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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
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2006-04-13 19:00:35
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep!!!

I've had enough of being a miserable git!!!  I am going to revert to my usual madcap hyper happy cheery self!


Went to bed last night to finish off watching Superstar and I declared to my family "Right I am off to watch Bill Oddie take his clothes off!!!"

They were scared.  Shocked, mainly.  I don't think they realised the comedy value of that statement.

Could've been worse, I could've said I was off to watch Graeme Garden's crotch in a wetsuit (which I did after Superstar!).

I'm trying to think of what various exercise type things I can do.  Because most of this awful hulking mass could do with a bit of the old tummy firming bottom perting thigh narrowing exercises.  I'm thinking of planning out a walk around where I live - only half an hour or so a day, maybe do a bit of skipping or dancing or something to make it up to three quarters of an hour/an hour.  If I exercise enough, y'see, then I'll lose weight faster and instead of having loads of skin hanging off me, I'll look quite toned and vaguely athletic.  Only vaguely though. 

Speaking of pert bottoms.  Graeme contemplating jumping out the window in Change of Life.  Heavens.  You know there's not many men who look just as exciting from the back as they are from the front.  I think his bottom's got more pert as he's got older. 

How very thrilling.

I'm still waiting to hear back about my car.  Hopefully they'll get it to me by next Friday but somehow I doubt it strongly.  I'm also waiting to hear back about my job.

Never mind.  I booked the hotel for Halifax.  Technically Halifax is close enough to Preston for us NOT to stay, but my house is tiny and will not house two extra guests and besides, SOME of us need a nerve-calming brandy before we attempt to meet Timbo or Graybags - which if we're driving, I won't be able to have.  So hotel it is. 

OOOH!!!  We could go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Leeds on the Monday... IT'S GOT KEITH MOON'S DRUM IN IT!!!!

I'm really quite excited about it now.

It's Bank Holiday weekend from tomorrow onwards.  Thank God, I'll have enough time to finally clear my room out and get it looking vaguely liveable in.  Sadly my Batman wobble clock broke last night.  I'll have to get the projection Batman alarm clock now (it's great, you press a button and you get a hologram of the Batsignal with the time on!).  For those who don't know, my room IS the Batcave.  I have Batman bedding, a Batman television/DVD combi (with a bat shaped remote control!!!), Batman posters, it just rocks.

I also have two Goodies posters behind my door... but that's just for eye candy when I wake up...  Oh and a poster of Robert Newton as Long John Silver behind my cupboard door so I can yell "AHAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!" every time I open the aforementioned cupboard.  And also added eye candy.  I admit it.  I fancy Robert Newton rotten.  He could shiver my timbers any day (well if he wasn't dead, like.  Or 101 years old!).  He looks like Keith Moon!!!  And he was utterly ravageable in Jamaica Inn.  Specially when he wore a pair of trousers that would've made Graeme Garden jealous!!!!!!!!!


Nothing terrible's happened yet - but it's only 10:15, give it time. 

I'm seriously considering getting help for the eating disorders after I change GPs.  Only thing is I think there's only one eating disorder clinic around here and I am NOT going back there.  It was decorated black, pink and purple.  I felt like a total loony just by walking in there.  And the woman who was psycho-analysing me was this drop dead gorgeous size 10 stick thing who didn't laugh at any of my jokes.  What would SHE know about it???  And not laughing at my jokes is NOT the way to put me at my ease. 

I'm just fed up of having a panic attack every time I eat something that isn't fruit.  Nobody at home can even begin to understand it.  Not that they want to.  I would just like to be able to eat a meal and not either a) have two desserts and three bags of crisps and a bottle of wine and a few rounds of toast and peanut butter after it or b) have to throw it all up or c) WORRY about it.  I AM FINALLY GOING TO BE BRAVE AND GET HELP!!!!

I hope.  I mean even the professionals say I have a great insight into my disorder but the fact I have it anyway is a bit worrying.  Dunno what the hell they can do with that.  Still I'm sure they'll relish the challenge.

Enough of me benig boring.  I'm going to go home after work and watch Tim spank Bill.  And Bill in a tutu...

Mood - Strangely excited for some unknown reason!!!
Music - The Top Ten At Ten on the radio.
Edited - Never

Good for you dude! Good luck with it.

Would have loved to have seen your family's faces when you told them about Bill stripping!!

Halifax will be ace!  YAYYYYYY!

Have a nice holiday

Peej x
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 13/04/2006 19:46 GMT
Yay!  Go Spev!  If there's no decent clinic nearby, is there an online thingy you can try? I until recently hung out quite heavily on the message board at  Getting a bit over it now.  Starting to realise a lot of it's the same people posting the same kinda thing over and again, not making any real progress.  But it worked while I was really crook, I could go there and say 'Oi, could someone remind me why I'm not supposed to do myself in?'

I've had one good counsellor, and two crap ones.  One just sat and talked at me ad infinitum, and didn't actually ask me anything about how I was feeling or why.  I was suicidal at the time, but she didn't notice.  I guess there's crap counsellors just like there's crap dog groomers and crap postmen.  But crap postmen and dog groomers don't do so much damage.
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 14/04/2006 13:50 GMT
TWO Goodies posters, eh? Lucky, lucky!
I sincerely hope you can get help. I personally have never suffered from an eating disorder, but I've seen people affected by these sort of things and its terrible.
Posted by:ek


date: 14/04/2006 16:36 GMT
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