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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
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2006-03-26 06:10:00
It's official. I'm Graeme.

Bizarre.  I was sure I'd be Bill.  I'm obviously not outrageous enough.

Speaking of William Edgar, there was a programme on last night about school reports and he was on it.  Apparently he got into trouble for not handing a note over to his teacher that he'd been writing in class (a VERY personal one to his then girlfriend, apparently!  Lordy.  If it was anything like Sunny Morning or She Wouldn't Understand I dread to think...!) and the teacher said that what Bill thought was humour was actually more insolence in his report!!!

Ha, if only he'd known!!!!!!

Everton lost today.  I'm very depressed.  Normally if they lose it's a blow but it's okay.  Today we lost to THE SCUM.  Yes.  THE SCUM.

For all non-scouse readers, I mean Liverpool.  It was derby day today.  And Phil Neville HAD to go and score an own goal cos we were playing so well Liverpool had NO chance till he opened the scoring for them - then they couldn't bloody well stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmph.  Am now drinking rum to calm myself.

I hate ebay too.  I bought Land of Hope and Glory, expecting it to be one of those I could make dramatic speeches to - but it was by some dodgy 70s band called Enid and THEY SANG THE WORDS!!!!!!


So I may bid on another copy.  Have asked already if it's an instrumental version.

At least my copy of A Walk in the Black Forest is the exact one I wanted!!!!

Have also bidded on the Goodies' Beastly Record.

If I win it I'll have four albums on vinyl.  Would love to know if that's getting close to a full collection.  I've got World of the Goodies, The New Goodies LP and this other Goodies album I dunno the name of but it's got Cactus in my Y-Fronts on it. 

Beastly Record has got Taking my Oyster for Walkies on it.  Disgusting.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Wonder if there's any way of getting Needed on any sort of media other than the episodes.

Am really REALLY down today.  I hadn't got rid of all my stuff that reminded me of my ex, I'd just put it in the garage cos at the time I still stupidly was hanging onto the hope I'd get a phonecall telling me to get on the next train to London.  Anyway, went into the garage today and found a photo of him.  Brought too many memories back.  I can't even begin to describe how much I loved him.  I'd never loved anyone before, and I dunno how I knew I loved him - but I knew I was willing to up sticks, be disowned by my family and move down to London to start a new life with him.

They would never have approved.  He's nineteen years older than me, divorced twice and two kids to two different mums.  Good god, if I'd been one of my friends I would've dragged me off him and beat some sense into me with a wet kipper!!!!!!!!!!

I should've known it'd never have worked.  Couldn't help it though, it just felt so right being with him, I fit so perfectly into his arms for a cuddle it was quite worrying.  And he didn't mind me being hysterical AND he drummed on me.  HE DID THE SUBSTITUTE MIME DRUMMING!!! 

That was probably what did it.

Haha, get me getting all soppy.  I don't miss him now.  I did, for a long time.  It hurt to go to bed and look across at an empty pillow next to me.  It took about eighteen months to get over him, and I am now - it's just today was a bit of a shock to the system, that's all.

Still, there's nothing that's wrong with a person that cannot be cured or at least helped by a bottle of rum, a box of expensive chocolates and watching The Goodies. 

Just to let those who don't know - Edna and jodiedvw are also members of my cabinet.  Edna is minister of Pervy Limericks and Goodies Episode Guru, and jodiedvw is Treasurer and minister of Photography.

I'm getting quite a good parliament together - my time will come...!!

Mood - Numb, actually.
Music - The Funky Gibbon
Edited - Never

Journals, they're a form of catharsis, like throwing away stuff that reminds you of a ex.
Rum, chocolate and Goodies?
I think it's lager, doritos and Goodies for me!
Posted by:peteb


date: 26/03/2006 23:27 GMT
I can send you neede as an MP3. For this and other things, email me at Sure i can cheer you up!
Posted by:Edna


date: 27/03/2006 04:30 GMT
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