hit a long shot directly towards the same water hazard. It landed right in the centre of the pond and kind of hovered over the water. Jesus casually walked out on the pond and chipped the ball onto the green. The third man got up and randomly whacked the ball. It flew through the air, bounced off a truck and hit a nearby tree. From there it bounced onto the roof of a shed near by and rolled down into the gutter, down the drainpipe, out onto the fairway and straight toward the aforementioned pond. On the way to the pond, the ball hit a little stone and bounced out over the water onto a lily pad, where it rested quietly. Suddenly a very large bullfrog jumped up on a lily pad and snatched the ball into his mouth. Just then, an eagle swooped down and grabbed the frog and flew away. As they passed over the green, the frog squealed with fright and dropped the ball, which bounced right into the cup for a hole in one.     

Moses turned to Jesus and said, "I hate playing with your Dad."

Mood - happy
Music - The Man Who Sold The World
Edited - Never

2006-09-11 01:59:54
Some random words
Well after spending many a happy hour reading everyone else's journals I though I ought to start one myself. But what to write about ... ?

If you haven't read Jess's Clue chat-up lines then go and do so - they just had me falling off the chair with laughter. (And Spev's card about hugs was great too )

So ... when I think of something interesting to say, I'll be back to say it. Until then ...

Mood - a Sunday afternoon type thing
Music - none - but Cricklewood is in my head.
Edited - Never

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