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Junius's Journal
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2005-09-25 18:52:57
Ticket Saga - Resolved!
Yes, dear friends, I have bought my Goodies ticket! On the morning the tickets went on sale to the public, my dear old Dad (who, incidentally, is still not a pimp) took me aside and offered to purchase the ticket via some other means of payment on the condition I bought him a ticket also... I quickly agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.

So now my Pa and I have a Nov. 4 date with those maestros of mischief... the Goodies! Huzzah!

In more interesting news (to me at least) I see I have somehow managed to earn myself an opinionated badge. Cue the round of applause. Or boos and hisses. Whichever you feel more inclined to!

At first, I was unsure how to take this revelation. I toyed with the idea that perhaps I had been shoving my opinions down the throats of others and should perhaps maybe tone it down a little.

But a little research showed me I was joining some hallowed ranks and so I now embrace my badge. Hail the little man with his nose in the air! Kudos to those of us unafraid to speak our minds!

Hey, we're all entitled to our fantasies. All I ask of you is to smeg on!

Mood - Buoyant
Music - 'Devil Went Down to Georgia'- Charlie Daniels Band
Edited - Never

Junius, I too am in the ranks of those with an "Opinionated" Badge...and it didn't take me very long to get it! Congratulations!
I like your avatar, too. I do enjoy Escher pictures.
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 25/09/2005 23:14 GMT
Can you fake being opinionated to get an opinionated badge-i am veruca salt(is that the name??) and i want one and i want it NOW!haha well that was my bit of fun for the day.Junius,awfully glad that your old man's still not a pimp and that he's not out there pimping around and all.Janice,you're just way too nice to be opinionated  .The only risque(spelling?)thing i've ever said is that i can't handle P.H. from rove live and who gives a stuff about that??haha.Congrats on the ticket-your dad sounds like a good stick!
Posted by:daftbird


date: 26/09/2005 18:58 GMT
well what a goose-i just went and looked and i did have that badge but had never taken notice of it before-haha-so i take back what i said  .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 26/09/2005 19:06 GMT
Daftbird, sometimes you are a "daft bird"! (There, I've been opinionated!! Hehe) According to the "Badges" info: "This badge is held by users who feel the need to comment a lot. It cannot be removed!"

See: It's not what you've said, but how often you've said it! (Now I can go back to being "nice"!)
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 26/09/2005 21:10 GMT
Cheers to Janice and daftbird, esteemed peers of the opinionated variety!

daftbird, I'm afraid I must agree with Janice, you must have been "daft" not to notice a nice shiny new badge in your account! Yes, my old man is a good stick, and he manages it without the image-enhancing powers of pimping

And Janice, I'm afraid I must agree with daftbird: you're far too nice to be opinionated! Glad you like my avatar. I like Escher as well and 'Hands Drawing Hands' is one of my faves. Had to do a bit of dodgy editing, though, to get the darn thing to fit!
Posted by:Junius


date: 28/09/2005 02:41 GMT
yes i was daft-went and actually read what the badges were for.haha very funny.I take it back janice-you aren't nice after all and in fact you are naughty! .Hey junius how did you edit your picture because i'm having trouble trying to do that very thing.I want to use a rather psycho picture but it's too big and i don't know how to make it ...not big!
Posted by:daftbird


date: 28/09/2005 23:25 GMT
If you have a fairly recent "Windows", go to Start, "My Pictures", open the file you want and double click on the pic, select "Edit pictures" from the toolbar at the top. Select "Crop" first, if you want to make the pic square and crop it into a square. Then in "Edit" select "Resize". In "Custom Width and Height" type in 100 x 100. That should get it right for you. The avatar can't be bigger than 100 pixels in either direction.
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 29/09/2005 00:15 GMT
Thankyou for that janice-i fear that it may not be up to date enough-when i go to edit there seems to be no way to do it-it's windows 98-please tell if you know if i can still do the thing.Well janice-you've proved again that yes indeedy-you are nice!    - and there's no disputing it!
Posted by:daftbird


date: 30/09/2005 09:08 GMT
I have Windows 98, daftbird, I'll tell you how I did it - mind you, though, I'm computer illiterate and there's probably a much easier and quicker way!

I just opened my picture in Paint, highlighted it and changed the shape to 100x100 ( it tells you the pixellation thingy in the bottom right of the screen). When that was done I moved it right up into the top left corner and adjusted the actual Paint space to 100x100 as well. Then I saved the whole ding-dang-doodle as a jpg file.

Hope some of that at least resembles something that makes sense. If you still can't figure it out you could send it to me and I'll fix it for you. Or maybe Janice, if you call her nice again, as she seems far more competent than I!
Posted by:Junius


date: 30/09/2005 14:42 GMT
Thank you daftbird! I was worried when I lost my "nice" status! There needs to be a "Nice" badge, and you, me, Junius and D-Day could ALL have it! (As well as Edna and Zaphod and others...)

Yes, daftbird, if you can't get that avatar working, send me a private message and I would be happy to give you my email address and make your avatar for you!
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 30/09/2005 17:55 GMT
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