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AC's Journal
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2006-04-18 19:31:43
Look what the cat dragged (back) in!
Hi folks. Yes it's me and I'm back. I hope there's still some people around who remember who I am. hehehehehehe. Anyway I will try to do a short re-cap on what's been happening since I last wrote....

Work: things have been going quite well at work. I was still happy in the secondment which kept getting extended and extended. Just before I went on annual leave my boss told me he wanted me to stay in the secondment until the end of the financial year (ie the end of June) and was sort of hinting that he would like to keep me there longer if he could. So all was going well until today, which was my first day back after annual leave.  The guy I've been working with in the secondment was having an argument with my Team Leader from my regular position. When the boss came in he decided to end my secondment today just to "stop the Team Leader from whinging".  Great    I knew I would have to go back eventually but I wasn't prepared for it to be today!! Plus I didn't like the way they went about it on the spur of the moment like that.  And after 6 months or more in my secondment there was not the least bit of ceremony. No goodbye party, no "thanks for all you've done" just - off you go then. Hmph!  Anyway, that's work for ya! It stinks!

Our house: the house is going well. We have settled in and really like the place. The mortgage seems to be going along OK too. So nice not to have to go house-hunting any more. Hooray!  I've bought a few more SingStar games so I now have all of them. And there's a new one coming out in two days! Yay!  Also a new Buzz game coming out next week! Hooray for PS2!  I finally finished reading The Pythons autobiography. I then read Eric Idle's Greedy Bastard diary which was cool too. Over my holiday I read Nigel Hawthorne's autobiography which was really interesting. And I am now reading Tony Martin's collection of short stories called "Lolly Scramble" which I'm really enjoying as well.

Friends and Family: Trent's Nanna has sold her house and moved into the retirement village last week while we were away on holidays. My mum had to have urgent laser surgery on her eye for glaucoma. I have to take her back next week for the other eye!  One of my girlfriends from high school came out to us that she is gay and her best mate is more than just a friend!  A friend of mine who was living in England on a defacto visa got dumped by her partner and was forced to come back to Australia straight away. Poor love is completely misrable now.  And all my friends are turning 30! My best mate's 30th party is this Saturday.  And the girl who came out to us has decided to have a DRAG party for her 30th. Somehow I don't think I'll be able to convince Trent to wear a dress. Easy for me to go in blokes clothes though. Went for lunch with our pals Ken & Belle yesterday and saw their two adorable new puppies!! So cwute! [img border="0" alt=""][/img]

Lucky last, some other general "me" stuff: Just finished two weeks annual leave. Trent and I went for a driving holiday up the coast. Stayed a night in Lakes Entrance and a night in Merimbula. Then we stayed with Trent's Dad in Shoalhaven Heads for a few days. Then on the way back we stayed in Eden and Metung.  It was a lovely break. Then came home and ate hot cross buns and chocolate for Easter. Yay! 
The Melbourne Comedy festival is on at the moment. I went to the Gala because my friend had a spare ticket. It was a fun night.  We have also booked tickets to see Dylan Moran and Lano & Woodley. Should be fun! 
And frighteningly, I too shall soon be turning 30! Trent and I will be turning 30 within a month of each other so we are thinking of having a combined party. Not sure what we want to do yet. It's all seeming a bit too much like hard work to me!  Also in July it will be 10 years that we've been together! So we have to think of something interesting to do to celebrate our anniversary as well.

So mostly I've been going pretty well. and I promise I will try to get on here a bit more often!!
I will try and post some photos from our trip too.

P.S. I cut up some chillis for dinner and then rubbed my nose. Now my nose is burning!!!

P.P.S  The new series of Dr Who started in England on Saturday so we (naughtily) down-loaded it and watched it on Sunday.
I like David Tennant. He's a bit of a hottie.

Anyway enough from me for now. Drop me a comment and say hi.

Mood - Orright
Music - Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
Edited - Never

AC!!! It's great to have you back! Glad to hear you've been having a fun time - sounds like an awesome holiday! Lucky you for going to the comfest Gala! Do you know how hard it is to get those tickets? Some people would be willing to sell their soul! Sometimes you have to remind them that its televised...

Jealous glares heading your way for Dylan Moran and Lano & Woodley...  just kidding But really... ]:)
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 18/04/2006 20:37 GMT
Yeah!! Welcome back AC, long time no hear.  I'm glad to hear the everything is going well for you and Life is good(ie).  You're right about David Tennant - not bad- but wait until you should see him in the last Harry Potter Movie 'The Goblet of Fire', - bit scary - he has that snake thing really happening.  I can certainly relate to the chilli episode - one christmas I made chilli sauce for my father and did not use gloves (as the receipe suggested) and spent the next two days with my bl@@dy hands in milk .  Congratulations on the anniversary that is quite an achievement and we look forward to the holiday pics.  Later Gator!!
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 19/04/2006 09:42 GMT
Yay,AC-was wondering where you got to.  You've been a busy thing.  I missed out on getting the eric idle diary on ebay-you have spurred me on to look for it again. So glad to hear that everything is going well wih the house  .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 19/04/2006 11:56 GMT
Welcome back AC! Nice to read your journals again and thanks btw for commenting on mine! I've just watched The Holy Grail and it's brilliant - I couldn't stop laughing at the God sequence. (evil grin)
Posted by:ek


date: 19/04/2006 16:04 GMT
Thanks heaps for the comments guys! 

Mazzanda I only got to go to the Gala at the absolute last minute.
A friend of mine had a spare ticket and phoned me half an hour before it was due to start!  The seats were waaaaay waaaay waaaaay at the back even though my mate bought the tickets months ago. But it was still fun!  I really wanted to see Lano & Woodley since it's their last tour and I just had to see Dylan Moran while he's out here.

Bondgirl - ooh I must see that Harry Potter movie. Been meaning to see it for a while actually. And yeah those chillis can really pack a punch!

Daftbird - the Eric Idle diary is a good read. Worth having if you can find it. He originally wrote the diary on the Python website and updated it as he was travelling round on the tour. Then they edited it and made it into the book.

ek - yeah the Holy Grail is soo funny. "What are you doing?" "Averting my eyes" "Well stop it!" hehehehehehe
A friend of ours said to us a few weeks ago "I always hear things about this Monty Python and I don't really know what it is. I must see it one day"  We immediately pulled out our 4 film Python box set (imported from the UK) and loaned it to her.
Apparently she's only watched The Life of Brian so far and didn't seem to be very keen on it.
Posted by:AC


date: 19/04/2006 18:03 GMT
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