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RatDog's Journal
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RatDog's journal
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2008-03-21 15:43:48
Happy Easter Everyone.
Hope the big ol bunny comes around.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-12-25 16:25:45
Merry Christmas 2007
Merry Christmas everyone!

For Christmas this year I got an exercise bike, which tells me how many minutes I do, how many kilometres I do, and what my heart rate and pulse are as well as how many calories I have burnt off.

Other things I got this year was some T-shirts, some perfume, and a DVD of the television series The Bill.

The best bit about Christmas this year, was that my Nan was staying with us for Christmas. My Nan is from the UK, so I donít normally see my Nan at Christmas.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-12-01 09:26:56
The last 24 hours.
The last 24 hours havenít been good for my family. At about 1.20 PM we got a call telling us my Auntie Rita had just passed away peacefully.

This coming a few hours after Dot our beloved 16 year old dog, had to be put to sleep. Due to her heart packing up with the hot weather, and was stressing out because of it

Right now Iím feeling numb.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-11-25 10:34:39
Bye Bye Johnny

Glad to see you go. 

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-11-22 14:30:38
My Auntie Rita
As Iíve mentioned briefly before, my Auntie Rita is very ill. She has terminal cancer and hasnít very long to live at all. The doctors donít think she will live to see Christmas next month. Right now my Auntie Rita is at her home, with my Nan, Auntie Stella, Jeff (Auntie Ritaís son) looking after her. Auntie Ritaís other son Mark is coming over on the weekend from Queensland, where he lives right now, because of how ill my Auntie Rita is right now.

Went over to see Auntie Rita on Tuesday, and she looked worse than what she did on Friday, when I helped Mum take Nan food shopping. It is quite distressing to see my Auntie Rita like this, because she is in so much pain all the time, she has pain killers. The drugs make my Auntie Rita hallucinate at times, and she canít remember family anymore. In fact a very good friend of Auntie Rita came round on Tuesday as well, and they have been friends for years. Auntie Rita sadly didnít know who she was.

On Friday depending how everything is, Mum and I are taking Nan out shopping for some more food to stock up on. I admire my Nan on how well she is coping with it all, but then again Iíve always known my Nan is tough. My Nan got my Mum through the hard times with me when I was a baby.

Mood - Sad
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-11-10 15:27:07
Why do people even bother in buying a pet, when they end up using it as a punching bag?

The reason I ask is that we have a new cat, an 8 week old kitten that has been abused. He has a broken leg, and a broken tail, which needs to be removed. He was brought into where my Mum works, my Mum works at a vet clinic. We are taken him, and he will be the second cat we have that has been abused. A few years ago we took in a cat; we call Cain that was brought into the vets as a kitten too. He had a smashed in face, and a damaged tail. Cain took a lot of effort to gain his trust, and by the sounds of things, the new kitten will take just as much.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-11-07 17:21:02
Burnt out
My Nan and Aunty Stella are coming over from the UK. Iím feeling burnt out already trying to get the place ready.


It will be nice to see them both though.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-10-27 15:50:08
Nearly survived the week.
Well Iím into my first week of the course, and I love it. I have made friends with the people that are doing the course with me. There are six of us, and we all look out for each other, during the course.

Iím having fun doing the practicals on the phone, and putting their details on the computer. We have a fake flight centre program called Tafeflights, and we ring each other up, on the phone number we have been given. We have to pretend itís a real call centre for Tafeflights. We have to put the details of each person who purchased a ticket. Then go through the procedure of the privacy act, with them, and how they may pay for the ticket.

Did you know itís very hard not to talk in a negative manner on the phone? The words ďsorry" and "unfortunately" are seen as negative words, to say to a customer.

Mood - A bit tired
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-10-10 10:25:29
Well its official
I have had it confirmed, from TAFE that I start my course this month. I start on Monday the 22nd, and finish the course on Friday the 9th of November.

I can't wait for it to start. I have got everything ready for it.

I'm pretty happy at the moment, as you may see on my new sig on here. The Bulldogs (Central Districts Football club) won another premiership this year, to go with the ones they won already this decade.

I'm also pretty busy working on my new blog page. I think a like wordpress more than blogspot, more templates to chose on it than blogspot. I also find it much more easier to edit than blogspot, but thats just me personally.

If you haven't seen my new blog the address is the following

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-09-28 20:16:20
Last weekend in September.
Footy finals are on. Soon to be watching the grand final in the AFL. Oh and the mighty Central Districts Club (Bulldogs) in the SANFL have beaten Port Adelaide Magpies in reaching 8 SANFL grand finals in a row. The previous record was 7 grand finals in a row, and the Bulldogs play either the Eagles or the Roosters in the final next week.

The title of this entry sums up something, this will be my last entry in my journal, yes my journal, for a little while. The reason because, like I said in my previous entry, i'm off to do a course in October.

