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more from same (Website)
Website Hello everyone! As regular visitors to this website would be aware of.  That this front page hasn't been updated in well, just under a year.  This has been due busy work loads and family issues of the main runners of the fan club (Zaphod and Lisa (but brett still does a grand job with the Goodies crosswords every so often )). 

So until Lisa can comeback, I will be taking care of the News items here and keeping things up to date.

And thanks to Zaphod for letting me have the keys!

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 15/11/2015 14:29 GMT
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Website problems
more from same (Website)
WebsiteApologies for anyone trying to access the website in the past few hours.  A software upgrade left things ins a terrible state and I've finally run out of hair to pull out in frustration when I finally saw the problem and fixed it.

Hopefully there wont' be any more issues like this one.

Posted by zaphod at 26/06/2009 09:16 GMT
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Scheduled downtime
more from same (Website)
WebsiteJust a heads-up that I'll be doing some maintenance work on the server tomorrow (1pm South Australian time) for approximately 1 hour.

The website and all mailing lists & addresses will be affected.

Posted by zaphod at 27/01/2009 03:49 GMT
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more from same (Website)
WebsiteThe server that the GROK site is on was down most of today due to a SMEF (spontaneous massive existence failure) when both power supplies blew out at the same time.

Services have been restored, however there will be more downtime expected over the next week or so while I install replacement parts as they arrive

Posted by zaphod at 29/12/2008 08:00 GMT
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RSS Feed problem
more from same (Website)
WebsiteSeems we have a problem with the RSS feed for the site.  I'm looking into it and hopefully it will be resolved shortly

Apologies for the interruption.

And now, A walk in the Black Forest .....

OK, the problem has now been resolved, turns out that there were some extraneous characters (quite shady looking as well) loitering around in our news articles, which caused the RSS feed to cower in fear and not work anymore.

Posted by zaphod at 19/08/2008 22:43 GMT
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Website Problems
more from same (Website)
WebsiteThis is your Leader speaking. Here is an important announcement. It has been put about by back-sliding revisionary paper hyenas that The Goodies Pirate Fan Club Website is closing down. This is a lie! (thumps table). Our glorious Website gallantly continues to function! We will get your forum posts through!

These are dark days and the storm clouds gather around us. But never fear! I pledge that I, your leader, will see you safely through to a better world!

Actually, it was a power glitch at the co-location facility where the server hosting the GROK website which took the site offline for about 8 hours this morning (Adelaide Time).  Apologies to all and sundry about the downtime, and I've been assured it won't happen again.  Apparently the hamsters just couldn't cope with the power usage and are now being upgraded to ferrets to cope with added demand for power.

And now ..... "A Walk in the Black Forest".

Posted by zaphod at 22/07/2008 03:29 GMT
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Database problem in forum
more from same (Website)
WebsiteSeems that overnight (overnight in Australia anyway) we had something go completely pear shaped with the forum database.  This resulted in all forum entries being the same entry and without knowing how it happened, I've restored the database from backup which is approximately 1 day old, so anything which was submitted in the last 24 hours or so has been lost.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Posted by zaphod at 10/01/2008 19:32 GMT
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Website downtime
more from same (Website)
WebsiteIt's finally happened.  My old-faithful server (having seen just shy of 7 years faithful service) has passed on.  It's kicked the bucket and shuffled of this mortal coil.

It's <expletive deleted> snuffed it.

So I've spent the past 24 hours trying desperately to get my shiny new server installed and up to spec in record time.  And now here it is.

Posted by zaphod at 15/03/2007 06:16 GMT
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Journals fixed, well sort of ....
more from same (Website)
WebsiteI've managed to fix the journals to a point where people can now add new entries and delete old ones, although why they would want to delete anything I have no idea.  The editing feature isn't working yet, but I should have that done either today or tomorrow.

OK, so the journals aren't fixed very well.  There's a couple of problems with them, but the adding new entries works, just no mood/music entry yet. Will have another shot at it.

Posted by zaphod at 19/12/2006 02:59 GMT
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New site (take 2)
more from same (Website)
WebsiteOK.  Lets try this again.  New website is now online.  The database is fresh as of an hour ago and seems to be working now.  If there's anything missing, I need to know fairly urgently so I can backtrack (again) to the old site if need be.

