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AC's Journal
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2006-01-16 18:59:06
All happenning
Well I haven't written in here for a little while. Been too tired and/or too busy! Must catch up a bit on the main points...

Last Wednesday Trent and I went out for dinner to celebrate nine-and-a-half years together! A pretty good acheivement I think! We had a lovely meal at a Japanese restaurant called Aya. After dinner we went for a walk and had a gelati. It was very nice.

On Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over to play the Buzz! quizz and the Singstar Karaoke games on my Playstation. We drank lots of red wine and ate lots of pizza. It was really fun! At the end we had a sing off where we all sung The Village People's YMCA.
I got the best score. Yay for me!

Trent's mum was away for the weekend so we had the dog staying with us. He's had all these rashes on his skin (as dogs tend to get in summer) and is supposed to be taking anti-biotics. But do you think we could get the damn tablets into the dog?? Not on your life!! Usually when he has tablets we just put it in a blob of margarine or peanut butter or with some cheese and he will gobble it up. But these tablets smell so bad he wouldn't come near them regardless of what food we put them with. In the end we had to hold him and force the thing into his mouth. Even then he wouldn't swallow it and we basically had to hold his mouth closed for 10minutes waiting for it to dissolve. Anyway, he got his revenge on us. Waited till all our visitors had arrived and then threw up on the loungeroom floor. Ick!!!!!

Apart from that we've just been working and packing. Lots and lots of packing. Still feels like we've hardly made a dent though. Why do we have so much stuff???  And it's only one week to settlement day! Eek! I'm slightly panicked. Mainly just really looking forward to having the yukky stuff (like packing, organising all the paperwork and signing things and stuff, moving and unpacking) all finished and out of the way so we can settle in and enjoy the new house.

Oh and by the way - I have already achieved one of my New Year's resolutions which was to suck up to the boss so that I can stay on this secondment as long as possible. Well today he agreed to let me stay until Miso comes back. That's not til April!! Whoo hoo!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot that I have a couple more photos to post:

The first one is of Trent and I many, many years ago in our early days together. Back when we both had long hair!!  I think Trent was just about to poke out his tongue here...

And now for the "After" shot. This is us now. Well, I guess it was a year and a half ago rather than 'now' but near enough...

Mood - Pretty good
Music - Lovecats - The Cure
Edited -

Aww, how sweet. Was Trent one of those grunge boys who was madly and deeply in love with Nirvana?
Congrats on the job! Let's hope the boss will be convinced to let you do it even longer!

*sings* We move like caged tigers, oh we couldn't get closer than this...
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 16/01/2006 19:41 GMT
(i won't get lovecats out of my head all night wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty...etc.)Trent is a DIFFERENT PERSON!Arrgggghhh!!!!!Invasion of the body snatchers.And you look just the same..except more mature-notice i didn't say "older"-rather your features are more defined.Pictures were a good diversion from the bit where the dog threw up,excellent .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 16/01/2006 22:33 GMT
AC the dog trowing up was a protest over being force to take them. We had a dog who did a poo on my mum and dad bed because it wasnt happy to be left being when we went to a dog show. Mind you that dog she never loved to be shown in the first place.
Posted by:RatDog


date: 16/01/2006 23:00 GMT
Cheers guys!

I think Trent was more into Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots and that sort of thing. But you know, we all quite liked Nirvana in those days too. I'm actually wearing a Beatles Revolver album cover T-shirt in that photo! I'm trying to place the year. I'd say it was around 1997 but couldn't be sure.

Yeah Trent does look different. The scary thing is that I look almost exactly the same!! I hope I still do (as if!!)  You know Trent got his hair cut all in one hit. So he basically went from the first picture to the second picture in one day! I think the poor hairdresser nearly had a heart attack! All the other hairdressers and customers in the place gathered round to watch.  Trent still had the pony tail which got cut off. Maybe he still has it stashed away somewhere. I can't remember if I made him throw it out!

Yeah dogs are funny like that. Trent's dog used to steal a shoe or a piece of clothing off the line belonging to whoever was the last person to leave the house. ie, whoever was the one to leave him ALONE was going to cop it!! hahahaha Cheeky bugger
Posted by:AC


date: 17/01/2006 07:12 GMT
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