See ya around.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-09-25 12:41:28
The line is busy....soon.
Just a quick entry to say that from next month I start a course in call centre operator at Adelaide Tafe. I'm looking forward to it, as its something to do, maybe something I will be doing in the future.

So much to get ready for the course such as what to wear, because to do the course we have to dress up in business like clothes. I do have plenty of business like clothes, but the clothes are not new. So i'm looking for some new clothes to wear.

Plus I have to get myself note paper, pens, etc.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-09-20 10:41:27
Thank you Dee Dee.....
For this song, from The Ramones fourth album. The song is titled I'm Against It, and here are the lyrics of the song.

Well I'm against it
I'm against it
Well I'm against it
I'm against it

I don't like politics
I don't like communists
I don't like games and fun
I don't like anyone

Well I'm against it
I'm against it
Well I'm against it
I'm against it

I don't like Jesus freaks
I don't like circus geeks
I don't like summer and spring
I don't like anything

I don't like sex and drugs
I don't like water bugs
I don't care about poverty
All I care about is me

Well I'm against it
I'm against it
Well I'm against it
I'm against it

I don't like playing ping pong
I don't like the Viet Cong
I don't like Burger King
I don't like anything

And I'm against it
I'm against it
Well I'm against it
I'm against it
Well I'm against it
I'm against it 

Some of the lyrics in the song, reminds me of some people that are out there. Not everyone out there, but some.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-09-19 10:07:32
Long overdue....
RatDog last here are some of the pics of the lunar eclipes. That I said I would show off, in this here journal of mine.

Here are a few, but I do have many more.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-08-31 21:05:55
The dark side of the moon.
Saw the lunar eclipse on Monday night, it was excellent when the moon when a reddish colour. Took some digital photos of the event, that was the lunar eclipse. I haven't had time to upload the pictures onto the computer yet.

Next journal entry will have some pictures of the lunar eclipse.

Have a good weekend.

Mood - Happy as larry, thats if larry is happy.
Music - Dancing bear- The Mamas and the Papas.
Edited - Never

2007-08-26 14:49:05
A little taste of spring.
I'm enjoying the little bit of spring weather that the city of Adelaide seems to be enjoying right now. Making the most of it, because while winter maybe over officially next Saturday, I still bet on there being some more winter like weather to come. I'm actually sitting on the computer chair with shorts and a t-shirt on.

Moving on from the weather. It looks like i'm off to TAFE, later this year to do a course. So i'm going back to studying real soon, hopefully.

Life is good for me at the moment.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-08-17 14:55:51
No hot water this morning.
This morning I went to hop into the shower, for a quick shower because I had an appointment first thing in the morning. What did I find, to my horror, that there was no hot water coming out of the shower head. So I had to make do with just cold water coming out of the shower head only, which isnt great, when we are in the middle of winter at the moment. 

Anyway I had my shower got dressed, and headed out to my appointment. As I started to walk a noticed a male and a female Red Rumped parrot feeding on the lawn, which made my start of the day feel better.

Here is an article and pictures of the Red Ruped parrot.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-08-13 09:03:39
Trip to Marion Shopping Centre.
I finally went to Marion Shopping Centre, which is in the suburb of Marion, and the suburb of Marion is in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. For those who didnít know where Marion is. On the way to the shopping centre we drove past Jetty Road down at Glenelg, and the very place where I got to met Tim and Graeme in the Dymocks bookstore.

Once we reached Marion we couldnít believe how big the place was, its about twice the size of Tea Tree Plaza Shopping centre, which is the Shopping centre close to were I live. At Marion Shopping centre there is something like 410 specialty shops, a cinema, and a bowling place in the one building. All this was on two floors of the shopping complex. The first place we started was on the second floor, because it was lunch time, so we headed to the food court.

I tucked into a Bolognese spud, which for those who donít know what that is, itís a potato cooked with its skin on, then cut open, then it has butter, Bolognese sauce, and cheese put on top. Once we got lunch over and done with we started our way along the second floor, and the first shop I went into was the ABC shop. To see what good stuff they had available in there, but they had nothing different to the ABC shop at the TPP shopping centre.

Once we made our way through the second floor we went back down to the bottom floor, and checked out the shops down there. One of them being JBís HI-FI  store, I managed to pick up some really good blank cdís for a good price. Overall the trip to Marion was a good one, but a long one.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-08-09 10:19:01
50 questions and answers.
1. Are you smiling?

2. Did you ever date the last person you kissed?

3. What is irritating you now?
The dogs barking at the birds.

4. When did you last eat pizza?
Two days ago, the whole family had it for dinner.

5. Do you drink beer?

6. What do you want?
A warm winters day.

7. Are you tired?
No Iíve just woken up about 2 hours ago.

8. Last spoken words you heard?
See ya from my mum as she left for work.

10. Pepsi or Coke?
If I have to its Pepsi max

11. Do you ever throw up?
Yes when I get ill.

12. what is your fav. hobby?
Listening to music on my mpí3 player.