Some things that aren't working:
Adding Journal Entries.
Image Gallery
Other odds & sods
but I'm working on them

The journals module is totally cactus.  I'll have to re-write large chunks of it.  May take me a few days.  Until then, you can view them but you can't edit/add new entries to them.

Posted by zaphod at 16/12/2006 06:02 GMT
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Website upgrade problems
more from same (Website)
WebsiteDue to some really annoying problems upgrading the database to the new website, I've had to re-set the system back to the original database and site.

I'll try again during the week if I get time, if not, then it  will be next weekend.

Posted by zaphod at 19/11/2006 17:23 GMT
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Site downtime scheduled
more from same (Website)
WebsiteIn about half an hour from now, I'll be dropping the site for about an hour.  Possibly longer.

Posted by zaphod at 18/11/2006 11:16 GMT
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Website downtime
more from same (Website)
WebsiteJust a little advance notice that the website will be down for a couple of hours over the weekend (Adelaide time).  I can't be specific about when it will happen, but I'll try and put a couple of hours notice on the site first.

Posted by zaphod at 17/11/2006 07:31 GMT
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Forums (again)
more from same (Website)
WebsiteStill having problems with the forums, however they are getting worse now so I've had to disable the main forum page altogether.

Please use the links on the Right hand side of the site called "Forum Shortcuts" to get to the individual forums.  The main forum page will now sho blank until I get the time to fix it properly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by zaphod at 07/11/2006 11:35 GMT
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Forum annoyances
more from same (Website)
WebsiteDue to a recurring weirdness in the forum main page, I've made a temporary fix by adding the forum links to a sidebox.  The forum main page is not working properly and needs an overhaul to cope with the number of messages.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but if you bear with me for a few days I'll try to find a more permanent solution to the problem.

UPDATE: I've moved the sidebox up to just under the Polls so people can see it easier

Posted by zaphod at 04/10/2006 09:38 GMT
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Small problem
more from same (Website)
WebsiteSorry for the inconvenience, but me being the ignorant cretin (read clutz) that I am, deleted an entire thread from the forum.  In particular, I deleted the "word association game" thread while trying to delete a double post (made by me).

I've managed to restore from a very recent backup (Actually I don't think I lost any posts at all) however, it did mean that the site was offline for about 15 minutes while I restored the database from backup.

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully nothing else got broken in the meantime.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled lunacy.

Posted by zaphod at 17/09/2006 14:05 GMT
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Database crash
more from same (Website)
WebsiteUnfortunately, sometime overnight, we had a system craqsh, which damanged a couple of the databases .  This caused a few headaches, but should all be back up and running again now.

If you spot any problem, email me using the address and I'll get onto it

Posted by zaphod at 15/07/2006 13:14 GMT
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Registration problems
more from same (Website)
WebsiteApologies to all those people who have recently tried to register on the site using an account.  AOL is being lazy about removing the server's IP address from their blacklists (someone had uploaded an insecure script to their website on the same server and allowed spam to go through nearly a year ago) and I'm seeing quite a few account registrations bounce becasue of this.  I've done everything I can from my end to sort this problem out, and now it's up to AOL.  Personally, I suggest using a different provider for your email, at elast until they get off their collective behinds and fix their email policy.

Posted by zaphod at 07/07/2006 08:40 GMT
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reminder: Graeme interview on "Loose Ends" tomorrow
more from same (Website)
WebsiteDon't forget that Graeme is scheduled to be interviewed about "The Pocket Orchestra" tomorrow (Saturday, 22 April) on BBC Radio 4's "Loose Ends".  The show airs from 18:15-19:00 and can be heard online from  The show should be available from Listen Again afterwards.  [ additional show details and ticketing info for "The Pocket Orchestra" can be found at ]

Other upcoming Goodies-related shows:

* TOTP 2, Wednesday, 3rd May on UKTV G2 at 13:00 (then repeated at 16:00 & 19:00); also on UKTV G2 Plus 1 at 20:00.  This repeat features Comic Relief songs plus a selection of famous comedy songs including a contribution from The Goodies.
* "Pleasure at Her Majesty's", Saturday, 6th May on Artworld at 00:35.  This is the 1975 Amnesty International show featuring sketches from members of Monty Python and Beyond the Fringe (plus others).  The film includes The Goodies performing "Funky Gibbon".

