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Junius's Journal
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2005-09-17 23:09:33
Let's talk about...

No, please don't be alarmed, I'm not a dirty pervert (not at the moment anyway, ha ha). But I do want to discuss that topic.

I went to a comedy night at pub in a nearby town last night. The finals for FHM's Search For the Funniest Man, or some such thing. Quite a good night, actually, my friend won free tickets through a radio competition and a free drinks card as well... we certainly put that to good use 

But, getting back to my point, I noticed that all the comedians, with the exception of one, based their comedy routine around a single topic. Yes, you guessed it: sex. There were sex jokes galore and, I must admit, they were for the most part pretty darn funny.

Then halfway through the night I began to wonder: why do we laugh so much at these jokes? Is it because they're "naughty"? Because their subject is considered taboo in "normal" conversation? Because they deal with what is probably one of the most private and revealing aspects of our nature? Or something else again?

Whatever the reason, I also wonder at why 8 of the 9 comedians that night chose sex for their routine. Jokes don't have to be based on sex to be funny. I can't remember a great deal of Goodies material dealing explicitly with sex (aside from all that cross-dressing...  ) yet I always found it hilarious. And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Humour is a strange and complex subject, I eventually concluded. No one can determine what will and won't be funny. It depends highly on variables we cannot always accurately predict. The comedians I saw that night probably chose to joke about sex because it is one of the few subjects people find consistently funny, (particularly if those people are gathered drunkenly in a pub).

Such is the case with the Goodies. I know of only one person that likes the Goodies (excluding my family, for whom the Goodies is a way of life). The few friends who have agreed to sit through it for my sake (or to shut me up) don't like it or understand it. "What's so funny about a giant cat?" they say. "Two men in a horse costume is stupid, not funny," they say.

Well, pshaw to them, I say. It may not have much sex, but it's a damn good laugh.

Not quite sure where I was going with any of that. Smeg on, nonetheless!

Mood - Pondering
Music - 'Lover's Cross' - Jim Croce
Edited - Never

Junius you are discovering that comedy is an aquired taste, and differs from person to person. Basically those commedians were shooting at the lowest common denominator target in order to ensure that they got at least some laughs. It is a bit like getting and keeping a pot boiling on the stove, it is easier to keep it bubbling along than to let it go off the boil and have to get it to reboil. Its kind of a critical mass/momentum thing.

As for the Goodies, well that to is an aquired taste and depends a lot on your age group and level of exposure.
For example a lot of 30+ members remember the Goodies from their time on ABC TV, whereas younger members will have aquired their exposure through video and now DVD viewings, possibly via family and friends.

Dont stress it and dont force it and you may find some of your friends begin to follow suite with your taste in our Fab 3.
Posted by:D-Day


date: 18/09/2005 08:47 GMT
Goodies appeal on a couple of levels, I think. Children enjoy them because there is a certain amount of simple slapstick and the surreal aspect as well. But there is a more sophisticated side to their humour, which kids miss. It's a bit like the Monty Python thing. It seems to appeal to people with a bit of a thinking mind. Same with some old Warner Brothers cartoons. I loved them as a kid, but I think I may've missed things that I picked  up on as I got older.
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 20/09/2005 23:19 GMT
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