13. Do you enjoy piercings and tattoos?
I have my ears pierced.

14. Taco Bell or McDonald's?
McDonalds, because I havenít heard of Taco Bell. Yet Iím not too keen on McDonalds.

15. Are you restless?

16. Is your computer a laptop?
Nope, it's a desktop

17. Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
Ivan, my very naughty cat.

18. How many myspace views do you have?
Around 1100 I think - not sure

19. Want to be a princess?
Oh yeah!

20. Do you believe dreams come true?
Sometimes - but so do some nightmares.

21. Last song you heard?
California Dreaminí by the Mamas and the Papas.

22. Do you like Batman?
Yes! I love the 1966 Batman TV show, the one with Adam West.

23. Who is in the room with you?
My cat, and one of my dogs.

24. What are you wearing on your feet?
Slippers, I have to wear something on my feet, because its cold.

25. What are you favorite pair of shoes?
My thongs, or flip flops as they are known in some parts of the world.

26. Who was the last person to tell you loved them?
My family.

27. What was the last thing you ate?
Cornflakes for breakfast.

28. What were you doing before this?
The Bill on UKTV.

29. What is the closest item near you that is blue
A pen.

30. What instant messaging service do you use? -

31. Who's house did you go to last night?
I was at home last night - so MINE

32. What do you wear more, jeans or sweatpants?
Sweatpants its warmer to wear in the winter than jeans.

33. What is the last movie you watched?
The fifth Harry Potter movie.

34. What do you currently hear right now?
The radio on in the kitchen.

35. Do you think this survey Is lame?
I've seen worse

36. Ever been to
Never heard of it, so no.

37. Where is your mom?
Somewhere in Adelaide.

38. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
Iím in my p jays right now, but the shirt I had on yesterday was from Big W.

39. Coach Purse or NCAA game tickets?
Now what in blazes are they? I have never heard of either!

40. Where was your default MySpace picture taken?
Got them off the internet.

41. Why did you pick your background?
I liked it.

42. Was the background on your pc taken at home?

43. Are you happy with where you are?
Yes, sometimes.

44. Is cheating ever ok?

45. Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
Not in this lifetime

46. Do you know some one named Billy?
Yes, one of my brothers mates.

47. What was your entire schedule today?
Helping with the shopping.

48. Do want something you cant have?
Don't we all?

49. Who makes you smile the most?
Sharing a joke with friends, and seeing my family happy.

50. Who has the most annoying habit in your house?
My brother who sits on the computer for hours, and eats while on the computer which he then leaves crumbs everywhere.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-08-08 10:55:08
I can see clearly now.
The morning fog that has covered the entire city of Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs has finally lifted. The sun is now out after the fog, and the rain we had last night. Iím hoping the rain holds off in time for the washing that is on the line to dry off in time, and for me to get it off the line, before the next lot of showers.

Wishing spring would hurray up.

Mood - Warming up to the sunshine.
Music - California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas.
Edited - Never

2007-08-05 11:19:10
Are you serious?????
Who reads my journal? seriously.....whats so interesting about my non-descript life that makes people want to read my journal..hmm

Mood - Just kidding.
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-08-01 20:32:58
Dot is feeling a lot better today.
The antibiotics are kicking in, she is eating again, and the best bit of all she is really alert and bright.

Even for a dog that is nearly 16 years of age.

Moving away from my beloved Dot. The weather in Adelaide this week has been really strange just lately. I wish it would rain more, but I'm glad it isn't as cold at night as it has been.

Anyway this will probably be my last journal entry for awhile.

Mood - In my uggies (Ugg Boots.)
Music - Icky (or Ecky) Thump by the White Stripes.
Edited - Never

2007-07-31 14:14:41
My old dog Dot
My old dog Dot who is now 15 years and 8 months old, isn't feeling so good at the moment. So we took her to the vets yesterday, and they told us she had what they call a hotspot on one of her back legs, and its badly infected too. Her lymph gland at the back of her leg is swollen also.

Fingers crossed she gets better, although at her age it's a lot harder to recover from illness.

Mood - Same as my last entry today
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-07-28 21:26:43
Flipping eck! I've coloured myself in with pencil
Okay so I have done the three lads on here. So now i'm wondering what I look like with coloured pencil effect.

The original.

The coloured in picture effect.

As you can see I may crack a few mirrors.

Moving away from the pictures and onto I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again. Totally in love with the show, so much I get up at about 5.20 AM every Saturday morning to get up to tune into the ABC's Radio National.

The show has been on for four weeks so far, and doesn't finish on Radio National until the end of January 2008. So far they have played series 2 ( going by Lisa's lovely guide.) ep 1 & 3. Series 3 ( again using the guide.) ep 1 & 3.

