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daftbird's Journal
Back to daftbird's Journal
2007-04-17 21:21:41

This plate of chips is way too small. I mean the image is too small. There do appear to be plenty of chips on the plate.This is what is on my mind as I write this: hot chips. Does it show?

I am supposed to be making tea at the moment. This is what I'm fancying at the moment - some leftover chicken patty thingos (made from scratch, good eating) -they are delicious, truly they are, home made hot chips and half an avocado. All that detail in case anyone, any person on the planet at all, might be wondered what this Australian lady might be fancying for tea on this Saturday night. Maybe after that will that will get into some Kettle chips because the above just won't be enough food.

I thought that it was time to put in an appearance here so that people wouldn't think I was dead. I don't like that thing when you wonder if other bloggers are dead. But you know what I mean -if the same post sits there for too long you get to wondering if they might be dead, maimed at the very least.

I don't actually have anything to tell. Could have a whinge about augustus. Augustus was here over the long weekend to haunt me. Oh, for anyone who is unaquainted with augustus -augustus gloop is the alias of my ex-husband. He knows that it is his alias on here and seems unperturbed about that fact.

We made plans to go somewhere -it was all sorted as to what time we were going etc. We were giving someone else a lift as well. BUT augustus gets up and decides that he will pick that very morning to ERECT A CARPORT!!!!!! He has had some silly carport kit thingo tucked aways in the caravan that he stays in when he's here for around 3 years BUT HE DECIDED TO PUT IT UP THAT DAY!!!!!

Anyway -he rang someone else to help him put the thing up BUT instead of the person just getting in their car and driving here he said he would go pick the person up -half an hour away. So - do the math - that's 2 hrs out of the day for a start by the time he took the person home again. AND WHY did he offer to go get them???? I WILL NEVER KNOW!!!!!! ARRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They spread all the bits of the thing all over the backyard. Did I mention that it kept raining on and off as well which was driving me mad because it kept showering over the washing. It was driving me BLOODY MAD. Meanwhile the day is slipping away......... while augustus and was his Dad....were buggering around in the backyard.

Oh! But wait!!!!! Augustus realises that he han't got the roof of the thing or.......... THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!! He and his father go searching through the van, declare that they've gone through everything and that the 2 things are not there . Augustus was implying that I had moved things (these things are, of course, always some one else's fault) .

End result -nothing achieved. Very irate ex-wife.

The day I went out to the van, lifted up one thing and there was the tarp, the instructions, and a heap more pipes for the stupid carport.

We did get where we were going -just 3hrs late.

The Beatnix coaster is there because that is who I went to see with a commenter here known as angel a couple of weeks ago. Angel said that she felt as though she was at a "geriatric's ball" because of all the old codgers there. We had to be just about the youngest there, eventhough we were there because angel, the poor old bat , wanted to go there for her 4oth. By the way, angel - I did overhear some rather interesting conversation that night BUT my lips are sealed . I really did enjoy the lambshank tea, by the way. I was rather amused at angel's disappointment over not being about to get a result on the breathi/a/y?liser(I really can't spell it at all) thingo.

Comments on the Beatnix -the John was wearing a VERY SILLY wig that was way too long and hung in his eyes -in fact you couldn't see his eyes at all until he came out in his Sgt Pepper costume for the second half of the show -haha. The George and Paul weren't too bad . The Ringo didn't appear particularly attractive to me at all BUT one of the other girls said she liked him the best, so you never can tell. They did all the usual songs and did a good job of it at that. I would have liked to hear something like And your Bird Can Sing -but that's it, isn't it? We can't have everything in life, can we? -as everyone has discovered by this point in life.

At this point in time I have had an interesting offer from an ex-Alaskan living in this country and I'm thinking it over. It's in there somewhere with the hot chips all churning around. I got so stressed out with thinking over too many things the night before last that I actually did something weird -made a mental checklist in which I listed everything was was bothering me and then went through it and said things like: augustus, I've worried enough about you tonight and ticked him off and then went to the next problem and did the same thing -went though everything and the end result was sleep.

Anyway, I'm going on with twaddle here and tea needs to be made. I hope that whoever is reading will have a very nice tea tonight as well because there's nothing like a good feed that sticks to your sides. Have a good weekend wherever you are.

Labels: acute irritation, augustus gloop, can't wait to eat dinner

posted by lee @ 6:52 PM  7 comments

Mood - whatever
Music - dancing in the dark-bruce springsteen(in my head)
Edited - Never

comments on the blog as of the 17th:

fergal said...
hi lee, i also had some hot chips for dinner tonight, plus a hamburger - not very healthy/inspiring, but at least they wreren't from a fast food chain store - but rather a fish & chip shop.

so the offer from the ex-alaskan sounds interesting .... ? ;-D


10:10 PM

Dave said...
Mmmmmm. Chips.

I'm having pizza tonight, because I eat healthily.

Ho ho.

12:40 AM

Ethel said...
Oh dear... is Augustus related to my father, by any chance?

Or is lets-start-something-complicated-now-because-we-have-to-leave-in-ten-minutes a male brain thing?

6:30 PM

Aidan said...
An interesting offer from an Ex alaskan??? do tell, im married now i have to live vicariously through other bloggers....

On guys and instructions, It's something a woman could never understand.. real men dont need instructions/directions, we can do it all trust us:)....

