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xenomorph's Journal
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xenomorph's journal
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2006-05-30 19:41:05
im back again
Just got back from Melbourne yesturday. The highlights of the trip were going to see Collingwood and the Bulldogs at the MCG, going to luna park, the crown casino, it was also fun going to the zoo and when I saw the gibbons, there was a couple and their kid there and the man started singing the Funky Gibbon, it was cool. But going to the art gallery at Federation Square that was really good. I didn't buy a great deal over there I bought a plush cheetah, two bracelets, a crystal growing kit the Da Vinci Code book, two disposable cameras and too many lollies.
it was a good trip though apart from the accommodation it was a very fun trip.

Mood - meh
Music - The Beatles
Edited - 2006-05-30 19:41:37

2006-05-19 22:03:43
atleast im not upset anymore
The art teacher is leting me use paint brushes again but now she wants me to finish a portrait of Bastet but atleast i'm happy with the painting it's had time put into it unlike those abstract paintings I did. I got my essay finished and handed in but i'll still fail because I dont think its set out like a essay. But apparantly the teacher is not look for the correct literature in it but more our feelings.
For the last day of term the school is having a dress up day, I can't decide who I should go as. The people i'd like to dress up as is Tim in drag, Graeme, the person off 'Little Britain' that says 'computer says no' or one of the 'kransky Sisters'. My friend Sylvia is going as Mr Bean which would be funny. That day could be quite interesting i'll have to bring my camera esspecialy if my P.E. teacher is going as the 'it' off 'Little Britain' that has a bladder problem.

Mood - I dont know
Music - Bee Gees
Edited - Never

2006-05-16 21:12:20
I had art again today it upset me something shocking it really did. I still havn't done that esay yet I might just do it on my own work and hand it in I really couldn't care what mark I get right now. I know that my report will be the same as it is every year so there will be no shocking infomation to be found there. I still can't use a paint brush yet though:(.

Mood - upset inside
Music - sound of silence
Edited - Never

2006-05-11 15:39:57
Melbourne Again
I've been told that I might be able to go on the school trip to Melborne. It's on the 26th I think, but it cost about $500 excluding spending money but the teacher told me that it can payed of later and not straight away which is really good.
Art is really annoying me at the moment. I have to do an essay on an artist work that we like and that inspirers us but the only problem is that I am not inspired by anyone elses work. I like my own work, so the teacher told me to do it on my own work and compare what I think I can do to what I can do its really irritating me.
Speaking of irritating I might be able to watch 'How To Irritate People' I can't wait i'm gonna buy if I see it anywhere. I've been told that its really funny.

Mood - Thinking about the trip.
Music - Piano Man
Edited - Never

2006-05-05 19:00:46
Oh dear what have I done
I spoke to my art teacher today about the fact that i'm not producing any work in class. She has now banned me from useing paint brushes and I have to use other things to create abstract work. I'm not aloud to use the paint brushes until the end of term but at least I'm getting stuff done. Today I did six works and they are really stupid I used at least a litre of paint or more even.
Our school principle has left our school for another school. My friend and I were talking about any other princible we would have and we came up with having Tim, Mr Bean and Emily, Vicky and Ann off 'Little Britain' that would be funny.

Mood - Questioning
Music - teapot
Edited - Never

2006-05-04 21:58:56
I don't know
My good friend Caitlyn has been talk to a group of violent TV people called The Dudesons (they do a whole heap of dangerouse stuff) lately, its been strange, but they like The Goodies so thats good.
Tim Tam was really annoying me the other day he wouldn't shut up. I had to tape his mouth shut. He was constantly singing I could have killed him luckily for him value my left arm.
I have art tomorrow although art is one of my strongest subjects I am not enjoying it or doing anything in it. I need to talk to the teacher about her setting work for me to do because at the moment it's free choice work and it always will be until I say something. Hopefully i'll be able to do set work.

Mood - wierded
Music - probably some thing weird
Edited - Never

2006-05-02 21:20:59
never mind
Never mind that last entry I just figured it out. All thanks to Zaphod. Thank you Zaphod.     
Now i've got to figure out which one to put up. Any sugestions are welcome.

