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AC's Journal
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2005-12-06 18:13:03
I had to go last night because dinner was ready. Lovely Vietnamese soup made by my lovely bf. mmmm
Anyway here's the rest of my weekend...

Saturday night we watched the DVD of Bubba Ho-Tep. It was very funny. And strange. When there was about 20mins til the end of the movie the electricity went off again!! Luckily it came straight back on so we could watch the end of the movie but all the clocks were out again.

Before I went to bed I did a quick Google search about cramps. I was thinking about the leg cramp I'd had the night before and also wondering if these pains in my lower back and tummy that I've been getting in the middle of the night could possibly be cramps.  Opinion seems to be somewhat divided about the causes of cramps. One possibility was dehydrataion. I thought this was unlikely since I drink crap-loads of water and had been eating a fair bit of salty food. But then I thought maybe there were some other kind of electrolyte type things that I could be lacking in. So before I went to bed I drank some "Gastrolyte" which I had left over from when I had a stomach bug last yet.  Another possible cause for the cramps was lack of potassium. So I ate half a banana before bed too. It was the best night's sleep I've had for ages!  Don't know if it was the electrolyte drink, the banana, or just the fact that I was so tired???

Sunday we decided to go to Camberwell and do some Christmas shopping. Arrived in the carpark to find that it was actually full with the Camberwell Market (which we had forgotten about) So we parked elsewhere and had a browse through the market. Didn't buy much except a Ben Elton book for $3.50, but we did have a good browse and Trent took some cool photos.

Went to the regular shops and bought some Christmas presents including a copy of the first Goodies DVD for my Dad, his gf and my two little half-brothers.  Also bought some of those "Make Poverty History" wristbands as small prezzies for my friends. I always like to buy Christmas presents which give some money to charity since Christmas tends to be so extravagent.

Trent's mum was coming round so of course we had to do some quick housework in the afternoon. Then the three of us went out for dinner which was very nice. And then somehow Trent and I agreed to have people round to our place on Christmas Day!  What were we thinking? Are we mad?  Well hopefully it shouldn't be too bad. It will just be Trent's mum and my mum for dinner and the rest of the arvo/evening we are just inviting family and friends to drop in for drinks and nibblies.

That's about it for my weekend. Yesterday was OK at work. Walter whose dad owns a deli brought in some nice deli-meats and cheeses and Laura got some bread rolls and we ate it all for lunch.  Today was busy and stressful and horrible at work though. December is a busy month for us so more craziness ahead I fear.

Last but not least, Leesa sent me some photos from the work Christmas party on Friday night so I thought I'd post one here. I'm only posting the thumbnail but you should be able to see it full size if you click on it. I'm the one third from the right in the black t-shirt with bamboo on it and the goofy smile. hehehehehe

Mood - Trying to wind down after a stressful day
Music - Born Slippy - Underworld
Edited -

WOW i've never seen someone whose HAPPY about xmas shopping i hate it i mean i'm trying to save up for sims 2 DS for my nintendo DS and then xmas comes round and i have to spend my money but i thought well i just won't buy anyone prezies this year except my kris kringle but i can get away with it i'm only 12 hehehe but i think you look nice in the photo much better than me!
Posted by:theshufflemaster


date: 06/12/2005 19:27 GMT
AC-well aren't you a lively , happy,and attractive thing,then!When i looked at the photo-large- it said underneath on the screen "click here if this image is porn".i should have clicked on it just to see what it said,but didn't.Hey,maybe the computer would've blown up or something equally as exciting?!?!  .Gastrolyte is very good if you've had too much to drink-fixes you up quick smart.Though i can't remember the last time i had an alcoholic drink.Some scotch would go down a treat right this minute!
Posted by:daftbird


date: 06/12/2005 22:07 GMT
Hey guys.
Shuffle I don't really like Christmas shopping. I just feel a bit better about it if I can get stuff which gives some money to charity.  Usually I just end up shopping for myself instead of everyone else anyway. Which is good, but then it's bad, because I'm spending all my money and wasting all my time and still haven't done any proper Christmas shopping!!

daftbird it is hillarious that your computer thought the picture of my work Christmas party was porn! :-D hahahahahaha
I've never used Gastrolyte as a hangover cure but I always drink those sport drink things which I guess is similar.
Posted by:AC


date: 07/12/2005 19:49 GMT
How can you forget the Camberwell Market? Are you sure you're from Melbourne? :-P I can see Camberwell from my house... Do you ever go through the junction and feel like you're in another country? It kind of reminds me of Britain.

Sorry to hear about your cramps. Maybe bananas, water and Gastrolyte are the way to go. I had cramps from dehydration on the weekend during my hippy-ing it up at the music fest, it wasn't pleasant. You couldn't exactly run down to the river and drink out of it because there was many a skinny-dipper, and God knows where those Hippies have been! I also had very long filming shifts, so I couldn't abandon my post. So I sympathise with you!

I was going past Parliament steps on a tram the other week and saw people with the "Make Poverty History" sign and candles. It's nice that people aren't forgetting about it and the white bands aren't just a fad. Good on you for purchasing them!
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 07/12/2005 23:40 GMT
Sorry to hear about the cramps - hope your 'remedies' have worked okay!
I actually like Christmas shopping. It all depends on who I'm buying for. I once bought my male 13 year old cousin a Matchbox CD and he was not really pleased with it - I could tell by the grimace. So I thought, out of revenge for being unhappy with it, I'd buy him an Eminem CD. Low and behold, it turns out he likes THAT garbage. Pfft....
Posted by:ek


date: 08/12/2005 20:50 GMT
Hey Mazzanda. I know it's crazy that we forgot about the Camberwell market. Especially since it's only 10mins from here. But we usually go to Camberwell on Saturdays when the carpark is just a carpark! 

Hi ek. Yeah Christmas shopping can sometimes be OK. The worst part is just that the shops and car parks get so busy. People everywhere! Agh!  I have to admit I would probably grimace at a Matchbox CD OR an Eminem CD. But I'm just fussy
Posted by:AC


date: 09/12/2005 15:07 GMT
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