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Junius's Journal
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Junius's journal
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2005-11-05 13:11:17
Well, yesterday Lance and I went and saw the Goodies - both at the instore signing and the Still Alive stage show. It was one of the BEST times I have ever had!

Had great fun waiting for Tim and Graeme to arrive at the ABC shop in the GPO - met up with fan club members AC, jazzk and mazzanda. Also met an Asian girl who was so overwhelmed at meeting the Goodies she was violently trembling and couldn't speak at all.

But I saw them! I met them! I touched them! THEY KNOW MY NAME!!! Admittedly, they've most likely totally forgotten who I am now, but the memory shall stay with me forever!

Lance took lots of fantastic photos for me, some of them he has already posted in the forums. I might post the others later on, but they have myself and other people in them who I'm not sure would appreciate their photo being splashed about the place.

Twas great fun to meet up with other club members and put names and faces to call signs and pictures. Found it funny the way AC identified everybody by their avatars. To all other fan club members who showed up for the signing - why did you not make yourselves known? Surely the giggling group of Goodies groupies (oh the alliteration) could have been none other than your fan club kin?

Tim and Graeme were incredibly nice and appreciative of their fans. Ac, jazzk and myself were incredibly jealous of mazzanda's backstage pass *grr...*

And the show! The show was great fun and an incredible pleasure to watch. But it deserves a post of its own, so I'll end here and continue my GOODIES rant next time.

Smeg on!


Mood - Exultant
Music - Nothing, for once...
Edited - Never

2005-11-02 13:16:47
Can I please have a mighty HUZZAH!!!

Have finished my final exam and that means that I have finally, at long last, completed my UNI DEGREE!!!!

Am feeling rather exhilirated at this turn of events, in case I haven't made it plain enough. Three years of studying and deadlines and assignments and word limits... aargh! But now it's over and all I have to worry about is gainful employment!

Of course, this all hinges on the premise that I have passed all my units, but I've never failed a class before and I don't intend to start now.

I think I have earned a slap-up celebration of some sort. Shall have to start txting mates and organising things... perhaps a trip to the beach? Hmm...

katsup, if you're reading this, good luck with whatever exams you have left! When we're both in the clear, we shall have to party like it's 1999!

In other news, I am now taking my new boyfriend (ooh!) to the Goodies instead of my Dad. Was looking forward to going with my Dad, as he's awesome and we really get along (and he's still not a pimp, daftbird!) but my Dad decided that it would be better if I took my "young fellow" with me, now that I have one (and was lucky enough to find one who loves the Goodies!). Isn't my Dad lovely? Can I get another huzzah for him?

My excitement is definitely mounting as Friday draws nearer. Checking the posts on the main page of this site, I notice with severely debilitating excitement that the Goodies (or two thirds thereof) are doing DVD signings somewhere earlier in the day. Am definitely going to try and make that!

Shall see you all at Hamer Hall! (ooh, that rhymes!) Smeg on!

Mood - Very pleased with myself
Music - Buckethead - Colonel Claypool
Edited - Never

2005-10-25 19:14:18
Thought it high time I whipped myself into shape and posted another journal entry. However, this entry will focus entirely on the very good excuse I have for not having been around for a while...

... I'm in love!

I am both deliriously happy and disgusted at myself for becoming such a walking cliche. It's terrible, I'm noticeably happier, always thinking of him and spending all my free time with him. If it weren't for the deliriously happy part of the bargain, I'd book myself into a looney-bin.

Have not been in love before, but am quite sure this must be something pretty darn close. Joy, joy, joy!

And now I think I'll wander off before my syrupy-sweet wailings inspire nausea in you all.

Smeg on!

Mood - Must you ask? *sigh*...
Music - Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
Edited - Never

2005-10-03 16:00:25
Hellfire and damnation!
I'm in a downright irritable mood today. It's my first day back at uni and I have made the unfortunate discovery that someone has presumably hacked my hotmail account. Blasted computer keeps telling me I have the wrong password and whoever the nasty culprit is has changed my security questions and things so that I can't even prove my identity and access my emails through the "back door".


If anyone out there could help me or offer advice in any form, I would be enormously grateful. Have opened up a new email account but all my addresses and things are lost if I can't access my original account at least once more.

This reminds me of the time someone sent me a computer virus by email because I dared to offer what I thought was constructive criticism of a story they had published online... I was not pleased!