* New episodes of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" are scheduled to begin on BBC Radio 4 on Monday, 22 May.

* A new series of "Springwatch with Bill Oddie" is scheduled to begin Monday, 29 May on BBC 2.

* BBC 7 airs old episodes of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" (with Tim and Graeme) and "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" (with all three Goodies) on Mondays; they are available via Listen Again for six days after broadcast. The shows can be heard worldwide via the internet from

* "Golf Clubs with Tim Brooke-Taylor" is being repeated by Discovery Real Time Extra.  Please check your local listings for dates & times.

Posted by lisa at 21/04/2006 00:00 GMT
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more from same (Website)
WebsiteDue to a potential security problem, I've disabled the uploading of new avatars on the site until further notice.  I will be looking into the problem over the next couple of days and hopefully I'll have it re-enabled soon

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by zaphod at 06/03/2006 19:27 GMT
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more from same (Website)
WebsiteDue to a major stuff-up (by yours truly) the wrong graphic was being displayed on the site this morning.  The graphic from last years March Tour was being displayed instead of the normal trandem graphic which should have been there.

Sorry to get anyone's hopes up, although I for one would have loved another tour.

Posted by zaphod at 01/03/2006 06:51 GMT
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more from same (Website)
WebsiteThis is a request to people to please not post the preferential seating code-word on the site in either comments or forum posts. 

The code-word is available to people once they have logged into the website, or subscribed to one of the mailling lists.

Posted by zaphod at 29/09/2005 21:19 GMT
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Website Updates
more from same (Website)
WebsiteYet another long awaited update is in the works.  Currently the only visible one is the new/improved logins sidebox.  I'm trying to consolidate some of the sideboxes into some semblance of order before I do the next major upgrade to the site.

Posted by zaphod at 02/05/2005 22:26 GMT
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Goody Auctions
more from same (Website)
WebsiteThe Goody Auctions are now finished, so I have removed the module from the website.  However we expect another round later in the year.

Thanks to all those people who participated.



Posted by zaphod at 01/03/2005 09:12 GMT
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Auction problem fixed
more from same (Website)
WebsiteSorry all, there was a typo in the auction module which prohibited the notification emails from going out.  This problem is now fixed.

Posted by zaphod at 07/02/2005 12:51 GMT
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reminder: older news items viewable in news section
more from same (Website)
WebsiteThere's bound to be a lot of news over the next month (with DVD releases in the UK and Australia as well as the Australian tour).  News items sometimes get pushed off our homepage fairly rapidly.  Don't forget that you can click on the "News" link in the menu to see older items you may have missed.

Posted by lisa at 03/02/2005 00:00 GMT
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Goody Auctions online
more from same (Website)
WebsiteAfter much deliberation, blood, sweat & quite a few tears, I've got a simple auction page rigged up.  This is to auction off a few autographed items to raise money for the club.  The link is in the menu, between the T-shirts and the journals.

Posted by zaphod at 23/01/2005 16:58 GMT
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More apologies
more from same (Website)
WebsiteSorry again people.  I just found that there was a small typo in the signup forms which caused them not to work properly.  I've fixed it now so all those who haven't been able to register on the site can now do so.

Posted by zaphod at 21/01/2005 13:27 GMT
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Site problem
more from same (Website)
WebsiteSorry for the downtime on the site, I forgot to move the databases over the the new hard drive so it filled up again.  It's been done this time and double checked so it shouldn't be happening again.

Posted by zaphod at 15/01/2005 13:18 GMT
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Problem sorted
more from same (Website)
WebsiteThis is an apology to all the people who couldn't register on the website since the upgrade.  There was a problem with the msn field on the database causing the registrations to fail.

It should all be fixed now.

Posted by zaphod at 08/01/2005 13:35 GMT
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Site Updates
more from same (Website)
WebsiteOK, looks like I've got the majority of things working now.  Still to be fixed are the Clarion & Globe archives, downloads, and the T-shirt page.

I'll be working on them now but I wanted to have the rest of the site up and running as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy the new site.