"im not lost its a short cut"...
"That piece is menat to jutt out like that"..
."the kitchen was on fire when i got here"
Poor stace:)

Glad to hear from you, hope you are feeling a bit better... trust me on the monty python and red wine though

7:18 AM

Stace said...
Ex's can indeed by highly annoying. Last time my last serious ex-boyfriend contacted me he was in London and asking me for money. Yay! Haha

Aidan and I made pizza for dinner last night... I mean made it from scratch. He makes up a wonderful pizza base from a modified bread recipe, then we put all the toppings on and mmmm.... it's soooo good! He might do a blog post about it later, he sure took a lot of photos of it!

11:45 AM

Keshi said...
ahhh the very smart male attitude!


11:40 AM

Homo Escapeons said...
I can think of a good place to ERECT one of those carport poles?!
Perhaps you should consider cajoling 'arrgh-gustus' into assembling something useful..
like a Trebuchet (medieval siege weapon used to throw projectiles) and upon completion you could strap him in and 'gloop' him into the next territory.
You are a Saint.

2:00 PM
Posted by:daftbird


date: 17/04/2007 11:55 GMT
more comments that have been left on the blog:

landru said...
These blogs are always so much fun to read. I never know what it's about because you start with chips, move to ex-husband, and then a Beatles cover band ...

Speaking as a dead blogger, I worry if bloggers are really alive.

12:00 AM

Winters said...
See, the problem is, Lee, that's he's named after a Roman Emperor. Probably WAS Roman emperor in a former life.

1:11 AM

lee said...
fergal, you have actually made me feel very hungry -must go have a very late breakfast.

dave -that sounds pretty good as well. It was loaded with cheese, I hope. That's what I'm fantasing about, anyway.

ethel -yes -they ARE related -they are MEN!!!!!! No wonder I am on my own-can't work them out at all and it makes you wonder if you will ever have the energy to work them out.

aidan -one day I will write here about that man and reveal all the non-scintillating details just for you, but it won't be today as I need to go eat breakfast before passing out.

stace -that tea sounds pretty good as well. I made a pizza base as well but don't often feel inspired to make it as I can't have cheese on the pizza! That guy asking for money -what a hide!!!

keshi -you said it, keshi, m'dear .

HE -will have to put you in touch with augustus so that you can inform him that I am, indeed, a saint. For some reason he just doesn't believe it when I tell him myself .

landru -hmmm -are bloggers really alive? This one isn't,particularly.Like in the Princess Bride - the scene with Billy Crystal -what is it -mostly dead? (can't remember, haven't watched it in a while).


winters -you might be right, but then again you might be wrong. I think he was just a McDonald's fan with an unhealthy attachment to his ex-wife.

10:24 AM

lee said...
I just remembered that angel had trouble leaving a comment and emailed it to me to put on here:

I don't know why but the blogger thingy is saying I'm using the wrong password. It is the correct password (I have it written down) and I tried several times and I tried to post a comment. Is there any way you can put it on for me?
here it is....
Ha, Ha! Spill all Lee. I have no problem with you printing here what you overheard.Was it about vibraters by any chance? Or about my transvestite ex? I have had a very interesting life and yes I am a little? well maybe a lot naughty!! It might amuse the masses! I don't deny any of it.
But it was a great night and I'm so glad you came!
I enjoyed my Garlic prawns followed by Pavlova and about 12 alcoholic beverages.
Who wouldn't be peeved after all that alcohol at not registering on the breathaliser? After all that was the whole point wasn't it? To get drunk, fall over and be driven home in the booze bus (driven by my dearly beloved). I mean how often does one turn 40 and become a recycled teenager?
Wait until your 40 Lee, Ha, ha , ha , I have plans to get you drunk girl!
But, I told you I was really shy and retiring! I just cover it well by being loud , rude and obnoxious.

So that was angel's comment and my response is..ummm...

yes, angel -it WAS about vibrators. I was talking to Leanda at the time but with my left ear I was noticing some conversation from the other direction . AHA!!!! You have plans, my pretty, BUT I sall not let on to anyone when I hit that magic age AND you see, I refuse to be 40!!!! I am YOUNG, baby!! .

10:33 AM

Keshi said...
btw Lee u gotta read my ans to ya in my latest post. I did try


12:47 PM

Yeah Him said...
Glad to see you're still alive and obsessed enough about Ryan Reynolds (can't we just accept that he's a sarcastic asshole and leave it at that - must we probe his potential sexuality) to make multiple appearances on the website.

Good luck with that interesting offer. Have a night. I know I will if I can ever fall back asleep.

5:32 PM

lee said...
Good on you keshi -at least your conscience can be clear knowing that you've done what you can to make up with them . Well done. T(There is one person I must make peace with as well).

yeah him - I don't know what it is with that man -he just seems so very gay to me and in The In-Laws I was thinking -why would she want to marry a gay man? haha. Maybe I should come over and leave this comment there as well.If I can think up any other Ryan Reynolds comments will be sure to write them as well and follow the obsession through to the hilt. Is there a website or something that outs people or something? I won't rest until I know if that man is gay or not. And if he isn't gay, why does he act so gay?

7:25 PM

lee said...
Just been doing a bit of reading around to avoid having to go make dinner and it seems that he only goes out with women -so,once again, why does he act SO gay??

7:32 PM

Keshi said...
tnxx to u too Lee!


12:33 PM
Posted by:daftbird


date: 21/04/2007 00:06 GMT
The kids took me to dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight and I have a thing for their turnip greens--weird, I know, but I ordered like quadruple portions to take home and wound up eating all of it.

Glad to see you get along with your ex-husband. I get along with mine, but prefer he stay away, which he does do now.
Posted by:the end

the end

date: 17/12/2007 23:21 GMT
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