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daftbird's Journal
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2006-03-19 10:17:20
you got to carry that weight a long time
Bondy,unbeknownst to you,you have inspired this rant.You mentioned in your comment in pete's journal about childhood obesity.The whole subject gets me riled up.All we keep hearing is how the government is expected to solve the problem-well unless they're going to become the food police that's pretty much out of the question.I take the hard line with this-if you let your child become obese-it is child abuse because let's be realistic-a kid will eat what they're given or what's in the house.Don't think too many 5 year olds do the weekly grocery shopping. A simple equation comes into play-you feed them crap they'll look like crap.And yes,kids can buy stuff at the canteen-but not if a parent doesn't give them the money-and i'm sure they won't have many friends if they're trying to scab food or money from them constantly.You've only got to look in the supermarket and you see the fat kid with the fat parent-and it's very sad.Everyone knows what healthy eating entails-they simply don't want to do it,or think that it applies to them.The whole thing is a disgrace.People are just feeding their kids little packets of s**t and it gets me so cranky and if i hear one more time about how the government should fix it i'll just scream.Where does personal responsibility come into it?I guess the unfortunate thing  of it is that the health system has to pick up the tab for stupid irresponsible dopey behaviour.

Mood - too ranty for so-called relaxed sunday ;)
Music - hit the ground running-tim finn
Edited - Never

It's just parents who have done wrong themselves placing the blame on somebody else, because nobody likes to be blamed. I'm right there with you on not blaming the government. Okay, so there should be at least a little teaching at primary schools / kindergarten about healthy eating (so kids at least know about it), but overall it's not up to the gov't, it's up to the parents. If these people took a step back and had a look at what the food they are feeding their kids is actually doing to them (killing them!) I'm sure they would do an about face. Unfortunately, most live in denial. As a good little child, today I made myself a salad for lunch, with cherry tomatoes out of the garden *drool*. Cherry tomatoes for all!!!!
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 19/03/2006 16:54 GMT
I'm please to see I could be of service Dafty.  There are a lot of factors involved (education of the clients being a major one) but your point is indeed a valid one hence my assignment is aimed at the education of parents (who are most certainly role models) in conjuction with the education system.  Lets see if I can change the world.
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 19/03/2006 20:32 GMT
o.k.-here's a thing-what they should be doing  if a kid is fat-call the parent and get them to pull their head out of the sand and come see the school counsellor and have it drummed into their head about healthy eating and work out a plan.haha.oh it's fun to be wicked . P.S.there is a 5 year old child in our town who's as fat as a fool,red-faced and all- just as you'd see on an old fat woman-it's shocking-and it makes you want to scoop her up and take her home and not give her a good feed ,but NOT give her a good feed.If that makes sense.PPS cherry tomatoes are cool  .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 19/03/2006 22:19 GMT
Mazzanda - As a trainee teacher (in England) we DO try to teach children the value of healthy eating and the negative effects of obesity. The problem is that paretns give children what they want in a throw away society. It's too easy to give them McD's rather than somethign healthy because it's what the child wants.
As a kid if I didn't eat what was put in front of me I basically didn't eat!!
Some parents need to blame someone other than themselves.
Posted by:peteb


date: 20/03/2006 04:22 GMT
It was the same with us-if you didn't eat it-tough-there's nothing else! There was no avoiding eating the meal.BUT my little sister did have a trick-we found out years later-of upending a piece of squash-i.e.the skin-and hiding unwanted elements from the plate under it when no-one was looking.tch tch .i know there is some kind of effort to educate the kids here-but the trouble is that they don't cook the dinner.It should simply be THE LAW that everyone has to watch "supersize me" .

Another thing too-busy working mothers getting home late and not being able to put a proper meal together.As old-fashioned as it sounds,it's a pity that things are the way they are-the way it used to be with mother at home most of the time possibly meant that everyone ate a little better.or maybe i'm talking crap ? .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 20/03/2006 09:43 GMT
We were also bought up this way additionally very few of us had vidoes, playstations, computers ect but were kicked out of the house and didnot return until the street lights came on (hence we ate better and excerised more).  These days you just can't let your kids do things like that and some people can't afford organised sports.  However this is not what I wanted to say - My point is, that I believe that (and I may get shouted down for saying this) but obesity should be treated like any other addiction ie smoking, gambling, drinking, drugs... There are may factors which come into play as to why people over eat.  Dafty touched on this with the busy lifestyles angle but low income, low education, depression, mental status, employment status ect all influence the choices we make and like all those other addictions,  support, encouragment and knowledge, in an ongoing form is what is needed to ensure people are empowered to make better choices for them selves and their families.  Now I shall get off my soap box only after I add....  I love cherry tomatoes too    ... they always remind me of "Gullivers Travels" and the people of Lilliput (??) 
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 21/03/2006 12:56 GMT
Bondgirl,you've really been working on your paper haven't you? .Here's a thing too-say a person likes their food a bit too much-the fatty and sugary food  ends up stuffing up their liver-making it next to impossible then to burn fat off.So then you've got a fat person to decides to eat right and exercise and it won't matter what they do it won't shift because they've buggered things up. Trivia -I was once a chocoholic-in my heart i still am though i don't eat it at all now-it took me years to discover that such strong cravings i.e. i would cry sometimes if my ex-husband wouldn't go get some for me-he didn't understand the urgency-i felt like i would die from the lack of it -were due to a deficiency in magnesium.Take a supplement everyday now.The trouble is too that once someone becomes overweight their self-esteem plummets and they're less likely to have respect for their body and look after themselves.i feel really mean now writing what i did in the journal entry haha.
Posted by:daftbird


date: 21/03/2006 21:12 GMT
Don't feel mean Dafty - I never took it that way - sadly your observation is a fact of life and all some people do need is a huge wake up call. 
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 22/03/2006 09:48 GMT
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