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daftbird's Journal
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2006-03-12 15:55:57
??oh..thingo..or something
i have been trying to get a copy of 8 delicious episodes for ever so long.Oddly have had the second one for some time,but the first one proved to be elusive.I've even in the past bid on one in ebay,but it  went annoyingly high.In big w on the weekend,not even looking,and what do i see???A whole heap of delicious episodes for $24.82.How goodie is that .

Anyway,the true purpose of this journal entry is to have a general rant.Nothing like a good rant to make you feel better.This one is to do with men mowing the lawn again.Why why why do men feel the need to mow the lawn in the heat of the day-all around me they were mowing today.Let's see-mow in the heat of the day OR -here's a novel idea-WHAT ABOUT waiting until the sun goes away!!WHY is this SUCH a difficult concept to understand????-do they all have rocks in their heads!!Those type of mowers annoy me,and also the 8.30 AM saturday morning mowers-ooohhhh-watch out! The day might get away from you! Also-this other thing-why is it that the older people get, the earlier in the day they put out their garbage bin for collection? It seems there's a race to get it out at 4 in the afternoon in case of missing the garbage truck that comes at 10AM the next day.Gotta watch that pesky truck-never know when it might turn up 16hrs early.Oh,and another little rant-i watched a little of that aerial skiing when it was on-it really is such a wank-WHY????

SBS update,i flicked over again last week in time to see someone dissecting a 250kg squid.His life work was to study squid.Whatever floats your boat-and nary a love doll in sight.

Mood - ventish
Music - a man and a woman-U2
Edited - Never

I was woken at 6.30am the other morning by somebody hammering very loudly. Then when I finally got back to sleep, a marching band decided to start practicing at a school just up the road. It's the first time I've got up at 7.30 in the morning in a very long time.

My pet peeve at the moment is my coming home from Uni at the school finishing time. People tend to like parking across my driveway. And then there's the stupid mothers that don't watch where they're driving and almost run over law abiding bike rider trying to get into their driveway. Always happens. Always. One lady parked across it the other day, so I parked my bike in the middle of the road and stood there. Cars were lining up beeping their horns. I just stood there and stared at this lady. When she finally got out of her car, she asked what I was looking at, and I told her she was parked across my driveway and she said "oh sorry, is this your driveway?" and drove off. Sometimes you have to snap when asking politely doesn't work.
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 12/03/2006 16:29 GMT
hahaha-good on you about standing in the middle of the road-yay!It's so weird that you left this here because i just sent you a user message and came back to my journal and unbeknownst to me you were here leaving this comment.So there you go .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 12/03/2006 16:46 GMT
What annoys me at the moment is the guy who comes around to do fire alarms checks EVERY Tuesday without fail. This term it's been the only day I get a lie in and hecomes round BEEP BEEP BEEP. As soon as one alarm sounds, every other one goes off.  First the kitchen, then the lounge, then the hallway, then each room individually. He's got 200 or so to check, I asked if he'd leave our til last but he said NO!
Posted by:peteb


date: 13/03/2006 05:52 GMT
oh pete-that's terrible! It is SUCH an annoying sound-and of course you wouldn't be able to sleep through it as the whole point is that someone WOULDN'T sleep through the sound of a smoke detector.What is also terrible is that i have recorded here for all to see  something that occurred to me in the middle of the night-that it should be 18hrs and not 16....i think...yes,18.I can't be bothered to edit it.
Posted by:daftbird


date: 13/03/2006 08:50 GMT
I suppose that a fire alarm is supposed to wake you. As I work for the university I have to conduct fire alarm tests at the start of each term. You'd be suprised how many student don't get out of bed!!!
Posted by:peteb


date: 13/03/2006 09:12 GMT
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