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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
Back to Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
2006-03-22 22:18:22
This is it - BADGE NUMBER TWO!!!

I will get my World Domination badge if it kills me... which it may well do.

These eejits and their journal war do crack me up.  They're obviously boys cos girls couldn't be arsed bothering over something so stupid!!

Listened again to The Goodies on the way to work this morning.  It's great, really cheers me up.  Shimmied away to Baby Samba, howled like Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf to That Good Ole Country Music and "aww"'d like an idiot at Winter Sportsman.

WHY AM I SO MATERNAL OVER TIM???!!  It's starting to worry me.  Nobody should get so maternal over a bloke old enough to be her grandad.

But he's so sweet, bless him.  I've never wanted to feed someone chocolate cake and tea so much since I became a Small Faces fan and first clapped eyes on Kenney Jones!!!

Even when he's being rude he sounds cute!!!  It's ridiculous. 

So anyway, I'm going to take over the world.  It's true.

I'm looking for just the right sort of people to live in my world.


Who agree with the concept of Very Tight Trousers.

And who can make an innuendo out of anything.

And who agree that drummers will one day rule the world along with me!!

And Evertonians are most welcome.  Newcastle and Derby County fans are also welcome.

People who, like me, believe that speeches are made much more poignant, forceful and weighty by simply playing Land of Hope and Glory in the background.

If you're one such person - join my world domination plans!  Erm.

Not World Domination.  I mean.  My Pirate Radio Station Plans.


Mood - Megalomaniacal!
Music - Winter Sportsman playing in my head!!
Edited - Never

OK, I reckon I'd fit into your world very well.

Perve - Check
Agree we need more tight trousers - Check
I am the innuendo Queen - check
Drummers are cool (Micky Dolenz, Roger Taylor & Dominic Howard being my fave's) - Check
I like Derby County (it being Timbo's team) but I hope you can include Darlington fans into your world as that's what I am!!
Speeches are definitely improved by LOH&G playing in the background - in fact I think Gordon Brown should have said his Budget speech to it today!! - Check

Please let me join in your world dom... er, I mean pirate radio station plans..... I know where I can get hold of a copy of A Walk in the Black Forest!!
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 23/03/2006 01:59 GMT
I'd like to join too.
I think, from the Graeme thread, it's blatantly obvious how much of a perve I am, how much I love tight trousers and that I rule at innuendoes.  I also agree that drummers are the best sort of people (used to be one, currently dating one...need I say anymore?)  I'm more than happy to become a Derby County fan (look how dedicated I am!) although, being a good Scottish lass, I do actually support my semi-local team: Stranraer FC.  (Oh yes.)  And I agree with nezangel that Gordon Brown's budget speech thingie would have been a lot more appealing to many more people with LOHAG playing in the background.  Yeah.

World Dom....Pirate Radio stations are my speciality.  I'd be well handy, honest!
Posted by:urban_spacegirl


date: 23/03/2006 02:50 GMT
noo! dont listen! join the young and hip side! not the old farts side!
Posted by:joe_the_kitten_kong


date: 23/03/2006 08:23 GMT
Prehaps we could combine our efforts - you see  I have my own world domin.....errr pirate radio station plans on the drawing board as well It would seem that we have a lot in common.... however the drummer thing is ok but what you really need is a guy that plays a hot triangle   I do believe that I know where we can get one   
Goodies Fans unite and rule the World..... or at least we should.
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 23/03/2006 11:43 GMT
Hey where can i sign up sounds graet (oops sorry that's how i spell great now because it includes saying graeme grae+great = graet) it sounds heaps better than living in the world we are living in at the moment i mean lets face it why can't we make LOHAG a international anthem!? (or a walk in the black forest i can agree with that because it's on my iPod)
Posted by:theshufflemaster


date: 23/03/2006 21:43 GMT
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