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daftbird's Journal
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2007-05-16 10:56:10
if i needed someone to love you're the one that...
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
if i needed someone to love you're the one that i'd be thinking of if i needed someone

I tried that thing that someone on stace's blog suggested -to google your name and the word needs. Well, I must say that it was a bit of silly fun and here is what came up:

lee needs more support (yes)

lee needs glasses (no, the old eyes are hangin in there yet)

lee needs love (probably, the real kind)

lee needs to leave walmart (depends if anything is on sale)

lee needs to be shown the backdoor (?? do do do looking out my backdoor -really is quite disturbing when you think of it)

lee needs an assessment (very true, this isn't news to me or anyone reading this blog, more than likely)

lee needs better oversight (I should have omitted this one (yes, I know, was just being daft))

lee needs a big dose of fiscal discipline (not true, am sensible enough in this regard)

lee needs some love (how would "some love" differ from "love"? -that's what I'm asking)

lee needs to re-examine link to confederate general (what the?)

Anyway, it was fun. If you need fun give it a go. I wonder if if would work with the word "is" ?

lee needs fun.

P.S. the is sort of works, but not really.
Labels: did anyone pick the beatles song up there

posted by lee @ 10:48 AM

Mood - how to describe it??...
Music - if i needed someone -the beatles -in my head
Edited - Never

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Keshi said...
Lee r u close to a Walmart...I guess not Rather Kmart hehe.

**lee needs some love (how would "some love" differ from "love"? -that's what I'm asking)

awww now who doesnt.

Im gonna try this out...sounds pretty interesting


12:46 PM

Ethel said...
Lee, get theeself over to, it's great for this kind of stuff...

"jodie is lust at sea"!!!!

1:49 PM

Ethel said...
Theeself or thyself?

(Three years of literature at university for this...)

1:50 PM

lee said...
keshi -I don't even live anywhere near kmart -I make do with the second hand shops .

ethel - I just went there and there are so many of them that I can't even put them here. They cracked me up, with such things as:

lee is just one more example of fbi misdirection

lee is hot

lee is a cock

And then a bit further down it said:

lee is not a cock.

Thanks for the laugh, ethel -needed one of those.

2:58 PM

lee said...
Couldn't help myself -had to go back there. A couple more:

lee is annoyed too

lee is me

lee is problematic

3:00 PM

Stace said...
It was fun, but I'm too tired to fully appreciate it tonight! Try "Lee was arrested for", that brings up some fun results too.

10:35 PM

FluffysFailure said...
FluffysFailure may be unknown (or currently at large), but Fluffy is "standing guard", "probably not a chupacabra" and "the sensitive one".

10:43 PM

Dave said...
I refuse to comment on this post.

2:43 AM

Dave said...
I will pinch the ideo for my blog in a couple of days, though.

4:04 AM

Aidan said...
not too much comes up under aidan (spelt correctly)

8:44 AM

lee said...
Thanks for that, stace - gave it a go.Results:

lee arrested in transgender prostitution sting

lee's daughter arrested for sitting with blacks

lee arrested on porn charges

lee arrested for alarming school essay

lee arrested on drugs charges

lee arrested in new york city for purchasing marijuana.

I'm obviously a nice type of character.

fluffy -what is that word you mentioned there -I don't even know what it is -getting, it's not there.Hmmm.... With a name like fluffy, how could you not be sensitive? .

dave - I will look forward to reading what you come up with, but might refuse to comment on it as well .

9:41 AM

lee said...
aidan -I just went to the site that ethel suggested andthis is what came up under your name -you are an interesting character, no doubt:

Googlism for: aidan

aidan is now sitting up
aidan is 17 pounds
aidan is english
aidan is the second son of lysaer and zantalaylia and was bonded to aiyana at age two
aidan is the club's 'veteran'
aidan is really into birds and loved it
aidan is obligated to mete out the king's justice and bring the legend to heel by escorting him back to england
aidan is a founding member of the michael smurfit graduate school of business at university college dublin and is a member of the north atlantic trade group
aidan is a musical written specifically for the patrician primary pipers to help with the new york trip
aidan is in no doubt as to why he chose vestas
aidan is now on his gap year
aidan is three months old
aidan is one month old
aidan is severely disabled
aidan is irresistibly charming
aidan is appalled that miranda isn't going to tell steve
aidan is set to topline "night terrors"
aidan is the oldest of three children
aidan is in her second year in wolfville
aidan is unloading the van
aidan is born
aidan is a handful but he's so much fun to be around
aidan is his name
aidan is the co
aidan is a bit like that
aidan is shocked when mareid kisses him
aidan is home
aidan is the founder and musical director of spiritus
aidan is the son of caine of amber
aidan is
aidan is away for a few minutes
aidan is 724 days younger than his brother
aidan is only hours old
aidan is "talking" more and more every day
aidan is now
aidan is thriving
aidan is getting ready to go to school
aidan is learning to swim in the pool at our new house
aidan is a very alert
aidan is from the writings of the venerable bede and here is his description of this holy man
aidan is dead
aidan is intended to be a information system that will improve the quality of patient care
aidan is part of the parish of brome
aidan is truly a gift from heaven
aidan is in the third
aidan is already crowning
aidan is a very smart and happy kid
aidan is suctioned when needed
aidan is most at home in ?sensitive guy? roles
aidan is untrue?
aidan is a unique carpathian
aidan is a modern english spelling of the early medieval gaelic name edn
aidan is on his way
aidan is running amok all over the livingroom and kitchen
aidan is touching as the luckless kieran; farrelly is a complete natural as fiona
aidan is an inspiration to the community and its way of life
aidan is the apostle who introduced christianity to the people who speak english
aidan is so handsome
aidan is the overwhelming support and friendliness of the staff
aidan is on two teams team a and team b
aidan is doing well
aidan is in relation to other babies of his approximate age
aidan is an ecumenical fellowship of christians who wish to live wholeheartedly as disciples of jesus christ
aidan is a family run business so we need your time of arrival and room type to receive you in person
aidan is that man
aidan is said to have been a disciple of saint senan on scattery island
aidan is black
aidan is now 16 years old
aidan is one of those people who have idealistic views of everyone
aidan is not a very popular name in the us
aidan is found in the venerable bede's ecclesiastical history of the english people
aidan is and why he should be waited for
aidan is yellow
aidan is the first uk baby and one of only 12 in the world to have been saved by it
aidan is among one of the first babies in the world to have been saved by the technique
aidan is the countess of ballanross
aidan is one of the carpathians who chose to move away from their home country for a life in the usa
aidan is a 4 x 400 mhz processor sun enterprise 450 with 4gb of real memory
aidan is twelve i will be 57
aidan is the second of three children
aidan is not related to anthony
aidan is unique in several ways
aidan is definately my favourite male drawing thus in so far
aidan is shy and naive
aidan is known for his keen sense of fashion and style
aidan is pleased to have links with skelmanthorpe methodist church on pilling lane.


9:44 AM

Keshi said...
really? I thought Kmart was ominipresent


11:18 AM
Posted by:daftbird


date: 16/05/2007 01:29 GMT
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