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Not_A_Megalomaniac's Journal
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2006-03-21 21:32:35
I've now traumatised Preston...

Last night I decided to tape my Goodies records onto cassette for my car.  This morning I listened to The New Goodies LP VERY loudly on my way to work with the window wound down very slightly so that everyone else could share the happiness of listening to The Goodies with me.

I got a LOT of very funny looks.  I couldn't help it.  Trying to do The Cricklewood Shakedown whilst driving and with a very painful coccyx with pain radiating up your lower back is a very complicated activity.  There was a lot of shoulder shimmying and head bobbing going on.

Played Nappy Love really REALLY loudly in the car-park of the hospital.  At first I really didn't like that song because I thought it was a bit dodgy, but now I love it, it really makes me giggle, specially the backing singing (You don't mean?!?!  Oh THAT!!)!!

Had to get out of the car during I'm A Teapot but I shall rewind it and start all over again when I go home tonight.  I don't care who sees me enjoying myself on the way to work each morning - they're only jealous they don't have such a good time in their car!!

Looked in my rear view mirror at one point and saw the Evil Ginger Gnome behind me.  Got really freaked out, and nearly started crying.  For those of you that don't know, the Evil Ginger Gnome is a very nasty man who I hope rots in hell (if I believed in hell), and who should never be allowed to befriend any women ever in his life because he's too evil.  Still, I'm better than that.  I tried to just concentrate on the Goodies instead.  Still feel sick just thinking about him though.

I've realised it's not natural to feel so maternal over Tim.  Maybe I don't feel maternal at all.  Maybe I feel completely the opposite of maternal, it's just my feelings towards him are so repressed that's how they're revealing themselves.

Or maybe not.

Nearly died laughing this morning at work. One of the consultants cracks me up.  He's an old perve but he's dead funny.  I've done some of his dictation and nearly had a hernia laughing.

He comes in and says in his Very Posh Voice to his secretary "You're so lovely, and you're looking ever so smart, you look more beautiful than ever - but that uniform just doesn't do ANYONE any favours!" so I fell about laughing, and then he pinched my bum!!!


Then he came over and said "Come out here with me, I have something I want to show you" to which I replied "Bet you say that to ALL the girls!"  He said "We have a particular sort of discipline here that I'd like to show you that we deal out to all secretaries who misbehave and giggle too much!" and he pointed to the end of the corridor, where a man was sat with a neck and head brace on and he said "He used to be a secretary, and he misbehaved too - so just watch it!" and I said "Gosh he'd best be careful he doesn't get the hiccups!" and he was killing himself laughing.

He's secretly my hero, but all the other secretaries think he's just a horrid dirty old man and a right snob.  I don't think he is at all, I think he's just got a really dry, sarcastic sense of humour.

Anyway, enough of that, I've got to figure out how to translate these op notes on a Brain Lab Guided Craniotomy and Primary Excision of a Left Tempora-Parietal Meningioma (no, I don't know what it is either).

Thanks to everyone who commented on my journal.  My plans for world domination are in full swing!!!

Mood - Stoned again - back on the tablets
Music - Custard Pie is playing in my head!
Edited - Never

I've got a 'sleazy' friend EXACTLY like that. I asked him for help with an assignment and he gave me a link to a website. Clicked on it, turned away in disgust when it happened to be a porn website. Dirty bastard!
Posted by:ek


date: 22/03/2006 16:30 GMT
That old perve is disturbing on so many levels
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 23/03/2006 11:29 GMT
That old perve is disturbing on so many levels
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 23/03/2006 11:30 GMT
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