Mood - happy
Music - Cricklewood
Edited - 2006-05-02 21:23:28

2006-05-02 20:08:50
just a question
I was just wondering if any one can give me any information on how the avatars work because i'm no good at the internet stuff. All i'm good at on the computer is doing pictures in paint and making powerpoints and all those other microsoft words stuff etc.... Oh and playing AVP2  my favourite computer game

Mood - Questionable
Music - Sunrise Sunset (The Kransky Sisters)
Edited - Never

2006-05-02 18:09:55
The Goodies CD
I got my Goodies 'Funky Gibbon' CD the other day. Far out the songs on there are brilliant. I particulaly like 'I'm A Teapot' the 'Inbetweenies', 'Sick Man Blues' (which is now the theme song for my friend and I cause we're always doing those 'Little Britain' spews) 'Panic' which best describes me. The're all great, I can't wait for something, i'm not quite sure what that something is but I still can't wait for it. I hope it's raining tomorow I like it when it rains cause I get to stay inside at school. I think that I can't wait for them two miners Todd and Brad I think their names to be out of the ground. It will be great to see them out.

Mood - waiting for something to happen
Music - Panic
Edited - Never

2006-04-29 21:24:33
I'm Back!
My trip to melbourne was good. I walked everywhere unfortunatly, went on a tram a fare few times though. I went to the Queen Victoria Markets and bought lots of stuff. I went to the comedy festival, that was brilliant. I went to see an aboriganal group called Ilbijerry that was pretty good for my first comic performance, but the highlight of the trip was going to see the Kransky Sisters, they were brilliant, so funny. At the end of the show they were doing autographs and I got all three of them to sign my KS towel and CD and a poster I nicked of a wall at town hall . Now all I need to get is get an autograph from Adam Hills, Dave Hughes, Wil Anderson, Sigourny Weaver. Tom Woodruff JR, Tom Cruise and Graeme Garden. I talk to much in my journal.

Mood - wierded
Music - Kansky Sisters
Edited - Never

2006-04-24 20:19:22
I'm going to Melbourne till Saturday so goodbye until sometime after Saturday.

p.s. I got the Goodies Disaster book today.

Mood - bored
Music - Star Wars theme for some reason
Edited - Never

2006-04-21 20:36:10
hurray!! for old stuff
I found a whole heap of old (well not that old) stuff upstairs at dads house. I found a long skirt and a metalic pink bag of some sort from I think mum said they were from the 80s i'm not sure and a fox fur thing that goes over your shoulders for the 1940s 50s or 60s. So hurray!!! for old stuff.
I like old things, the only things that I really like from this day and age are computers, ps1s and xboxs, and dvds. Basically I like technology.
My little sister has to have an operation on her dislocated leg and she only 2, that is sad. But it also means that she will be better.
I just remembered that the Melbourne International Comedy Fest is on, if only I could go.  :'( oh well i've got my UK comedy night to look forward to  :'( I just remembered Little Britain and I miss it  :'( I can look forward to that as well).
When we all went to book plane tickets (by the way I havent got mine yet) Mum asked the lady if she could tell her how many seats were left on the plane the lady then said 'ill just see'. Now at that point insanity almost made me say "computer says no" lol that would have been funny.
I got a letter from the state libarary today telling me to bring the books back, or don't borrow any more so i'll take them back in the morning.
Hehe all my faveourite tv shows were on Wednesday. Spicks and Specks was quite funny, but the funniest show was The Glass House I love that show it's being repeated later on tonight I can't wait.

Mood - cross between excited,happy and sad
Music - spicks and specks
Edited - 2006-04-24 20:15:09

2006-04-18 01:04:06
I won the Goodies book, its that disaster movie book, it cost $25 includeing postage. I'll have to get Dad to take the money out of my bank account and i'll replace it later with interest when I get a job. I honestly cant wait till I get a job, but because im very shy and have basicly no self-esteam im going to want a quiet job. It will be good then cause I will be able to buy anything I want but, only things I need. And my confidence will grow, a bit on like this website, im become more custom to talking in the forums, and i'll also meet new people. Which isn't a bad thing.

