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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
Back to Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
2006-03-31 18:30:04
Journalling Badge Number THREE!!!!!

This is it - what I've been striving for ever since I joined this 'ere website!!!


Surely by now I should at least be in line for CONSIDERATION for my World Domination Badge...

My test drive yesterday was a bit of a nightmare.  There'd been a really bad crash mid-morning on the road the garage was on so the traffic was gridlocked all day on that road.

I got in, said I was there for the three o'clock test drive, was told that nobody could see me from Kia so they got someone who worked for Hyundai to take me on the test drive, sort out the paperwork etc - he'd only been there for a month, bless him, he barely knew about Hyundais!  I had to tell HIM all about Kias!!  It was bloody ridiculous.

Then someone came in to pick up their brand spanking new Kia and he had to go and sort them out (hardly anyone else was in) and then he had to take them to the garage to fill their petrol tank up and cos of the traffic it took him over an hour to get back.  I was bored stiff.

Then we went on the drive and immediately got stuck in traffic.

If any of you fancy one, Kia Picantos are FANTASTIC in first gear and can do 0-5 miles an hour in 0.1 seconds.  Don't know much else.

It's a lovely car mind you.  Really nice to drive.  The indicator lever and the windscreen wiper lever are on opposite sides (i.e. the indicator's on the right and the windscreen wipers on the left) - so every time I wanted to go left or right I switched on the windscreen wipers!!  But it's not too bad, I'll get used to it.  IF I get it.

They've got to go through a pretty huge credit check and they reckon if they can't get me credit for a car, nobody can!!

I am screwed, and not in a good way.

Went shopping for clothes last night - got loads of little tops to wear over each other - am thinking SCIENTIFICALLY about this.  Graeme would be so proud of me...

Everyone laughed at me for buying one of those plug adaptor thingies for UK to European plugs cos I'm taking my hairdryer with me.  I thought it was me being sensible.  Never mind.

Lost my temper completely and utterly for the first time in my life last night.  Just snapped.  It had been building up for weeks and I screamed like a mad idiot when mum and dad picked a completely unfair row with me.  Nearly hit them.  Not proud of it now but at least I know I CAN lose my temper.  I must just have an incredibly long fuse (said the electrician to the young housewife left alone while her husband was away at work!)...  They do my head in sometimes.  But last night was just uncalled for. 

I'd bought the soundtrack to a film called Stardust off Ebay for a tenner.  I love that film, it's got Moonie in it - but the reason I bought it was because the band in the film made some really cool songs and I was chuffed to find out there was actually a soundtrack. 

Anyway they ask what Stardust is, and I say "It's a film with David Essex, and Adam Faith, and Paul Nicholas... *mumble* and Keith Moon."

Now I know mum and dad don't like Keith Moon, but I thought they were over telling me I'm going to die before I'm forty if I'm a fan of his (dunno how that one works but anyway).  But that wasn't even the reason I'd bought the soundtrack, it was literally for the songs.

So they start tearing into me telling me I make their lives a misery and my attitude stinks and I'm utterly selfish and I hate them and I'm obviously intent to destroy my family and blah blah blah blah blah....  I wouldn't mind but I'd literally just walked through the door after being out at work all morning and stuck in traffic all bloody afternoon - didn't get home till nearly seven!!

It's been so long since they've gone at me like that I'd forgotten how awful it was - (usually this results in me going out, buying five boxes of chocolate, forcing them down my neck, taking a huge handful of painkillers and taking slices out of my arms - thankfully it didn't this time, but I was VERY close to doing it!) but this time I just screamed right back at them... which obviously made it worse because they weren't expecting it.  Have given up caring what they think about me.  I know who I am and where I'm going and what's in my heart and if that isn't good enough for them then I'm sorry but tough. 

Anyway - NORWAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Will keep you updated re: the car.  Hope I get it.  It'll be so lovely if I do!!!

Sorry for venting, but still, this is what a journal's for!!

Mood - Exhausted - five hours sleep doesn't agree with me
Music - A Walk in the Black Forest... no not really!
Edited -

OH, lovie, parents are crap sometimes.  Family is crap sometimes.  Life is crap sometimes.  Don't worry, I'm not going to get all preachy and say 'they're only concerned about you because they love you' blah blah blah.  Only you and tehy know if that's so.

Don't hurt yourself.  Don't let the bastards win.  Keep your beady eye on Norway, getting a flat and getting that car (and world domination and goody-napping).  Getting a flat might make the world of difference.  I get on loads better with my folks now that we don't live together anymore.

Maybe they're worried you're going to be sucked into the high-flying sex and drugs and rock n roll lifestyle.  But it's a bit of a long call to say buying a movie soundtrack is going to destroy your family.

Big hug:

Posted by:jodievdw


date: 01/04/2006 07:39 GMT
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