Posted by zaphod at 02/01/2005 14:28 GMT
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Downtime Reminder
more from same (Website)
WebsiteThis is a reminder that the website will be offline most of the day on Sunday the 2nd of January 2005 at around 10am Central Australian Time (GMT + 10.5 hours) for some long overdue updating.

Posted by zaphod at 29/12/2004 16:59 GMT
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Major cock-up
more from same (Website)
WebsiteSorry all. Due to a small glitch in the forum software, when I was attemting to delete a couple of inappropriate posts, I accidentally deleted all forum posts since the backup this morning.

Posted by zaphod at 17/12/2004 00:00 GMT
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Goodies t-shirt page has been updated
more from same (Website)
WebsiteThe Goodies T-shirt page (see link under "Goodies Merchandise" at left) has been updated. It now shows the new red shirt and has info about a design that is being retired.

If you're planning to order any club t-shirts as Christmas gifts please note the ordering deadlines (and leave extra time for international orders).

Posted by lisa at 12/11/2004 00:00 GMT
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Shameless Plug
more from same (Website)
WebsiteI had an email sitting in my inbox this mroning from Tom Raymond. He's started up another Goodies Based website which I'm personally recommending. The content might not be much, but I agree with the idea.
I think the URL speaks for itself

Posted by zaphod at 31/07/2004 00:00 GMT
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Website may be offline for a bit.
more from same (Website)
WebsiteJust letting people know that I've changed registrars for the domain. Unfortunately this means that it might be offline for a little while. Possibly up to a day or so. So if you get errors saying that the domain cannot be found, please don't worry, it will be back online as soon as possible. This will also include the mailing lists.

Posted by zaphod at 19/07/2004 00:00 GMT
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submitting questions to Contact Us page
more from same (Website)
WebsiteWhen submitting questions to the "Contact Us" page please ensure you enter your correct email address. Unfortunately, several replies I tried to send last week bounced due to an incorrect email address (and I wasn't able to find another way to contact the senders).

If you submitted a question recently and have not received a reply please don't hesitate to resend it . We do our best to answer all queries.

Posted by lisa at 31/03/2004 00:00 GMT
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Contact form now working again
more from same (Website)
WebsiteIt was brought to my attention that the contact us page wasn't actually working recently, so I've updated it and it is finally working again. Apologies to those who were expecting a reply from submitting the form. I didn't actually receive any messages from it.

Posted by zaphod at 16/03/2004 00:00 GMT
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Welcome to our new members and visitors!
more from same (Website)
WebsiteA lot of new people have been stopping by this site, thanks to the recently released Goodies DVDs. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to you all; hope you enjoy your visit!

Some features you might enjoy (and which can be accessed from the Menu on the left side of this page) are our fan forums and back issues of the club's newsletter (the Clarion & Globe).

In our club FAQ you'll find information about getting a free membership to the club (yes, free!), which entitles you to an emailed copy of the monthly newsletter. You can also find out how to sign up for the club mailing list. Just click on "FAQ" in the menu and then select "The Club" from the list of FAQ topics on the next screen.

Posted by lisa at 17/09/2003 00:00 GMT
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AOL Weirdness (fixed)
more from same (Website)
Website It would appear that AOL have finally fixed their blockage of email coming from this server. Thanks go to the tireless efforts of my upstream network provider.

Posted by zaphod at 25/08/2003 00:00 GMT
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AOL Weirdness
more from same (Website)
WebsiteDue to AOL's new "Anti-spam" blocking, our mail server has been blocked on "general principles" by AOL. This means that if you are signed up on goodies-l or the clarion & globe mailing lists with an AOL email address, you won't be receiving any email from us.

Posted by zaphod at 08/08/2003 00:00 GMT
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news & comments
more from same (Website)
WebsiteI've just noticed that there seems to be some problems with adding comments to the news articles. I'll be looking into it shortly, as soon as I get a few spare minutes. Either that or I'll just upgrade again :)

Posted by zaphod at 14/05/2003 00:00 GMT
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Download pages
more from same (Website)
WebsiteWhoops! I've only just realised that the downloads page hasn't been working for some time (why doesn't anyone tell me these things) so I've fixed it up for now, at least until the new version of the website becomes active sometime over the next few weeks.

Posted by zaphod at 07/03/2003 00:00 GMT
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News postings
more from same (Website)
WebsiteI am taking the submit news link off the site. Those poeple I have given direct access to the news section will be able to sumbit from the admin menu.

