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bindy's Journal
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2006-09-10 23:40:45
Firstly, I'm on notice to move out of my house.  With the extreme current housing shortage here it may be the caravan park.  Which isn't too bad 'cause than I can pull out my trailer trash shirt. 

Someone has been spreading vicious and un solicited rumours about me.  I believe this to fall into the realm of slander. 

So to clarify a few points I AM NOT MAD nor am I a fish.  I am merely odd but not dangerous.  I admit being half way to eccentric  but to get there I need the money.    And I admit I may be part fish.  I come to this conclusion 'cause I am always up to my eyeballs in the drink. 

Glad we cleared that up.

Four weeks notice to move out.  Got letter, walked inside looked around and thought "insurance job".  I own a lot of random crap, how the hell am I going to move.  Evil cackle.  "Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, lets burn the house down".

Managed to drag myself off the couch twice today.  Once to get food and the second to get dvd's.  Slept through the DVD's and now I more awake than an insomniac on a coffee binge.

I did promise myself that with this awake time i would do something very grown up such as organise a search party for my bedroom floor, rob a bank to pay my mounting debt, rearrange the fridge magnets to hide the grot etc.  But noooo!!! That all seems like to much fun and we can't have that.  Being a responsible adult is not about fun.  It's about chores.  So here i am writing in my journal.   

Speaking about chores.  As it is cane season the local mice have made residence in my house again.  The snakes that follow I can handle.  The mice I can tolerate.  But when the snake is in the house i get worried.  So a new chore list has been drawn up.  sure kills humanely (or snakely) relocates the snakes and I entertain the mice.

This is working well.  However, the other day when I was playin I'm the dumb human and the mice where singing "who's afraid of the big bad human. Not me. Not me" and chanting "you can't catch me" i decided to throw a shoe.  Honestly, who throws a shoe.  Well i did and clopped the little blighter square on.  No anyone who knows me knows I have a problem with killing things (even cane toads) so imagine my horror as I watched this mouse twitching away.  Big bad belsy had to call bestie to get her man to come around and remove it  .  Every time I walked past it I had to put my hands over my eyes as it had become blatantly obvious that in one careless instant I had become a murderer.

I think maybe subconsciously I am awake because I am afraid the mice will turn.  They will seek me out and gnaw at me until there is nothing left. I think I even heard three giant mice might make an appearance.

People make me laugh.  As my hair today decided it had enough of being its usual fuzz mess it thought it would be nice to go really, really curly.  And since I don't believe in caring I went to the shops.  "What have you done to your hair" people chorused.  "It's very big isn't it?" I think they were concerned but for some reason i thought it was a joke and went "ha ha sucked in I don't have to look it at it. He he ha ha".  They gave me an odd look and ushered their children behind their backs b4 making a quick, yet polite, exit.  He he, people make me laugh.

It is at this juncture I would like to remind everyone....

"There is not an ounce of evidence to suggest life is serious"

One day I am going to die.  I don't know when and I do seriously hope I go to the grave flat out, sideways, with a ciggie in one hand and a glass of red in the other.  I'm going to die.  Yipeee 'cause i ain't dead yet so there is more craziness to be had...."whats that liver?",  "You think your dead already?"  "no, no my friend you are merely pickled"!

I have decided (just then) to sleep on the couch tonight.  See, my theory is, I'll get up first thing and do stuff.  Really important stuff.  Like go and get the certifiable stamp rubbed off my head.  I hear lazers work for that. If only I could find a teaser. 

well, I think that is it.  For now 

I seem to be off, over there somewhere.  I think I Saw my plot and marbles over there conspiring against me.  Must go and investigate.


Mood - Jovial
Music - Gurgling fish tank...for something new.
Edited -

Ah, cane.  Gotta love it.  They're harvesting here at the moment (I'm in Bundy) and there's dust and bits of leaves and black muck flying everywhere.

You look after yourself.  There's only one of you.
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 11/09/2006 06:40 GMT
The only thing I worry about is snakes at my place. Dont live in Queensland so we dont have toads. The snakes where I live are coming out a bit earlier because of the dry winter.

Anyway enough of snakes.  Who would like to say untrue things about you??  You may like to express youself in a unique way. I dont thing you are dangerous or mean. 

Anyone who likes to listen to John Williamson is alright by me.
Posted by:Puddin

Puddin WWW 

date: 11/09/2006 09:55 GMT
I don't think anyone could say anything mean to me 'cause I would just think it was hillarious. I'm very happy at the moment.
Posted by:bindy


date: 11/09/2006 23:52 GMT
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