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daftbird's Journal
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2006-01-08 13:11:23
tainted love
Sometimes i feel i've got to run away...

A brilliant thing has happened today.a good thing.A nice thing.Yes,quite nice.For the longest time have been trying to get another copy of marc almond/softcell's greatest hits called memorabilia.Got it in the u.k. in 1991 and a couple of yea...oh to cut a long story short it's now stuffed-and have  tracked one down on ebay-for 99p YAY!Trouble is i don't have paypal or anything so the bankdraft will be $20.00+the postage BUT i would've paid anything to get it YAY!!!!!!!.

The funny thing with marc almond is that when tainted love came out i was 11 years old,country bred and incredibly innocent and developed quite a crush on him completely unaware that he was gay-and even if someone had told me i wouldn't have really understood the full implications of it.To me he looked interesting and different!Off this compilation I love "tears run rings" and can't wait to have this song again and jump around the loungeroom to it.good stuff.

Mood - happified
Music - i'm gonna make you a star-david essex
Edited - Never

Trent always teases me because I didn't know George Michael was gay. But we're talking back in the Wham days here - when I was 8yo and listened to the "Make it Big" album all the time.  My retort is that all 80s male musicians looked gay so how could I tell the difference.  I mean really, Billy Idol was the tough-guy of 80s music and he wore frosted pink lipstick!
Posted by:AC


date: 08/01/2006 15:39 GMT
Along these lines-i wonder if howard jones was/is gay?He could be-it seems that everyone is gay.Sometimes i feel like shouting out ala joan cusack in "in and out"-"is EVERYBODY gay?".The example of george michael is a funny one because looking back you think-well why couldn't i see that-it's so obvious-those little shorts he used to wear and everything.I remember my dad saying at the time in the 80's that boy george was "queer" which didn't mean much to me at the time and i said-no he's not he just really likes to wear a lot of make-up .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 08/01/2006 20:35 GMT
hehehe Yeah that's the other thing I usually say if Trent teases me about not knowing George Michael was gay I say "Well I didn't even know that Boy George was gay so what do you expect?"  I also wonder about those lads from Spandau Ballet.
Posted by:AC


date: 08/01/2006 20:54 GMT
Oh YES-some of those guys in spandau ballet were GORGEOUS-well at least they seemed so at the time.Oh,i tell you who i REALLY loved...was the lead singer of haircut 100...swinging around on that tarzan rope singing "love plus one"...nick...whatisname...?will have to google it...can't remember.Note to self-google haircut 100+howard jones,looking for gayness.Come to think of it,was it nick heyward?Can't be sure ,will still have to go check it out.oh and i loved the lead singer of naked eyes too.What a SICK little girl! .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 08/01/2006 23:00 GMT goes! I think Tony Hadley(lead singer) of Spandau Ballet is rather hunky (I like to watch him sing True on my '80s dvd)...and pleeeease no-one tell me he's gay! I didn't know George Michael was either...and I think I'm older than both of you and should have known better...but I didn't care much for him, anyway! (Nevertheless, Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" has a bit about someone ( 'f' word rhymes with maggot) with "that little f****t  with the earring and the make-up, yeah buddy that's his own hair: that little f****t got his own jet airplane; That little f****t he's a millionaire!" Someone, at the time, told me that was supposed to be about George Michael.

I saw an interview with Boy George some years back, and they asked if he's ever done "it" with a girl. He said he hadn't; he liked boys. So he doesn't so much as go "both ways".

I became a big Phil Collins fan in the eighties. He's NOT gay...thank goodness! I don't think any of the Genesis boys were either. So it's not all bad news. This all brings to mind a story. I think I'll share it in my journal...stay tuned...
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 09/01/2006 12:03 GMT
Janice -i didn't know that it was about gm-brilliant!Do you remember that quote of boy george where he said he'd rather have a good cup of tea shall i put it nicely in this journal?...a roll in the hay.That seemed to b everywhere at the time.Phil Collins was just not ATTRACTIVE enough to be gay.i'm a female and didn't find him attractive so a man sure wouldn't .Will look forward to reading your story .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 09/01/2006 12:34 GMT
Well... I thought Phil was cute! He seemed like a real 'nice guy' and was funny, too. Kinda like my own boyfriend... not a pin-up boy, but a real nice guy. I didn't, usually, get crushes on famous guys at that stage...Mel Gibson being one exception! Te he!

I don't know if I recall the Boy George thing.

The story is now entered in my journal...get your cuppa and a few's a long read!!
Posted by:Janice

Janice WWW 

date: 10/01/2006 00:28 GMT
I thought Phil Collins was kind of cute too. More in a "teddy-bear cute" kind of way rather than a "hot-stuff cute" kind of way.
I remember some stupid girl tried to pull a paternity suit on Boy George claiming that her baby was his child.  He actually testified in court that he had never had sex with a woman ever.  That women really should have chosen her celebrity to extort a bit more carefully
Posted by:AC


date: 10/01/2006 18:48 GMT
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