Anyone else had terrible technological experiences? Or do the computer demons choose to torture me specifically?

Mood - Not happy, Jan.
Music - Soft buzzing of the uni computer labs.
Edited - Never

2005-09-28 03:35:32
Adventures at Mt. Baw Baw
Greetings again to all. I notice, with a smug sense of accomplishment, I have acquired two new badges. Woot! If only my uni degree was so easy to achieve...

Back on topic, my family and I recently took a trip to the snowy peaks of Mt. Baw Baw. This event took quite a bit of organising, let me tell you: with eight people in the family all with various work, sport, social and hobby commitments, it takes some doing to find a day everyone has free.

But find a day we did and so my parents, my five siblings, my grandad and a couple of strays in the form of friends bundled ourselves and our various supplies into mine and my parents car and headed off to Mt. Baw Baw.

Incidentally, if you don't like reading long journal entries, don't bother with this one. It's LONG, even by my wordy standards!

The drive there was something else; the first time I'd ever driven to Baw Baw on my own. Much steeper and twistier than I remembered. In addition to that I had my grandad in the passenger seat. He tells great stories but is prone to be long-winded and wander off on irrelevant tangents which means you have to concentrate fairly hard to keep track of what he's telling you. Couple that with the difficult road and by the time I got to the top of the mountain, I was exhausted!

But the snow lifted my spirits and we all leapt excitedly from the car with our toboggans and skis and thermoses. I was relegated to camera duty, which I actually enjoyed. Got some excellent footage:

- my Dad's first attempt at skiing (stiff back, stiff legs, stiff arms, stiff upper lip)
- my brother showing off his enviable natural skill
- my Mum hiding her face (darn her)
- my Grandpa not quite understanding the concept of the ski lift and nearly rocketing down the hill backwards on his skis
- my three youngest siblings sledding and falling over at every opportunity
- myself stuck waistdeep in snow drifts as I clamber up the bloody mountain to get footage from the top
- and some random girl wearing the most lurid hot pink outfit I simply had to have evidence of it

All in all, it was a great day. My family used to do activities together all the time but since everyone is growing up and getting busy, it's happened much less frequently. 'Twas a truly enjoyable experience to muck about with my brothers and sisters like we were kids again.

Would further wax lyrical on the joys of family bonding and the like, but my dear old Mum reckons my incessant clacking on the keyboard is keeping her up. She politely requests that I shut the heck up and go to bed like a normal person would at this time.

Tch. Someone's not getting enough sleep! Oh, wait... 

Smeg on, all!

Mood - Sentimental
Music - The steady rhythm of the keyboard...
Edited - Never

2005-09-25 18:52:57
Ticket Saga - Resolved!
Yes, dear friends, I have bought my Goodies ticket! On the morning the tickets went on sale to the public, my dear old Dad (who, incidentally, is still not a pimp) took me aside and offered to purchase the ticket via some other means of payment on the condition I bought him a ticket also... I quickly agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.

So now my Pa and I have a Nov. 4 date with those maestros of mischief... the Goodies! Huzzah!

In more interesting news (to me at least) I see I have somehow managed to earn myself an opinionated badge. Cue the round of applause. Or boos and hisses. Whichever you feel more inclined to!

At first, I was unsure how to take this revelation. I toyed with the idea that perhaps I had been shoving my opinions down the throats of others and should perhaps maybe tone it down a little.

But a little research showed me I was joining some hallowed ranks and so I now embrace my badge. Hail the little man with his nose in the air! Kudos to those of us unafraid to speak our minds!

Hey, we're all entitled to our fantasies. All I ask of you is to smeg on!

Mood - Buoyant
Music - 'Devil Went Down to Georgia'- Charlie Daniels Band
Edited - Never

2005-09-22 20:53:25
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

Yesterday I rang up to book my tickets for the Goodies tour (using my parents' credit card... yes, I'm pathetic) only to HAVE IT REJECTED!!!

Note my repeated use of triple exclamation marks and random capitals. This is DIRE!!!

Well, not really. I shall simply have to pay the tickets' value off the card as soon as possible so that I can purchase the tickets. I just can't resist a good bout of hyperbole.

What I am annoyed about is that now I won't get the REALLY GOOD SEATS that for several exhilirating minutes I thought were mine... sniff... woe is me...

Must get that money soon. Would have it already but I blew a fair bit buying bookshelves to house my ridiculously large collection of books. If only I had waited...!