Mood - Happy, glad and rather tired.
Music - Its a bit to late for music dont you think.
Edited - Never

2006-04-17 23:59:58
Ive just finished reading on stuff that the goodies have done and all sorts of things like Fawlty Towers, John Cleese, Aunty Jack and I,m Sorry I'll Read That Again. I'll still be up for another hour at least for a book on Ebay that I hope to win even, if it does cost me $25. I posted the money off for my CD I, should get it on friday or next week some time I, cant wait.

Mood - interested in ISIRTA
Music - skyhooks-living in the seventies
Edited - 2006-04-18 00:01:21

2006-04-16 21:32:26
Far Out!!
Mum just told me off for having a pic of Graeme on my msn messenger picture window thingy. She said I should have a pic of tom cruise on there atleast. I SAY NO. whats wrong with Graeme I say. Evil parents. heheheheh. But she wasn't really angry, she was laughing at the same time.

Mood - opinionated
Music - goodies theme song
Edited - Never

2006-04-16 21:13:49
YIPPY I WON THE FUNKY GIBBON CD. Thats the good thing the bad thing is that the rest of my family is singing on the kareoky machine thing. It sounds terrible. I dont know if they are deliberatly trying to sound bad, or if they are bad. Anyway now I have to win that book I want and them I will be completely mad. hehhehehe.

Mood - over the moon
Edited - Never

2006-04-16 20:03:04
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Im bidding on a Goodies Funky Gibbon CD from Ebay and its driving me insane worrying about it. Im gonna explode in a minute. Im also bidding on a Goodies Disaster Movie book or I soon will be.
Its easter today, i've only had the equivelant of two medium sized eggs and I feel sick already.
I've drawn a really cute picture today. Its really cute but unfortunatly its not my own creation. And no one can see it. HAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHA.

Mood - Insane
Music - Funky Gibbon
Edited - Never

2006-04-15 23:46:05
hot cross buns
I made hot cross buns today and I made a right mess of it. And they look terrible but they don't taste to bad which is good but it's a shame how the bottom of the got a little burnt. Oh well, now its easter 12.10 I probably should go to bed. Im waiting for someone to say something in the forums so I can see what that person has to say about something. Im so bored my friend just went and i've got no one to talk to. I was playing a word association game with her earlier but shes gone now. Im going to shut up and check out the forums now.

Mood - bored and a bit tired really
Music - none
Edited - Never

2006-04-14 16:06:28
brothers are mad
God my brother is an idiot he trying to run around in a sleeping bag how random is that. Anyway, I found my ps1 today and I discovered that I might need to invest in a cordless controller and a new memory card. I have also nicked off with a friends ps1 sreen that is designed to fit in the back of it so im going to have to by it off him shortly cause he wants it back. hes not going to get  hehehehehe! far out, now my brother is trying to use his yoyo whilst in a spleeping bag. He's waddleing around in a spleeping bag im waiting for him to fall over and hurt himself.Ahhahaahahhahhahah

Mood - random
Music - ant music
Edited - 2006-04-14 16:08:12

2006-04-08 21:36:53
bad weather
the weather in tassy is terrible. Its almost like a cyclone is about to hit. Its been raining on and off the last few days and its as windy as anything. Anyway this is my first journal entry ever  but certenly not the last i hope. Well everthings gone well so far ive spoken about the weather and the obvious what now. oh yes i know my little sister, she knows exactly who the goodies are and shes only what 1 or 2. (Far out im a terrible sister i dont even know how old she is.) Anyway one time she got into my dvd cabnet and took out my goodies dvds, turned the tele on and all that time saying goody goody goody over and over again. It was the funniest thing. And now every time she goes into my room she chants goody goody goody all the time till i put them on for her. Its insane i cant wait till she learns how too say each of the goodies names. she can almost Tim and Bill but i dont think she will be able to say Graeme for a little while though. Its fun having a little sister  shes like a sponge.

Mood - laughy
Music - the wiggles
Edited - 2006-04-09 20:21:57

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