This mornings it was the first time I noticed that this episode being series 2 ep 3, that some of it was cut out from Radio Nationals broadcast. The bit that was missing was one of Bill's little musical numbers called BLIMPTH. I know it was missing, because I have the full episode on cd, and also have it on vinyl record.

As for vinyl records of ISIRTA I have both versions of the first vinyl they released, and the 2nd vinyl they released, the one with the prunes in custard. With the original version of the 1st vinyl they released, there are some pictures on the back.

Next time I type something in my journal on here. I'll post some pictures of the scanned back of the vinyl.

For the record my favourite song of Bill's on ISIRTA is the knees song.

Mood - Crazzzzyyyyyyyy
Music - The Knees Song.
Edited - Never

2007-07-28 10:38:07
New Mensa Words.
The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational once again asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition.

Here are this year's winners:

1.Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

2.Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

3.Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.

4.Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.

5.Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.

6.Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.

7.Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

8.Inoculatte: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

9.Hipatitis: Terminal coolness.

10.Osteopornosis: A degenerate disease. (This one got extra credit.)

11.Karmageddon: It's like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it's like, a serious bummer.

12.Decafalon (n.): The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

13.Glibido: All talk and no action.

14.Dopeler effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

15.Arachnoleptic fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web.

16.Beelzebug (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

17.Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you're eating.

18.Ignoranus: A person who's both stupid and an asshole.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

2007-07-28 10:36:11
You know you're from Adelaide when....
Got this off an e-mail, which a friend sent me.

You know you're from Adelaide when....

You have been to the club formerly known as Heaven at least once (and you were under 18).

You have been to Glenelg and got extremely sunburnt.

You know what fritz is.

You know what a bogan is.

You say plaaaant not pleeeent.

You go out to the same place EVERY Saturday night You have the same friends from high school.

You can't go out without seeing someone you know.

You really miss the old Sizzler cheese bread.

You like ugg boots, not moccies.

You have a very strong opinion on Lleyton Hewitt.

You have been to one of the following lookouts: Stirling, Mt Lofty, Penfolds Rd, Sunnyside Rd, Eagle On The Hill, Montefiore Hill).

You know who Stormy Summers is.

You know what Fruchocs are.

You believe that anything that has ever breathed or moved in Adelaide air is 'Adelaide's Own'.

You're well aware that for one month of the year, it is impossible to travel from one side of the city to the other, and during this period youwill magically acquire a passion for V8s, a love of the arts, appreciationfor world music, expertise in food and wine and become completely immersedin the culture of horse racing.

You pour Farmer's Union Iced Coffee on your breakfast cereal.

You will never forgive Melbourne for stealing our Grand Prix. Never.

You know how 'dance', 'pool', 'castle' and 'graph' are SUPPOSED to be pronounced.

You get offended when people from Western Australia call SA part of the "East Coast".

You insist on calling AAMI Stadium, "Footy Park".

You say a Pie Floater tastes great just to maintain your street cred.

You consider Coopers to be a food group.

You believe that other states' time zones are not good enough for us.

You acknowledge that, while half of our state is uninhabitable, you know that it's still the greatest.

You think the 'Tiser has no journalistic integrity whatsoever.... and yet you still read it every day.

You vote for Mike Rann in every State election, mainly because youcan't remember the other guy's name.

You know there's more than one way to have a good time in Hindley Street.

One word: Haigh's.

You buy your CDs from shabby "Big Star" outlets.

You know that Victor Harbor is the only place to be for Schoolies.

You forgave the Chappells for the 1981 Underarm Incident purely out of South Australian patriotism.

You have a unfettered love of either Crows or Port to the complete exclusion of the other.

You know the people out on the Torrens are either tourists or rowers. No one else would go near that water.

You think the Festival Centre is a wonder of modern architecture.

You console yourself that, despite all our faults, at least South Australia wasn't built by convicts.

You can leave work at 5:15 and miss "peak hour traffic".

You can have a good old laugh at the fact that Adelaide's second nameis "City of Churches".

You're not scared by Aboriginals walking around Adelaide in speedos and gumboots.

Your 'sports gurus' are KG and Cornesy.

You know what a 'stobie pole' is.

You don't know what the meaning of the "Mall's balls" but you make sure you meet people there.

You either live on one side or the other of the great divide (Gepps Cross intersection).

You're aware that everything is not just good, it's "heaps good".

You still claim Anthony LaPaglia as an Adelaidean cos he worked in a shoe shop in Rundle Mall once.

You understand that the Adelaide Cup Holiday HAD to be moved to the Summer months so more people would get drunk and not have to go to work.

And on a final note...don't believe the rumours. I live in South Australia and have never been murdered once.

Mood -
Music -
Edited - Never

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