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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
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2006-06-14 23:58:39
Tim's Adoption of Peej, Kirstyn's Street Walking and more!!

Now, let me take you back to the moment that the guys walked out of the stage door.

I saw Barry's white bonce and thought "Aye aye, that was quick!", then I saw Graeme's baldy bonce and thought "IT'S GRAEME GARDEN!!!  STAY COOL!!!! STAY COOL!!!!  STAY - SHIT WHERE THE HELL HAVE PEEJ AND KIRSTYN GONE?!?!  NO!!!!  DON'T GO AND TALK TO HIM, I'LL HAVE TO GO OVER THERE TOO!!!!!!"

Couldn't quite believe how tiny Graeme is. I mean in height.  I'd spent the last half hour before the show trying not to think about his wetsuit - and then showing Kirstyn all my Grae photos on me phone before the lights went down.  But still.  Crikey.  He's small enough to fit in your handbag........

*evil grin* oooh I should stop making Edinburgh plans.  That's why I need four nights so I can build up the courage to speak to him.

No really.  I was amazed at that.  I also, as I mentioned, was amazed at his shirt, which you could just about tell showed the sillhouette of what can only be described as a belly.  *rrrrrrowwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

No wonder I couldn't talk to him.

I looked over Graeme's head and (minds OUT of the gutter!) saw Timbo in the doorway.  Felt instantly maternal and wanted to cuddle him.  I ended up doing just that, but before ALL that happened, he met Kirstyn (or Krista as my mother now insists on calling her!)

Kirstyn asked very politely:

K:  Tim, do you think it would be all right if I asked for a cuddle?
T:  [grins like a cheshire cat] I think I would enjoy that ENORMOUSLY!  How much do I owe you?!
K:  Oh nothing, we'll do it for free!
SPEV: [interjecting]  There's actually a queue, Timbo, love, so we'll get the calculator out later!
T:  Ooooh!  Okay then!!!


Kirstyn then worried that Tim had referred to her as a prossie because he'd asked how much he owed her.  I don't think for one moment he meant that!!  He's not that kind of man!!  I was too busy being cuddled by him to think anything about anyone walking any streets anywhere.

Then we found Peej who'd been talking to Rob and was now a bit worried about meeting Tim.  I was shaking like a jelly ("wobbeling wobbeling!  Probably not how it's actually spelt but never mind!"  Good God that's the most obscure Goodies quote I've ever done!) and then Peej started talking to Tim.

Convo went thus:

TIM:  What's your  name?
TIM:  Oh of course!  Obviously!  [squiggles autograph]
PEEJ:  Thank you very much.  Would it be all right if I asked for a photo with you?
TIM:  Of COURSE it would!  Come here!  [drapes arm over PEEJ's shoulder and brings her closer to him.  SPEV is instantly reminded of The Cuddle]
PEEJ:  [hands camera to SPEV]  Can you take the photo?
SPEV:  Erm.. yeah, sure.  It may be a bit shaky, but I'll take it!
[TIM chuckles dirtily.  SPEV tries to ignore it but ends up letting out a nervous giggle]
TIM:  [about PEEJ]  This is my daughter!!!
[PEEJ and TIM both laugh.  SPEV takes the photo, it's a roaring success!]
KIRSTYN:  Could I possibly get a photo too please Tim?
TIM:  Course you can!
SPEV:  Peej!!!  How do you wind it on?!?!  What do I do?!!  Oh bloody technology!!
TIM:  [in his best helpful and serious voice] Has it got a thingy on it?
[PEEJ's eyes widen in glee]
TIM:  Give it to PJ.  PJ knows how to do it!
[SPEV wonders why now everything TIM says sounds rude]
SPEV:  I'm sorry.  It doesn't have a windy-on thing, and it doesn't have a shutter - I'm lost!!!
TIM:  Ah, so you were born in the 18th century too, eh?
SPEV:  Oh yes, that's right, I was!!
[TIM giggles.  SPEV swoons slightly]

Anyway, after all that, we all went home, ordered booze and pizza, looked at autographs, giggled.  We played the letter writing/cheddar gorge game at about half three in the morning when we tried to get to sleep and roared with laughter.

What a great weekend!!


I've got a job.  Just accepted one.  A permanent one which pays peanuts.  But having said all that it's permanent.  And they want me to work for them. 

The other job I want, which I'm in with a chance with, is possibly my dream job.  Working with BOOZE.  Not in a pub.  The bottling, marketing and production of BOOZE.

It's my dream job.  I may end up getting it.  Hopefully.  I'd have to go on wine tasting weekends for work and really boring things like that.  Shame.

Wish me luck!!

Mood - Still dazed and happy and generally cheery!
Music - None, am still in work.
Edited -

See!  I told you that you write these things better than I do!!!

It's excellent!

TIM:  Has it got a thingy on it?
[PEEJ's eyes widen in glee]

Oh yes!  *sigh*

Hey could really do with those healing hands right now- I've got a bruise! 

*bloody tennis*

Peej xxxxx
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 15/06/2006 00:10 GMT
Yes, Graeme was surprisingly wee.  And Humph was surprisingly tall.  It was like some sort of parallel universe.  In a good way.
Posted by:urban_spacegirl


date: 15/06/2006 07:59 GMT
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