They're right, you know, hindsight is twenty-twenty.

Smeg on and stay cool (unlike I). Oh, and keep your credit cards up to date

Mood - Unnecessarily dramatic
Music - 'I Don't Like Mondays' - Boomtown Rats
Edited - Never

2005-09-17 23:09:33
Let's talk about...

No, please don't be alarmed, I'm not a dirty pervert (not at the moment anyway, ha ha). But I do want to discuss that topic.

I went to a comedy night at pub in a nearby town last night. The finals for FHM's Search For the Funniest Man, or some such thing. Quite a good night, actually, my friend won free tickets through a radio competition and a free drinks card as well... we certainly put that to good use 

But, getting back to my point, I noticed that all the comedians, with the exception of one, based their comedy routine around a single topic. Yes, you guessed it: sex. There were sex jokes galore and, I must admit, they were for the most part pretty darn funny.

Then halfway through the night I began to wonder: why do we laugh so much at these jokes? Is it because they're "naughty"? Because their subject is considered taboo in "normal" conversation? Because they deal with what is probably one of the most private and revealing aspects of our nature? Or something else again?

Whatever the reason, I also wonder at why 8 of the 9 comedians that night chose sex for their routine. Jokes don't have to be based on sex to be funny. I can't remember a great deal of Goodies material dealing explicitly with sex (aside from all that cross-dressing...  ) yet I always found it hilarious. And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Humour is a strange and complex subject, I eventually concluded. No one can determine what will and won't be funny. It depends highly on variables we cannot always accurately predict. The comedians I saw that night probably chose to joke about sex because it is one of the few subjects people find consistently funny, (particularly if those people are gathered drunkenly in a pub).

Such is the case with the Goodies. I know of only one person that likes the Goodies (excluding my family, for whom the Goodies is a way of life). The few friends who have agreed to sit through it for my sake (or to shut me up) don't like it or understand it. "What's so funny about a giant cat?" they say. "Two men in a horse costume is stupid, not funny," they say.

Well, pshaw to them, I say. It may not have much sex, but it's a damn good laugh.

Not quite sure where I was going with any of that. Smeg on, nonetheless!

Mood - Pondering
Music - 'Lover's Cross' - Jim Croce
Edited - Never

2005-09-16 14:53:12
My First Entry - The Sequel!
Have taken time now to more fully acquaint myself with the layout of the website and everything on it and my excitement continues to increase (though not the palpitations, thank goodness). So much Goodie, er, goodness in the one place! But, at the same token, so much time wasted...


I am already making preparations for the trip to Hamer Hall on November 4. Being the country gal I am, I've only been to the 'Big Smoke' a few times in my life and usually for some sort of study-related endeavour such as weekend school.

Oh, the horror of weekend school... being the ONLY student who bothered to show up for Indonesian class and being forced to speak nothing but Indonesian to an Indonesian native for seven hours straight... the memories are horrifying...

Again, I digress.

Yes, preparations for the Big Event. The Still Alive tour. Oh yes. Oh yes. Can you tell I'm looking forward to it? How are everybody elses plans moving along?

Look forward to receiving more comments. On that note, cheers to daftbird for taking the time to question my choice of words  smeg on!

Mood - Quite happy, actually
Music - 'She's a Mystery to Me' - Roy Orbison
Edited - Never

2005-09-14 22:26:52
My first entry... joy?
Greetings to anyone who might be reading this. My name is Junius and I'm new. Yes, that's nice and to the point...

I'm finding this very difficult to write as my nosy sister is reading over my shoulder and criticising everything I type. "Why don't you tell them you're a dork?" and "Tell them you're Dad is a pimp" are some of her helpful suggestions of what to write.

Incidentally, my Dad is not a pimp.

Have had a brief look over the site and am most excited at what I see. Goodies stuff galore! Oh, it fair maketh my heart palpitate... bother... infernal palpitations...

"Shiver me timbers!" - words of my sister. Yes, she's still reading over my shoulder.

In case anybody is even slightly interested, I have decided to make my journal public because I like writing and I like the Goodies and am hoping to meet plenty of like-minded folk. So... hi!

"Junius can walk the walk... but can she talk the dork?" - again, words of my sister. Again, she is still reading over my shoulder.

Well, that'll do for my first journal entry. I'll come back again later. After I've roughed up my nosy sister a bit.

Smeg on!

Mood - Increasing enthusiasm
Music - Humming in my head
Edited - Never

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