Posted by zaphod at 20/01/2003 00:00 GMT
0 Comments Email Printclick here for more...

Broken Downloads
more from same (Website)
WebsiteThe downloads page apprently does not work with internet explorer version 6. If you are having trouble with the downloads, I would recommend using either Netscape, Mozilla or Opera as they seem to work fine. This should only be required for a short time as I'm still working on an upgrade to the entire site.

Posted by zaphod at 23/09/2002 00:00 GMT
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Last month's poll
more from same (Website)
WebsiteI've been asked to keep last months poll running an extra month, so here it is.

Posted by zaphod at 03/09/2002 00:00 GMT
0 Comments Email Print

New version of website coming soon
more from same (Website)
WebsiteI've been having a play with some new updates for the site and I should have them running within the next couple of weeks. One ofthe major updates is a subscription form for the Clarion & Globe newsletter mailing list. I realise it may not be running before the next edition is due out, but I will make every attempt to see that it does.

Posted by zaphod at 25/07/2002 00:00 GMT
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Photo Gallery
more from same (Website)
WebsiteI've finally rigged up a half decent Image Gallery on the site. You can access it via the menu on the side (Goody Gallery). There are only a few images there for now, but I'll add more as I get time.

Posted by zaphod at 18/06/2002 00:00 GMT
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Goody Banners
more from same (Website)
WebsiteFor those who haven't noticed, or who habitually block out banner ads. You may want to check out some of the new ones on the site, done by the lovely Linda Kay. She's been rather busy lately and I personally think, she's done a great job. incidentally, she also does a lot of work colouring in the Cor Comics Goodies Strips and can be seen on her website. The address of which escapes me for the moment, but I'll add it here when I get to check my email again. **UPDATE ** The address for Linda Kay's Cor Comics website is

Posted by zaphod at 18/06/2002 00:00 GMT
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more from same (Website)
WebsiteI was messing about with some minor upgrades and totally screwed up the themes stuff for a while tonight. All should be happy again now, but if anyone spots any major problems (things that don't work) let me know by emailing

Posted by zaphod at 04/06/2002 00:00 GMT
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minor Update
more from same (Website)
WebsiteA quick update to the site. Brett Allender's brilliant Episode Guide is now available in the Html Articles section of the site. Coming soon: Image Gallery Member Profiles And Much More

Posted by zaphod at 01/05/2002 00:00 GMT
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Blatant acts of stupidity
more from same (Website)
WebsiteBoy do I feel like an idiot. There's me, feeling pretty smug with myself about getting the new website up before I expected to and some kind soul points out that the T-shirt and Blackstar video pages aren't working. Simple solution was, I copied them over from the old site as a temporary fix but I will need to work on them, preferably some kind of form to order them from. Thanks to Alira for pointing this out to me.

Posted by zaphod at 08/04/2002 00:00 GMT
0 Comments Email Print

Upgrade Complete
more from same (Website)
WebsiteAt long last, after much ado about practically nothing, the website has been successfully updated. If anything seems to be broken flip an email over to and I'll see if I can fix it.

Posted by zaphod at 06/04/2002 00:00 GMT
0 Comments Email Printclick here for more...

more from same (Website)
Website Yes, Yes, I've finally got to a stage where I'm almost ready for the long overdue and much promised website upgrade....

Posted by zaphod at 28/03/2002 00:00 GMT
0 Comments Email Printclick here for more...

Website Update
more from same (Website)
Website I realise this is geting tedious, however until I get a stable code base for the site, I won't actually do the upgrade.

Posted by zaphod at 12/03/2002 00:00 GMT
0 Comments Email Printclick here for more...

more from same (Website)
Website This is an official apology for the extended downtime on the site, and the email, and my email, etc. I am truly sorry and rather stressed at the moment but everything seems to be back to normal. If anyone spots anything that was working before and isn't now, let me know asap **UPDATE** It's been nearly 2 weeks since the downtime and upgrades, and nobody has noticed anything not working that was working before so I'm assuming that it will continue working for some time, or at least until the next upgrade, planned for 2 weeks from today.

Posted by zaphod at 11/02/2002 00:00 GMT
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