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AC's Journal
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2005-12-09 18:09:13
My week
Wednesday night I went out to dinner with Mum, which I always do on Wednesday nights.  We found out that Trent's cousin Cathy has had to go into hospital due to an infection from an operation/procedure that she had. She's been having trouble conceiving. They went to try IVF but were not even able to harvest any eggs. When she had this operation they found that her ovaries were trapped in behind her bowel! They were able to shift them back to the right spot for her. So her possibility of having kids is looking slightly more positive. But now this infection and she's had to go back to hospital! Who would be a female? Honestly. Why would ya?  My hormones have gone all doolally and cockamamie at the moment (yet again) but I wont go on about that because no-one wants to hear it - least of all me!

Things have been quite busy and crazy at work. Yesterday was OK though because I had my team's Christmas lunch. We all trooped up to the local Thai restaurant and had some yummy lunch. We also exchanged Kris Kringle presents. I got a beaded box full of bath salts, soaps and that sort of gear. I always seem to get stuff like that for Kris Kringle. I guess people have no idea what to buy me. It's cool though because I like that bath stuff anyway really.

We also had a surprise visitor at our team lunch. A guy called Miki who used to work with us popped in for a visit. He had come to tell us his big news that he got a job working at the Werribee Open Range Zoo (sort of a safari park). The job is working at the lion enclosure doing some kind of dramatic interpretation. (Don't ask me???) He reckons he got the job because he was the only applicant who dressed up. He went dressed as a park ranger with plastic binoculars and everything! hahahaha Good old Miki. He always was the wacky one!

Got home last night and had a lovely bath using my new "lavender and vanilla bean" bath salts. It was very nice but it left purple marks on the bath. Oops! Finished writing all the invitations for our Christmas Day get-together. And my uncle dropped round with a bottle of wine and a tea-towel which says "Thanks for collecting the mail" on it. Very cute!

I had to get up early today for another early meeting at work. The alarm went off and interupted me having a totally bizarre dream. I was in the audience at some kind of stage show. I think it was a Disney type show and I think it was taking place on a cruise ship or something. I was in the front seat and there was a Chinese woman sitting next to me with her cat. I was patting the cat and it started to speak (meow) to the woman. Then she translated to me that the cat wanted me to give it something like a present or some money. I had two novelty coins which were souveneirs from the show so I was going to give those to the cat but then I woke up. What the hell was that all about??

Anyway, nothing very interesting happened at work today. The best thing was that I have too much flexi-time built up. They don't like us to accumulate more than 10 hours at a time. I had around 13 hours so to keep mine below 10 I had to leave work at 2pm. Yay!  So I've had a nice relaxed afternoon just buggering about on the computer.

Good thing we aren't doing anything tonight because I'm stuffed. It's only 6:30 and I feel like going to bed now!

Mood - I'm always tired - but still positive
Music - Spinal Tap
Edited - Never

Well that's one hell of a dream but do you know why we have dreams (i am a dream expert) sleeping is a way of recharging (duh) and dreaming is your mind cleaning away things and memories from the brain from the previous day and kind of erasing them but more combining them into a kind of future warning or luck giver but if you don't agree with me or believe me i don't mind coz i get it a lot at school and stuff but that's just a fact for ya!

anyway i'm always tired as well mainly because i think too much at night and my room gets too hot (and there is a fan in my room but i'm not stuffed getting up).
Posted by:theshufflemaster


date: 09/12/2005 18:39 GMT
Just a bit off topic - This Is Spinal Tap DVD is on sale at JBHiFi for $12
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 10/12/2005 21:18 GMT
Hey AC,cockamamie hormones-tell me about it!Opinion:hormones suck.A lot.'Tis pity that we need them to regulate everything because they're a DRAG!(man).About your dream-you got me to thinking-did you happen to check out that chicken chowmein thing that katsup posted the link to?-would explain why you would put chinese and cat together in the same dream.And in a complete change of subject,i wish i had a JB HiFi nearby-that's a bargain!
Posted by:daftbird


date: 11/12/2005 21:56 GMT
Well, you can't be blamed for wanting to sleep early! I'd be exhausted too if I had to go to those early work meetings!

I tend to have really weird dreams too! But I love them because they're like watching a movie - they're so entertaining! I once dreamt I could fly and it was devastating when I woke up!
Posted by:ek


date: 12/12/2005 17:19 GMT
Hey guys.  Yeah dreams are weird.  I definately hold with the view that dreaming is your mind's way of clearing out leftover crap. I'm not big on interpreting dreams or using them as premonitions or anything though (lucky really - otherwise I'd have cats speaking to me in Chinese!)

I actually didn't see the chicken chowmein thing so I have no idea where that crazy dream came from really. hehehe

Yeah hormones definately suck. It's annoying having so little control over them. It's like they have a mind of their own and they have much more control over my body than I have!!

Gotta love This Is Spinal Tap. We have it on DVD already. Also have the CD album too. Found it in one of those $10 CD shops in the city. Actually it was at the one inside Southgate upstairs. Which is the same shop where I met Bill Oddie!
Posted by:AC


date: 12/12/2005 19:01 GMT
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