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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
Back to Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
2006-04-20 21:57:58
Decisions, Decisions...

I've thought about it all a bit more, chatted to the family.  Opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one, and the people closest to me are no exception.

Everyone thinks it's the best idea I've ever had.  I'm getting so much support for it it's a bit scary.  Nobody has laughed at me yet.  Everyone is now asking me why it took me so long to come to the idea!!!

My eldest sister, Michelle (the nice one who doesn't beat me up for being bulimic!) made a very ingenious suggestion which I think is brilliant.  What I'm going to do, is slowly build up my client base - I'm envisaging that it will take up to two years before I get enough clients and work to be able to properly go it alone, but even if I know I'm going to be mainly temping for other people for the next two years, at least I know it won't be indefinitely.

While I do this on a secretarial basis, I'm going to nightschool to take an accounting/book-keeping course, so I will have more to offer to more businesses.  Then when I've finally got my certificate in accounting/book-keeping, I can do another whopping great mailshot to my current clients and also to other businesses (accountants etc) to say "Hey look, I can offer you something else in addition to typing!  For a rather large fee I will ADD UP for you as well!!!"

Or something similar.  I hate numbers and I'm rubbish with them, but if I'm doing it for myself and not to be under the dictatorship of The Man, then it's all gonna be worth it, I reckon.

And something I WILL be able to offer that no business (i.e. freelance secretarial support/word processing etc) is that if the client WANTS somebody to come into the office, I have no objections to coming in to their office for a couple of days a week.  I'm getting me new car today so I can travel a lot further - I don't mind travelling up to two hours a day to work and up to two hours back if it's only for a couple of days a week so a LOT more of the country is available to me.

It'll require a lot of working out.  Thankfully my brother in law is a self-employed accountant so he can a) give me loads of advice (apparently he thinks my idea is a great one!) and b) help me out with my tax return every year!

It's all looking up!

I spoke to my brother in law's sister last night, we went out for a drink - purposely because we both have bulimia, except she's got it controlled a lot better than I do.  Her relapses are fewer and further between and don't last for as long as they used to.

It was fantastic.  I've never spoken before to someone who completely understands and does and has done exactly what I've been doing for years.  But she gave me so much hope that it can be overcome and it will be all right in the end and I won't be fat - and I will one day be able to keep food in its place!  I can't believe it at the moment, but she's done it... so maybe I can as well.

I think the new business starting up project thing will be a good thing to keep me occupied and take my mind off food/slimming/etc for a while.  I can completely obsess on it and get absorbed in it so I won't have time to think about food.

Again, it's all looking up.  With any luck I'll be getting my car tonight (it's still not 100% whether I will due to mix-ups with moving, licence being stolen etc etc) - it'll be brilliant!!!

Mood - Positive, excited, happy - how long will it last?!
Music - M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!!!
Edited -


and if you need a website...

I'm so happy for you dude.

I don't think my text about a certain card got through yesterday (ruuubish signal) but THANKYOU.

lol I had a dream about Tim's carrot undies last night but for some reason it wasn't Tim BT wearing them but Tom from Keane and he was trying to be John Travlota (the hair suited him that's all I can say)!  Much as I like Tom I don't fancy him so I was a wee bittie worried!  I'm over it now!

PeeJ x
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 21/04/2006 02:35 GMT
Now you know how I felt about my Timbo dreams!
Posted by:Not_A_Megalomaniac

Not_A_Megalomaniac WWW 

date: 21/04/2006 18:10 GMT
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